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A curious wooden box was perched on the end of your nightstand. It is small and what you mistook for wood initially is really petrified wood. Light and unassuming it is held shut by tiny brass hinges. Upon opening the box, the interior reveals itself to be a dark purple velvet, almost black. Nestled in the folds of velvet sits a ring, delicately wrought from fine silver, it clasps an octagonal amethyst of vibrant luminosity at it's top. It shimmers and glows with its own internal light.

Slipping the ring onto my right ring finger, I stared at it carefully. It had to be him. Who else? Even though there was no direct indication of who had given me this gift, I still knew. 

He was mysterious in more ways than one. He would resort to sighing, shaking his head… all in an effort to push me away. As if I were a nuisance. Telling me to knock, yet still inviting me in. Offering me the “leftovers” from his dinner. Acting on human impulses that he would usually find trivial. Giving me a gift such as this out of nowhere.

Could you say that I was finally reaching him? Could you say that I was finally showing him that he belonged here with us, and not with the Void? But he’d never believe me. He’d never understand me either, nor would I ever understand him. But he proved to be a challenge, and I never backed down from such things.

I can save you. You are the Prophet, but you are also human, even if it is buried. I’m human too. Yes, emotions are fickle things. Yes, logic and reasoning would never defy anyone.

But I can show you a brighter future. With me.

… Ha. That would never happen, for he would only say the same to me.