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Character development and growth. Truly thy name is Maryse Lightwood.


—and Alfred is my grandpa, while Babs is like a sister and mentor to me. Going out from there is when things can get tricky. Former Commissioner Gordon is somewhat like a grandpa, though he’s more like a cool uncle I get to hang out with sometimes, and while Ivy and Harley are technically rivals like the Joker they treat me and padre like family, so they’re sort of like my aunts, and—

heith week day 6: colors
strange nature, to feel your tether… we could coexist - x

the fic i wrote (rated mature) 

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Vote For Your Favs (2/15)


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✨ why i love yoonminjoon: the golden ot3 ✨

full disclosure: this is a shipping post about jimincentric yoonminjoon so the points made below will be from that point of view!

+ first of all…yoongi and namjoon are naturally nurturing and love giving jimin praise and attention

+ and they both get so soft when it comes to their boy !!!

+ their main approaches for flirting are a little different 
+ yoongi usually prefers the playful route (although he also doesn’t seem to mind exposing himself from time to time)
+ while namjoon is more straightforward in declaring his love for jimin  
+ basically you get the best of both worlds
+ jimin’s so clingy when it comes to them and they can’t help themselves when it comes to jimin either…it’s adorable 

+ they look amazing standing next to each other 

+ i mean seriously…look at them…

+ contrary to what some people believe, jimin is very close to yoongi and namjoon
+ and because of this, they understand each other on a deeper level
+ the cutest thing is when yoongi and namjoon compete for jimin’s attention

+ or get irritated when jimin appears to have a preference over one of them…usually yoongi

+ i mean…who can forget the infamous tony montana debacle ???
+ but at the end of the day it doesn’t matter b/c yoongi and namjoon care about each other very much 
+ (this little dynamic just makes good material for writing ✨)
+ anyway…i could go on forever about how much i love yoonminjoon
+ the perfect mix of yoonmin sass and minjoon softness
+ the perfect ot3 💖✨