cloud of gauzy milk over Luna
seeps slow like a cataract
night glows, but her iris a beacon,
a cappella of intuition

holograms streak like sprites
cracks in a hoarfrost wind
Then the breeze shifts, removing censure
like alabaster monarch cocoons
for here lies the saga
of fiery thorned births

and the shirt tails
of comets blue blazed
each pain that ever was
gives to twilight amnesia
the burning of roses to smoke

for love is the archway
the bridge of entwining
this lightning of divine brocade
Day twists into night
with it’s blameless glow
blush halo of aurora spent

light seconds to epochs
are softened and blurred
yet shimmer like paints in the rain

shadow apparition
awakened silhouette
her disintegration
and resurrection

….Kathleen Cecilia Potokar

Divine Brocade
oil on canvas, 2015
67 x 48 in 170 x 121 cm
© dennis potokar © Kathleen Cecilia Potokar All rights reserved. No part of this poem nor image may be reproduced, stored in any retrieval system, or transmitted in any form (except  within tmblr), nor by any means without the written consent of the author and creators