spfx animation


Recently got done doing a lot of SPFX (Special Effects) animation for the pilot of this new animated series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdiY4zMX28o

So thought I’d get around to making a SPFX reel for my website. Most of it is Gate Seekers, but there are one or two clips from a Mother’s Day commercial I worked on for a Singapore studio called Oak3 Film. Enjoy!

The Flower Shot

The flower shots were pretty far and away the hardest for me.

I ended up making 3D models of the flowers to use as reference for the final shot.

But to start at the beginning, working out how the flowers would grow was the first thing I did on Freaking Out. I couldn’t help with the story boarding or puppets so I just did concepts for the various effects.

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