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B and Ryan being in love with each other but bc neither ever does anything about it B decides to get married to this guy who’s like always objectifying him and like being rude to Ryan bc he knows about his thing for Brendon so on the day of the wedding Ryan decides to do something about it??

This vaguely reminds me of that movie with Patrick Dempsey where he’s his best friend’s maid of honor (it’s called that I think like Made of Honor or something)

Anywho, Ryan and Brendon are like, best friends in the whole wide world and they do basically everything together and spend half the time at each other’s apartments and like have toothbrushes at each other’s places and shit like they’re basically married, and they both are super in love w/ each other but they don’t wanna risk ruining their friendship or some bullshit like that, so they just watch each other date guys and deal with the gnawing jealousy that eats away at them and eventually Brendon starts dating this total asshole who hates Ryan bc he may be a dick, but he’s not an idiot and he knows Ryan’s in love w/ Brendon and he knows Brendon is back so he spends a lot of time trying to like tear Brendon down so he’ll feel the need to stay with the asshole guy and like is always shit-talking Ryan to Brendon and eventually Brendon and this guy get engaged and Ryan really wants to say something but he’s too scared hes’ already lost Brendon. But when he sees Brendon on his wedding day looking equally terrified and beautiful he knows he can’t let this happen, so he (being the dramatic bitch that he is) pulls an “I object!!!!” and Brendon’s like “Ryan wtf” and Ryan’s like “Don’t do this I love you” and Brendon’s kind of angry and indignant like “You chose now to tell me this?” and Brendon’s fiance is like “Fuck him, let’s just get married” but Brendon kind of snaps and goes off on his asshole fiance and yells at him and is like “You never treated me right, we are over!” and punches him in the face and runs away with Ryan in the wedding car (though he does give Ryan a piece of his mind as well, between kisses) and they get together and move into an apartment and have dogs and cats and eventually get married

Hey @taylorswift!

I want you to meet my best friends! We met on Instagram and have been the closest group of friends ever since. None of us ever thought we would find this kind of friendship through our love for you, but we did. We’ve spent countless nights and days on skype and are almost as obsessed with each other as we are with you. On February 3rd & 4th, we are finally meeting for the very first time in London! We’re travelling from different countries to see each other and spend time together. We plan on dancing till the early hours to some great music (obviously practicing for tour). You’ll definitely find us on the Millennium bridge doing the routine to End Game at some point. Afterwards we’ll probably just chill, eat pizza, and watch all reruns of Friends. We spent about three hours writing this note, but what we basically want to say is: bring a bottle of rosé and drop everything now (but don’t drop the bottle).

Yasmine (tswiftcandle) Danny (dannytswift) Ryan (swiftieryan) Jana (swifties.wonderland) Holly (spoonfulofswift) @taylornation

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how do you fall out of love with someone?

You fall out of love with someone slowly, much more slowly than you fell in love with them. Falling out of love comes in stages.

You feel every emotion in one; heartbreak, rejection, confusion, nostalgia, wistfulness, anguish. You feel broken. You will want to hang on to something, even thought deep down you know that there is nothing left to hold on to.  You overthink for a while, and then you finally accept that you weren’t right for each other.

You spend some time apart, and you begin to see the light again. You start to stop thinking about them constantly, and the echo of their haunting voice in your mind dissipates. Their eyes, their smile, you start to forget them. But a part of them is still with you.

You learn how to live life without them again. You start to remember who you were before them, and you will accept that you have changed after them. You will see that you are a new person. You will pick up the pieces that were left broken on the floor. You will mend yourself.

You will realise that you’re perfectly fine on your own, and you are happy. You will be whole again. You will realise that you are all you need.

I hope you’re doing okay, love.

I honestly think it would be sexy to live in 1914 Ireland and ur parents are like “get married or join the nunnery” so u become a nun bc ur gay and now ur surrounded by all other women who joined the nunnery instead of getting married and at least one of the other ones are gay so you get together and you spend ur time doing charity, praying to Jesus and scissoring each other. Just a sexy fantasy. The other one is joing the hot dykes of the Easter uprising and killing a British soldier together and then having passionate murder sex.

romantic student things
  • meeting up in the library in the morning and idly chattering while planning the day
  • sitting together in silence while working but still touching elbows or knees and feeling the comfort of each other’s presence
  • comparing schedules to see when you can spend time together
  • helping each other understand an academic concept and then smiling and giggling because wow your s/o is so cute and smart and you are so proud of them
  • drinking way too much coffee and/or tea together
  • planning a date and then saying, “screw it, we are tired and i’d rather watch a movie and cuddle at your dorm”
  • being frustrated when life is busy but ecstatic once you get to spend time with them
  • chilling at campus cafes in between classes
  • finding time to spend even 20 minutes with each other because you miss them and want to catch up
  • feeling proud of them when they do well on a test
  • comforting them when they do poorly on a test
  • whining about school, then making out and feeling better
  • Sanvers fandom post 2x06: slow burn time!
  • Sanvers fandom post 2x22: we were so naive

What I liked about Thor: Ragnarok was that it highlighted the fact that Thor and Loki were raised together and spent a significant portion of their lives spending time together. They know each other much better than anyone else, and it’s fairly easy for the both of them to fall back into that routine despite the major events that have divided them.

All previous films emphasized this division between Thor and Loki. Of course, we got these brotherly moments but nothing that really captured the magnitude of their relationship. So, there’s a lot of… “this seems weird” or “out of character” going around re: the dialogue between Thor and Loki, but it actually felt very organic to me given what we know about their childhood. 

It makes sense that it is so easy for Thor and Loki to team up again. Thor, because it’s the right thing to do. Loki, because it’s in his own best interest. As bitter and angry they can be at one another, there’s this sentimentality that they have for one another that cannot be broken. It’s what drives Thor to continually try to save Loki. It’s what keeps Loki from killing Thor or leaving him for dead.

…and it’s sad because Thor does wish he can trust Loki. Thor did think the world of Loki, and I’m sure he still does because he knows that Loki can be more than what Loki shows himself to be to others. Thor has literally seen it before, and they can act like going their separate ways is what is best but neither one of them really wants that to happen. 

Joking together. Petty arguing. Fighting side by side. Creating distractions. etc. It’s all pretty natural because they’ve been doing this for so damn long. They did this kind of thing when they were boys. I cannot overstate that they know each other so well. This was demonstrated well in Ragnarok unlike the others which made Loki seem like the maligned little brother Thor didn’t understand.

Like a Book

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Prompt: The reader and Bucky return to tower after a messy mission, they need to release some pent up aggression. 

Word Count: 3,701ish (I regret nothing) 

Warnings: 18+ ONLY, Slight angst, little fluff (If you squint), Swearing, Grinding, Hair pulling, biting, dirty talk, Unprotected sex (Yall better wrap it in real life, this is fiction) NSFW gif (Only two, I did not want to overdo it.) 

A/N: All these new photo-shoot pics and endless videos Sebastian has been providing lately has me soo fucked up in all the right and wrong places. I tried to think of a plot but nah, fuck it. This is my first full on plot-less smut so if it is bad my apologies. This is the absolute dirtiest piece I have ever written and I am SO NERVOUS If you are under 18, don’t read, if you are over 18, I really hope you enjoy. To be tagged and for future tags let me know! My ask box is alive and Requests are open. Feedback is appreciated! 

There were not many things that surprised you anymore. Being an Avenger, along with being friends with every single member of the team had you expectant and knowing on everything about them and vice versa. Of course, that was expected in order to be the best team you could be on the battlefield, the other details were learned just from spending so much time with each other. You each read each other like a book. All of your strengths and weaknesses, your best combat moves, what you liked on your toast, you all were closer than even the best of friends, and you would not change it for the world.  

Being as close as you were to everyone, you can imagine your surprise when you found out that your boyfriend Bucky Barnes was a raging sex machine. You should have expected it to be honest, you loved studying psychology as a side hobby, and according to many respected professors the silent types were always the ones that were the most extroverted in intimate physical and emotional situations. Bucky was the most introverted out of everyone. He loved long silent walks on the beach, spent a good few hours each night working out in an empty gym, and he always tied to stay close to the corners of the room during Tony’s extravagant parties. Maybe it was because he looked so innocent and so fragile, that it was hard at first to come to terms with knowing the blue-eyed soldier got off on hair pulling, public sex and talk so dirty even repenting would not cleanse your tainted souls.

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Rey and Finn share a kiss at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve. I imagine that they are both 60s-era creatives who are invited to a swanky party at a New York townhouse and they gravitate toward each other spending the whole time talking about their art (Rey is a sculptor and Finn gets commissions for large-scale murals). Done on commission by the wonderful @persehpone.

@finnreyfridays and parties.

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do you have any hcs about how andrew and neil come out and how does the public react and stuff??

Do I ever!!! Okay, so this is probably gonna be a shortened version of my idea that I have thought about way too often, way too much. But maybe I’ll get super out of hand with it. Who knows?

  • Kevin Day is getting bad publicity and the media is dragging him for something
  • (Maybe a drunken incident and his drinking problem? Idk exactly… This isn’t really the important part, it’s just set-up)
  • So, anyways, exy’s golden boy is getting a lot of negative media attention
  • Neil feels bad and wants to help shift some of the focus off of Kevin
  • Especially after Kevin told Wymack he was his father for Neil when Neil needed attention shifted off of him
  • Neil talks about this with Andrew, trying to figure out what he’s gonna do to distract from Kevin as much as possible
  • He’s not at all expecting Andrew to make suggestions or want to get involved
  • He’s just thinking out loud and maybe seeing if Andrew wants to shoot down any ideas as the worst that he should definitely not do
  • But Andrew likes being needed by the monsters and Kevin is his baby bird to look after
  • And he doesn’t really give a shit if people know he’s with Neil
  • Like his life isn’t their fucking business, but he can handle people knowing and it’s not like it’d be the worst thing the media’s broadcast about him
  • So, he pitches the idea as casually as if he were suggesting they order pizza later

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Hello @taylorswift this is me and my boyfriend Guerino, do you know how we met? 
We started to talk on Facebook because we were both your fans, at the beginning was just a friendship…but then we started talking everyday and then I decided to move from Italy to the United Kingdom just to be with him, because I already knew that he would be the one.
Now it’s one year that we live together, we spend our time loving each other, listening to your music and eating the delicious dishes that he makes for me.
I’m living a dream just because you decided to make music, thank you because you made my life perfect and you have brought an angel into my life.
In the second picture it’s you and him, he met you a few years before I decided to move to London, unfortunately I don’t have my picture with you, but maybe one day you will let me thank you personally for all the incredible things that you gave to me.
Forever yours, Federica.

richie and eddie aren’t just “haha dick joke” and “shut the fuck up richie”. they’re late night phone calls when eddie is homebound after the neibolt house, they’re taking showers together just to spend more time closer to each other, they’re watching the sunrise after a hard night and falling asleep with their legs sprawled out all over the place. they’re date nights paid for by weeks of hard work around the house, they’re late night car rides around the town just to see each other, they’re kissing at the worst and best moments, they’re holding hands everywhere and wearing each other’s clothes on the daily. they’re trusting each other with their lives and communicating when something makes one of them uncomfrotable rather than keeping it inside.