Steam Powered Giraffe has a kazookaphone song on our new album, The Vice Quadrant!

Maybe you’ve got your kazookaphone, left over from the days of Make Believe. Maybe you still rock it when Brass Goggles comes on and you want to put a little “oomph” behind those la-da-da-da-das. Maybe you don’t have one at all!

Now’s your chance!

GG the baby robotic giraffe has recently debuted her new song in live shows, and it features a kazookaphone solo right in the middle of it! She’s singing her adorable lyrics all the way across the country, so you’ll want to be ready when the band comes near to you. It’s also featured on our newest album, The Vice Quadrant!

Three out of three robots recommend it!

The kazookaphone is based on the artifact of Kazoo the Mime and engineered to be the ultimate kazoo. It even comes equipped with a black lanyard and kazoo clip! Order yours today! http://steampoweredgiraffe.com/kazookaphone.html

For more information on the band Steam Powered Giraffe, visit our website at: www.steampoweredgiraffe.com


My makeup from Cap Hill Relay, I painted my hand at the event when I was bored, but I didn’t have my Mehron, so it’s more gold than copper.

My process for taking photos of my makeup:

1.) Get photos of all details from all angles

2.) Make dumb faces

3.) Get ready to shower but realize that since you brushed your hair, you look better so you take another photo but crop out your bare shoulders because they so scandalous.


when vq comes out we should all make some art

and put your favorite lyric or something in it or whatever

and hashtag it #thevicequadrant

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