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James and Lily

When they were 11

He made loud fart noises in the corridor to amuse his friends. 

She rolled her eyes and kept walking.

When they were 12

He would have water fights in the common room.

She scowled as she dodged the enchanted water balloon.

He would shout out answers over her in class.

She ignored him and got top marks anyway.

When they were 13

He and his friends filled the great hall with jelly as a joke.

She shouted when a leftover piece fell on her head the next day.

He charmed balls of paper to fly at her head.

She hexed him.

When they were 14

He batted his eyelashes and got an extension on his homework.

She scolded him for it after.

He set loose the blast ended skrewts.

She spent her lunch helping round them all up.

He started to call her stupid nicknames.

She shot back with stupider insults.

When they were 15

He charmed off a boys hair one day.

She helped the boy figure out how to grow it back.

He harassed her in the corridor with annoying proposals.

She thought she hated him.

He got caught by the Greenhouses smoking with his friend.

She and Remus monitored his detention. She asked Remus why he was so annoying, he said he was more than the arrogant show he put on.

He pulled down Severus’ trousers in front of a crowd of people.

She defended someone who wasn’t a good person.

He followed her around trying to apologise.

She thought maybe Remus was right.

When they were 16

He made his stationary fly around the classroom to amuse people.

She grinned and told him to stop.

He flooded the fourth floor.

She cursed him as she helped get rid of the water.

He gave a bar of chocolate to a crying first year.

She thought maybe he wasn’t all that bad.

He carried his friend’s books when he was feeling ill.

She thought he was actually quite nice.

He helped her with difficult homework.

She smiled and said thank you.

He made conversation as they walked to class together.

She was shocked when she realised she was friends with him.

When they were 17

He wrote to her over the holidays.

She replied.

He threw a big celebration party in the common room.

She had a fun time with her friends dancing and drinking until dawn.

He loved the way she rolled her eyes at him.

She loved the way the combed his fingers through his hair unconsciously.

He went home for the summer realising that maybe she might feel the same way.

She realised she had fallen for someone she thought she hated.

He came back to school as Head Boy.

She came back as Head Girl.

He grew up and took the responsibility seriously.

She felt her chest swell as she watched him grow.

He asked if she wanted to go out. That maybe after all this time…

She realised that the answer had always been yes.

When they were 18

He loved the way her hair fell around her shoulders, the way she smiled when he touched her and they way she would laugh as she kissed him.

She loved the way he slung his arm over her whenever he stood next to her, they way he would grin when he made eye contact and the way the played with her hair as she dozed next to him.

He made the suits of armour tell jokes when someone walked past.

She giggled and realised some things never change.

He started to prepare for a world that was getting darker every day.

She started to prepare for a world that scared her a little.

He ended the school year with a bang, literally. He and his friends threw a farewell party.

She spent the night laughing and crying, promising everyone that it wasn’t really goodbye.

He left school, bought a flat, and began to train to fight a war he was too young to fight in.

She left school, moved into his flat, and began to train for a war she was determined to win.

He loved her and he told her every day.

She loved him and would never let him forget it.

When they were 19

He would come home dirty and bruised.

She would return scratched and messy.

He would heal her wounds and hold her close.

She would mend his cuts and kiss him gently.

He would fight like there was no tomorrow.

She would attack like it was the only defence.

He was frightened.

She was worried.

He found comfort in her.

She found solace in him.

He realised he couldn’t live without her.

She realised he kept her going.

He said ‘marry me’.

She said ‘only if you marry me first’.

He married a girl he had loved since he was 11.

She married a boy she had never hated.

When they were 20

He still had a war to fight in.

She still had to bring justice to her world.

He worried when he heard her throwing up one morning.

She worried when he joked she might be pregnant.

He knew there would be day when he would make an unfunny joke.

She realised today was that day.

He had to shift his world to make room for a baby.

She had to prepare for a world with more people to love in it.

He was as excited as could be.

She was always smiling despite it all.

He wanted to name the baby Harold.

She like Barry.

He decided to compromise.

She agreed on Harry.

He couldn’t stop shaking when they baby was born.

She couldn’t stop cradling her son.

He and his friends stayed up four nights in a row with the baby, just to play with him.

She had her friends over for a weekend, just to coo over him.

He was told his friends couldn’t come any more. But it kept his child safe.

She was heartbroken people could come to visit, but it kept her family whole.

When they were 21

He enjoyed the quiet days with his wife.

She enjoyed the long mornings with her husband.

He enjoyed practising magic with (sometimes on) his son.

She enjoyed pretending not to notice, or outdoing him on a particularly pretty spell.

He was scared, but he loved her and Harry.

She was terrified, but he and Harry mattered more.

He decided to celebrate 1 year old in style.

She baked a truly magnificent cake.

He decorated the house.

She decorated her son. 

He smiled as a small fawn blew out his candles.

She laughed as her husband transformed to match his son.

He loved her more than ever.

She loved him more than she could say.

He carved pumpkins.

She hung fairy lights.

He made puffs of smoke come out the end of his wand.

She heard the door open.

He threw his child in to her arms.

She ran up the stairs.

He looked for his discarded wand.

She barricaded the door.

He dropped like a marionette who’s string were cut.

She refused to step aside.

He was dead.

She fell just like her husband.

They loved Harry.

They died for their son.

but he lived.


Triplett and Scott 1864 Patent carbine

Made by Meriden Manufacturing Company for the Kentucky militia c.1865 - serial number 1239.
.56-50 rimfire Spencer ~7 round tubular magazine - in the stock, unique rotating breech action.

The magazine is located off-center in the stock, and sticks out above the trigger guard as seen in the very last picture above. To cycle the gun, the militiaman would rotate the front part of the gun to the right, up from the breech - clockwise, which ejects the spent round, open up the magazine’s mouth until the breech is in line with it, popping a round in the chamber and allowing the gun to be turned back into place, counter-clockwise.
Although it was not that complicated to use, it was complicated to manufacture and not a whole lot of people were interested.


OKAY SO, after binge-watching all of the main Metal Gear games (and reading a butt-ton of  spoilers) my brain made a connection w/ gravity falls and I can not be stopped. I’m calling this AU, Metal Gear Falls.

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Tabatière Mle 1857/67 rifle

Made by the Manufacture Impériale de Saint-Etienne c.1857 as a rifled musket, and converted c.1867 to be loaded from the breech.
17,5mm brass-and-cardboard centerfire cartridge, single shot breech-loader, the breech block swings open on the side and can be pulled backward on a spring-loaded guide to extract the spent round.

I like how the sights on this thing are like ‘point-blank’ and ‘way the fuck out there’.

  • me: *takes a deep breath*
  • me: i lo-
  • anyone who has spent five seconds round me ever:
  • yes, you love onerepublic, we know, you love onerepublic so much, they're you're light, your match, your burning sun, you love ryan and drew and zach and brent and eddie so much, you just love onerepublic, we KNOW, you love onerepublic and their three albums, you fucking love onerepublic not to be confused with one direction, ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE ONEREPUBLIC. WE GET IT.

This weekend was a great one - besides the weather being extremely nice I simply had a really good time! It started on Friday evening with leaving the office exactly on time and grabbing my birthday coffee from Starbucks (Salted Toffee Macadamia Latte - yummy!) plus lazing a bit in the late evening sun. I took the opportunity to spend the first gift card I got from my Dad (so glad I invested the majority of that one into sunglasses for biking/running - I was really happy to have those for my two bike rides during the weekend). Otherwise I went to bed early since I was due for a group run at 9 a.m. sharp on Saturday morning.

So Saturday morning - sunny but rather on the cold side - was spent with a round on Hamburg’s favorite running course. It was a great run with awesome company. I’m already a bit sad that I won’t be able to join next weekend as I’ll be visiting my Mum, however, there will be many further opportunities during the weeks (and months) to come. The afternoon saw me again in the city since I had forgotten to get covers for my biking shoes. After the cold toes from last week a good investment … Since I knew that I would spend a substantial amount of time on my bike on Sunday, I took my bike out for a very short spin Saturday evening to practice yet a bit more with my click pedals … From bright blue sky it took only 30 min to let the sun sink below the horizon and I was glad that I only took a short spin since I had forgotten the lights for my bike …

Sunday = double training day … A swim in the morning was topped off with the best bike ride so far on my road bike in the afternoon. Despite it being rather on the windy side in some parts and all of us being beginners we managed to cover approximately 40K at a quite decent tempo. Being able to cycle in the group and with more seasoned bikers from the triathlon club to back us up really made the time fly by. Understandably, I was pretty tired and called it an early day. Week 1 of the rookie programme is officially over, on to the next one!


Silver & Fletcher 1886 Patent “the Expert” revolver

Designed by Hugh A. Silver and Walter Fletcher c.1880′s, from a Webley RIC No1 New Model revolver - serial number 84335.
.455/476 Enfield six-round cylinder, double action, Silver and Fletcher hammer safety - it retracts the firing pin, Silver and Fletcher extracting system apparently located on the right side of the frame, in line with the bottom right chamber of the cylinder.

The Silver and Fletcher extracting system could be used in one of two ways, as described by their original American patent pictured below. The first one was to fire with the loading gate fully open, which although not ergonomic allowed spent rounds to be ejected after each shot. The second one was to fire with a closed loading gate, only afterward opening it and squeezing the trigger another six times to eject all spent rounds.
Engaging the system by opening the loading gate lifted the case’s rim out of the cylinder with each pull of the hammer.

// so I was just in a competitive match where after we lost the first round everyone else left on my team but one player so we spent the entire second round chilling with the enemy team because they refused to attack us. We all just sat near the payload and said voice lines to each other

So forever ago in PTR I was playing Mercy when I ran into an enemy McCree who decided he wasn’t going to shoot me. The two of us then spent the entire round sitting and looking at the mountains on Nepal while our teams fought it out on the objective. It was just a very serene moment, ignoring the distant sounds of gunfire, so I figured I’d try to paint it.

Remind me never to paint again.

Meanwhile, somewhere else:


So. My dad decided I need a summer project to keep me busy, and offered to show me how to use bits of pipe and stuff “to make steampunk things”.

And because I’m a nerd, my immediate thought was “COSPLAY”, followed by “STEAMUNK HOLTZ COSPLAY”. So now I have something to do with my life and my bank balance for the next few weeks: design and assemble a steampunk proton pack, plus sidearms. I’ve made a pact with myself that I have to contribute to the project every day, so that I don’t let it slide or lose motivation.

Monday was spent looking round all the hardware shops in town and getting VERY EXCITED, followed by buying one or two pieces to play with just to get used to how they worked (images #1 & #2). I really like the tarnished effect the blowtorch had on the pipe, and I’m now tempted to blowtorch random bits of the ensemble to make them look cooler. Tuesday was spent researching what the gadgets look like and sketching out some designs that resembled the originals while looking about a century and a half older. I also tried to figure out what bits and pieces I could use for everything. (Image #3: the pack itself. Image #4: the proton wand and sidearms. Image #5: the outfit.) Today’s job is going to be trawling every hardware aisle and charity shop in town, trying to get as much stuff I can use for as little as possible. Wish me luck~

anonymous: can you do a smut where luke and y/n are best friends and they’re talking about sex and she accidentally brings up how she thinks something is wrong with her bc she’s never finished and he hELPS HER FINISH (by finish I mean orgasm)

kk i’m not sure if i want luke to fuck me or fight me stay tuned 4 more

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Undefeatable Monsters

In a recent game session, my party ran into a big nasty monster in a tunnel we were exploring.  We’re a group of level 3 characters, and the creature’s first attack one-shot our fighter.  We spent a round trying to figure out how best to attack the thing, but after we all started dropping like flies we threw out some heals and ran off.

At the end of the session, we were all talking about how we needed to take a long rest before trying again, theorizing different strategies for approaching the monster. After looking very confused for a few minutes, the GM said that the point of the encounter was to show us that we can’t overcome every obstacle.

While on the one hand, I can appreciate the GM wanting to communicate that facet of their world to their players, but on the other hand… is this really something common in other roleplaying games?  I understand having obstacles / challenges that can’t be solved through violence, but do other players enjoy having challenges that can’t be overcome at all?

100 Ways to Say “I Love You” No. 49

“Call me when you get home” 

Requested by @ramblingsammy

Dean spent the night round Castiel’s house. They’d settled for watching their favourite movies, a bowl of popcorn on the coffee table, huddled close together, but it was getting on for midnight and Dean had to be at the garage early the next morning, and Cas eventually admitted that he had a paper due the next morning that still needed an evaluation.

Dean shucked on his inherited leather jacket, which was still too big for his nineteen year old self, and pulled on his shoes. He took himself to the door with Cas following him closely.

“Hey,” Cas said, turning Dean round and cupping his face with his hands. Dean smiled at the gesture and quickly glanced behind Cas to make sure none of his housemates were around. Cas brought his attention back to him with a kiss to Dean’s jaw.

“Hey,” Dean replied and kissed him back.

“Call me when you get home.” Cas told him and carried on kissing him.

“Don’t stay up too late.” Dean countered and planted a kiss on Cas’ nose before breaking himself free from his grasp. “I’ll see you soon, Cas, and talk to you in a bit.”

“Bye, Dean.” Cas shout-whispered as Dean got into his car. He saw Dean wave out the open window before he headed down the road.

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We Will Rise

summary: 6.10 spoilery reaction fic
word count: 1,039
warnings: contains spoilers (lol)

“I can’t believe we’re married,” Blaine said, his body spent after another round of sex. Kurt huffed out a laugh as he kissed his husband’s lips once more.

“You better believe it B. I’m not letting you go. We’re in this together forever,” Kurt stated with a tone of finality that Blaine knew he spoke the truth.

“Husbands,” he murmured into Kurt’s neck as his eyes slowly drifted shut and he let the sound of Kurt’s heart lull him to sleep.

Kurt chuckled softly before kissing Blaine’s forehead, “Husbands.”

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