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Last Day on Set

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Jensen’s POV

We had the whole thing planned. When Y/N stepped into the make-up trailer for the last time, Jared and I had a sign for her. We wanted to congratulate her on her record deal, but we hated to see her leave Supernatural. She had spent just one season with us, but it had been a pretty incredible season.

 If I was honest, though, I hadn’t liked her all that much to begin with. She was so damn happy. All the fucking time. She was seriously the female version of Jared, at least on the surface, but as I got to know her, I couldn’t help but fall head over heels for her. Now she had me wrapped around her little finger, and she fucking knew it. 

Of course, working with her, I was afraid to ever open that door, that door that might end up being really damn wonderful, so I was content with getting to know her. I spent pretty much every waking hour with her, listening to the twenty different versions of her laugh, depending on how funny she thought something was or watching her eyes light up when she was surprised. 

Jared and I had planned to spend the day surprising her, starting in the make-up trailer with this stupid sign. I scrambled to stand to Jared’s right, not really paying attention to what was on my piece of paper. I wanted this to go perfectly. I was pretty damn nervous, but I had no idea why. At the end of the day, I really hated to see Y/N go. 

The door swung open, and she stepped into the trailer and burst into laughter. It filled the trailer as she bent over, tears practically spilling over her eyes. “Awe, guys, are you starting my first fan club?!” she asked, excitement spreading across her face. 

I looked down at the two pieces of paper in my hand then at Jared’s. “Fuck,” I mumbled. 

Jared looked at me. “Dude,” he mumbled, rolling his eyes, grabbing my shoulders and moving me to his other side. We looked back at her, and she had her hand over mouth, trying to hold back the giggle that was bubbling at the surface. Finally, her head fell back and she died laughing. 

“I’m sorry,” she laughed. “You guys are great,” she smiled, wiping the tears from her eyes as she rushed to pull the two of us into her embrace. She kissed Jared’s cheek then punched me in the shoulder. “I swear I’m gonna miss the hell out of you two,” she laughed. “Now get out of here, I gotta get ready,” she smiled, heading for a seat in front of the mirror. 

I looked at her, a confession hanging on my tongue, but I couldn’t. “See you on set, Y/N,” I said, stepping out of the trailer with Jared as Jared’s large hand clapped me on the back knowingly. 

Reader’s POV

The boys stepped out of the trailer, and I stared into the mirror, the laughing tears threatening to become real ones. “Zab, can I have a minute before you work your magic?” I asked Zabrina. She gave me a knowing look and headed for the door. 

She had barely let the door close before I burst into tears. I couldn’t believe this was my last day on set. I couldn’t believe this was my last day with my boys. My last day on set with Jared. My last day on set with Jensen. 

I had clicked immediately with Jared since I was so much like him, but immediately been attracted to Jensen. Once he warmed up to me, there was an electricity between us, but he never acted on it. I thought surely he would, but here we were, my last day on set and nothing. I was heading off on tour. This was it. It really wasn’t going to happy. 

I hated myself for loving that stupid idiot. I chuckled to myself as I wiped away the tears and looked into the mirror. Everyone has to get a good look at themselves after a good cry. There, standing right behind me, was Jensen. 

“Jensen?” I mumbled, wiping the tears away more hastily before turning to face him. “How long have you been standing there?” I asked. 

“Since Zabrina stepped out,” he confessed, an apologetic look on his face. He stepped up and placed a hand on my face, wiping a stray tear away. 

“Dammit, I swore I wasn’t gonna do this,” I laughed, briefly leaning into his touch before stepping away from him. 

He grabbed my wrist, stopping my escape, and pulled me back to him, his hand running up my arm, his eyes locking with mine. “Do what?” he asked. “Cry about leaving?” He licked his bottom lip and watched my face carefully. 

“Cry about you,” I admitted, my gaze falling to the floor unable to look at him. Then the unthinkable happened. He pulled my lips to his and kissed me tenderly, at first. I didn’t hesitate to let my hands reach for his short, dirty blonde hair, holding him to me, pushing my body into his as his arm snaked around my back and held me to him. 

We pulled away breathless. “I should’ve done that a long damn time ago,” he managed, his chest heaving. 

“Better not be the last time, Ackles,” I responded, my hand resting on his chest. I could feel his heart racing against my hand. 

“As long as you’ll have me, I’d go to the ends of the earth to make this work Y/N,” he confessed, kissing me again. I got lost in this kiss, my mind filling with the scent of Jensen. It made me dizzy, lightheaded, and giddy all at the same time. 

Jensen Ackles really did feel the same way about me. This really could change everything. 

It’s sad how our community contributes to the erasure of black women, by letting white and non-black women appropriate the hair styles or aesthetics of black women.

Black women have spent our lives trying to humanize these things on us, when white America constantly tell us they are not. And for white and non-black women to come in and be glorified for wearing box braids, cornrows and other hairstyles associated with black women, is hurtful.

Every time a white woman gets box braids you gone have some negroes defending her and saying how pretty she looks. Meanwhile black women gotta hear folks throwing political debates about how we wear our hair every damn day.

When Justin Timberlake and Justin Bieber got them damn cornrows and dreads yall was pitching a whole ass fit about it. Hell white boys singing R&B get us in our damn feelings. But yall can not seem to find the mentality to gather white or non-black women wearing hairstyles or aesthetics worn by black women.

White women can do no wrong in the eyes of some of us.

The dismissive “Nothing to worry about comments” from black folks when we bring up white and non-black women culturally appropriating our hair really bothers me. So the appropriation of black women is nothing to worry about?

I should’ve known better when I saw someone let Rachel Dolezal be apart of the natural hair movement.

If sistas start giving white men props for black men’s hairstyles and aesthetics I want to see the same “Nothing to worry about” comments from the community.

I’m so disappointed.

Fanfic recommendation

I spent the past few days devouring YOUR LIGHT IN THE MIST by the enormously talented @maevecurrywrites . You can find the whole fanfic with roughly 30 (long, amazing) chapters here: http://yourlightinthemist.tumblr.com/

Need reasons why to read this fic?

- If you like Tom Hiddleston fanfiction in general, read the fic!

- If you like fanfics about a Tom who is incredibly, miraculously, almost frighteningly “Tom” and real and believable, read the fic!

- If you like strong, sassy women who’ve been through a motherlode of shit and come out on top and who’re curvy and sexy and funny and quirky, read the fic!

- If you love steamy sex scenes that are mindblowing and make you want to take a million cold showers or ravish someone, read it!

- If you want to be whisked away to exotic locations such as Hawaii and living, breathing settings like New Orleans, New York and London, read it!

- If you want to cry, laugh, cry a ton more, and then laugh until you cry, read it!

- If you can handle angst, raw emotions, the horror that is real life, and the up and down that is a relationship, read it.

- If you’re a fan of Anne Rice and / or the Vampire Lestat, read the fic!

- If you’re a fan of Luke, read it!

- If you enjoy well-written stories that would stand out even without revolving around Hiddles, read the fic.

You won’t regret it, I swear. And I’ll never forget it.

P.S.: Brace yourselves for more (slightly crazed) fanfic recs in the future. I have the most amazing Tumblr friends, I tell ya.

Season 1:

The Winchesters spent the whole damn season spinning in circles, looking for Azazel.

Season 11:

The boys are now familiar with the summoning spells. In just 0.2 seconds the King of Hell pops in their living room.

So I have decided to contribute to the fandom for once.

Prompt: So we’ve never met but our showers are on opposite sides of the same apartment wall so sometimes we’re showering at the same time and we sing duets


He could damn well blame his daughter for his suffering - they had spent the whole weekend watching Frozen and now he couldn’t stop singing love is an open door. He was glad his shift at the Starfleet Academy hospital was almost over because then he could go home and sing it loudly until his brain gave up its existence. 


It felt good to be home after a long day of negotiations with…what was the name of the planet again? He was so tired, his head ached so much, he could barely remember half of what had been discussed. All he wanted was a nice bath and more than three hours of sleep. 

He had just thrown his backpack onto a small couch and began taking his clothes off when he heard it. It wasn’t that loud but he could hear it anyway. His neighbor was singing again. That made Jim smile a little. He didn’t know his neighbor face-to-face but he could hear almost everything that happened on the other side of the wall, and he knew his neighbor wasn’t the type of guy that sang Disney songs, so that could only mean Jo (Jim was pretty sure that was his daughter’s name) had been over during the weekend. 

He shrugged and got into the bath, closing his eyes, and still listening to the song. 


Leonard had finished doing laundry, cooking, and revising for his exams but he couldn’t stop singing the damn song. He had tried singing it louder, lower and dancing. Nothing worked, so he finally decided to stop singing. He walked to his bathroom and decided that all he needed was a shower and go straight to bed. It’s going to go away in the morning. It must. He got into the shower and turned it on. 

- Wait, you’re not going to finish the song? - said a voice echoing from the wall.

- What the fuck? - Leonard put a hand over his heart, startled. - You can hear me?!

- I think that’s pretty obvious by now, but I’m going to say yes anyway because I know how it sucks to have someone say to you that things are obvious when they don’t seem like it. Trust me, I’d know. I have a friend that does that all the time. - the voice answered. - But seriously, aren’t you going to finish the song?

- I don’t think so. It has done nothing to cure me from the hell I lived through all day, so no, thanks. 

No answer came after that, so he thought that was it. I’m going to have to be more careful when I sing home now that I know my neighbor can hear me.


And just like that their conversation was over but the silence that came after made it weird to stay in the bath while he knew his neighbor was showering.

- Look. - he said to the wall. - I’ve had a very long day and your singing made me relax so if you could just continue…

- Damn it, man! - he heard his neighbor say. - I’m not going to continue. I’m sorry you had a long day, I had a long day myself and the last thing I need is to have my neighbor making song requests! 

It took Jim three seconds to answer to that.

- It’s just that all my life has been a series of doors in my face and then suddenly I bump into you. 

Some silence followed and Jim could only think it was pure disbelief.

- I can see what you’re doing. - his voice was low this time, almost menacing. - It’s not going to work.

- I was thinking the same thing! - smiling, he continued. - ‘Cause like, I’ve been searching my whole life to find my own place. And maybe it’s the party talking or the chocolate fondue, but with you…

- Ok, that’s it. Have a good night whoever you are.

- Come on! Don’t be such a buzzkill! Sing with me. My name’s Jim Kirk, by the way. Yours is Leonard McCoy, right?

- How the fuck do you know that?

- Pleased to make your acquaintance too, you know. I heard you confirm that when you got a package or something like that. Can I call you Leonard?

- No. Have a good night.

- You’re no fun. - he said to the wall, not really expecting an answer this time. - Just when I thought I made a new friend you leave me to sing all by myself.


He was going to regret this, he was sure of it.

- But with you… - Leonard said - I found my place. I see your face. And it’s nothing like I’ve ever known before.

- LOVE IS AN OPEN DOOR! - Jim screamed on the other side. - See, this is fun!

- Yes, it was freaking amazing. - he made sure he added extra sarcasm in his tone - But I need to go to sleep, I have an early shift tomorrow.

- Oh, so you’re a doctor, then. Well, if you must go, promise me tomorrow we will meet somewhere and finish singing.

- Jim, no. Today was enough.

- Ok, but can we meet in person tomorrow, though? 

Leonard sighed heavily.

- Fine. But no singing.

- I won’t make any promises. - he could hear Jim laughing on the other side. - Have a good night, Bones.

- Bones?

- My nickname for you.

- No, it’s not. Good night.

- Yes, it is. We’ll talk about this tomorrow.


- Fine. Night.

This is how well somewhat spent my 1 year with my amazing girlfriend, didn’t want to overload snapchat with my whoooole day lol. but fuck i am one lucky girl i got the greatest and bestests goofball ever god i feel like I’ve known her my whole life. she’s my bestfriend and doesn’t care about my terrible addiction to video games and she has the kindest and the biggest heart ever and she’s damn beautiful inside and out ❤ so here’s to more and i can’t wait to keep spending these years together, i love you carley happy 1 year!

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Damn you've got me hooked on Jehanparnasse.. I've already spent the whole day thinking about angsty and fluffy HCs, what am I doing??? I can't believe this, They've ruined me!

They’re honestly so good to my heart. I love them to bits and I hope one day I’ll give them all the stories they deserve ♥

And I’m glad ya love ‘em too! ♥

The Pocket-Sized Fic Chapter VIII

Park Jimin x (Y/n) x Jung Hoseok

Genre: POCKET-SIZED!BANGTAN; fluff, tiny bit of angst

Summary: Falling in love with the exact pocket-sized replica of your ex-boyfriend might just be the smallest problem you’ll face when your best friend convinces you to look after his pocket-sized friends.

Word Count: ~2,3K

Chapter 0,5 / Chapter 7 / Chapter 9

NB! Author’s notes are in the tags bc she’s shy shy shy~ but you can look forward to me fangirling over ‘NOT TODAY’ MV bc damn. That’ll happen once I come back from the dead (BANGTAN is to blame)

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Then best hope he will want to talk to you. He left the invitation, didn’t he? That means he must want to talk,” Rap Monster said to you that night.

A day passed and you spent the whole 24 hours deciding. That’s exactly what you were doing at the moment as Kookie and Jin carried another full chocolate-chip cookie in front of you. They did so all-the-while groaning and whining and whispering encouragement and curses at each other. If you weren’t so busy worrying over what you friendship with Hoseok had come to, you would have laughed at them and then perhaps patted their heads gently as if they were small hamsters of some sort.

They knew that. That’s why both the youngest and the oldest of your pocket-people placed the treat in front of you on the kitchen counter and looked up at you with expecting smiles. Both of their grins disappeared as they realized that your attention was elsewhere.

Your eyes were glued to the dimly lit screen of your phone as your thumb hovered above a certain contact. None of the pocket-sized young men had to wonder long to know whose contact you were stuck on.

Jung Hoseok.

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Everything is blue

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Seashells (but not a real beach RIP *cough* the aU ;) *cough* )

Send “Seashells” for our muses to walk along the beach together (Accepting)


The beach is exactly like the one of his memories, with the sun shining brightly above them, and the sound of waves crashing as they walk through the shore, water lapping at their feet.

“I always went swimming in the morning. Met up with some friends.” Lance is saying, turning his head to the ocean. How he had missed the salty smell of it, the feeling of sand of his feet and sun on his skin, the wind ruffling his clothes, all of it. It feels like home. Just like Varadero Beach.

“Sometimes me and my family spent the whole day here. My siblings and I made some pretty damn impressive sand castles, let me tell ya. And me and Mamá kicked ass at beach volleyball.” He chuckles, smiling fondly at the memory. Yeah. The beach is just like the one he loved. (But there’s no one now. No one but them here. It’s different.)

“We had a HUGE collection of sea shells too…Olivia and the kids loved to make bracelets and stuff with ‘em.” He bends down to pick up a medium sized one, like the one he’d kept with him in the Garrison, so when he was feeling lonely, he’d put it to his ear and he could pretend he was next to the ocean again. He shows it to Keith, turning it around his hand before handing it to him. “Pretty, huh?”

His steps slow down, turning to watch the sky, which is now painted with warm hues of orange and red, the sun low in the horizon. “And…there was nothing like watching the sun set from my surfboard. It was just me and the ocean.” It had always brought a sense of calm to him, after surfing all afternoon, to stop and watch the day come to an end. Seeing it now brought comfort, but also nostalgia and longing.

“But I can’t tell you how many times a wave knocked me off my board by surprise ‘cause I was too focused in the sky.” He snorts, turning to look at Keith with a smile, eyes wrinkling at the corners. He’s silent before he shuffles from one feet to another, speaking up again.

“I’m, uh–glad I could show you this.” He rubs the back of his head, bashful. “Sorry you can’t keep that though–” He points at the seashell, a little sadly. “It’s gonna disappear when you leave.” Nothing here, no matter how beautiful and real it looks, is actually there. It is all a construction made from his memories. (It’s all fake, but he can pretend, for a some time, that it isn’t.)

“But you–you can come back whenever you want! And you BETTER come back ‘cause It’s boring to be here all day by myself, I need someone to bother.” He grins, bumping a fist against Keith’s shoulder. It connects, but he can’t really feel anything. 

“You–should probably head back soon though. They’ll get worried if you don’t show up for dinner, Keith.” 

Courfeyrac and Combeferre both realize their feelings at the same moment.

They’d grown up together and can’t remember a time when they didn’t know each other, and for years the only amount of time they had ever spent apart was a few days, maybe a week or two. Then suddenly, for what ever reason, they don’t see each other for more like a month or two. The second they see each other again, they think “damn, I got to see that person almost everyday my whole life? How lucky was I?”

Then begins the obliviousness that makes this damn ship.

*REQUEST* Kyungsoo Scenario - ‘He and his girlfriend go to Disneyland together’

Requested by a lovely anon <3

Feel free to send in requests guys! We do Reactions, Preferences, Fake Texts, and Scenarios! Just tell us who you want, what you want, and how you want it! <3  (MalexFemale, MalexMale, FemalexFemale)

*Don’t own the gif yo*

Author: Taebaby

“Soo, let’s get on that one!” You bounced excitedly as you pointed towards the Haunted Mansion ride, the one you had been waiting for all day. He smiled at your childish tone, loving how your face lit up every time the two of you came across something interesting (the whole damn park was interesting, its Disneyland).

               You had spent a whole day persuading him to go with you, since you would be in California for a week for his tour that he had invited you on. You really didn’t even need to pester him the whole day, though, since he had made up his mind to go the first time you asked. He only gave you an iffy answer so that he could have you on his tail all day and enjoy your enthusiasm. Your puppy eyes and aegyo did wonders for his mood and he rewarded you with an exasperated ‘yes’, earning him a good sized hickey. Though he didn’t want to admit it, he was really excited to go too, never having gone before.

               As the two of you stood in line for the ride, he listened to you spouting all kinds of facts and stories and mini history lessons about the ride and the park itself, mesmerized by your vast knowledge about Disney trivia. Though he could’ve predicted this, since one of your first dates consisted of a Disney movie marathon.

               After a few minutes, he kinda zoned out and lost track of what you were saying. He snapped back to the moment when he noticed that you had stopped talking entirely, and a slightly sad expression taking over your face.

               “You don’t really wanna be here, do you, Kyungsoo?” You said sadly, much quieter and subdued compared to your animation only a moment ago. He stared at you with wide eyes for a few seconds before he saw tear welling up in yours. He shook his head and grabbed your hands with both of his.

               “Jagi, there’s nowhere in the world I’d rather be than right here with you. I love you so much! I’m sorry I made it seem like I wasn’t excited to be here, because I actually really am. I was just amazed how enthusiastic you get, it’s really cute, jagiya.” He laughed, smiling his squishy smile. He held your face and brought your lips together in a sweet kiss. The resounding ‘eww!’ from the three small children behind you in line made both of you blush and you broke away, keeping your hands intertwined. You were nearly to the front of the line when your face lit up once more.

               “Soo, do you know how many ghosts are featured the Haunted Mansion?”

               “No, but I know you’re going to tell me, jagi.” He chuckled softly.

Jesus of Suburbia: This is who I am, like it or leave it

City of the Damned: Wh.. what if this actually isn’t me? What if I’ve spent my whole life lying to myself? Why am I questioning everything all of a sudden?

I Don’t Care: Maybe if I convince everyone - including myself - that I am the person I’ve always been, I will be able to live with it like I always have..

Dearly Beloved: No, I can’t do this anymore, I’m different to who I was. Why am I changing? Is this growing up? God, I’m such a fuck-up

Tales of Another Broken Home: I.. I need to go. I don’t belong here anymore. I’m a different person now and I need to start over

leap to faith. 11x17 coda. (ao3)

“What’re we gonna do?” Dean finally asks when they’re thirty minutes out from the bunker. “When we get back.”

Sam knows Dean is asking the big question, the save-the-world question, not the what’s-your-plan-for-the-evening question. His muscles are aching, though, his stitches itching below the bandages, his head throbbing from the lack of sleep and the blood loss and the desperate physical exertion. He’s tired as all hell, so he answers as though Dean asked the latter.

“Personally,” Sam says, “I’m going to spend the next few days not doing a damn thing. I fucking earned that.”

Dean grins, turning from the road briefly to lightly slap the side of Sam’s leg. He says, “Damn right you did.”

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When i found out that i couldn’t get 707′s story line in my first playthrough of Mystic Messenger… i was SO SAD!!! OMFG!!! i almost quit playing. but i love him too much!!! i must get through!!! since i’d spent all my time being all “<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3″ over Seven the whole game, i got stuck with Yoosung, since he was practically impossible to be mean to - he’s so cheerful and sweet! UGG! but every time he opens his adorable, shota mouth to trash talk Seven… i wanna answer all of his questions with the mean answers!!! GAWD DAMN IT!!!

*deep sigh* Seven… my love… i only have five days left!!! (T   ^  T) then we can be together!!! omg…for real…? (O ____O) he txt’d me memes while i was writing this… gawd i love you, Seven… i love you forever and ever <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 You’re the feisty, red-headed, cat-loving, secretive, internet trash boy i’ve always dreamed of!!! *SWOONS* <3 <3 <3 <3 <3