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FIFA and Chill?

Anonymous requested: Can you do an imagine where he and your brother play soccer together and their close friends? He confesses that he likes you at the last game at half time and they end up winning? Can you do like fluff too? Thank you!

“God, (Y/N), wake up!”  

Your brother’s screeching, accompanied by a pillow hitting your face, was how you were woken up. Groggily, you rolled over to check the time. 

“(B/N)!! Why the hell did you wake me up at 6:00 on a Saturday morning?” You sat up hesitantly and rubbed at your eyes, doing everything in your power to not strangle the menace you call your brother. He was casually tying his soccer cleats at the end of your bed.

“C’mon you know it’s our last game of the season. I need a ride.” You rolled your eyes at him and laid back down, covering your head with the pillow to drown out his complaints. “You can walk. I’m not your damn chauffeur.” You grumbled as he poked your sides.

“(Y/N) you have to!! I can’t walk there in 10 minutes.” When you didn’t respond he lifted the pillow up your face. “… (C/N) will be there…” At this you peeked one eye open to look at your brother. Spurred on, he continued. “Yeah, (C/N) gets there real early to warm up. He’ll probably already be shirtless by the time we get there. Glistening with sweat -” You shove him over, blushing furiously, and get out of bed.

“Is it really that obvious?” You question as you pull on a longsleeve and toe on your shoes.

“To me, yeah. But I have the added luxury of hearing your calls to (F/N). ‘Omg you won’t believe it, he LOOKED at me today!’ I doubt it’s obvious to anyone else.” You rolled your eyes at his impression of you, but were relieved that no one else knew. 

As much as you and (B/N) teased one another, you guys shared an unbreakable bond. There wasn’t that large of an age gap by any means and he was fiercely protective over you. He was one of your best friends, but you’d never admit that to anyone but yourself.

“What time should I come back to get you?” You questioned as the car rolled to a stop.

“What? No! Stay! Please, watch me play.” (B/N) looked over to you with a pouty face. You cocked an eyebrow at him, he’s never asked you to stay for one of his games before. “It’s the last one of the season and mom and dad won’t be able to come, it’ll me a lot to me if you stay to watch me play.”

You sighed and turned off the car, stepping out. Your brother shot you a smile as he ran to the field. You staked out a spot in the stands knowing this was gonna be a full day of soccer. A little more than half of the team was already on the field doing warm ups, including your brother. You lazily glanced around in search of (C/N) but came up empty. You were disappointed, truly believing he would be here by now. 

After sitting on your phone for a minute or two, you felt the effects of the morning chill. Shivering, you jogged back to the car hoping you had a stray hoodie laying around. You searched every square inch of your car but couldn’t find anything to bring you warmth. Sighing, you came to terms with the fact you would just freeze to death by the second half of the game.

“Hey (Y/N).” A familiar voice said from directly behind you. You spun around and came face to face to the one and only (C/N). He was standing close to you, both of you sandwiched between parked cars. He could probably hear your heart thump thumping in your chest. He was grinning at you as he leaned lazily against his car.

“Oh, hey (C/N). Why’d you get here so late?” You asked, feigning calmness. He cocked an eyebrow at you.

“Oh, you’re keeping track of when I clock in now is that it?” You laughed and blushed, looking down at the ground. He hadn’t put on his cleats yet and his beat up converse had doodles all over them. “I think a better question is why’d you get here so early?” 

At this you glanced back up at him. “I drove (B/N). You know how much of a lazy ass he is.” This made (C/N) chuckle lowly. He was good friends with (B/N), often hanging out with him outside of practice. 

“Oh, so you’re leaving?” (C/N) asked and you could have sworn that you detected a hint of disappointment. Not wanting to get your hopes up you dismissed it as wishful thinking.

“No, no. (B/N) asked me to watch the game today, actually. I was just looking for a jacket or something. It’s a bit chilly.” And almost as if on cue, a gust of wind blew your hair around and caused you to shiver. “Couldn’t find anything but it’s alright, I’ll just cuddle with the coaches to conserve body heat.” You joked lightly.

Instead of laughing (C/N) just screwed his eyebrows together, deep in thought. Abruptly he walked to the backseat of his car and threw the door open. Somewhat puzzled, you just stood off to the side with your arms crossed, trying not to let your teeth chatter. “Here.” He finally emerged holding a huge sweatshirt, his last name emblazoned across the back. 

“No, (C/N) you really don’t have to. I’ll be fine.” But you couldn’t help but shiver, showing how blatantly lying you were. He grinned at you and insisted, even pulling it over your head for you. When you stuck your arms through the sleeves you glanced down. The sweatshirt came to just above your knee and the sleeves went well past your hands. It was so comfortable you felt as if you were made to wear his sweatshirts. When you looked up to (C/N) he seemed to be blushing himself.

“You look better in my clothes than I do.” He said with a wink before running off to join his team on the field. You stood there for a moment or two, just letting everything sink in. Unable to keep the smile off of your face, you returned to the stands. When you looked up, (C/N) was waving to you. You sheepishly waved back and, even from your seat in the stands, you could see the grin that painted his face. 


The first half of the game was coming to a close. The other team was leading slightly but you could tell the home team was getting discouraged. (C/N) seemed off, not entirely focused in the game. You saw your brother go and talk to him a couple of times but couldn’t figure out what they were saying. When half time finally came about, you walked down to the sidelines to talk to (B/N).

“Hey, you ok?” You questioned hesitantly. You could see how tired he was. He shook his head slightly. “(B/N) it’s alright! You still have the entire second half to come back. And you guys aren’t far behind by any means. You can win this.” He smiled up at you.

“Thanks sis. You’re right. I’m just so tired. Why are these games staged so damn early in the morning?” You laughed and bumped his shoulder with his. As you were walking back to the stands you heard someone call behind you.

“Wait, (Y/N)!” It was (C/N) yet again. He jogged up to you and stopped to catch his breath.

“Hey! Oh, you want the sweatshirt back right? Thanks for letting me use it, it helped a lot. I understand that you-” 

“No. That’s not what I wanted to talk about.” He cut you off before you had a chance to take off his hoodie. 

“Oh? What’s up?” You questioned, nervous as to what he was about to say. He mirrored your emotions too, running his hand through his hair and shoving his hands into his pockets. He rocked back onto his heels and couldn’t seem to meet your gaze. “(C/N)?”

“Um, I don’t really know how to say this.” He quickly gazed around the field only to find half of the team staring at the pair of you. He grabbed your hand, “I think it’d be easier if it was in private.” He led you behind some trees, secluded from the world. Your cheeks burned as your hands remained interlocked. In fact, he actually reached for your other hand as well.

After taking a deep breath, he looked straight into your eyes. Your breath caught in your throat, he was gorgeous. The light filtered through the tree branches just right and created a marbled effect on his face. His piercing eyes fixated on you, almost holding you captive.

“I need to tell you something. I can’t stop thinking about you. You occupy all of my thoughts, I mean I can’t even do something as simple as homework without getting distracted. That’s why I’ve been playing so crappy today, knowing that you’re watching me play trips me up. I want to impress you. I want to show that I’m good enough for you, even though I’m not. I mean I’m not even close to being worthy of your attention. I’ve pretty much liked you since the moment I laid eyes on you, and seeing you today in my hoodie drove me insane. I just, I guess I need you to know this. I’ve spent too much time watching from afar when I should have been talking to you more and making more of an effort. I understand if this is too much to handle right now, I mean I kind of just dumped this on you. But I was wondering if maybe I could take you out for pizza after the game? Just you and I, (B/N) would be kind of a buzzkill.” 

You sat there, eyes wide and mouth dropped open. For a moment you couldn’t even move. You felt paralyzed, like this was some sort of dream and anything could make you wake up. “Wow, (C/N) I-I don’t know what to say.” And as soon as the last word left your lips his face fell. His hands let go of yours and his shoulders sagged. He smiled sadly at you and turned to walk away. In a panic, you grabbed for his arm yet again. 

When he spun around you quickly latched onto his neck and kissed him, something you had imagined for years. Almost immediately his hands came to your waist and he pulled you closer to him. You melted into his embrace until it was difficult to distinguish where he ended and you began. The kiss slowly became heated, his hands snuck under your shirt and rested against the small of your back. You moaned slightly at the shock of his cold skin against yours. The noise made him pull back and grin devilishly at you, you could see his pupils dilate.

“Hmm I think that’s my new favorite noise.” His voice husky and low as he tucked a strand of hair behind your ear. Your cheeks grew rosy at his comment. 

“Yeah? Well I can’t wait to hear my new favorite noise.” You smirked and went in to kiss him even more. Before your lips made contact, a shrill whistle stopped you. 

“I guess that’s my cue. But don’t worry, love, we’ll pick this up after the game.” With a quick peck and a wink, he jogged back to the field. You could hear his team wolf whistle and cheer (C/N) and your face burned once more. You couldn’t wait for that pizza date.


A/N: Let me know if you guys want a part two!! This got a lil steamy at the end lol


Sunday Special: My Destinies Edge
13 Sep 2015

The finished piece with my 5 main characters, one from each race.
The Sylvari (plant folk), Flora the Explorer (low, left)
The Asura, Joan of Arcwelder (low right)
The Charr, Carbon Copycat (top left)
The Norn, Rihanna Maytor (top right)
The Human, Helen Bach Hagan.

Although I enjoyed making this piece of fan art and I am satisfied with the finished product I am going to detail a little why, process wise, this piece was a bit of a failure.

There was no clear direction from the start. This lead to me proceeding unsure of what I needed to do. Its started out being a pencil style work that would be coloured. Then became a piece that would have no visible line work and be a bit more ‘photo real’. And finally settled on a inked piece style, akin to a comic book cover or the like. But this constant indecision created a lot of work that was then abandoned or stuff that should have been done sooner rather then later.
Take home lesson: Know what you are trying to achieve from the start.

Time was too spread out. Due to working full time, I try and do a bit of work each day, but on a piece this size not working in larger blocks is death. It takes too long to get into the style and your mood constantly changes and its easy to become demotivated.
Take home lesson: Larger pieces need larger blocks of work at any one sitting

The characters kept changing. As this was a piece that was to include my game characters, yet I am terrible in games and constantly restart and change characters both in profession and appearance. The time this piece was done over was so spread out I wanted to keep updating the characters in the image at the same time. This started to create an endless cycle of character changes. Even now at the end a couple of them are different professions then they are in the pic. So much wasted work.
Take home lesson: Don’t constantly change the character.

The characters included invisible detail. At one point I was doing each character stand alone so they could also have their own individual portrait as well as the group one. This may have been a cool idea in a saleable product, but in a fan art piece it was wasted time and effort
Take home lesson: Don’t do invisible detail.

Which brings me to, Too long for fan art. This was way to big an image, with too much time spent on it for a simple bit of fan art. I love making fan art, but I have to be careful with my time budget and remember to prioritise things I can maybe actually sell etc.

Well live and learn and I hope there is something in that lot that will stop others from making similar mistakes :)