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Even though I'm not ok with Silver telling Madi Flint's secrets, it actually makes her support of Flint even stronger. She knows everything, she knows his motives. And she didn't immediately jump on pity train either. She still mistrusted him at the start of s4. It's only after they had to spend more time together and actually talk and listen to each other that everything fell into place for both of them. She's not fooled or delusional about his reasons for war. She knows and embraces them.

*Madi knows Flint’s motives anon* What I’m trying to say is… Some people were saying that Madi trusts Flint only because she doesn’t know his motives are selfish. Nope. She knows. And his war and her war are equal in her eyes. Isn’t that beautiful? “Flint’s war, my war”. And it’s not because of pity. It’s recognition and understanding. I love it. Why is BS so good at creating unconventional relationships? It’s their forte.


After I thought about this some more I realized it makes perfect sense that Madi knew. I don’t think she would ever trust someone, especially not a white man and a pirate, if she didn’t know his motives and agreed with them. She must have learned that Flint is essentially fighting this war for lost love (or for family, depending what version of the story Silver told her, but either way it works), meaning she was able to sympathise with him because she too fights for something similar, though on a much bigger scale.

She understood why Silver trusted him, but she couldn’t support him yet because Silver’s word and Flint’s motives alone weren’t enough. She needed to see it for herself. How deeply Flint is tied to it all, how far he’s willing to go for it, just how much it all means to him. Because if she was to give all of herself to this war she needed him to be 100% committed, as well, in order to make the alliance work. Once she got to know him, once she saw the strength of his commitment, that’s when she let him in. That’s also when she became even more aware of him. 

I love the idea of Madi reading Flint as easily as Miranda once did. Noticing the little cracks in his armor and peeking through, catching glimpses of the gentle man behind it. She is far more perceptive than Silver is, far more tuned into other people’s emotional state, so I can’t imagine she missed Flint’s soft and loving nature once she learned where to look. Remember early on she caught him kneeling on the floor, holding a broken teacup in his hand, lost in his thoughts… who does that?! When he stood by her even though she blatantly mistrusted him, sided with her against his allies in support of her people.. When she quoted Don Quixote to him and momentarily broke him.. All the times he showed her nothing but utter respect and praise… It’s little moments like that that make their relationship so interesting and sweet. Those moments make me believe they connected on a deep, emotional level. Not to mention on a nerd level. 

And what’s more important, after giving him her trust and respect, she remained her rational self. She’s not fooled or bewitched by him, she’s not blindly following, and that’s what Billy and Silver got wrong about her. She’s perhaps the strongest of them all and one with her vision clear and intact.

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For Solavellan: who kisses the other awake and who asks who if they can join them in the shower please :)

Thank you for the ask anon!

Usually Lavellan kisses Solas awake.  Little kisses pressed to his brow, eye lids, tip of the nose, each cheek, his ears, along his jaw, and then his neck.  At which point he stirs and she moves to his mouth.  

Sometimes though, after they are back at Skyhold after particularly trying missions Solas will wake first.  He uses these moments to explore her with fingers and eyes.  A slow memorization of her that he can hold with him.  When he is satisfied he allows his mouth to trace along her skin till she awakens, then they spend time in bed taking of each other until the sun is high.  The advisors and other companions pretend not to know exactly why the Inquisitor does not make an appearance till lunch on those days, allowing the lovers their stolen moments.

For the shower it is Lavellan, but she doesn’t ask.  Instead she will watch him, admire his form and the way the water runs along his skin.  Intent in her admiration until his ears turn pink from the attention.  In the end he pulls her in with him without her having to say a word.

All politics is rich people screwing poor people. Poor people are too stupid to know they’re just chess pieces in a game. All the poor white people, all the poor black people, all the Hispanics, they’re in the same boat. They’ve got no economic opportunities. They spend all their time blaming each other because rich people throw words at them like illegal immigration and racism and things like that. If poor people ever get smart, and realize: ‘We should band together, rise up, instead of fighting each other,’ we probably can make a difference.

Charles Barkley

We will never ever end racism until we organize through free matkets to end class and monopoly politics.

Humans are adorable.

Supporting evidence:

1. Humans say ‘ow’, even if they haven’t actually been hurt. It’s just a thing they say when they think they might have been hurt, but aren’t sure yet.

2. Humans collect shiny things and decorate their bodies and nests with them. The shinier the better, although each individual has a unique taste for style and colouring

3. Humans are not an aquatic or even amphibious species, but they flock to bodies of water simply to play in it. They can’t even hold their breath all that long; they just love to splash!

4. When night falls and the sky goes dark, humans become drowsy and begin to cocoon themselves in soft, fluffy bedding.

5. Some humans spend time in each other’s nests! Just for fun! It’s not their nest; they’re just visiting each other.

6. Some humans use pigments and dyes to make their bodies flashy and colourful! They even attach shiny dangly bits to their cartalidgous membranes!

7. Humans are very clever, and sometimes adopt creatures from other species into their family units. They don’t seem to notice the obvious differences, and often raise them alongside their own young!

8. If a human sees another creature in distress, they can commonly be observed trying to help! Even at their own risk, most humans are deeply compassionate creatures!

9. If a human hears a particularity catchy sound or tune, it will often mimic it, even to the point of annoying themselves!

10. Sneezes are entirely involuntary, and completely adorable. Especially when the human in question becomes frustrated

11. Humans love treats!!! Some more than others. Many humans will save these treats specifically for a later date when they are in need of comfort or reassurance. IE, pickles, pop tarts, Popsicles, etc

12. They’re learning to travel in space!!! They can’t get very far, but they’re trying!!! So far, they’ve made it to the end of their yard, and have found rocks

“People who see us from the outside think that our greatest struggle is the disability. It’s not. Our greatest struggle is that we’d fallen out of love with each other. I lost a lot of my independence when Tatiana was born. I fell into a depression. He was working a lot. We grew distant. I didn’t think I could ever love him again. Two years ago I prayed one night, and said: ‘God, you’ve done so much. Please grant me one more miracle and make me love him again.’ The first change came from me. He’s always been the easygoing one, so I had to change first. I started trusting more. I tried to be more forgiving and understanding. I started to cook for him and organize things around the house. And he started spending more time at home. We started enjoying each other’s company. We talked about things other than diseases. And we started going out together– just like this. It was like I suddenly met a friend, who became my best friend, who became my love. And our life started over again.”

(São Paulo, Brazil)

The Secrets to a Better Relationship

1. Make sure you spend time alone together.

2. Appreciate each other, and express your gratitude. Don’t take them for granted – or you may regret it later!

3. Major on communicating openly and honestly (share and talk about everything).

4. Don’t let offenses and irritations become huge resentments – which build a wall between you.

5. Get a handle on your jealousy. Be open and confront it in a real and honest way.

6. Allow your partner to be a flawed human being. Don’t expect them to be perfect, or to please you all the time.

7. Show affection, and demonstrate you care.

8. Let go of your need to be seen as being right; and don’t be stubborn or demand your own way.

Things that could totally happen next season:

-Yuri moving in with Victor
-Victor watching Yuri compete in the Japanese Nationals and Four Continents
-Yuri watching Victor compete in the Russian Nationals and European Championships
-Victor and Yuri both kissing theirs rings every time one of them performs
-Yuri and Yurio spending time together! Bonding!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Yuri winning gold
-Yuri and Victor getting married
-the reception taking place at a skating rink so their first dance can be on the ice
-my death


“we don’t have anything we don’t know about each other. But I want to spend more time with you while being close to you, like how we are now, and for us to learn more about each other.” Hyungwon to Minhyuk | cr: catwalk

like you go out to breakfast with your girl and spend the whole time cracking each other up and you get bubble wands and a cheap kite and go to the marina cause it’s a weirdly warm day and you run around like little kids laughing and blowing bubbles and failing miserably at flying a kite and who cares and you go to the farmer’s market and plan all your meals to cook together for the week and she’s standing in the kitchen that’s finally an ours because you finally share a home together and she’s just breaking up kale to make kale chips and you can’t stop glowing looking at her because she’s the most beautiful fucking incredible woman on earth and you both know it’s forever when you look at each other like that’s my wife i found her

i think they’d grow really close if they ever got the free time to spend with each other and they’d be the type of friends to just chill whenever they got a day off

i didn’t originally draw this as ship art, but am tagging it regardless and you’re free to tag it as ship art as well; i just want you to be happy, bud

this is technically a wip, but i don’t know if i have it in me to finish it, so i’ll just leave this here and say happy valentines. hope you all spend it with your so, friends, family, or by yourself, if that’s what you’re about rn! 



creating a pj party

We were thinking. (Okay, I gotta stop there, in all honesty. We weren’t really “thinking” so much as laughing hysterically and making preposterous demands on fate and the universe in general.) We are so grateful for everything we have. Beyond grateful. We are overwhelmed and joyous and rapturous and gleeful.

We’re not done. Now we want to share it.

This community is an unbelievable source of fun and love for us and we want that to spread. We want people we enjoy to enjoy each other. We want the time we spend together to be more decadent and less rushed. There’s an amazing spirit that has grown and now screams for two things to make it perfect: pizza and pajamas.

Sometimes, when you demand something of the universe, it responds with a resounding, “YES!”

Starting in 2017, Briana Buckmaster and Kim Rhodes will be hosting a Thursday Night Pajama Party for the Creation Entertainment shows they attend, full of the things they love best. Nail polish, pillows, and possibly a panty raid. We will have three hours together to relax and be girls, even if we don’t all identify as girls.

Picking A Human

Alien Crewmate: Human Sonia, you are leaking from your vision orifices. I am told this is a sign that you are sad. What is wrong?

Sonia: I… nothing just… it’s Valentine’s day and I’m single again. I swear I’ll end up single FOREVER at this rate.

AC: Are… Are you *supposed* to engage in mitosis? I thought humans were mammals?

Sonia: *sad laugh* Yeah we are. That’s the problem. I can’t seem to get a date.

AC: What is a date?

Sonia: It’s when two humans who are attracted to each other go so activities and spend time together to assess their mutual compatibility. And if they’re compatible, they continur their romantic relationship and then they’re called a “couple”. And a person who isn’t dating anyone - like me - is single. =’(

AC: I am confused… why do you want to be a couple? What’s wrong with being single.

Sonia: Nothing’s wrong with being single. But being part of a couple is *nice*. You’re in love and you have someone to spend your life with.

AC: So you’re telling me that… humans look at someone. And think they are attractive even though they don’t know this person. And then they do activities to confirm that this person is attractive. And then they… just stay with this person until they die. This ONE person amongst billions of humans is the one a human picks for an entire lifetime.

And you are sad because you do not have not yet picked this special human to keep. Even though you have a very large collection of humans on this ship and on Earth and on Spacebook that you also keep around and haven’t picked for some reason.

Sonia: It’s more complicatrd than that!

AC: … Sounds fake but okay.

dating draco but being in different houses would include...
  • him thinking you look cute in your house colours
  • “give us a twirl, babe?”
  • “what? why?”
  • “you just always look so good in y/h/c.”
  • him giving you gifts in your house colours
  • him talking about your house more than you
  • your favourite colour is green because of him
  • and his favourite is y/h/c because of you
  • him secretly being ok with you not being in slytherin because he thinks you’re too sweet and kind-hearted
  • but he also really likes the idea of you in a slytherin uniform
  • you always sitting with him at the slytherin table for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • and holding hands under the table
  • and snape being ok with it
  • but everyone who isn’t friends with you and draco doesn’t like it
  • you being such a proud y/h, and draco loves that about you
  • him sneaking into your common room in the middle of the night to cuddle with you and make up for the time you didn’t get to spend with each other earlier in the day
  • and this happens every night
  • having a secret knock so you know it’s him
  • holding his face and kissing him at the door every time he comes in
  • “i like it here, it’s a lot nicer than our common room.”
  • “why’s that?”
  • “…you’re in it.”
  • and draco insisting that you never try and sneak into the slytherin common room because he’d rather him get caught than you
  • you both secretly wishing you were in the same house so you could be in the same common room without having to sneak around
  • snape knows but doesn’t say anything because he secretly thinks it’s really sweet
  • but one time he gets caught by mcgonagall and you spend all night waiting for him to show up
  • and he feels super super bad about it but you assure him that it’s completely fine and understandable
  • some of the slytherin girls that like draco use your house to make fun of you out of jealousy
  • but draco shows them and you that it doesn’t matter what house you’re in because he loves you no matter what
  • “y/n, babe, you know it literally means nothing to me as to what house you’re in. i love you so much, please stop worrying about it.”
  • and he knowingly kisses you in front of all the jealous girls
  • and none of the boys who like you in your house even think to look at draco because they’re scared of him
  • thinking about him whenever you see something with colours similar to slytherin
  • you sometimes wearing his slytherin robes because you know he likes it
  • and you like it too
  • “i mean, it’s a little big on me, but i think it looks good. what do you think?”
  • “are you wearing my robe… and tie?”
  • “sorry, you want me to take them off…?”
  • “for merlin’s sake, no.”
  • him cheering you and your house on for quidditch matches
  • and you doing the same for him and slytherin
  • both of you getting disapproving looks from your house mates when you do it
  • but you don’t care
  • as he’s the slytherin prince, you’re known as the y/h princess
  • both being the best of friends since first year even though most people didn’t like it
  • when you first started going out everyone thought it wouldn’t last, the main reason being you’re in different houses
  • but you’ve been together so long it actually made other students more confident to be in relationships with people from other houses
  • “dray, see that cute hufflepuff-slytherin couple holding hands over there? they came up to me earlier and wanted to thank us for giving them the confidence to tell their friends they’re together. isn’t that lovely?”
  • “not as lovely as you.”
  • him remembering how happy you were when you were sorted into your house
  • both of you finding it silly that eveyone makes such a big deal out of it
  • but it makes a good joke from time to time
  • the other two houses that have nothing to do with either of you are sick of hearing about you
  • all of draco’s friends thinking you’re really chill
  • and, as well as him, they don’t care that you’re in y/h
  • you prefering his slytherin friends to your few y/h friends
  • blaise teasing draco by saying you’re a ‘slytherin at heart’
  • but you don’t mind it because you have a secret love and fascination with the house
  • but blaise goes on to ask draco ‘what’s it like to f**k a y/h’
  • “it’s… just… shut up, blaise.”
  • you secretly wanting him to answer
  • “no, draco, what’s it like?”
  • you wearing his green scarf in public
  • mainly because he wanted everyone to know you were together
  • you feeling bad for him because of the slytherin stereotype, because he seems really mean and spiteful to everyone else, but to you he’s the sweetest, loveliest and most generous person ever
  • you always reassuring him that being in slytherin is a good thing
  • because it is
  • being the only person in your friendship group who’s not in slytherin
  • you joking around and using his house traits to flirt with him
  • “quite the bad boy, aren’t you, malfoy?
  • “you certainly know what you want, don’t you, draco?
  • “going to show your ambition and kiss me, or what?
  • “you slick, cunning, little flirt, draco malfoy.”
  • playing on it even more
  • “100 points to slytherin for draco malfoy being the cutest boyfriend ever.”
  • “10 points to y/h for trying, y/n.”
  • “50 points from slytherin for that remark.”
  • and when he kisses you
  • “1000 points to slytherin…”

i’m honestly considering making a “Why Janstar is endgame and Starco isn’t” theorypost but I don’t really know how to articulate that in detail yet. Basically it rests on five points: 

 1. Janna blatantly has a crush on Star. (There’s a ton of hints)

 2. Star’s hinted at being Bi, which is mostly going to manifest itself in some way or another. 

 3. Star has shown to have better chemistry with Janna than she does with Marco, giving her a cute nickname (“Janna Banana”) and to the point where, towards the end of Season 2a, Star shares more screen time with Janna than she does with Marco. 

 4. All the existing foreshadowing that Starco is doomed (“It’d be weird to date your roommate” “Starco is completely platonic”, the entirety of BBtBC) 

 5. Korrasami Parrallels (Main character builds up a relationship with another female character and they fit together well and spend most of their time around each other. There’s occasional teases towards the “obvious” ship with the male lead, despite the show demonstrating that a relationship between the two would not work.)

Ok, but imagine

Your OTP are famous for whatever reason, and they’ve heard of each other, but never met. They both go on ‘I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!’ and end up spending a bunch of time with each other. The audience ships them and keeps voting for them to do trails together. They eventually become the camp couple.


just a really short comic of Ariel getting her legs from Ursula but to be with Moana. I can see her doing it just so they can easily be together instead of persuading Moana to be a mermaid with her because she would dislike separating Moana and her people since she cares about them and is the only future chief (Ariel is pretty important back at her home too but she has like dozens of sisters to where she feel as if they can take her place). With Moana finding out about this and Ariel loosing her voice, she’s worried of the consequences this might bring. An angry powerful sea god who would want his daughter back putting her people in danger, and her people reacting negatively to an odd outsider. I can see the two work things out, and despite what consequences they might face, they’ll still spend fun times with each other.