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Pairing: Lafayette x Reader, slight Aaron Burr x Reader

Prompt: Reader is replaced in friendship, angst for anon

Words:1753 (My longest one yet!)


You and the Hamilsquad had been friends ever since preschool. Every Friday night would be another movie night, which included junk foods, homemade pizzas and bonfires.

There were bad days where things happened in families and people were upset. There were relationships and broken hearts. Stress levels would go high and moodiness would be a problem.

But through everything you all stuck together. And now the five of you were starting the next phase of your life.


All of you ended up going to the same college. The four of them were rooming together, and you were rooming with the Schuyler sisters.

The first semester was going great. Friday nights still happened, and everyone went out to lunch together at least once a week.

Junior year was when everything started to change. It was a very slow progression, so you didn’t take notice of it until it was too late.


“So Y/N when are you finally going to tell Lafayette that you’re in love with him?” John asked you, as the two of you were walking to lunch after class.

“I don’t know. That’s not really how I work,” you told him, walking ahead to the cafe everyone was meeting at. He sighed and shook his head as the two of you walked into the cafe.

You saw everyone sitting at your regular table. Except there was someone new sitting next to Lafayette and Angelica.

A new girl that you had never seen before.

You sat down next to John as the two of you crammed into the booth. You barely fit into the booth. You were half on the seat and half off.

“Oh sorry Y/N. I guess there’s to many of us. Why don’t you slide a chair over to the table,” Lafayette told you before turning back to the girl sitting next to him.

You felt slightly hurt but brushed it off.

“Okay now that everyone is here, I want you all to meet Johanna. We have Chem together,” Laf stated.

“Thank you for letting me come and join you. You can call me Jo. I already know all your names, Laf told them to me on our way here,” She told you all, putting her hand on Lafayette’s arm.

Everyone started to chatter excitedly asking her questions, even asking if the two of them were dating. Jo denied it, but you could tell that she wanted him. You couldn’t tell what Lafayette was thinking, which hurt your poor heart.

That was the first time you noticed a small change. But you brushed it off, not really thinking anything of it.


The second time you noticed the change is when there was a movie night.

It was supposed to be at your place that night, but the had all decided, without your input, to have it at Jo’s place.

You were a little upset, you had spent the entire day cleaning and baking treats for tonight.

Nevertheless you made your way over to Jo’s place.

They all greeted you quickly before putting in a movie.

“What are we watching?” you asked tentatively.

“Horror films!” Jo replied, settling her way right next to Laf and John, the spot that you would usually occupy.

The group never watched horror movies. You hated them, so they never watched them. They’d promised you.

“Oh I’m sorry Y/N. I forgot that you hated horror movies. We’ve already picked out all of the horror ones we wanted to watch. You don’t have to stay if you don’t want to,” Laf told you. You swore that you saw a smirk on Jo’s face, as if she was taunting you.

“Yeah. I guess I’ll go home.”

You picked yourself up over everything that was laying in your way, and quietly left the house.

The tears started flowing as soon as you turned the corner.

They were your best friends! How could they just all of the sudden forget something like that.

As you were walking home, you bumped into Aaron Burr.

“Are you alright Miss Y/N?” He asked stopping you. He looked concerned, and it almost made you cry again.

“Yeah, I’m just h-having a bad d-day,” You hiccuped, drying your tears as best you could.  

“Are you sure? Can I do anything for you? A soda or coffee?” He asked you, handing you a tissue.

“A coffee actually sounds great. Thank you so much Aaron.” He nodded and guided you into a small coffee shop. Both of you got coffees and sat at a booth together. A comfortable silence fell over the two of you, and you were thankful that he didn’t push you.

“Thank you for the coffee Aaron. I really needed that,” You told him, throwing your coffee cup away.

“Of course. Would you like me to walk you home?”

You nodded and the two of you set off not talking. When you arrived home you thanked Aaron once more before making your way to bed.


The third time that you noticed the changes was when Alex went off at you.

Having coffee with Aaron had become a regular thing. Your friends were ignoring you right now, so Aaron was the only person that you could hang out with.

The two of you would sit in the small coffee shop, checking each other’s homework assignments, comparing answers, and recommending books.

You had been together when Alexander went off at you. He had seen you through the window of the shop and came barging in, asking you what the two of you were doing together.

“Why are you with him Y/N?” Alex asked you angrily.

“We’re just having coffee and going over some school work Alex. Stop making it such a big deal,” you told him firmly.

“You’ve betrayed my friendship Y/N. I can’t believe that you would even speak to him!”

That was it. You were furious.

“Okay listen up Alexander. You have no right to come in here and tell me who I can and cannot be friends with. You and I were supposed to be best friends, but you don’t seem to care. You have been ignoring me and my texts everyday and you look at me like I don’t even exist anymore. You’ve got Jo now so why should you think about me!” You shouted at him.

“Okay Y/N do you want to know something? You’re just a jealous brat and now I know why no one is talking to you anymore. You’re so weak and pathetic. Why were we ever friends in the first place?” He shouted back before shaking his head and storming out of the shop.

You couldn’t move. Couldn’t breathe. Couldn’t think.

Aaron grabbed all of your stuff and took you home. He put all of your stuff away and laid you in bed. He covered you with the blanket and brought you some calming tea, sitting with you while you drank.

He didn’t leave you once that night, just sat there with you, neither of you speaking.


You finally accepted that they had replaced you three days after Alex’s outbreak.  

You had been walking through campus, going to meet Aaron for lunch, when you had seen them all sitting at a table in the middle of the courtyard.

They were all sitting there, laughing, joking, and having fun.

Without you.

The worst part about it was Jo.

She was sitting on Lafayette’s lap. He didn’t seem to care either.

You needed to get out of here. You could see Aaron walking towards you, looking confused, but then realization crossed his face when he saw what you were looking at.

“Alright, we need to get you out of here. And I don’t mean out of this area. I mean out of this school,” he told you dragging you to your apartment.

“Aaron what are you talking about? I can’t leave.”

“Yes you can. You can’t stay here, one day it’s all going to be too much and I’m afraid that you would do something drastic. You need a fresh start.”

You thought for a minute. You knew that you were in a really bad position right now, and a new start would be good for you.

“Okay but where and how. The term is almost over yes, but?”

Aaron sighed and sat you down on the couch.

“You know Spanish right? Sign up to be a foreign exchange student to Spain. You know the language and culture so it shouldn’t be too hard for you. And you can come back second semester of senior year or stay the whole year. That way you wouldn’t have to see all of them everyday,” He told you, watching for your reaction.

You thought about it for a second. Not seeing them everyday now sounded like a blessing. Your heart couldn’t take it anymore. You looked at Aaron.

“Where do I sign up?”


You finished your junior year and got ready to leave for Spain. You were going to a small town outside of Barcelona. You were really excited.

The packing was what killed you. You packed away all of your memories of everyone. It hurt really bad. You weren’t ready to throw them out so Aaron took them for you and stored them in his attic.

He drove you to the airport the day you left, waiting with you until it was time for you to board.

“Go on and make some new memories. You’ll be just fine Y/N. I’m proud of you,” Aaron told you.

You felt as though you were going to cry again.

“Thank you so much Aaron. For everything,” You told him giving him a hug.

He returned the embrace and gave you a small kiss on the head. You heard your flight being called so you broke away and grabbed all of your stuff, your eyes teary.

“Remember you can call me anytime. Even if it’s the middle of the night here. Okay?” He told you, handing you your last bag.

“Thank you Aaron. Goodbye.”



“Hey Y/N!” Your friend John was calling to you. You picked yourself up from the sandbox and made your way over to the table where everyone was sitting.  

“Whats going on guys?” You asked, your small arms pulling you up to sit on the table. You sat next to Laf and looked at all of their smiling faces.

“We’re going to make a pack! We want to be best friends forever!” Laf exclaimed.

“So, best friends forever?” They asked you.



“Yeah. Forever.”


i’ve literally spent the entire day and night of bowie’s 69th birthday making an idea i’ve had for a video come to fruition.

i just HAD to make this au with lana’s speech from national anthem. i had to. and i’m quite proud that i seemed to have pulled this off lol.

note: sorry about the differing quality - i don’t have any of these films on dvd apart from labyrinth, so i had to source them from the internet which isn’t always the most reliable place!

hope you enjoy and thanks for watching! xx

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"""forced romance between two characters who happen to be male and female"""" honestly what movie was this anon watching????

Who even knows.

A friend of mine and I were talking the other day about part of what makes the INTENSE OTT HATRED AND REJECTION of FinnRey so suspect is because it’s such a well done ship?

These two people who spent their entire lives believing and being told that they’re nothing, they’re no one, meet someone who looks at and treats them like they’re EVERYTHING. The level of immediate and genuine respect and adoration they have for each other is overwhelming and such a H U G E part of the film and their own personal and individual stories. This isn’t some half-assed, just because tacked-on bullshit. It actually MATTERS to the plot and the characters and is given massive amounts of screen time and focus because of it. I mean ffs, SHE LOOKED AT HIM LIKE NO ONE EVER HAD. HE CAME BACK FOR HER WHEN NO ONE EVER DID.

Be frustrated with everything being het, absolutely, me too. But FinnRey is some fucking quality het, so treating it like it’s the devil and some kind of horrific disservice to the films and the characters that deserves more vitriol than a million other mediocre het ships legitimately just there for absolutely no reason but compulsory heterosexuality pretty rightfully makes people wonder why THIS SPECIFIC ship is the one that offends fandom so much.

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Hey there, quick question, what does the MA-acronym stand for? As in the question about 616, MCU and MA-Tony. Thanks!


MA stands for Marvel Adventures (Earth 20051) and IT IS ADORABLE AND PERFECT.

There are several series in the Marvel Adventure line: Avengers, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Fantastic Four, Hulk, etc.

The series was aimed at younger readers, so no sex and significantly toned-down violence. Yes, this basically makes it a kids’ comic, but the adventures are fun and the characters are very similar to their 616 counterparts.

I can’t recommend this series strongly enough to anyone who likes Domestic Avengers because MA is full of that shit. There’s the time the guys were left alone in the Mansion for a few days and managed to annihilate it. There’s the time Clint signed up for an internet dating service. There’s the time they all decided they needed therapy and stuck Tony with the bill.

There’s the time Odin decided Thor needed to get married, but Thor was kind of into Storm so the two of them spent the entire issue hiding in a closet while Spider-Man had to wrangle an All Father who thought he was Tony Stark. They watch old Captain America propaganda films and mock Steve terribly.

They balance their super-hero lives and their secret identities.

They fight over donuts and have team-building moments, they make waffles and make jokes about how rich Tony is. There was the time Steve thought he had a crush on Sue Richards so Tony kept throwing things at him.


MA is the series in which Steve and Tony go on many dates.

They go on basketball dates (the rest of the team went to the carnival, but these two decided to spend the day together and then made a dinner date I AM JUST SAYING)

They have picnics in the park

They have a Paris Adventure. With photographs. That Tony apparently carries around with him.

That doesn’t sound like a mission to ME.

If someone wants to get into the comics and feels intimidated by the sheer magnitude of 616 backstory, MA is a really good place to start. Most of the storylines are self-contained, or very short. And the characters, while toned down for a younger audience, are very similar to their 616 counterparts. It’s Tony Stark Light, yes, but it’s still recognizably Tony Stark. And if you ever want a break from the manpain and constant crossovers of the 616 verse, MA is a nice, fluffy break.

Also, MA has TONS of Storm, Jan Van Dyne, Sue Richards, Natasha and Tigra kicking ass and being adorable together. (They get controlled into fighting in one issue and Jan and Ororo start screaming at each other about how perfect the other’s hair is and they break free of the anger and hug it out I AM NOT KIDDING THEY ARE SO FUCKING CUTE)


Marvel Adventures on Wikipedia

Marvel Adventures on Marvel Wiki

Marvel Adventures fanfic on Ao3


Eiga HIHO magazine 2014 April issue: Tanigaki Kenji’s column




No. 143 ‘RuroKen’ Action team completed all the shooting

Five times as many stuntmen as expected!? ‘RuroKen’ rushed into the climax!


Dec. !

The shooting of ‘Rurouni Kenshin 2&3’ by Team Otomo is now really truly in the final stage.

We’ve spent a whole six months, well, we spent an entire year only on this film if we include the preparation period, I should say.

At first they said, ‘Put together the plan of the two films using three hundred stuntmen’.

Ultimately, however, it turned out 1,500 stuntmen (!) and I got a good scolding. LOL

But the action scenes became more powerful and elaborate in reward!


Today we filmed the scene where Kenshin and Sanosuke ventured into the set of Rengoku built in the Toho studio.

As usual, the final stages are like an ‘action festival’, so in order to change the way we show the actions, we decided to film in a long take without resting.

Kenshin and Sanosuke VS thirty soldiers under Shishio’s command!

Sato Kenshin performs a tremendous amount of choreography at lightning speed!

Sanosuke forces his way through them, clutches the soldiers and drops them into the ocean … which made a scene of full impact.

The actions in RuroKen are speedy and some people think it’s because of the speedy cutting in editing.

Well, it may be one reason, but if you see this long single shot, you should realize that the actors are moving at really terrific speed!

And this is never just another self-content: ‘Hey, we used a long take ~! Isn’t that great!?’

So please look forward to it!


Dec. $

The last action scene in ‘RuroKen’ was a flashback of Shishio played by Fujiwara Tatsuya-san. Young Shishio, who was still not wrapped up all in bandages, ramped about!

As I wrote in the last article, his ability to learn choreography is abnormal. LOL

Today, we had him try another complicated and intensive action in one stroke.

And then Shishio, who got entrapped by his friends, did this and that, and things went crazy!

It’s exactly the moment Shishio was born.

I can’t write it in detail, but just watch it.


*snip* about after the wrap up of RuroKen


Jan. ?

I spent the first three days of this year entirely on editing RuroKen.

Actually, I sorted out the materials.

In terms of the ending scenes, there are as many as 1,600 (!) cuts, and that they are only materials.

I just lined them up and found it amounted to six hours and fifty minutes!

We filmed too much!

So I asked myself. LOL


*snip* about Donnie Yen’s ‘Iceman’.