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It must really burn you,
   knowing I’m the one that put you in this prison.

IMAGINE - “It’s Cold Outside”

• Requested •

The last thing you wanted to do tonight was babysit, but hey you were paid for it and it wasn’t a too difficult of job. There you stood out the front of the Robinson house, goosebumps rising upon your skin as you go to knock on the door, it was already dark and you felt anxious being outside by yourself, hopefully they would hurry up. You heard footsteps and the door unlock, gulping you stand up straight and fix your bag, hoping it will make you look a bit more presentable.
The door opens to a guy, probably twenty or a little bit older, and he was attractive, very attractive. “Hey you must be Y/N! Come in it must be cold out there.” He smiles and you swear your heart nearly skips a beat.
“Yeah I should have brought a bigger jacket..” You smile, he chuckles in reply as you walk inside, this house was amazing.
“I’m Nick by the way,” he scratches the back of his head, the muscles in his arms flexed through his shirt as your eyes trail back to his literally perfect face, his brown hair swooped to the side, it was messy but cute, his warm brown eyes stared at yours and last but not least his lips, he definitely looked like a good kisser.
“It’s nice to meet you! I’m looking after your sister tonight, right?”
He nods his head, “yeah, she’s in the kitchen.” His hand sits on the small of your back as you both walk through the house to the kitchen, where a young girl, with long brown locks and pyjamas, sat at the bench her coloured pencils and colouring pages spread out. “Lily, this is Y/N, she’s gonna look after you while I go out.” she turns around a big smile on her face, she was adorable.
She waves and hops of the bench to hug Nick’s leg. “How long are you going to be?”
He crouches down to his little sister, and it was the most adorable thing you had ever seen, at this point your heart was going to pop out of your chest. “I’ll be back before you know it, Y/N is gonna take good care of you.” She nods as nick gently kisses her forehead, at this point your heart was going burst. She goes back to the bench and nick leads you to the front door, he grabs his jacket, phone and wallet, “if you need anything, just call me and I’ll come straight home if you need me, and I’ll be back at 12.”

“Sounds good” you reply, he swiftly winks as you watch him walk out to his car, you close the door, locking it behind you and take a few breaths, maybe babysitting was so bad after all.

The rest of the night was spent colouring in with Lily and watching the Lion King, and it wasn’t long until she had fallen asleep on couch, soft snores leaving her mouth, you smile turning the TV off, trying to keep it as quiet as possible.
It was then that you heard the door unlock and open.

You walk quietly to the front door, it was Nick, he took his jacket off and smiles as soon as he see’s you, “hey there,” he whispers, “I’m guessing Lily is asleep?”

You bite your lip, nodding your head as you lead him too the lounge room, “she fell asleep half way through the Lion King.” You chuckle softly, he lifts her up from the couch and takes her to her room upstairs, you follow and watch him tucking her in and again kissing her forehead. He closes the door behind him and it is soon that you are both at the door, you getting ready to head back home.

“Thank you again, for looking after her tonight, I really appreciate it.” He says quietly, you were both close, Nick being right behind you as you open the door.

“Honestly it’s no big deal, she was sweet.” You smile, turning around he is right in front of you, his face being now only inches from his, his large hands grab your waist as your bodies are now pushed against each other, your back hitting the open door and closing it swiftly.
His cool breath lightly hit your face, “she usually scares babysitters off, I’m glad she didn’t with you..” He mumbles before pressing his plump lips to yours, just like you thought, he was good kisser, scratch that, an AMAZING kisser.
You drop your bag on the floor as you move your hands up to his chest and around his neck your hands now tangled in his hair. He moved to your jaw and down your neck as you gasp in pleasure of the feeling, he knew exactly what he was doing and you loved every second of it.
“Nick-” you mumble as he sucks your sweet spot, you can feel him smirk against your skin as you tug gently at his hair. You never wanted this to end.
His lips leave your neck and back to your lips, your heart was pounding and you were full of adrenaline. One hand moves to his cheek as you pull away slowly.
“You know it’s cold outside, and it’s dark…” Nick says biting his lip.
“And what are you implying?” You chuckle.
“Maybe you could stay the night?” He winks.

Art Tutorial


Ok so I’m gonna be showing you how I drew Lust from Fullmetal Alchemist


I start out with sketching the form of the character. I always draw them naked/bald so that I don’t get any anatomy wrong. This will be easier if you have a solid idea of the pose in your mind.

If I’m having trouble, I imagine the character wearing a swimsuit/leotard. It helps me get an idea of where the limbs connect and stuff. It may seem a little silly, but it helps me a lot.

I build some more, making sure to use anatomical references. Now the body is complete, I don’t see any errors at the moment.

I shape the face, starting by drawing the eye sockets, then the eyes. The eyebrows are right above the eyes. The nose connects to the eyebrow.

If you’re having trouble with symmetry/anatomy, try imagining the line that goes down the body. Also, try flipping the canvas, it can help you see errors in symmetry and stuff.

Rough sketching of the form of the hair.

I build the hair more, separating it into clumps so I don’t get confused.

I add some lines to the hair, making sure to follow the flow of the hair.

I draw the clothes, keeping in mind not to use too many wrinkles since her dress is tight-fitting.

Now that the sketching is done, I make one more final sketch draft to build confidence. This will help prevent moments where you think “Ohh the sketch looked good but the lineart is terrible”

If you’re drawing a piece with shading/doing a commission, now is a great time to plot where your shadows/lights will be. I’m lazy, so I just slapped some rough shading onto it.

Lineart! I made the lines jagged/edgy so that she looks threatening and menacing.

I don’t have any good/useful tips for colouring, so here’s just my process(If you are having trouble getting the shading right on your drawings, try drawing from still life/knowing full well where your light is coming from at all times, if you’re having trouble choosing good colours, try to know the mood of your drawing, what colours represent what emotions, and good colour pallets for your character).

I add a few details(some blood and making her eyes/tattoo stand out more in this case) and fix some of the colourings in this stage. Usually, this involves staring at little details intensely for about 20 minutes straight. But, don’t stare too long or you could get tired and miss key mistakes. If you still think something is off, try showing the photo to a friend and let them tell you if they see anything weird.

After I’ve spent a good 8 hours staring at the same digital canvas, painstakingly clicking away at my tablet screen, my artwork is done! I can finally save it(save your art as a png rather than jpg because it’ll be higher resolution!!), and upload it for literally no one on the internet to see because I have no online presence at all :^)

Congrats, you done art.

Superman/Clark kent Imagine

Requested: “I was wondering if you could do a Clark Kent/Superman imagine as it take place in Batman vs Superman at the end where they fight the big scary monster and somehow you were involve in it and you get hurt or die and the ending could be anything on how you want it to end! thank you so much.”

Thank you for being so patient! 

After the battle of Doomsday, Clark realises he couldn’t save the one person he loved most. (short and probably a little sad)

It was a beautiful day for rain.

Everyday was, really.

You always loved it.

You loved the cool splash of fresh droplets that hit your skin;

It always made you calm.


And in a way, it made you happy.

Those rainy days were you favourite, especially the ones with Clark,

“I think it’s going to rain all day.” Clark would say gently, placing a hot cup of hot chocolate down next to you. Your head would lift up from resting on your arms, and your eyes would avert their attention from the window to him. 

You would smile, “Good.” 

Clark would then laugh gently, placing his glasses down and sitting next to you.

“I prefer these days.” You said.

And on these days you would carefully sip your hot chocolate, the warm liquid steaming up in the air.

Clark had learnt to love them too. Before meeting you, rain was a draining time, where everything was wet and sluggish; cold and damp. But you opened his eyes. He began to see the droplets of life, the effervescent nature of it all. He saw beauty in it, and in you to.

Many days were spent with you leaning into Clark, his arm almost instinctively curving around your body, With his thumb rubbing your arm gently, and his ears listening to the calm patter of the rain and your soft breathing. Your lips would be tainted pink from the long kisses, and your bodies would grow tired from the relaxation. 

You loved the quietness of the two of you sitting there for what seemed like forever. 

You loved the blurred colours of the sun beginning to set, the way the colours of purple, pink and yellow would try to beam through the grey clouds.

Evenings like those were Clark’s favourite too. Work was set aside, and daily tasks were too. To sit by you and just watch the rain like it was a living dream. And a beautiful one at that.

 It was also a time, when Clark spent time pondering over how to ask you to marry him. 

And over the days, he’d finally decided how.

But on the planned night,tonight, there was a conjuring in the air, and tonight, the rain that fell wasn’t beautiful at all.

With the arrival of a monster, buildings turned to rubble, and air turned into smoke, which meant Clark had to set aside the ring.

The rain was gentle, barely even a shower.

 Clark had successfully impaled the creature named Doomsday, saving Metropolis with the help of Batman and Wonder Woman. It was one of the biggest challenges of his life, something he was sure to remember forever. 

But underneath the rubble, victory and underneath the sudden quietness of death, laid you; all alone.

It didn’t take long for Clark to hear the quiet choking, and the soft sobs you let out.

So speeding to your side, he lifted off the slab of concrete that had crushed you.

Clark felt his heart beat limp.

Your body had been impaled.

He gently lifted your head up into his lap, his hand caressing your cheek.

“(y/n)” He whispered. 

Choking slightly, you looked at him, his tears running down his face carelessly.

He let a soft sob egress.

“Don’t cry.” You said, your voice barely audible. “please” but your words weren’t strong enough. 

You were now crying too.

“I love you.” You said, “Never forget that. Please.”

Clark broke down, leaning his forehead on yours.

Batman and Wonder Woman slowly walked up behind the distraught Superman, who was holding onto his lover tight.

“(y/n).” he pleaded again.

But with no reply, he looked up at your face.

“(y/n)?” He whispered.

You didn’t know when you went, But when you did, you were in the arms of Clark; no place you’d rather of been.

Clark had saved the whole of Metropolis and Gotham. But in the end, he couldn’t save you.

The thunder rumbled beneath the earth, and the rain began to fall just a little harder.

Even though you’d stuck by your word, of the rain being beautiful, it was hard for Clark to see it’s beauty now. Holding your limp body, he had lost a part of him, a part he’d never get back. The rain was turning red, and never seemed to stop falling on your face.

More than ever did Clark wish to be back home with you now, watching the rain instead of watching you die in it. It was a dream far from the reality. But more than ever did he wish this moment was a dream, a facade.

Clark cried.

He sobbed.

He let himself wither away in the rain, holding onto your body.

With the ring in his pocket laying untouched, Clark slowly looked up at the sky, the rain gently pattering on his face and down his neck. Clark didn’t know when the rain stopped and his tears began, but Clark did know one thing;

It was a terrible day for rain.

-notice the first line and the last are almost the same ;D That’s right, i’m trying to be poetic.

-So this was a little bit depressing, but i enjoyed writing it. I do actually enjoy writing sad imagines tbh.

-Hope everyone has a great day! 

Seven things Jean will tell you about Marco Bodt

1. Marco’s face is a brick with freckles, but then again,  he’s always been a cornerstone. The day he was gone was the day the walls came tumbling down, and Jean–the old one–crumbled.

2. His name means ‘Messenger from the God of War’, and Jean always wishes he could tell the gods, or whoever ran the world (and was doing a shitty job, in his opinion) not to kill the messenger before it was too late (and it already is). 

3. Marco’s birthday is Bloomsday, and in the same way people reenact the lives of Leopold and Molly, Jean wishes that they could go back to when they were trainees, when Marco was still alive. He’d tell Marco he’d loved him sooner, that’s for sure.

4. His eyes are the colour of whiskey, dark and amber, the best kind. Jean swears that staring into them for too long will result in drunkenness. And said drunkenness may lead to kissing boy with said eyes.

5. It isn’t true what people say about lovers’ fingers fitting perfectly in the spaces between their partner’s; a completed puzzle people’ve spent their lives trying to solve. Because both their hands are calloused and rough, fingers cut and bruised from months of training, and it sometimes hurts to move the joints into alignment. Even then, Marco’s long fingers almost always end up curled awkwardly against Jean’s palm when they  hold hands. But they do it anyway.

6. Trost changed him, not Marco. Jean stopped being a cocky asshole, but Marco didn’t stop being dead.

7. Marco Bodt, sixteen, freckled and gorgeous–and so so warm inside–has stolen his heart, and Jean doesn’t mind if he never gives it back.

When the Day met the Night

When the Day met the Night:

Phan Oneshot

Pastel!Dan Punk!Phil

Word Count: 2,289

Summary: Dan is the weird kid who wears pink and cries a lot. Phil terrifies everyone in the school. What happens when they meet under a tree in the rain?

Fluff, highschool, slight angst, homophobia

~Dan’s POV~


Ugh. I hate school. Okay, maybe I’m not the first 15 year old to say that, and I definitely won’t be the last, but it’s true.

School sucks.

I guess it doesn’t really help that I’m literally the walking embodiment of ‘weak’, at least according to my tormentors. I like to wear cute pastel colours, pale pink, blue, lilac, mint green… etc. And that’s not all, get this, I also wear flower crowns, and I have lilac highlights, and I wear makeup!

I know what you’re thinking, it’s no big deal, and I probably look hella cute (which, yes, I do) and I agree with you. I wish I could say people at school thought the same way.

Unfortunately, this is reality, and in reality people are pricks. And people firmly believe that pretty colours, flower crowns and makeup are solely intended for females, and any male that dares to break that unspoken rule must instantly be demoted to ‘fag’ and ‘gayboy’ and many other colourful and inventive nicknames.  

I shouldn’t complain too much though, I mean it is my choice to be fair, so I should face the consequences. I just wish the consequences weren’t so… crap.

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(yeah, this song should be fucking illegal)

(*whispers* they’re doing the do)
(sorry if it’s not what you expected, anon, i’m not in the phase for nsfw, i just got my naive fucking heart broken and i need fluff v-v)
imsorryroysoirmyso about everything i just thought i’d try to practice this way of colouring ugh, i should just stop avoiding using reference

Scripts And Stars - Part 11

Summary: AU: Dan is an actor, auditioning for a new role in a film written by a revolutionary young writer by the name of Phil Lester.

Words: 2.2k (so far)

Warnings: homophobia, discussions about death, bullying and depression

A/N: hm. this is the re-posted version i uploaded it earlier and took it down to adjust a few things sry.




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More than stanzas

Summary: (kinda stole this from thorlester ily <33 ) The hot librarian is a massive nerd and Dan just found his notebook filled with poems.

Genre: fluff

Warning: swearing, a lil bit of pre-smut in the end

Words: 2, 115 words

A/N: im so sorry for abandoning??? Yes. I was busy beta-ing my friends’ fics and im also caught up with my collab fic with Sofie (which I hope you get to read one day, it’s named as Fragments Of Stardusters).!! I also added a submit page so if u want to submit me shit u can now :> this was supposed to contain secks but eh did you know that the poem dan recited was an actual written by me, it originally wrote it from dan’s perspective but yh

“It’s over there on aisle B.” Dan stared at the man in front him. He was fixing his glasses who had slid a little too low over the bridge of his nose as he pointed out what possible aisle could have what Dan was looking for.

Slightly too hot.

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IT’S FINALLY FINISHED! ~flings cintiq and stylis out the window~ I SPENT WAY TOO LONG WORKING ON HER! 

so please, enjoy my Fem!Hatter and the detail shots. My original design is here for her. I tried testing with colouring and i wanted to get the MTP performance feeling that Bri always manages. i think i did well enough for my first try!