I just got home after a long day of playing host (which is exhausting, ahh I’m tired), and I quickly popped into Aywas…. and looked at my notifications and was like, huh? Someone sent me something?

And then I looked closer and was like OMG 

????? !!!.// ~dfds.mdfd u39i430r3rieoflk

Thank you thank you thank you Jamie ;___; spexxy

*smooches you*

I will make the cutest damn soli this site has ever seen

Well not me personally because I can’t do art for beans

but I will find an artist and they will make me the cutest soli ever

omg ahhhh *snugs* ;w; thank yooouuu so much!!

I have to give another huge thank you to the wonderful Jamie @ #33 ;w; Yeeee thank you thank you SO much <33

Now I can get another soli nehehehehe I can’t wait

I have my eyes on Darsh right now~

Go and enter in her trivia; you have nothing to lose and everybody wins something even if you don’t get all of the answers correct! :D

Also no I will not share my answers, do ya own work >:|