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A very interesting comment has appeared on GG's latest insta post. The account name is Spray3662 (looks like it was made only to leave this comment) that says "Grant bro. Andrea is using you. She told her friend Spencer that she was. You don't know me, but stay clear. Sorry dude." Interesting on a few accounts. Very few people know LAT's real name is Andrea. Second I pondered the name 'Spencer' till I realized they must be referring to Spensie who is Lat's close friend that GG also follows 1/2

Anonymous said:The fact this person used the name “Spencer” which probably only people close to Spensie would know. Also the comment itself doesn’t seem to be from a crazed IRL shipper who hates LAT. The language and tone of the comment seems to be from someone who is genuinely concerned for GG. Take a look for yourself…but I thought it was very weird 2/2

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Um…I’m gonna have to do some investigating first, but this is…wow…

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I think that person is trolling. If you checked LAT's Ig you'd know that one of her closest friends is called "Spensie", which is short for Spencer. With this not so secret info anyone can come up with a story. Anyone could infer that LAT MAY be using GG for attention given her sm behavior, which is questionable. Plus, that anon said that GG deleted the comment and blocked the person. How would they know that? Can someone keep commenting on Ig pics even after catching the block?

Here’s what happened: around 10/11PM (eastern) a comment appeared on his IG (I know this from talking to people who saw the first comment). The original comment used their actual names. Then hours later when I got on tumblr around 1:30 AM, I found a message in my inbox catching me up on what happened. So trying to investigate, I didn’t find anything. Some anon then replied to me and told me where I “should” find the comment…it’s not there. So I replied to the anon. Minutes later another account appeared with the same name but different numbers. I think this new account is definitely a troll. The names, the wording and the explanation seemed to be pulled from the first anon I got who theorized about the first comment. In other words it’s possible: one account is a troll and one is legit, OR they’re both legit (same person) OR they’re BOTH trolls/the same troll! At the end of the day, take any information with a grain of salt. I usually just “file it away” for future reference lol.