spending time with each other

sherlock and john spend a ridiculous amount of time whispering into each other’s necks and ears everywhere they go in private and in public and everyone thinks they’re whispering dirty things or sweet nothings and sometimes they are but sometimes they’re literally just whispering to remind the other to pick up milk and tooth paste on the way home or asking what the other wants for dinner


Working with Jamie again was relaxing. Because there were so many intimate scenes we had to make a special kind of atmosphere so that we could protect ourselves in a way. It helped us a lot that we became good friends in the meantime. We were lucky because if it was different the filming would have been a real nightmare. This time we were filming for six months and Christian and Ana were in most of the scenes. That was a lot of time that we had to spend together and we were each other’s biggest support in every moment.

- Dakota Johnson

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Hi lovelie, I'd ship you with Newt because the two of you could spend a lot of time together in the library reading/studying and being comfortable in each others company, just happy to spend some time together. Just imagine bringing a cat to Hogwarts and him being so adorable with it and showing you all the "beasts" he discovered on the Hogwarts grounds. Also he would always reassure you that you are the most gorgeous person in the world and that he loves you no matter what you look like (1/2)

“Uhm about me, I’m a girl, straight, I’m in Gryffindor, I love to read and dance. I’d love to go to Hogsmeade at every opportunity and I’d be at every Quidditch match cheering in the crowd. I love summer and the sea. My fave is Newt Scamander. I’d prefer a sexy kiss if you don’t mind ;) Thank you so much! If this is closed now, I still hope you liked my little ship for you :) (2/2)”



So if anyone doesn’t know how over the moon I am about Neville freaking Longbottom I would be really shocked. Thank you so much for the ship! I loved it!

And oh my flippin god. He would love my thundercloud cat Yancy. They would be too freaking cute.

I feel so happy reading your ship for me. Thank you again and I hope you enjoy this kiss!



If anyone had asked you what that would entail you would have told them loyalty, patience, love. What you did not think it would include explaining is beast chasing, healing half dead husband’s, sleeping in trees, stunning poachers and gaining scars.

You wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Currently you were in Brazil chasing down something or another, you were sure that Newt had told you the name of the creature but, staring out at the expansive ocean, feet tucked under the warm sand, you really couldn’t think of anything but the content little feeling in your heart as you unconsciously twisted your wedding band around your finger.

Sometimes you wished you could stop traveling for a while, settle into one place and stay, maybe one with a view of the water that you loved so much. But then you thought of all the moments you’d had with your Husband, with Newt and you realized, if you’d settled what kind of things would you miss out on?

You might never have seen a Phoenix burn to ash and be reborn in the tropics.

You might not have watched Newt take on three men at once for the sake of a unicorn and watch the same unicorn accept his help.

You might not have seen the night sky of the Arabian Desert and the dragons of the sands take to the skies for the first time in one hundred years.

You might not have fallen in love as hard as you had.

You sighed, the waves coming up just a bit, touching warm against your toes as they wriggled in the sand.

The sun was starting to set over the horizon but the air still held the damp warmth that it had since you’d arrived so you weren’t worried about it growing cold while you sat and watched the surface of the ocean become pastel and alive.

A small smile graced your lips as you felt a presence slink down beside you, cotton clothed shoulders brushing against your bare ones.

“It’s lovely isn’t it?” You asked, not turning to look at the man who’d sat beside you. You could smell the grass of his suitcase, stale tea and lemons the moment he’d arrived.

“I think so.” He replied, his hand finding yours in the sand, your fingers linking together as he placed a kiss against your cheek, brushing the tip of his nose against your skin.

His face felt flushed and you turned to see that he was indeed getting a bit too much sun for having such fair skin. The smile you wore was fond, he always forgot the little things like that.

His lips were quirked up in a closed mouth grin as his eyes found yours.

You pushed forward to capture his lips, his spare hand going to cup your cheek as you pressed close to his warm body.

The kiss began as many did. Perfectly. Just the gentle caress of lips sliding smoothly together and breaking apart before dipping back in. Something, though, in the way the sun was setting, or the water was climbing higher on the tide, or the salt in the hair or the smell on Newt’s skin, something was drawing the two of you closer.

Closer to the point where the kisses were not longer closed mouth but hot and wet with the teasing of tongues. Closer until you were laying with your back against the sand and Newt was hovering above you, the setting sun painting his skin golden orange and setting his hair on fire against the navy sky.

It was closer to the moment where one of his hands fiddled with the end of your shirt and his cool fingers brushed against the warm skin of your waist, where your fingers were weaving through his locks to pull his body closer against yours, to where you tongues brushed together slowly, teeth catching lips, sighs breaking between the two of you, hands wandering and mouths bruising.

Your body was arched against his as much as it could be as he pressed you to the sand, the sun finally succumbing to the horizon as you and Newt felt into the rhythm of the Brazilian night together.

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Hi traincat! I was curious to what you think about Peter's friendships with Harry Osborn and Flash Thompson?

Hey anonymous! I love both of those relationships! They’re both great, complicated friendships with a lot of emotion on both sides, and they’re both so key to 616 Peter Parker’s character and story. 

I feel like a lot of people only know Flash Thompson in the context of being a high school bully which is such a shame. Flash has some really amazing character development after he graduates – he’s friends with Gwen, so he and Peter accidentally end up spending time around each other and clashing heads

until eventually they realize that they don’t actually hate each other and they other is actually a really good guy OH HOW TERRIBLE FOR THEM. (This is actually more or less how Harry and Peter became friends, too.)

Flash was even the best man at Peter’s wedding to Mary Jane:

Anyway I love them a lot! They love each other a lot! Where’s that one drawing of them shirtless and wrestling.

Then there’s Harry and Peter which, wow. I love this tangled yarn ball of a relationship. I love that they love each other and hate each other – or, okay, I don’t think Peter ever truly hates Harry after they become friends, but there’s definitely a period of time he’s afraid of him. 

I LOVE Harry’s death, though I’m not sad at all that it was retconned:

I love how protective Peter can be of Harry

and when he abandons him at his weakest moments, too. 

I love that Harry’s so envious of Peter and a little in love with him. I love that Peter keeps so much of himself – an entire half of his life – from the person he considers his best friend. I love the huge sense of nostalgia they both carry for their college years, when Gwen was alive and everything seemed so much simpler. I love how much they both love Gwen and MJ, and Liz too. I love that Harry’s tried to kill Peter three times. I love that one of those times Peter was willing to let him.

I love that they always seem to end up back together again, no matter what.

I find them so compelling together – even when they’re enemies, even when Harry believes his father was innocent and that Peter killed him, there’s that bond there. What a simultaneously messed up and beautiful friendship. THEY LOVE EACH OTHER AND IT’S GREAT.

 Anon writes: for the pregnant one jim is a warm color and you’re a cooler one? 

Being the wife of Captain James T. Kirk was one of adventure, ups and downs, anxiety, humor, and most importantly love. You hated the staring though. Every time you were able to spend anytime with each other out of the privacy of your quarters, people stared. 

Lately you felt it more so than not. You haven’t been feeling your best. You were tired all the time it seemed. Didn’t have much of an appetite and the mood swings were the worst. One minute you would be fine then the next you would be a sobbing mess from thinking about your family at home. 

Jim was beginning to notice things being different as well. He would make little off handed comments like “Hey Y/N? Your uniform is filling out a little up top. I like it!” You would just roll your eyes and shove his shoulder a bit. 

Working in the archives didn’t get you off of the ship for missions often but this time was an exception. News that your ship was going to be passing the Federation’s largest archive was just too much for you to pass up the opportunity to beg your husband for a visit. With your strongest puppy dog eyes you got the okay from him, well that and Spock stated he needed to do some research for New Vulcan signed the deal. 

Waking 3 hours early for your departure with excitement was an understatement. Jim awoke to you already in the shower and chuckled sensibly at your enthusiasm. By the time you were finished he had dozed back off. 

You stepped out of the bathroom and walked over to your closet to get dressed. Slipping on your uniform and straightening it you glanced at your ribbon on your wrist. Your beautiful teal green and Jim’s perfect neon yellow were a perfect mix, you thought to your self. But raising your arm and looking closer you realized something was different. Your perfect ribbon seemed to be mixing like it did when you first met Jim. You watched it as the colors swirled and looked like they were unwinding. 

That’s when the sudden nausea hit you. Your stomach lurched and you covered your mouth and ran to the bathroom. You made it to the toilet in time to empty the small breakfast of an apple and some coffee into it. Hearing your coughing, Jim awoke and ran into the bathroom to help. He reached your side and rubbed your back in small circles and reassured you that you would be ok. Your stomach seemed to settle and you slid down to the floor while Jim handed you a wet rag to wipe your face. “Y/N, I think it’s a trip to sickbay for you. I’m sorry babe but your trip to the planet will have to wait until you are better.” You looked up and him, whined and gave a little nod of your head and you lifted your hand up silently asking Jim for help up. Jim reached for your hand but stopped when he grabbed it and saw your ribbon. He looked at you then back to it. “Y/N? I’ve never seen this before. What’s going on?” He got you to your feet and you sighed and said “I have no clue, maybe Bones will?” He went back to the bedroom to slip into his uniform while you waited for him at the door. 

Making your way through the hallways the nausea hit you again. You held your hand up to your mouth as you rounded the corner to sick bay. Jim glanced worriedly at you and nodded and you took off running. Making it through the doors and to the nearest sink you emptied what was left in your stomach, Jim strolling in with a loud shout of “Bones” then went to help you again. Bones made it to your side and saw you doubled over the sink and looked at Jim worriedly. “Jim what’s going on? It’s 4 in the morning.” Jim sighed and said “Well Bones, Y/N woke me up praying to the porcelain throne this morning. Also her ribbon is doing all sorts of wonky stuff look” Bones reached for your hand now that you were finished and examined your wrist. He chuckled and looked between the two of you. He motioned you to one of the biobeds to do a quick scan to make sure what he thought was happening was. 

Hopping up on the bio bed you looked worried. Jim was at your side in an instant and held your hand as Bones ran the scan. Finally he was finished and he had the smuggest look on his face you have ever seen. “Well how’s the mood swings and extra… padding up top treating ya there Y/N?” You looked at him confused and replied, “I never told you about my mood swings? How did you know? What’s going on?” He held up your wrist and patted your ribbon. “When a lovely woman of child bearing age has this happen to their ribbon means one thing and one thing only. The colors are unwinding to find the perfect mixture to pass onto your unborn child. You’re pregnant Y/N! Congratulations!” If your jaw could detach itself it would with how far your mouth dropped. Jim jumped up throwing his fists in the air yelling at the top of his lungs, “I KNEW IT! I CALLED IT DIDN’T I BONES! I TOLD YOU LAST WEEK SHE WAS PREGGERS!” Bones chuckled and slapped him on the back and gave you a shrug as he walked away. Jim finally finished his celebration and settled to stand between your legs placing his hands on your cheeks. You met his eyes then saw the huge grin he had on his face. “Aren’t you happy Y/N? We are gonna be parents. You are going to be the best mom anywhere around!” You chuckled finally processing what you had just been told. You looked down at your stomach and patted it. Jim’s large hands joined yours as you looked back up at him and whispered, “And you are going to be the best dad ever.” Leaning up to reach his lips to place a soft kiss which you both broke with a smile and a laugh. 


A/N I am so sorry it took so long to get this out. My muse left me out to dry on this one. But never fear here I am. Hope this was what you were looking for!   

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Interesting quote from the Big Bang Theory of all shows: "Sometimes, two people who are in love need to spend time apart to realize how much they need to be together with each other." Do you think maybe this quote relates to Olicity and how much they want to be together with each other?

Totally, Nonnie, in fact EBR already said as much in an interview. She said that Oliver and Felicity needed to grow apart (as in grow while not being together) before they can grow together. That’s what is happening now, and it’s an important thing to make their love story authentic IMO. :D 

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Do you think Ki-bo and Ouma will get along? I love the both of them they're my little cinnamon rolls

Realistically thinking regarding the demo they’ll either become the sort of friends who tease each other (or rather Ouma teasing Ki-bo) but still stick together and are helping each other in serious situations…

…Or they will just behave like 5 years old children, which means Ouma will continue to tease Ki-bo and Ki-bo will just be butthurt about it. (aka Ouma becomes a bully)

I love the pairing, but I really hear everyone screaming ‘abusive relationship!!’ and I’ll just keep my fingers crossed and wait. Since I feel like they could develop a healthy relationship.

I would love it if Ouma was actually just being awful at making friends, therefor he teases Ki-bo but he actually really wants to get along with the robot and the more time they spend with each other, the more they get really close.

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HC that humanPoppy is pan and HumanBranch is Ace and when Poppy finds out she's super supportive and never tries to force Branch out of his comfort zone and it doesn't matter anyhow because they're in love and enjoy spending time with each other just doing couple stuff like helping out at the animal shelter or doing karaoke and just being in love.

Positive and loving and supportive ace HCs??? How have a come to be so blessed?? 

sherlock loved victor so much. as much as his tiny heart was capable off. I bet they were so happy every time they met after spending some time away from each other. I bet they got married in kindergarten because they agreed they would be best friends forever and never be apart.
and then eurus took all of that away from him and poor sherlock was too young to deal with it properly.

and then

because he couldn’t cope

he turned victor into his dog

that had to be put down…

Things that could totally happen next season:

-Yuri moving in with Victor
-Victor watching Yuri compete in the Japanese Nationals and Four Continents
-Yuri watching Victor compete in the Russian Nationals and European Championships
-Victor and Yuri both kissing theirs rings every time one of them performs
-Yuri and Yurio spending time together! Bonding!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Yuri winning gold
-Yuri and Victor getting married
-the reception taking place at a skating rink so their first dance can be on the ice
-my death


“we don’t have anything we don’t know about each other. But I want to spend more time with you while being close to you, like how we are now, and for us to learn more about each other.” Hyungwon to Minhyuk | cr: catwalk

creating a pj party

We were thinking. (Okay, I gotta stop there, in all honesty. We weren’t really “thinking” so much as laughing hysterically and making preposterous demands on fate and the universe in general.) We are so grateful for everything we have. Beyond grateful. We are overwhelmed and joyous and rapturous and gleeful.

We’re not done. Now we want to share it.

This community is an unbelievable source of fun and love for us and we want that to spread. We want people we enjoy to enjoy each other. We want the time we spend together to be more decadent and less rushed. There’s an amazing spirit that has grown and now screams for two things to make it perfect: pizza and pajamas.

Sometimes, when you demand something of the universe, it responds with a resounding, “YES!”

Starting in 2017, Briana Buckmaster and Kim Rhodes will be hosting a Thursday Night Pajama Party for the Creation Entertainment shows they attend, full of the things they love best. Nail polish, pillows, and possibly a panty raid. We will have three hours together to relax and be girls, even if we don’t all identify as girls.



Ok, but imagine

Your OTP are famous for whatever reason, and they’ve heard of each other, but never met. They both go on ‘I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!’ and end up spending a bunch of time with each other. The audience ships them and keeps voting for them to do trails together. They eventually become the camp couple.

Being best friends with Ezra Miller (and secretly loving each other) would include :

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  • Having long conversations
  • Loving to spend time with each other
  • Having stupid names for the other in your cell phones contact
  • Taking weird pictures of the other to tease
  • Calling each other when one is afraid, sad or having any bad problem
  • Ezra being super protective
  • And constantly being jealous if any other person shows love interest on you because you are his
  • You feeling insecure about the beautiful people he always meets
  • Pizza nights!
  • Cuddling together and being so comfortable in each other’s arms
  • Having the fear of losing each other
  • Sometimes calling him, even if he’s away, when you are feeling sad and low and he always saying how much he loves you and that you are amazing
  • Everybody noticing that you two meant to be but you two being just oblivious
  • Thinking that he just likes you as a friend
  • Making funny and stupid things when the other one is sad (like dancing in the middle of the market)
  • Having lots of pictures together
  • Getting flustered when you two are too close
  • Deciding to tell about your feelings
  • Both of you slipping out that love each other at the same time
  • Ezra making a joke like “Of course you do.” because he’s nervous and that’s what he does when he is nervy
  • Hugging for a long time before you two confess your feelings
  • Locking eyes and kissing with so much love and passion
  • Him asking you out
  • His awkward but cute way of asking you to date him
  • Starting a serious relationship
  • Him being so fucking proud of being with you and showing that you are his everytime
  • Discussions ends in rough sex
  • Lots of stolen kisses
  • Forehead kisses and nose kisses
  • Just a relationship full of love, friendship and respect
I miss you when...

I miss you when something really good happens,
because you are the one I want to share it with.

I miss you when something is troubling me,
because you are the one who understands me so well.

I miss you when I laugh and cry because I know that you are the one that makes my laughter grow and my tears disappear.

I miss you all the time, but I miss you most when I lay awake
at night and think of all the wonderful times we spent with each other; for those are some of the best times of my life.