spent a while on this whew

whew! late in posting! spent the day trapped in the house while the plumber repaired the pipes. but at least I got the chance to do a quick drawing of my favorite pairing Prompto and Ignis.  

NSFW click to see image

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Hey can I get soulmate au for Lucio and junkrat(separate) where you don't see color for the first time until you see them please?😄😄


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- The world was grey until you were in your early 20′s 

- That’s when you first managed to get involved in Overwatch; you were recruited as extra defensive support for the team 

- You met Lucio when Soldier: 76 introduced you to the other younger team members; Lucio’s smiling face burst into color and you almost tripped over air 

- By ‘almost’, I meant that you did. You tripped. On air. And fell into Lucio

- While you were apologizing, he laughed and helped you up, smiling the biggest smile you’d ever seen. 

- He was just so glad to finally have you in his life

- When he looked at what he was wearing, he apologized for ‘looking like a green highlighter’ 

- Afterwards, D.Va would tease you two about falling as soon as you met and about how you two were ‘adorable highlighters’ 

- No, you will never live that whole thing down 


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- You hadn’t really put much thought into finding your soulmate

- You figured that you would find them eventually, when you were meant to

- Then you met Jamison Fawkes and boy do you wish you had found him sooner

- You two met when you joined Overwatch as a tank; you had hit it off with Roadhog, so it wasn’t long before Junkrat came calling

- The first thing you noticed was his hair; it was bright and shiny and even with the burnt ends, it looked almost like gold (which you had heard about) 

- He just kind of stared at you for a few moments when he realized he could see color 

- He cheered and immediately swept you into his arms, spinning around and hugging you tightly

- You two spent the rest of the day talking; telling each other about your lives, your favorite and least favorite things, etc. 


Whew sorry that took a while lol. I love these haha! 

- Mod Art

Hot air balloon. Me and you. Calm alternative music. You’re afraid of heights, but not in the moment when i hold your hand. I hug you from behind and we’re watching on this world from clouds. I know you love to dream and i feel like i hear your thoughts. We don’t need words to understand each other. It’s not cold together. We just flew to the place whew our love lives. Awesome, right, babe? 

So, I’m seeing Nalu shippers still fretting about what’s going on in the manga right now.

They’re anxious because a) Natsu is still with Lisanna or (mostly) b) because Natsu is NOT with Lucy.

Re: a) Honestly, the more chapters that have gone by, the less it looks like Mashima is doing anything much with Natsu and Lisanna’s relationship, besides trolling. (*grin*) Natsu is totally focused on busting out. Lisanna alternates between worry over her siblings and situation & berating Natsu for even vaguely glancing in her direction.

Lisanna’s character has always been strongly tied to her relationship with Elfman and Mirajane (besides that one omake about Happy hatching). She’s always prioritized her siblings over everyone else, to the point where she didn’t reveal herself to Natsu in Edolas to spare the feelings of Edo-Elfman and Edo-Mira. Even when she returned to Earthland, you can see the difference in her reunions with Natsu and her siblings. The latter packs a much stronger emotional punch.

At Tenrou, after a short time partnering with Juvia, Lisanna is back with Mira in base camp. When it’s time to go attack Hades, she readily volunteers to stay with her wounded siblings. In the holding hands scene at the end of the arc, she’s between Juvia, her exam partner, and her sister Mira.

After their return from Tenrou, Lisanna joins her siblings in the mountains for training. At the Grand Magic Games, she mostly shows up in panels that have to do with her siblings–looking on anxiously during the Bacchus-Elfman fight, or in the infirmary with Elfman, or standing next to Mira.

And now this. First, she’s paired with Elfman and sent to protect an ex-councilor. Elfman sells his soul to Sayla to save her. Now, she’s at the Tartarus HQ where Mirajane is being turned into a demon. I’m pretty sure that Lisanna’s relevance here has something to do with Mirajane’s situation. Perhaps her role is to bring demon Mira back to sanity, like she tried to do with Elfman before her supposed death. Perhaps seeing Lisanna in danger will cause Mira to bust out of her tube in rage.

There are sound reasons based on plot and existing relationships to have Lisanna in Tartarus right now. Creating some kind of love triangle would be at the bottom of the list–even if it is there at all.

Now on to point b). (Whew.) Why isn’t Lucy at Tartarus yet?

Well, one of the great things about Lucy and Natsu’s relationship is that they are not joined at the hip. While their bond is arguably one of the strongest in FT, they do have relationships with other people. In Edolas, for instance, Natsu and Wendy spent a lot of time together. At Tenrou, Lucy’s relationship with Cana was emphasized.

In pretty much all arcs since the beginning, Lucy and Natsu have separated to take care of their own business. They were barely together during Fantasia or the Tower of Heaven. In the Tenrou arc, it took over twenty chapters before they had a real Nalu moment (the fight with Kain). Even during Eclipse, they separated a lot: while fighting the Hungry Wolves executioners, or after f!Rogue killed f!Lucy, or when Natsu had his brilliant idea of eating Atlas Flame’s fire.

In short: what’s happening now is consistent with what Mashima’s done in the past with each of these characters. He’s well aware of how popular the Natsu-Lucy relationship is, because he’s the one who’s been developing it all this time. We can trust him to take care of it.

(Plus, he’s really good about giving us extra-manga Nalu goodies–like the snowball fight picture he tweeted or the magazine cover with Lucy’s hands on Natsu’s shoulders–oh, those shoulder touches and casually-draped arms kill me sometimes.)

Whew! I just spent all day upgrading my Navigation page to include a link to a page of Ship Tags and I upgraded those ship tags to include every possible combination of characters including platonic pairings with Steven and excluding Yellow Diamond because honestly I’m just not emotionally prepared to embrace the idea of shipping her with anyone yet.

So, that’s an accomplishment in itself. But wait, there’s more! While I was going through each of the almost 800 posts on this blog, I started a running list of a few of my personal favorite text conversations that never made the cut for the “5k notes and above” page, just for fun. Check ‘em out below if you want!

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whew finally drew something legit on my tablet! it’s been a while since i spent over a month on that animation (i procrastinated a ton tho)

i really like this but my judgment might be skewed since i finished at four in the morning