spesiria draws


Hey, it’s been a while! To keep it brief: life has been a pain in the ass and will continue to be a pain in the ass for a while. That, in combination with random insecurities about my art, is why my update schedule has been uh…somewhat sporadic.

Anyway, as the first step in getting over some of my Issues, here are some draws that I done did the last couple of months. I may have gone through a small Metal Gear Solid phase, haha.


Welcome to Night Vale.

My headcanons for Cecil and beautiful, perfect Carlos! If you didn’t expect me to interpret all the “perfect hair” comments to also refer to perfect facial hair, then I’m disappointed in you. Obligatory re-reading of my autobiography, “Beards and Me”. I personally quite enjoy the idea that Cecil looks like a totally ordinary guy (except for his ghastly fashion sense) in the midst of all the weirdness.

Click the pictures to full view by the way, they look better that way!

Bleh, there’s probably a ton of mistakes, but I’ve worked on it enough and the OC ball staRTS TOMORROW. Quickly putting it here cause the party don’t start till the Maharajah walks in. Well, I guess it actually does, but sssh. Let Silvano have his inflated sense of self-importance.

If you ignore his giant ego (which, to be fair, is not an easy task), Silvano is actually a pretty friendly and personable dude! Despite his charm, he’s not a well-loved monarch: his people are convinced that he takes partying more seriously than his kingly duties, and rumour is that he’s just a puppet in the hands of Rajmata (Queen Mother) Yasirah. LIES AND SLANDER, of course. Obviously he’s attending this party to uh…establish…diplomatic relations…! Yes! Yes that’s why. Obviously.

Woah another shaded picture what is happening is this real life??

You know, this could have been an interesting moment where I talk about how the armed fighting style of the Toran warriors is based on Kalaripayattu, an Indian martial art.

But instead I am constantly reminded of Mirza’s answer to one particular question, and as a result all that I see when I look at this is the introduction to a sex scene.

Thanks Mirza.


“How can I hold my children with these hands now? How can I kiss them goodnight with lips that have issued such instruction?”

Oswald Mandus and his sons, Edwin and Enoch.

(I sure hope that the quote keeps unsuspecting passer-by who see this drawing from being like my mother and thinking “golly, that Amnesia game sure looks like it’s about the whimsical adventures of a happy and healthy little family, how nice!”)

It’s great that fandoms always get me out of my comfort zone, but for the love of god next time I decide it’s a good idea to draw biker!AU Thorin and Dwalin on AN ACTUAL MOTORCYCLE despite the fact that I’ve never drawn anything like that before, please come to my house and slap some sense into me. Though to be fair, it did turn out better than expected :’D

Anyway, I think that dreadelion’s extremely gay old bikers AU is super adorable, which is why I drew this! I’m sorry but I’m not really sorry.

I uh, I just…wanted to draw and talk a bit about two of my favourite LoK characters ;_;

I really like the parallel between these two. Both are defined by being loyal to what they believe is right. Even when that meant doing one of the hardest and most painful things in the world: standing up to the person they loved/respected.

I DUNNO GUYS, I just think these two, especially Asami, went through much more of a struggle than any of other characters in the show (I feel like the Lieutenant’s character got more development in two minutes than Bolin and Mako got throughout the entire season). And they just get…tossed aside (literally, in the Lieutenant’s case).

Meh, Bryke.


I was…very intrigued by the chest tattoo I spotted on Thorin in one of his official concept arts. Here’s a post with the picture. It’s a tiny picture and it is kind of hard to see what exactly the tattoo is (I thought it was a big heart at first, ahaha), but I’m pretty sure it’s two stylized axes…? So yeah I really wanted to draw it and this is totally not an excuse to google things like “shirtless men” and “Richard Armitage shirtless” or anything nope.

Not nearly enough Dwalin/Thorin art on this site, I SHALL FIX THIS PROBLEM. These guys are great, OK. Canonically they’re the best of besties: Dwalin is super loyal and Thorin trusts him like no other. They got this “always loyal to and comfortable around each other”/“we understand each other without having to exchange a lot of words” dynamic that I like.

Also they’re both total BAMFs. 

For this! I think you guys know how important I think the representation of people of colour (and other underrepresented groups) is and, you know, I just love the idea of a Mongolian Disney protagonist.

I’m sorry if this looks really bad though, I don’t think I’ve ever tried to draw a teenage girl before (let alone in a Disney-ish style)?? Haha omg I’m sorry, I’ll try to contribute something better in the future!