spewing them out

Viktor’s Worst Nightmare

Yuri is pretty used to Viktor having bad nightmares. It’s surprisingly common for him to wake up and find Viktor trying to hide the fact he is right out terrified about something that happened in a dream. 

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i actually..rlly hate some people in my school and pretend for the order of the universe to like them but i hate them i hatehatehatethem

FACT: Every time a ship war breaks out in the tags, Tyler Posey sheds a single, heartbroken tear. You don’t want to be the reason Tyler’s crying, do you?

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BANGLADESH, Khulna : In this photograph taken on January 18, 2016, a Bangladeshi worker carries bricks at a brick factory on the outskirts of Khulna some 266kms south of Dhaka.  Very few of the brick kilns in Bangladesh - approximately 7,000, according to government estimates – have been constructed following proper design and environmental rules, according to experts. And the consequences have been devastating as brick kilns are the largest source of greenhouse gases in Bangladesh, so much so that the smoke spewed out by them has been identified as one of the main factors behind the worsening quality of  air in the country.   AFP PHOTO/ Munir uz ZAMAN

“Your forever is all that I need
Please stay as long as you need
Can’t promise that things won’t be broken
But I swear that I will never leave
Please stay forever with me.”[x]