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Fanfiction rant

My parents never liked my reading fanfiction and actively attempted to stop me. Me, being a rebellious teen at the time, obviously found ways round this.

Point is, one of my parents arguments was how much time I spent reading the /quote/ “stupid things” (excuse me?! But true😂) and I wasn’t learning anything (yeah riiiiiiight)

Do you know how many things I’ve learnt from fanfiction??

From Court cases, to latin, to basic first aid, to extensive knowledge on pressure points and how to use them when torturing (oops 😂). And honestly, those are just the ones I can think of the top of my head.

I’ve learnt soooo much knowledge from fanfiction that I constantly practice in my daily life, I wouldn’t be anywhere without it.

Point is, fanfiction is actually, despite the evidence against it (sleep deprivation, reading stories totally not for your age cuz let’s be honest, none of us paid attention to those 18+ warnings😂), really good for you and educational.

Praise the writers, cuz in maybe 50 yrs time, your gonna remember some random fanfiction fact and it’s gonna save your life.

Its proven true so far in my (short) life.


Oh boy. I finished this thing in a day, but I procrastinated posting it for another three days after realizing a lot of errors in the format of the comic rip but im lazy af so i never even fixed them ahh. As for the other comic I was working on: every new chapter released reveals another logical flaw in the comic. I think I’ll wait till the companion fic starts to really fix up that comic orz :’( 

This is for chapter 12 in the fic Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches by @kazliin

Wrong Loves My Company Pt 6 (NSFW 18+)

A/N: I don’t have much to say on this one except THANK YOU to @writing-obrien per usual. She helped me soooo much with this one, because contrary to popular belief, I suck at writing smut.


Word Count: 4526

Parts 1-5 [Here]

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So I just saw this on Facebook, and it made me really want to do something similar.

I haven’t seen my bf in over a year, and the last time we spent V-day together was 2 years ago.

I don’t have much money (he’s more of a homemade gift person anyway) so I want to do this real special something for him to show him how much I love him.

If you could write out the following message (yes, by hand), hold it up in front of either a favourite place of yours from wherever you’re living or just something red/valentine-themed (like this person did), then take a picture…

.. I would be soooo grateful and more than happy to return the favour (message me).

What I want the note to say is:

Tamara’s love for Mike is so big it reached …

(replace the ‘…’ with whatever your location is.)

I would love to get as many of these as I can, from all sorts of places in the world, and make a collage or something of them and send it to him on the 14th. 

Hopefully he likes it.

If you can’t participate in this, if you could at least reblog it for attention that would be fantastic! (Please message me if you have done this, also, because it’ll be faster than going through all the notes (if I get more than 2 that is, lol) looking for your reblog.)


Request: Could you do a Tom imagine based off ‘perfect’ by Ed Sheeran? Thank you!!

I want to do something a little more in Toms pov soooo here it is.

‘Cause we were just kids when we fell in love, not knowing what it was,

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Being best friends with Tom since you were both children came with a lot of silly pinkie promises. You promised to be best friends forever, to buy a puppy together, share your first house, and even grow old together. Of course neither of you understood what these promises really meant, but the thought of not spending your lives together was preposterous, and unimaginable. 

Along the years Tom never spent as much time with any girls as he did with you. They all showed interest in him, but he didn’t reciprocate his interests. The only girl he wanted to spend time with, was you. No other girl could compare to you. He wasn’t sure what that feeling meant, and it kind of scared him. But he  couldn’t deny liking it.

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Of Fire and Stars - Audrey Coulthurst

To read the official synopsis, click here.

Dennaleia has been raised knowing that one day she will marry the prince of Mynaria. What she didn’t expect was to develop the ability to manipulate fire, have to hide that ability from a kingdom that hates magic, or to start having feelings for the princess of Mynaria. 

I have soooo much love for this book. I don’t even know where to begin. 

This book is told through alternating POVs, we follow Denna, the princess hiding magical abilities, and Mare, the princess of Mynaria who rather spend her days in the stable.

I loved how slowly their relationship formed. At the beginning of the book, Mare didn’t think too highly of Denna. As Denna’s betrothed spent more time in council meetings trying to solve a crisis in the kingdom, Denna got to spend more time with Mare. They had such a realistic relationship development, nothing felt forced or rushed.

Along with the romance story line, we do get a political story. Mynaria is going though a some turmoil. The kingdom is outlawing magic and that has caused a rebellion to form. Denna also goes through a transformation from hiding her powers to try to understand them.

I loved how this book wrapped everything up. As of right now, I do believe this is a standalone but I would love to see more of these characters. 

I give this book an A. I highly recommend it and I am so thankful I received this book as part of my December Owlcrate. 

ok i need to talk about this particular part of TDM that’s seemingly always slept on because it’s one of my All Time favourite scenes and it’s so important

In Chapter 20 (page 312), there’s this section: 

“What?” he whispered. “What are you smiling about?”

My fingers brushed against his hair, trying to smooth it down. I realized what I was doing a full minute after Liam had closed his eyes and leaned into my touch. Embarrassment flared up in my chest, but he grabbed my hand before I could pull back and tucked it under his chin.

“Nope,” he whispered, when I tried to tug it away. “Mine now.”

Dangerous. This is dangerous. The warning was fleeting, banished to the back corners of my mind, where it wouldn’t interrupt how good it felt to touch him—how right

“I’m going to need it back eventually,” I said, letting him run it along the stubble on his chin.

“Too bad.”

THIS SCENE means so much to me, let’s reflect on why really quick:

My queen, Ruby Elizabeth Daly, has spent the last six years of her life in the most treacherous conditions, terrified to touch or be touched by anybody. This poor cinnamon roll has lived in fear from the age of ten onward. Here in front of her, she has this beautiful boy with the bluest eyes and the kindest heart, who has been soOoo patient with her since they met. 

This scene, friends and neighbours, is so incredibly important because Ruby is letting herself, for the first time in six damn years, touch not only another person, but someone who she holds so much care for. In her mind, she knows it’s dangerous, but guys!! She’s pushing past the fear and giving into something that she wants for the first time in so freaking long!! This particular moment (to me) is so symbolic of what’s to come for her and Liam because when she reaches out to him, Lee keeps her there with him, letting her know that !!!!! it’s okay to want to go for what you want—that he’s not going to let this fear keep him from being with her or there for her. That he’s not going to leave, even if Ruby pulls away because of what she is afraid of; especially if she’s afraid of what she’s going to do to him without intentions of inflicting pain—especially if she is afraid of herself, because Liam understands Ruby, and will never, never, never leave her to fight her demons alone.

After they have this marvelous little (massive) moment, Ruby Tuesday starts to open up to Puppy Lee about her Orange abilities as he inquires. When she tries to pull away after he asks if she was in his head (because TDM Chapter 20 Ruby chooses flight rather than fight in most situations), Liam holds on tighter, telling Ruby that he isn’t mad (because he knows this about TDM Chapter 20 Ruby). THEN !!! when they’re holding hands, Liam asks if it’s okay—and we all know that if she said no, he would have nodded with a smile and let her hand go, but wouldn’t have left her side. This entire passage is so symbolic of their relationship guys!!!! The patience, the reaching out, the holding on even when things get tough? Not only this, but all of the following Luby Rubiam parts happen because of this one?? This scene means the world to me and I can’t stress it or its importance enough.

BTS Reactions~ Sleeping with JK for the first time:

Jungkook Oneshot | smut

Flopping yourself onto your bed, you sighed at the terrible weather outside. Rain, rain and more rain. Why, on this day of all days? Today was Saturday, Date day, or whatever it’s name really was. It was basically the day where you could drag Jungkook away from his console and get him to go and do whatever you wanted.

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Shoutout to all my mutuals (minus the people I know irl)

because I just installed an extension to chrome that allows me to easily check who I am mutuals with and who I’m not

@ariesdarling - idrk you all that much yet but I love your placements and we should like interact with one another more!

@rising-astrology - we’ve barely talked about you seem like a very nice person, we should talk more!

@transcendicalprosperity - You’ve gave some really nice commentary to posts I’ve made which is very lovely of you because you have such a vast knowledge of astrology! Honestly I just love your blog so much, I am not worthy of you following me!

@mercury7th - We haven’t really interacted with one another much but you seem really kind and we should talk more!

@astrorealm - you’re really kind and I love reading the answers you give to people’s asks!

@wizkhalibra - ok so I like didn’t even realize you were following me until I just checked and my initial reaction was “omg really?!?!” You have no idea how happy I am that we’re mutuals now omg I love ur blog so much 😭  Also your blag aesthetic is 10/10

@shycancer - you always seem to have something to say for every ask you get and that’’s amazing! Also you seem really nice we should talk more :-)

@voguestrology - I love your placements and the name of your blog! Also we should definitely talk sometime, I bet you’re awesome!

@plutty - you’re really cool in personality and such and you reblog such good posts! We should definitely talk more I bet you are extremely awesome!

@ayyries - w-what… I just found out that you are following me… o.m.f.g. I have no words. Thank you for following me I literally love your blog so much you’re so knowledgable and rational and wonderful and pretty and omg I don’t deserve you following me!! Ily and your blog!!

@neptuneandwine - you seem very nice and we should definitely talk more! Also I literally love your url so much :-)

@xocapstrology - I loooove your placements and the aesthetics you make are beautiful! 

@kawaiigemini / @yomeiko - Hey “astrological sister”! You’re so kind and we’re so alike in so many ways (I mean we do have extremely similar birth charts after all.) And I love getting asks from you! :-) It’s too bad that you crush was already in a relationship :-(  You always send such interesting asks and I love that, not to mention that you are soooo pretty!! And you’re super cute in personality!

@twelvehousemoon - You are soooo nice and such an awesome person! You also know sooo much about astrology and I absolutely love reading your posts! I honestly couldn’t be more honored that you follow mean and even talk to me occasionally!

@starllium - You’re probably very nice and we should talk more! 

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@astrollusion - seriously why do people as great as you follow me? I’m like a fucking piece of shit while you’re absolute gold like I literally love your blog sooo much and your so knowledgable and I’ve sent you anons before and you always answer so well just I love your blog and you’re an absolutely awesome and amazing person. Not to mention you’re so pretty!! I am really so honored that you are following me! :-)

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@astrolofae - I love your writing so much like your poetry is easily the best I have ever read! You’re also so kind and know so much about astrology like I literally have your website bookmarked on my computer and I check it every few days or so because I just love your knowledge so. much.  Also I love every color hair I have seen pictures of you with so far like you are just so pretty!!

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@astroshitology - You are so kind and I love getting asks from you! Just keep doing u because you are a great person, okay!

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@compatibleastrology - you’re one of the first blogs I came to love! You’re so kind and sweet and absolutely gorgeous, not to mention that you’re blog is beautiful too!!

@caprifreak - you seem so cool and we should definitely talk more! And you reblog such great posts like omg!

Alright I’m pretty suer that’s it, so sorry if I missed any of my mutuals! have a good day/night!!

Yeaahhh soooo Bernie spent most of his time and energy campaigning for an Atlanta mayoral candidate who came in fifth place, with 10% of the vote. He didn’t go to Virginia. I’m not sure how much you can take away from this fact, but it should factor into any “Bernie is the future” narratives.

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Could You Do A Dating sebastian Would Include?

Oooo I imagine this all the time!

• Cuddling, tons and tons of cuddling. Hours worth!
• Daily morning walks where you stop at Starbucks and then go people watching
• Walks through Central Park
• Pizza, soooo much pizza
• Lots of laughing, his goal every day is to see your smile and hear you laugh
• Talks about space, books and theater
• Hours spent on the sofa reading when he’s not at work
• Weekends away with friends
• Constant touching, he’s always touching you
• Tickle fights, he always wins
• Learning about the Romanian culture and language
• Weekly dinners with his mom when he’s not working
• Supporting him from behind the scenes
• He likes to play with your hair
• He also likes to lay with his head in your lap and you playing with his hair
• He likes to bite playfully
• Whispers in your ear
• He’s the big spoon
• He’s very protective of your privacy

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Aaahhhh please give advice on how you got so good at your art. I'm struggling orz

i’m assuming you’re also the anon who asked about drawing figures before i’m not ignoring you lmao it’s just these kind of questions are honestly really hard for me to answer!!! i’m also still a struggling artist who doesn’t know what i’m doing most of the time!! and still have soooo much i haven’t achieved!!

actually i know how to motivate you youngins

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This got to long for an ask so I’m gonna submit it instead!
For some reason all I can think about is how Jon Kent isn’t on any superhero teams right now, and how he probably is LARGELY jealous of how many siblings Damian has and can’t help but want one… and then he gets kidnapped.

Instead of being rescued by his dad like he expected, he got rescued by the Outlaws(Hood, Bizzaro, and Artemis), and they are very much surprised to see him to because they were after something else. But now Bizzaro has decided he like Jon and is calling him Little Super, so Jason decides to make ‘play dates’ between the two without informing Clark or Bruce.

Jon accidentally joins the Outlaws after he joins in on an outing, but doesn’t do anything illegal (mostly, some things have been stolen, he never kills though and they try not to when his around). Bizzaro is claiming that Jon’s a younger brother, while Jason is kinda like a cousin/older brother who shows him different fighting techniques and promises if he every wants to learn how to shot he’ll show him. Artemis is trying to keep them all alive while also helping Jon with his strength if needed and keeps beating him in arm wrestling.

They all have a silent agreement not to tell any other super, and when asked Jon just says his going to Gotham(not a lie, they meet up there) he just never says who’s he’s with and doesn’t stop people when they think his with Damian. He is in soooo much trouble when everyone finds out.

(This has been in my mind for a while and I needed to tell someone)

@itsdragonfire13 this is so mcfricking cute

(when will my son kon el return from war? give him back and give jon a sibling at the same time, it’s a wonderful deal. @dc…….)

damian’s probably so pissed off about this whole thing, not because jon was using him as an excuse, but because jon has spent all this time hanging out with the outlaws but did he even think about stealing back damian’s red hood toy? no he didn’t. unbelievable. jon’s basically dead to him.

Soooo… This is the home I’ve spent all my “Sim” time working on. When I started I planned on releasing it, but then my CC usage got completely out of hand. If I were to release it, the CC list will be massive, but if enough ppl really want it I’ll do it. Either way, I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! 

((Several more pics under the cut))

Thank you so much to all CC creators, and especially to: Simcredible, @pralinesims Wondymoon, @sims4luxury, @mio-sims, Kardofe, Buffsumm, Ung99, @sssvitlans, Soloriya,  Severinka, @mxfsims, @dreamteamsims, @sims4design, @leo-sims (SO love your work, LOVE the clock), ShinoKCR, Lulu265, Thenumberswoman, xyra33….among many others. 

I’m still learning on creating my own mesh, if I ever get even close to as good as y’all I’ll be thrilled.

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