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What are you using for your skincare?

cleansing and exfoliation
quinoa foaming cleanser from pacifica
2% bha liquid exfoliant from paula’s choice
foreo luna face brush

josie maran spf 47 moisturizer
mario badescu rose water

spot treatment
kate sommerville eradikate, a cheaper alternative is mario badescu’s drying lotion

instant detox mask from caudalíe
dermask micro jet clearing solution from dr jart

this is what I’ve been using on my skin lately, I’m pretty busy these days and my skin is clear so I’ve been doing as little as possible for my skin

a #tip 4 extra sensitive skin hoes: if u cant find an spf that doesnt break u out or cause you a flare up; get one thats meant specifically for babies. They also often have an spf 50 and no ingredients that would harm your skin. But i wouldnt reccomend this if youve got dark skin, these sunscreens are always mineral and leave a noticeable white cast. if you have access to more skincare brands i would also reccomend jack black oil free spf (doesnt leave a white cast as far as i know, and no harmful ingredients) or the biore aqua one. Japanese sunscreens are always a hit.

my art was all over the place this year ugh ugh ugh

tbf, i started a new job in january that quadrupled my workload and stress levels so i had a lot less time/creative motivation to draw this year

better luck next year


Sunscreen reccomendations!
Youve got to wear sunscreen when using a chemical exfoliator but you also should wear sunscreen for many other reasons, which you can google on yr own.
* = other sunscreens by this brand are also reccomendable
- Biore UV Aqua Spf 50*: irritating for some with sensitive skin, no white cast, holy grail for many people.
- LRP Anthelios Spf 50*: slight white cast, suitable for oily skin. May be irritating for sensitive skin.
- Biore UV Perfect Face Milk spf 50*: no white cast.
- Shiseido Oil free Spf 42*: suitable for oily and sensitive skin. Leaves a white cast.
- Jack Black oil free Spf 45: suitable for oily skin, no white cast, great ingredients.
- Ultrasun Baby Spf 50*: Im using this one rn, leaves a white cast which is manageable for light skin, not for dark skin. Gentle and does not break me out, no irritating ingredients
- Josie Maran SPF 47: Dark skin friendly and moisturising.
- Shiseido Senka SPF 50*: No white cast, not irritating, suitable for acne prone skin.
EltaMD SPF 47: No white cast but looks oily on the skin, not irritating.

How to Care For Your Lips

If you’ve been following Makeup Tips Blog for a while now you’d probably know that I’m a severe sufferer of dry lips and lip care is something I’m extremely passionate about.

DO: Remove Your Lip Colour

Whether you’ve worn a gloss that lasts five minutes or a lipstick that has lasted all day, chances are you will still have a little residue of something left on your lips. This is why it’s especially important to give your lips a quick clean at the end of the day. When removing lipstick I like to use a nice oil and cotton pad as to prevent drying out the lips.

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