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me when i fuck up my whole life and then hope no one notices


A subtle reminder that Rob is the father in real life [for added effect]

Title: If He Says He’s a Boy, Then He’s a Boy!

Pairing: Sidlink 

Tags: trans!link, slight transphobia

Summary: The river looked like a good, safe place to bathe but when two children show up, Link finds himself in the uncomfortable situation of having his gender brought into question

A/N: Thank you for the request! Sorry this took so long! I wasn’t really certain what to do (or if you wanted sidlink so if not, then just let me know and I’ll write you something else!) so I hope you like this! 

This has been cross posted to my ao3 so if you’d like to read it there! Comments, reblogs and kudos are very much appreciated! Thanks! 


He should have known bathing out in such an exposed place was a bad idea.

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A Flash Before the Line Gets Blurry

Summary: Dan gets dared to date Phil Lester, a guy from his school who only dates people for seven days before breaking up with them.
Word Count: 8962
Song Creds: The Most Beautiful Bitter Fruit - La Dispute
A/N: Based somewhat off of the yaoi manga, Seven Days ^_^ I’ve been writing this for like three months so I’m so relieved it’s done with! xD Enjoy xoxo. Also, thanks so much to @whalefairyfandom12 as usual for being my wonderful beta and for urging me on with this. ilysm!!!


There’s a rumour going around about a year 13 who only dates a person for seven days. Once those seven days are finished he breaks up with them, eventually continuing on to date the first person who confesses to him the following day.

Dan has never seen him before, but he knows that this guy’s name is Phil Lester and that he’s apparently so nice to everyone he dates that nearly the entire school jumps at the chance to claim him, hoping that they would be ‘the one’ to go over those seven days. Even if that has never happened yet.

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The car door slammed shut.

“Eretria, where are you going? Come ba-“

Poison laced words burned at the back of her throat, clawing and begging for release. They stung; all-consuming from the inside out and Eretria wanted nothing more than to spew them out, if only to alleviate the way it burned in all the wrong ways.


The footfalls ground to a halt.

It was her safe out, when things became too much, it was all Eretria had to say. Amberle was always too kind, always too considerate and somewhere in her chest, it ached as Eretria imagined the look of hurt and betrayal that lie behind her.

Hands buried deep in the fabric of her pullover, Eretria wondered when she had relapsed into old habits; running rather than standing to face her troubles. Because Eretria was mad and stupid but still very much in love and all of this was stupid.

“They don’t deserve you.”

Turning back, Eretria took in the red rimmed eyes, startled by the seemingly out of place declaration.

“Jesus, Amberle, I don’t deserve you. But they- how can you just- they don’t deserve you!”

It was always the same. Amberle was too kind, too considerate and her heart all too great. When all Eretria saw was darkness, consuming and volatile, Amberle saw hope and reason to believe.

Flush with anger, fists clenched around the inner fabrics of her pullover, the memories of the night played over and over. They were loud and obnoxious and unrelenting. They were hateful and unkind and none of them deserved Amberle.

“Maybe they do, maybe they don’t.”

When the warm arms encircled her, tentatively drawing her forward, Eretria leaned in. Amberle smelled like the ocean, salt clinging to her skin and it melded with the calming scent that just was Amberle in all the right ways.

“It isn’t about what they deserve though, Eretria, it is about what we believe. And I believe in love.”

Wearily, Eretria exhaled. If she were woeful pessimism, Amberle was the very vein of optimism. Nothing about them made sense, nothing fit, and yet everything fit and Eretria struggled to recall a life before Amberle.

“And I believe in you.”

Get it yourself (Damian Wayne imagine) [Final]

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3]

Requested: Yes
Request:  Finish “Get it Yourself” plzzzz 💕💕💕  
Summary: After sudden mood swings, thing’s start to clear a bit.
Word count: 717
Warning(s): Angst, miscarriage, blood

The stress had gotten to you. When Damian slammed the door you slid to the floor, back to the wall, in tears. You were hurting from his actions, you had kept all your feelings bottled up and now you couldn’t seem to stop them from spewing out. You were pulled away from your self pity by a sharp pain in your lower abdomen. 

It felt like nothing you ever felt before, much stronger than a cramp and thousands of times sharper than a kick. You instantly knew something was very wrong. The pain taking you by shock is slightly blurring your vision, making you feel sick to your stomach. You look down at your feet to see a puddle of dark blood gathering quite rapidly.

In your dizziness and pain you do your best to get to the closest phone,cradling your stomach, calling the ambulance. Luckily the door was left unlocked when Dami left so the medics could get to you easily, since you were falling in and out of consciousness, you would have been unable to let them in. 

One moment you hear and see footsteps, the next you’re out the door, the week wind soothing your hot skin, but then fear takes over you as you’re swiftly carried to the car, you mumble incoherently about the baby, and continually ask for someone called Damian. 

You were rushed to the ER as quick as possible, but the damage had already been done, it was too late and in your heart you knew that there’s nothing that could be done.

“Hello, is this Damian Wayne?” A mature female voice asks.

“Yes, this is.”

“I’m calling from the hospital, Y/N Y/L/N was brought in approximately fifteen minutes ago, since you’re the only emergency contact on her papers we take it that she would want you here.”

What happened ?” He asked angrily, worry consuming him.

“The doctor will explain to you once you arrive.”

“Thank you.” He ended the call.

He made his way to the hospital as quickly as possible, it had been maybe an hour and a half since you entered the building, out of breath he approaches the reception, “Where could I find y/n y/l/n,” He questions.

Who are you related to her?” She asks, not allowed to give info to non family members.

“Father of her child and significant other,” He barks in absolute outrage.

Down the hall, through the double doors, then through the doors on the right of that, she’s in intensive care, room 457.”  She directs.

Getting there, Damian was shocked to see you hooked up to all these machines, barely conscious, face contorted from worry. As he walks in the room, your doctor comes in to view, Damian goes straight to him for answers.

What happened?” He asks, making his way toward her.

She suffered a difficult miscarriage, miscarriage in this late stage of pregnancy is very dangerous, she’s lucky. If the paramedics were any later she could have bled out.” He calmly explains, trying to be as empathetic as you could be in this situation.

Damian was crushed, “It’s my fault,” he quietly mumbles as the doctor leaves the room. He couldn’t believe the pain he had put you through. This should have been nine months of bliss and pure happiness,the celebration of the final time you’ll be completely alone, but it had turned sour. He felt like a murderer, like he was the only one to blame, he had neglected and pushed away the only thing he loved in life, the only stability he had. 

He sits down on the chair next to your bed, taking your hands in his. Your gaze focuses on him, “Damian,” you whisper in disbelief with your throat dry and voice raspy. “Shh, beloved.” He whispered sorrowfully. “I’m so sorry for causing you this much pain and suffering, and I truly hope you could forgive me one day,” He says quietly, looking you straight in the eye, the sincerity in his voice making you quietly sob. “We need help, Damian,” you whisper out, as tears cascade down your pale cheeks, still showing obvious shock. 

We’ll get all the help we need, beloved, please don’t give up on me.” He begs, kissing your knuckles, his warm tears hitting the back of your cold hands.


With love,

Picture Perfect

Originally posted by secrethideoutme

Reader x Yixing
Fluff/College AU
Word count: 2.4k 

A/N: Hello loves, so I was gonna post this tomorrow but like I decided to just post it today as well. It’s a small yixing collge au fic that takes place in a photography class. Hope you guys like it!

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Viktor’s Worst Nightmare

Yuri is pretty used to Viktor having bad nightmares. It’s surprisingly common for him to wake up and find Viktor trying to hide the fact he is right out terrified about something that happened in a dream. 

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Maybe a hc of the boys accidentally walking in on their crush shirtless/getting dressed? Double points for their reaction if they also find their crush has their nipples pierced? :p

Warning: Slightly NSFW 

Noctis: When he firsts walks in he sees their back as they take their shirt off and moves to quickly leave, but his crush churns around too quickly at the sound of the door creaking and his eyes catch their piercings when the light catches the metallic material. He jolts his attention back to their face to see them with a blush across their features before giving an apology and ducking out the room, but the image of their naked torso and piercings turns him on too much so he finds an empty room to take care of his problem.

Prompto: he’d be a blubbering mess as he walked in on them, spewing out apology after the next, but he’d completely freeze as his eyes caught their piercings like he’d openly stare at their boobs until they shouted at him to get out, he’d cover his eyes and yell out an apology before running out while thinking about how their piercings would feel against his skin.

Gladio: The moment he spots their piercings he’d smirk and let out a deep chuckle because he never thought his crush would be ballsy enough to do something like that and it would be such a turn on for him, he’d apologize and walk back out the room with a big as grin on his face and his imagination running wild.

Ignis: Iggy would be shocked to see them shirtless let alone with nipple piercings, he’d probably apologize before turning on his heel and walking out only to trip on air from being flustered. After the incident he’d find himself not able to look at them from the embarrassment of seeing them in such a state.

Ughhh this came out so horrible I have terrible writers block but I want to put some stuff out for y’all

Hey, @krazy-ky-sta-hatter, when you said “Hurt the children” you meant “utterly destroy them”, right? Because I thought you meant utterly destroy them.

Who else wants to see what other terrible things I can do to cat son and baby bug?

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anything matt the radar technician headcanons. just anything.

Hell yeah. I was waiting for someone to ask.

- Matt’s always stealing glances at you from across the room when he’s supposed to be “working.”

- Since Kylo doesn’t usually see you work, he learns to appreciate all the crap you have to put up with on a daily basis. I feel like he would say that he ran into Kylo Ren in the bathroom & give you a card praising you on your good work.

- You’re nice to Matt even when others may not be & he greatly appreciates that. You stick up for him, defending him against the “jerk faces.”

- Matt asks you what you think of Kylo. You’re curious as to why Matt would want to know that, but nevertheless, you answer honestly. “Matt” blushes as you tell him that you think Kylo deserves more & that you think he’s actually kinda cute when he’s not throwing tantrums.

- Kylo feels like he’s gained another chance with you as Matt. He invites you to eat lunch with him & he attempts to flirt with you. Let’s just say that he’s not the best at flirting…

- Whenever Matt hears someone talking bad about you, he’s not afraid to throw them into a soda machine. He’d walk over to said person and confront them about what they said. He occasionally gets in a fight, which is reported to General Hux. Since Hux knows all about “Matt,” he dismisses it with an eye roll. In Hux’s mind, there are a million other ways Ren could try to win you over.

- You wonder why Matt somehow knows your name before you’ve even met him. It’s actually quite creepy.

- You act very relaxed around Matt; you’re comfortable with him. You joke around & are almost carefree. That’s something Kylo himself rarely gets to see otherwise. Ren finds that he likes this side of you & that he wants to see more of it.

- You quickly became concerned with the sudden disappearance of Kylo. You even asked Matt where he thought Kylo had gone. Matt panicked & managed to string a few words together to form a weak excuse.

- One day, you’re walking to Matt’s quarters to give him some new assignments. You always wonder why he has such a lavish living space. You enter the keycode, and announce your presence. However, the person you find in the room hardly looks like Matt. His back is facing you, so all you see is a head full of black locks & dark attire. A sudden realization washes over you as Ren turns to meet you. You back up, eyes wide as he urges you to calm down. You keep backing up & you eventually hit the wall. You are absolutely terrified & Kylo can see that. In hopes of not scaring you off & ruining his chances, Kylo explains the “Matt” situation quickly; he fumbles over his words as he spews them out. In doing so, Kylo confesses his feelings for you without realizing he did. After a few minutes, you regain your composure. You’re awestruck that he would do all that for you. Kylo asks if you would give him a chance. You offer him a soft smile accompanied with a “yes.”

#2 Truth Truffles

“Okay, now take it out of the cold water and stir it counterclockwise, I’ll grab the powdered dragon scales.” George told Fred triumphantly. They were working on a new WWW product on the floor of their bedroom at the Burrow and they had yet to make it this far in their improvised recipe without their cauldron lighting on fire.

“It’s going to work this time Gred. I can feel it.” Fred responded with a huge grin on his face.

“Of course it is Forge. Because we, are trickster geniuses!” George grinned back.

“Cheers to that.” Fred nodded as he finished off the stirring and placed the cauldron onto their small burner as George sprinkled in a small handful of the shimmering powdered dragon scales. The potion immediately thickened to a heavy batter.

The boys each scooped a small dollop of their new creation onto a recently frozen metal tray. The batter reacted perfectly and formed a hard skin. The twins looked up at each other from either side of the tray, smiling.

“Brilliant.” They said in trademark unison.

“Ok Freddie,” George started “we’ve told mum you’re not feeling well today so no one will be up here to bother you, so pop one of those in your mouth and I’ll start the timer so we can make sure we know how long the effects last.”

Fred took a deep breath. He and George had never had a problem with testing their own products on themselves, but this was different. This wasn’t going to make his nose bleed a little or turn his hair purple. These were Truth Truffles (WWW patent pending) if made properly, they could make him bare his soul. He could feel Georges expecting gaze, so he mustered all his Gryffendoor courage and threw a chocolaty tasting truffle in his mouth.

Several moments passed and Fred felt no different, a mixture of disappointment and relief flooded over him. He waited few more seconds and then opened his mouth to tell George it hadn’t worked, but instead he felt a sudden warming sensation quickly spread across his body. He felt happy, rejuvenated, confident.

A small smile crept across Fred’s face, alerting George of their success.

“Ok let’s see how this works.” George said enthusiastically, finally relaxing and leaning back against the side of his bed. “Try to lie to me Freddie. What is your birthday?”

“April first 1978.” Fred answered quickly.

“What position do you play in quidditch?” George asked

“Kee… Beater” Fred struggled trying to lie through the effects of the truth truffle.

“Who’s your favourite brother” George inquired with a wink.

“Ro… Bi… You… of course.” Fred answered rolling his eyes.

“What house are you in?”


The interrogation continued. George quizzed Fred about all sorts of subjects and experimented with all sorts of questions. Fred tried his best to lie, something they were both rather accomplished at, but had yet to succeed once. Their timer had passed 27 minutes and if their calculations were correct, they had about 2 more minutes before the truffle would begin to wear off. A mischievous smile, that Fred knew all too well, formed on Georges face.

“What do you say we kick this up a notch Fred? I already knew the answers to all these questions so far… except for the colour of your boxers one. Don’t worry about that though, I’m sure lots of blokes wear purple camo.” George teased.

This is what Fred had been worried about. Not the boxers thing, no he was sure his purple camo didn’t warrant nearly as much teasing as George’s neon pink with green dinosaurs. But the inability to lie was terrifying to Fred. He didn’t often lie to his twin, but when he did, he had good reason.

“So in second year when I went on that date with Eliza, did you have a crush on her?” George inquired.

“Y… Yes.” Fred struggled. Not meeting his twins eye.

“Ok and when she broke up with you thinking you were me, did she actually or..?” George didn’t have to finish his question.

“YES!” Fred practically yelled at his twin.

“Okay, okay, chill I was just checking.” George chuckled “So how about now? Any girls got your attention?”

Fred choked on his words but couldn’t seem to keep them from spewing out of his mouth, “Yes.” He responded shakily. This is alright, he thought, George knows I like someone but I can stall. I only have to answer For about a minute then it’ll wear off.

George gestured with his hands for
Fred to continue. “Wanna tell me who?”

“No, no I do not.”

“Don’t make this difficult Freddie, it’ll be much worse if I have to make you tell me.”

“That’s not going to happen.”

“Yes it is, c'mon we’re twins! We have to share these things!”

“I’m not going to tell you.”

George sighed, “Ok Fred, I gave you a chance to tell me freely..”

“George please!”

“Who is it that you have such a fancy for?”

“Hemmm… Uh… Nnnoooo.” Fred attempted to fight the urge to spill everything.

“Hurry up. Who do you like?”

Fred could feel the potion wearing off but not fast enough. “Herr.. Mm… Mio…ne” he finally choked out hiding his red face from his grinning twin.

“Granger eh?” George laughed out loud “I can’t blame you, she’s a pretty bird. Especially after the Yule ball this year.” He finished adding a quick catcall whistle.

“George, you can’t tell anyone.” Fred warned in a serious tone.

“Of course not! Twins honour! I can see why you wanna keep that a secret, Ron’ll try to rip your head off if he finds out.” George continued to joke. “So when did yo..”

“DINNER’S ON THE TABLE!” Mrs. Weasley called up the stairs to her children and guests.

Fred let out a sign of relief. This conversation had been embarrassing enough already without having to tell George ALL the details. He rested his forehead in his hands and closed his eyes.

“Are you guys coming?” His head shot up at her soft voice, Hermione and Ginny were standing at Fred and Georges door.

“Of course, you know I’d never miss a meal Mione!” George jumped to his feet as he spoke.

“Are you alright Fred? Your mum said you weren’t feeling well.” Hermione said studying his face, a look of concern on her own.

“Yeah, I think I’m going to skip dinner,” his eyes drifting slightly to Georges amused face, “but I’ll be fine.” Fred assured her, his heart fluttering at her worry for him.

“You sure?” Ginny questioned “You don’t look so well, you’re all pale and..” Before she could finish George cut her off.

“I will have you know, dear sister, that the Weasley twins look dashing even when ill! Now come come, or the food’ll get cold before we sit down.”

The three of them left the room leaving Fred alone with his thoughts and embarrassment. A mere second passed before George popped his head back into the room, and whispered “Don’t worry about dinner, I’ll have Hermione bring you up a tray in a bit. Oh, and we will be talking about this later.” He teased with a trademark Weasley twin wink and ran off to catch up to the girls.

“Bloody hell.” Fred muttered under his breath “of course it had to be my turn to test a candy.”

I’m really enjoying writing these so far, I’ve got a couple half done but I would love to hear your requests! So if you have any ideas send them my way, I am also open to any constructive criticism/complements you may have!

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Wtf happens on your blog? Seriously, I log on and see shit about "what if Murdaddy had no eyesockets?" or fucking thrussy. I'm not saying I hate it because I love it, but I never find how the hell these conversations start

they all start from some hell spawn in our brains spewing them out randomly. there’s no origin, it just happens

Profiling the Pen:  Supersillyanddorky06

During the Arrow hiatus - which is longer than a third of the year - the fandom has to find other ways to get their Olicity fix, and one of those is fanfiction. I thought it would be fun to highlight some of our talented fanfiction writers with a new Tuesday feature: the Olicity fanfiction writer of the week. I started by asking Matty, also known by her Tumblr/AO3 handle supersillyanddorky06, a few questions about what it’s like for her to write fanfiction and what she enjoys about it.

Matty was a driving force behind the MTV Ship of the Year voting in June, writing over a hundred mini-ficlets about Oliver and Felicity (and the team) and the things they learned about each other once they got together at the end of season three. Because of the way voting equalled reblogging in that contest, it certainly would have been far more tedious to live through on Tumblr without all of the creativity the fandom came up with to incentivize more reblogs.

Matty was so gracious and enthusiastic about being interviewed; I’ll stop blathering now and let you read her answers.

What is your writing process like?

Well, there is no process as such. I just get a vague story in my head and as I write it out, the details keep coming. I just don’t like confining myself to something, like “this is what I have to write in this chapter and then this in next”. I can’t write like that. I love being surprised, even by myself, so I let whatever comes come naturally and thankfully, it’s worked pretty well so far. :)

How much/how fast can you write when you’re really in the zone?

I write an entire chapter in a sitting. It doesn’t matter if it’s 3k words or 9k words, I can’t write it in installments. If I get up from that sitting, then I can’t continue where I left the story. I have to rewrite the entire chapter again to get in the feel of it. It sucks sometimes, especially when someone interrupts or my fingers hurt, but finishing a chapter well makes it worth it.

Do you have any rituals or stimuli (music, libations) you need to do or queue up before you start writing?

Nope. I thankfully can zone out anything going on around me when I get to writing. It doesn’t matter if I am in a crowded room or alone or if there is music playing in the background or not, I just thankfully need to get my mind in the story and start typing.

What are your five favorite fanfic tropes?

I don’t have any favorites as such. I enjoy reading all sorts of tropes- from kidnapping to fake wedding and what not. If something clicks well, it just does.

I am particularly enjoying writing the Strangers In The Night Series, though. That is one trope that’s gone crazy in my head. Lol.

What is the greatest challenge you have in writing, the hurdle you are constantly jumping to get the words on the page?

I think it’s the characters themselves, for me. I enjoy the challenge they present to me at every point in the story. I just never want the story to feel forced, or for the readers to feel like I am forcing something over them rather than keeping it natural. For example, the biggest challenge in The Phoenix was making Oliver’s redemption seem real and natural to both Felicity and the readers while keeping the story through Felicity’s eyes. The amount of anger Oliver had in the beginning, I was sort of worried that I won’t be able to do them justice. But I am so grateful it all worked out well.

I just love telling stories which are believable to me and to the readers, most importantly, in the character’s love for each other and how that love is achieved.

Are the things you want to write different from the things you want to read?

Not really. I started writing itself because I was out of stories I loved to read. But I realized the downside of it. I can’t read my own stories without being overly critical, which is why I have no idea what a reader feels when reading them. It’s always surprising me.

Do you have a favorite story you’ve written? Why is it your favorite?

I am particularly proud of the Things They Learned Series because A. That MTV week was one CRAZY time and I had no idea what I was doing, to be honest; B. I did not know I had that in me at all. To write so many things so quickly, spew them out one after the other, it stunned me after the week was done. So, yes, I am super proud of that.

But, that was like a quickie. Every multi chapter story I have written is equally special to me. Free Fall has a special place because it was my first story, about a trope I absolutely love. The Phoenix is so close to my heart because of the absolutely incredible journey it took me on not only as a writer but as a person. The Firebird, The Albatross, The Phoenix Rises - they are all so, so special. And these are only the longer ones.

I cannot write a story for such a long period if I don’t connect to it. So just the fact that I am writing it makes it special for me.

Who are your fanfiction inspirations?

Oh, there are such fantastic writers in this fandom. anthfan, sarcasticfina, @hopedreamlovepray dust2dust34, poisonangelmuse, thealternativesource, @justanother90sbaby , smoakandarrow, dettiot, @nikkibeckettcsm are the first few that come to mind and the list is really long. There are so many who aren’t even on Tumblr or I don’t know if they are. Every writer I have ever read has inspired me in some way to write. Every single one. And I am actually making a rec page soon where I can actually go into detail about this.

Why Olicity?

I can write an entire essay on this and still come up short. In simple terms? They connect to me. Their characters, Oliver being the way he is and Felicity being the way she is, what they do for each other, consciously and unconsciously, just clicks somewhere deep down with me. It has never happened with this intensity before, but writing about them helps. There have been such great ships on TV and not one has called to me (cheesy as it sounds) like Olicity does. That’s why I think. I am trying to understand this myself.

What do you think is ignored or overlooked in this fandom that, in your opinion, should be addressed and stat?

Personally, I have received nothing but absolutely overwhelming love and acceptance from this fandom (with some occasional hate but that’s fine). So, on a personal level, I am amazed by how passionate and intense this fandom is. Seeing everyone in action, coming together as a unit, during the MTV awards was just something.

I am comparatively newer here so I can’t exactly say what needs to be worked upon.

As long as people are good to you and you are good to them, as long as you do your thing with the passion you started with, this fandom is phenomenal. :)

Thanks so much for this! :D

For another look into the minds of a fanfiction writers, check out previous Profiling the Pen interviews:





















FACT: Every time a ship war breaks out in the tags, Tyler Posey sheds a single, heartbroken tear. You don’t want to be the reason Tyler’s crying, do you?

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2017 is the year i learned to just send emotionally vulnerable, massive novel length personal text posts to my drafts instead of posting them bc a) who even needs to know, b) writing it is more the Point than it being read, c) i feel like i talk so fucking much and i need to learn to refine and condense thoughts instead of spewing them out desperately, and d) getting well-intentioned advice on problems and mental issues i’ve thought about, dissected and obsessed over for YEARS is so absolutely frustrating and irritating to me, and i hate feeling like a grumpy jerk when people are just trying to be nice and helpful (so it’s best to keep it to myself instead of politely thanking people for trying to simplify my problems without understanding me at all)

  • what i say: i'm going to write for a bit.
  • what i mean: i'm going to spend a couple hours getting in the headspace where i can write and then maybe i'll type a few paragraphs.