spending time with ben

although now that Fishy has brought it up, that’s an interesting idea: Old Ben gets cut down, wakes up on Tatooine. The closest town is Mos Espa and he’s short his supplies. Once inside, he finds a very familiar young face on the street…

dating luke would include:

- so. many. hugs.
- mostly because he’s so tall and you love when he leans down and wraps his whole self around you it makes you feel so warm and safe
- snapchatting each other gross selfies
- when you go to his shows he allllwayysss winks at you when he sings the line “my girlfriend’s bitchin cause i always sleep in”
- making fun of his baby pictures with his mom
- spending more time with jack and ben than him on holidays because they’re cooler
- nicknames including “sweetheart” “honey” and “babe”
- really really romantic and slow sex where he pours his heart out to you
- but he also wouldnt be afraid to fuck you into oblivion
- stealing his shirts
- and flannels
- sending him teasing snapchats while he’s on tour just to fuck with him
- him saying “MWWAHH” after he kisses you
- his feet always playing with your feet under the table
- lowkey spraying his cologne on your clothes because it smells so damn g o o d
- tweeting stuff like “(y/n) is tHE BEST i love her so much what would i do without her” from his twitter
- giving him blowjobs when he’s stressed out
- him always asking for consent before sex no matter how many times you’ve done it
- cuddles being so difficult because he’s so long and noodly and doesnt always have a place to put his legs
- messing up his hair after he does it in the morning
- painting his nails even if he doesnt ask you to
- him buying you cute dresses and necklaces because they remind him of you
- jamming to one direction songs at 2am (dance parties included)
- sometimes he wants to be the little spoon so you literally have to climb on top of him and cuddle him that way
- “……..babe you should get your lip piercing redone…”
- cheering him on SO LOUDLY at award shows
- making him rewatch his ADORABLE (although he thinks theyre SO cringey) hemmo1996 videos to remind him how far he’s come and how proud you are of him
- getting in stupid fights late at night after he comes home drunk from the bar
- but after he notices you give up on arguing he wraps you in the tightest hug and tells him how sorry he is
- lots of fancy planned out dates because he thinks you deserve the best
- cuteness and sunshine and hugs ugh luke

Fuck It Up In New And Exciting Ways Time Travel AU
  • ok, so let’s say that blowing up Hosnian System resulted in big tear in the Force. It didn’t affected Ghost!Anakin very much - he was firmly anchored to Kylo Ren, yammering at him all days long in hope that his idiot grandson finally see the Light. Ben and Yoda, who spend their time just floating around and sometimes playing Sabacc with Luke didn’t have that much luck, and got sucked in.
  • so Force Ghost!Ben Kenobi - so, so Done with Skywalkers’ fuck-ups and Sith shenanigans - wakes up in a body of Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi day after Ahsoka left the Order, takes couple of seconds to realize it’s too late for finesse and planing, and decides it’s beautiful day for assassination
  • since he went to Palpatine with an intent to straight-out murder him, didn’t lose time for grand speeches or attempts at arresting, he actually succeeded. Sidious didn’t know what hit him and didn’t have time to activate his contingencies
  • and now Ben is on the run from the law, dodging manhunt led by somewhat-concerned-but-mostly-furious Anakin, and trying to dismantle Sidious’ back-up plans before they blew up
  • … Yoda wakes up a little later with plans to assassinate Chancellor, only to be informed that someone already did it. He isn’t a happy bunny, but hey, at least fucker is dead. Now there is only a question of reigning in the Order, which is Very Concerned with political ramifications of a fact that one of their Councilors went off the deep end, and pointing them in the good direction, aka investigating Palpatine’s dealings. Yoda would like very much to die and not deal with this shit
  • at least this time they both see Qui-Gon, so Ghost!Qui-Gon acts as a courier between them and has a time of his afterlife
  • since two of the most powerful Jedi Masters decided to blow holes in the Force, Force reacted by spewing a couple of surprises
  • so on two different sides of the Galaxy post Malachor!Ahsoka and post Endor!Rex wake up in their younger bodies
  • they don’t know about each other, but they both figure out pretty quickly that Obi-Wan is on the same boat as them. Ahsoka immediately starts to dismantling Palpatine plans as well - she wouldn’t know how to find Master Kenobi, he can take care of himself, and taking care of Sith is more important. Rex is in more difficult situation - he can’t just desert, there is a problem of chips, and Skywalker (and wow, that was a nasty surprise) just tasked him with hunting Obi-Wan
  • Rex has something working for him: he heard about Luke’s origins, and knows that Obi-Wan spend years on Tatooine. Knowing that General Kenobi is a man of fucked up sense of humor, he tracks him down on this desert wasteland in a couple of days
  • cue somewhat tearful reunion - not only because they see each other for the first time since Order 66, and thought (or knew) that the other one is dead, but also because they both remembering this fucked up future
  • so now Obi-Wan is on the run, and Rex just tags along under the guise of Kenobi-hunting, and they trying to find information about chips and other contingencies
  • of course they get together, because I am weak and they deserve some happiness, Forcedamnit
  • they run into Ahsoka at some point and it’s very emotional reunion
  • meanwhile, Kix isn’t sure if he just didn’t hallucinate all of it, but a/ future was awful, b/ present is a little better, but everyone apparently lost their kriffing minds, c/ there is a problem of chips he need to investigate ASAP…

biffbang  asked:

Hux is very, very organized, and with a Prepper father he is so prepared for the apocalypse. He has plans to meet the rest of his family at the old estate in the country. Clean water, fertile land, and defend-able walls. It just turns out getting there is a little harder than he thought. He's not sure if it's good or bad luck that he runs into Ben Solo, one time lover and hulk of a man. Ben agrees to help him get to the estate Hux just hopes he doesn't ask why he never returned his calls

And there’s the question of if Hux asks Ben to stay once they get there, or if Ben asks to.
This is all assuming things go smoothly, of course.
Which they don’t.
And Hux and Ben have to spend a lot more time together than they expected.

Because every trope becomes better with adding Aphra in it.
(look, there is nothing black on Anakin, because guy stuk in kriffing black suit for two decades, he just wants SOMETHING COLORFUL PLEASE; I really should draw this outfit fully)

And I have headcanon about Vader joining the Rebellion in this AU. Somethinglike that:
Luke: Father, if you don’t want to stay here we can live together on Tatooine. You should be miss our homeworld. You haven’t been there for twenty years!

Anakin: *a lot of painful flashbacks about sand* What I have to sign to join the Rebel Alliance?

Behind the scenes.

Luke: Ben, I really want to spend time with father, but we are in the middle of the war, I can’t abadon the Rebellion! And father will never join us! What I should do?

Obi-Wan: Just suggest him to live on Tatooine instead. He will join even Jedi Order, trust me.

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SGF - for the very few posts I was able to collect regarding the time PR was still baiting the secret girlfriend

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Wedding of much privacy - for all those posts related to the wedding of much privacy.  The ideal place to start if you too are preparing for a shotgun wedding and want to go the extravaganza route.  Including, but not limited to, wedding dresses, morning suits, menu options, poems read at the wedding, fireworks, helicopter rides, the guest list, how to turn e-vites into actual wedding invitations that you can make a quick buck from, how to set up a tent for the wedding reception, how to be a groom and not wear your wedding band on the morning after the wedding of much privacy, potato sack coats and so much more!

Weirdo and … connections - for all those posts that made us scratch our heads over how she was chosen for the job over the past three years

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100 Themes of Leslie & Ben chapter 99 - Solitude.

One chapter left!

Also on a03


Waiting sucked.

Leslie hated it. She was never patient in the first place, but tonight made her even more impatient that usual.

Her leg bounced up and down in the cold November air, trying not to think about it, trying not to think about the fact that Ben might not show up tonight.

She had left him one voicemail, one measly voicemail asking him politely to come and meet her to talk about everything once and for all at the smallest park.

Her thoughts travelled to the smallest park and she ran her hands along the white bench that she was sitting on. It was a great project, and it looked beautiful in the dark moonlight. In any circumstance she would be celebrating it, cracking opening a bottle of champagne and toasting a glass to everyone that made this project possible.

Only that’s not how the grand opening went, because she tried so hard to spend time with Ben that he ended up getting incredibly annoyed at her, and announced the park open without any celebration, just so that he didn’t have to work with her again.

She was a steamroller, she knew that now. It took a while, but finally Ann made her see the truth, that she needed to stop and take into consideration other peoples feelings, not just her own.

But she just loved Ben so much, the thought of not having him in her life just a little hurt, but if he wanted to get up and out of her life, she wasn’t going to stop him.

No matter how much it hurt her.

She looked up at the dark street, she had asked him to meet her here at 8:30, he was ten minutes late already. She wouldn’t give in right away; she was adamant that she was going to stay here for a good hour just in case he did turn up.

Then again, she’d wait here for a year if it meant seeing him again.

She took a deep breath, trying to savour these few moments of solitude to gather her thoughts together. But her heart still beat out the sound of his name, and deep down she prayed that he would turn up.

She closed her eyes briefly, and took a deep breath. Trying to prepare herself for the worse.

Then, out of nowhere, he was there, walking towards her with his hands stuffed in his pockets.

Leslie didn’t know how to react, she almost leapt up and started screaming at him about being late, but no, she couldn’t do that, she had to be calm and not so intense.

Instead, she waited until his feet crossed the grass of the smallest park, and she gave him a soft smile.

“I wasn’t sure you were going to come.”

I just had the saddest thought:

What if when Ben was a child and he was alone because his mother was busy and his father was gone, Anakin’s Force Ghost used to come to him and spend time with him. The more often Ben felt alone, the more Anakin would visit to cheer him up. This became so common that, at a certain point, shortly before Ben was shipped off to train with Luke, Anakin was with him almost everyday. Of course, Ben was the only one who could see him and this worried his mother when she had the time to notice there was something wrong with her son, and sent him to Luke to help him with these visions he was having of Vader - Which she would be more weary of, still not being able to find as much forgiveness for her father’s actions as Luke had been capable of. But, being left with Luke would make Ben feel more alone and would only make him more upset. The more upset he became and the more anger he felt, the less clearly he would be able to see Anakin when he came to visit him. That anger would continue to grow to the point where, eventually, even Anakin’s voice could no longer be heard and, try as he might, Anakin would be unable to protect his grandson any longer.

@ellensama, I place full blame for this on you.

Hey everyone, it is with a very very heavy heart that I am letting you know that I will no longer be attending Clexa Con as a panelist/speaker, or at all. I received a message from one of the organizers today recanting their invitation. It is their belief, according to that message that my “vehement feelings” about Ben Bateman would present a problem at the convention based on the messages they’ve received from some fans/supporters.

That said, I would like to clear a couple of things up. I spoke a bit on twitter about the fandom’s praising of a straight, white ally over other members’ of the queer community. In short, I asked said ally - Ben Bateman - to perhaps spend some time propping up queer voices instead of only his own. His response was that he believed “what he had done so far” “elevated him” above the status of “straight white guy.” The next couple days were a bit of a whirlwind of tone policing on his part and demanding I speak to him more “respectfully” or “professionally” if he were to listen, despite my telling him that the true problem of his allyship was his inability to listen. The conversation about allies aside, some people in the community agreed with me, others were more angry. I’d like to make it clear that that’s okay. We should police and debate within our own movement and community. There is room for that. 

It was that discussion that lead to me being doxxed, sent death threats and pleas to kill myself, and had my phone and apple ID hacked. Without a doubt, that was one of the most frightening things I’ve experienced in a long time. There’s something very unsafe about feeling like someone has gone through your things and has access to and shared your information. But I hoped at the very least, it sparked a conversation about the community’s attitude toward one another over the voices of straight men and allies. I hoped that all the negativity would shed some light on that attitude. At that same time, conversations were brought up about Clexa Con, as that was the same day that they had invited me. Many people were worried about me and Ben both being there, including the organizers. I spoke to one of the organizers, via twitter about this issue. I assured them that I certainly dod not have any problem with Ben being there and would not engage with him or let there be any problems. They even offered to schedule our stuff on different days so we wouldn’t see one another and I told them that would not be necessary, as we were both respectful adults. In that same exchange, I expressed my concern to them about a straight white male being given a position at a convention for a queer relationship, that should go to perhaps a young queer female journalist and they assured me that Ben would be speaking on a panel about allyship, monitored by a queer person, and that they would never prioritize the voice of an ally over the voices of members of the LBGT community. I felt really good about that and continued to plan enthusiastically for the convention. In the meantime, conversations re: Ben subsided and didn’t come up again. 

Cut to today, I happened to make a tweet expressing my disapproval of the word “lesbro” and a call for people to stop using it. This kind of thing isn’t abnormal for my twitter. I’m always happy to engage in conversations about this sort of thing within other members of the LGBT community. Some of the same people who have been tweeting me hatefully since a few weeks ago came out of the woodwork once more to express their outrage that I was attacking Ben by telling people I don’t like the word lesbro. This was a general statement, about the word and about straight allies. But as it usually does, twitter set fire anyway. 

Several minutes ago, I received a message from the con recanting my invitation as I explained in the first paragraph here. I have to say that I’m so disappointed and sad to not go but even more so, I’m angry. I’m angry that at every corner, speaking as a woman and as a queer woman is met with tone policing and that the voices of straight white men are always propped up as the examples of calm and rationality despite not having the same feelings to be angry over. We do have room for debate within this community and movement. We have room for discussions and opinions. The most important thing is that we do not elbow one another out of our own conversations and our own community. I am one queer woman with one opinion but it is baffling time and time again how scared fandoms, communities, and the rest of the world (but specifically this fandom/community) are threatened by a woman with an opinion. 

I’m angry that this con promised this was not something they would do and yet did it anyway and I’m angry that once again, we are somehow prioritizing the voices/safety/comfort of straight people in queer spaces. I defended the convention more than once. I defended it to friends and other people in this industry and people who thought it was silly to have a whole convention dedicated to this. I expressed with pride how important something like this was, how much the fans needed it, and how great it would be to have everyone there to come together. I expressed to them how proud of the community I was and of Clexa’s fans I was to come together and create something so palpable and real, something that could be experienced as a group. I continue to believe those things and I continue to think it’s important that something like this exists. That said, I’m heartbroken, confused, and angry about what has become of what I thought this event would be. I had truly been looking forward to meeting all of you and I am so sorry that my own anger and my own emotions and frustrations ruined our chances to meet one another and share the many drinks I was promised and talk about things we all love and things we need to fight for. Once again, I hope, that if nothing else, this is at least an opportunity for us to continue to look toward change and toward empowerment, to prioritizing and uplifting and supporting the voices of our own community first and foremost, always. I want every one of you, whether you love me, hate me, or don’t have the slightest clue who this assistant girl is to know that I will never stop fighting for this community, for fellow queer women, for queer creators and writers, for angry women on the internet with something to say that straight white men don’t listen to. I will never stop asking better of myself and my community and I will never stop asking better of the rest of the world on our behalf. I can’t promise I will always do that politely. I can’t promise I will always hold back. I can’t promise that my passion, my anger, my self righteousness, and my emotions won’t often get the better of me. But I can promise I am one of you and I am with you no matter how many elbows I have to take or hands I have to hold to make that clear. 


content: Ben helps Dean to prepare for a date and there is some miscommunication regarding the person Dean intends to go out with.

word count: 1646

“Dude, you’re so nervous – it’s hilarious!”

Shut up, Ben!”

“Aw, c'mon, Dean, don’t be pissed.”

Ben laughs loudly while watching Dean changing his outfit for the seventh time. His friend-slash-surrogate-Dad throws him a sharp glance and grits his teeth.

“Shouldn’t you be at home with your mother? And, you know, not be here!”

“Mom doesn’t expect me back for a few hours. I told her we would watch a movie together, like we always do. How could I’ve known you’d have a date tonight?”

It’s true, normally they hang out together, spend some “quality man time” like Dean always uses to call it (and Ben rolls his eyes at the term every single time) and at the end of the day they watch a movie with a lot of explosions and car chases.

Ben always enjoys those days immensely. When Dean and his Mom broke up all these years ago Ben had been devastated, convinced he would never see Dean again. At least it happened with the guys before, so why should it be different with Dean? But Winchester-men “don’t leave family behind” and Dean proved to be persistent. It’s not some stupid obligation, he really loves to have Ben around, teach him valuable stuff (especially about cars and pies – Dean’s favorite topics) and call him his “son” any other day.

And Ben appreciates this more than anything. Dean is more of a father to him than any other guy who ever claimed trying to take the job.

“So, who is this mystery-date of yours?” Ben asks, grinning. He can’t help finding this whole situation entertaining. It’s been a while since Dean went on a serious date, so this woman clearly must be something special.

Something very special because Dean is fidgety and nervous like a teenager before his first prom.

“Um … it’s Cas,” Dean says and yeah, he is freaking blushing!


“Cas, huh?” Ben frowns, trying to remember the name since Dean sounded like Ben should know it.

Maybe he’s talking about Cassie, his ex-girlfriend? Besides Lisa obviously the only serious relationship he ever had. Dean talked about her once or twice (and Ben saw a picture of her a few years back) and although he never seemed to feel an urge to go back to her, obviously something changed his mind about that.

Well, good for him.

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the force is my new hulk I guess

I’m kind of thinking about The Force Awakens and about how I want to write fic because I have Things To Say (but mostly about Luke Skywalker), but all the ideas I have feel really uninspired because they just take up directly at the end of the movie and say what happened next.  Anyway this was how I felt directly after The Avengers, so I went and looked at some old fic I started writing then.  I’m reading this unfinished fic that is like, the first thing I wrote after seeing TA.  It’s a fic about all of them getting schwarma and I come across this priceless gem:

“I just don’t think it would be a good idea to cut off a chunk of an alien you know nothing about, and go and start—testing it’s DNA and inventing serums and miracle cures,” Steve said.  Bruce thought that Steve didn’t mean to, but it didn’t matter–Steve still looked his way.

Bruce looked at his shawarma.  He had absolutely nothing to say about irresponsible science.

And I was like wow, I really have a one track mind when it comes to MCU.

Then I was like, who am I kidding.  The only fics I want to write about The Force Awakens are all about  the ethics of Force training anyway. 

God I need a new schtick.

i need you all to imagine a modern au where things are Not Bad

grandpa anakin and grandma padme are holding christmas dinner as per usual. rey invites her boyfriend finn, who invites his boyfriend poe, and the three of them are disgustingly adorable while obi-wan shakes his head because it’s anakin and padme all over again. ben spends the entire time talking to anakin and making his plate, offering to help him with food, lending an arm to help him walk, asking him a million questions about the Old Days and anakin just sighs deeply because this shit has been going on since ben was like 5 and why hasn’t he figured out that anakin’s really just a sassy old man with a shady past that doesn’t need repeated. but hey, whatever, ben can make a damn good turkey and he’s getting to old to bend over that far to put it in the oven anyway. leia and poe have a drinking contest. leia fucking owns him. poe had asked han to join in but he’d refused after one too many times making the mistake of challenging leia. luke hangs out with obi-wan and anakin (and by extent ben) most of the time, with this big grin at how great his family is. obi-wan has the same look. together, they talk about how ridiculous they all are. han and luke get caught under the mistletoe. poe purposefully gets finn and rey under there with him by holding it over their heads and saying “oh no, what a surprise.” leia comes all the way over to smack his shoulder. padme herds anakin and han out of the kitchen because things are about to light on fire if they’re allowed to continue. and every year, anakin does manage to set fire to something. han and rey at one point end up outside looking at luke’s seriously beat up car and debating over how to fix it. padme and leia end up discussing politics while luke and anakin groan because it’s boring. ben rushes for the tree as soon as dinner’s over like he’s 10, only to have rey knock him out of the way and dive for the presents first. they get in a scuffle. rey wins.

s k y w a l k e r

c h r i s t m a s

Ben Amidala + Sith Hux AU:

  • Ben Amidala is a senator at the Galactic Senate. He still has a very difficult relationship with his parents, but will still defend the Resistance’s interests in the Senate. He just isn’t graceful about it at all. 
  • Emperor Hux comes to the Senate, allegedly to promote peace between the First Order’s new Empire and the New Republic, and end the war.
  • Its a lie, of course, but the New Republic really doesn’t want to believe that. Ben is the only one to suspect. 
  • So he decides to get close to Hux, confident that between his own political savvy and his Force abilities, he’ll be able to see prove Hux’s guilt and bring him down.
  • He’s over confident though: Hux didn’t get to his position merely by killing everyone in his way. He is cunning, and dangerous.
  • And, his greatest secret, he is a Sith. Amidala’s Force tricks won’t work on him. 
  • So Ben spends lots of time in Hux’s company, trying to bring him down and trying not to grow to like him, a little, maybe?
  • And Hux begins to think that he could get rid of Amidala, but maybe seducing him to the Dark Side wouldn’t be a bad idea. Take him on as an apprentice, getting a powerful ally. For purely strategic reasons of course.

After spending so much time in the Reylo Tag lately, I have to add one or two things too…
Tbh I’ve never been into a Ship that much, I’ve never spent/wasted so much time looking into theories for a ship, craving for more fanart and thinking about it, than I’ve done it with Reylo. I’m a real noob to being a hardcore shipper. So I have no idea how this normally works, but I find it really disturbing that there is so much hate for this ship and that people can’t just get along and contain their hate, but have to spit it all out in the world and even more so, hate on the people who support this ship. I mean, what? Are we bad human beings now, because we like the idea of two people maybe getting together in the future??

But what I think these haters really don’t understand, are the facts why most of us Reylo shippers even ship it. I always read the same three things against the ship from antis:

1. It’s an abusive relationship.
Have you guys even seen the movie? Since when do Rey and Kylo have a relationship? And what you state as “abusive”, the interrogation, is exactly that. An Interrogation. Kylo did that exact same thing with Poe Dameron despite being a LOT more brutal with Dameron, just to mention it because it is his fucking JOB! He belongs to the Dark Side, he wants to find out where the map leads to, so he interrogates Rey for the information. And later he fights her, because she fights him, because they fight for opposite sites. That’s not abusive, that’s just what they are. BUT! Kylo is not fighting her with his full powers, he even says he doesn’t want to hurt her, because he feels a certain (force) bond between them. And this is where the shippers come in. There is a bond between them and Kylo feels dragged to the Light Side by Rey. So we want Rey to help him to actually get back to the Light Side. And holy shit, do you really think if he was Ben Solo again and started to date Rey, he would use the force on her like he did in that interrogation? That’s not what any (or at least the greater part) of us want, we just want a happy ending for them. And I personally don’t even need them to be in a romantic relationship.. I just want them to have love for each other, no matter in which way.

2. They’re cousins, you’re so disgusting for shipping cousins.
Uhm.. should I even say something about that? Okay, yeah. In my opinion they are not cousins. I know, everything in The Force Awakens leads us to think that Luke is Rey’s father, but that is exactly the reason why I don’t believe it. Because, common, if it really was that way, why should they hint for it so many times, but not reveal it yet? Also there are a few factors (like what Maz says after Rey discovered the light saber) that tell something entirely different, even though it’s very subtle. If you support the theory, that Rey is Luke’s daughter, go for it, none of us Reylo shippers will hate you for it. But also don’t hate us for believing she’s not and don’t hate us for something that hasn’t even been clarified yet. Most of the Reylo shippers will abandon the ship anyway, if we find out they are cousins. I mean.. I bet a ton of people also shipped Leia and Luke before they found out, they were siblings. And NO ONE ever gave a fuck before that. Why do you care so much now?

3. Kylo is way too old for Rey, that’s so disgusting.
You’re aware of the fact that Han and Leia are about 10 to 15 years apart from each other too? And I won’t even start on the fact that Anakin was a 10 year old boy when he and Padme first met, that’s even more weird. I think Kylo and Rey having a difference from about 10 years (even less in my opinion, since I don’t think Kylo is any older then 28) is not that disgusting.

So to sum it up, you’re hating on this ship for things that a) you don’t understand, b) haven’t even been clarified yet and c) seem to be totally okay in other examples. GG, well played.
What we ship here are two lost souls that could help each other find out what they really want. We don’t want Rey to be a side character that’s only there for giving Kylo his redemption. We want Kylo to help Rey, too! She doesn’t know where she comes from, she doesn’t know who her parents are and she has no idea what she’s able to do with the force. She’s lost in this huge world she only just discovered. And this is where Kylo can help her. As I mentioned earlier, I don’t even want them to have that fanfic-like relationship and romance, I just want them to be there for each other in the end. I know, this won’t make anyone stop hating the ship, but maybe it will make some people at least leave us alone with their hate.
And honestly… I have to admit that the first thing I’ll do after coming home from watching Episode VIII and it turns out they are not related, will be a post on tumblr that says HAHA ANTI-REYLO. But that’s a good story for another time.

I have this headcanon that Luke was incredible happy when he visited his sister because he loved to spend time with Ben. If he is Rey’s father, that means he didn’t have childs until ten years after Ben was born, so maybe he loved being around Ben when he was little. He loved how curious he was and the way Ben would look up at his mother, the moments Ben and Han would argue over silly things and then Ben’s laugh will fill the room. So when Ben showed abilities in the Force, he was excited to teach him what he knew. Luke run to tell his father’s Force ghost and then to old Ben, he asked them for advice in how to teach a little child and they helped him.

Uncle Luke was just incredible close to Ben.

So when his sister started telling him something was going on with Ben, he couldn’t believe it. In his eyes little Ben would never do anything bad, in his presence, little Ben was always a good kid and seemed to be always happy. But at home, it seems, something was bothering the kid and Leia was worried, Luke could sense that she was actually scared. And there were moments in which his sister tried to tell him something but she never could not form the words. Then, Han and Leia asked him to take Ben away with him and his young padawans. Excited, Luke say yes almost too quickly but then noticed his sister’s expression and he knew something was terribly wrong there.

And once travelling back to the Temple with a crying Ben, Luke sensed it for the first time, he sensed a shadow following his nephew and during his time living with him, he heard it for the first time: “GET AWAY FROM ME!” and then things being throwed and broken in the progress. He tries, he really does, to help Ben and when Ben finally tells him that there is something weird happening to him in his dreams, and when he is alone, Luke wants to tell Leia but the kid makes him promise not to say a word. So it’s on his hands to help his nephew.

“I think the thing is scared of you”, Ben says one day. “He is always gone when you are with me”. 

Then, Snoke appeared. With his darkish and cold presence, Luke knew about his existence before but never thought he could hurt his family this much. But when he realizes it’s Snoke behind Ben’s attacks and series of bad decisions and behavior, it’s too late. Too damn late.

  • bea and meg coming to stay at the flat
  • meg noticing this red-headed dork who freaks out whenever ben has his camera out
  • meg spending more time with freddie to avoid third-wheeling ben and bea
  • freddie being really flustered when she realises that meg is kind of super attractive
  • meg finding freddie’s nervousness really endearing
  • everyone else being a little confused because freddie isn’t the type of person meg usually goes for
  • meg kissing freddie mid-ramble