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Me Before Power Rangers (2017): I like the Power Rangers. You know, I used to catch a few episodes as a kid. It always looked real cheesy, but I enjoyed the few I watched. But I wasn’t ever like obsessed or anything. Hell, I didn’t even know their names. I just referred to them by the color of their suit. I didn’t even know they had names. 


my fellow sensates:

i just want to remind you to be calm and courteous when you speak with netflix personnel, be it by chat or by phone. it’s another person on the other line and it will only benefit our cause if we prove our maturity, determination, and intelligence. that said, when i called and made my displeasure known, i was thanked for having coherent points. this is important, as it makes it easier for the rep to discern a clear and digestible argument for the show’s potential continuation that they can pass on to the higher ups.

this is some of the stuff i brought up:

  1. netflix didn’t seem to care to advertise sense8. it didn’t even appear on a banner featuring netflix originals which was on their own website just a few days after season 2 was released
  2. if they’re going to judge it by the amount of views, then the timing of the release was poor. it’s finals and graduation season - people are busy. and judging it by that standard, in that timeframe is brutally unfair because it goes against netflix’s entire premise of watching when you please.
  3. making a decision when the second season hasn’t even been out for a full month makes even less sense when you consider that we waited for THREE MONTHS to hear about the season two renewal.
  4. the fanbase is incredibly loyal. we waited patiently for two years for a second season, so despite the production cost, people were paying for their service for that period with the primary justification being new sense8 content to come.
  5. the creators had planned the story out through at least five seasons. there was story left to be told, with an idea of where it would be headed. compare this to something like 13rw which was renewed, even though it’s already run through its source material. 
  6. fanbase age difference - sense8’s audience is probably a bit older than say 13rw’s. we have more spending power (as evidenced by holding subscriptions for two years as we waited for new content)
  7. finally, their reputation is on the line here. sense8’s diverse and progressive nature can only be a boon for netflix. this show is culturally and socially relevant. it made fans think highly of the company. thus the timing of the cancellation (first day of pride month) feels like a pointed slap in the face.

remember that netflix is still a company whose primary interest is money. i didn’t drive the point home too well, but you can and probably should add in an 8th point (how appropriate..) which focuses on money. maybe a personal statement about your own subscription would be good?

keep up the good fight, my friends. we’ll give them a war.

The types as movie characters/plot
  • ESFP: The fun and outgoing main character that gets warped into a dramatic quest to fight off bad guys and save their best friend
  • ENFP: The hopelessly romantic princess with the over protective parents. Ends up running away in order to follow her dreams which disguising as a peasant.
  • ESTP: The hero that gets to finally show off their amazing skills from years of combat training. They save the town from destruction (and get the girl/boy)
  • ENTP: The asshole type character that tries hard to be disliked, but for some reason, you can't not like them. They end up learning some kind of moral lesson about love
  • ESFJ: The backbone of a family under the apocalypse. They are second-in-command and can be very vicious when their loved ones are hurt. Was probably a doctor as well.
  • ENFJ: The main character that sacrifices themselves too easily for their friends. They end up somehow not dying due to one of their friends pushing them out of the way. ENFJ lives on to be a ruler of some kind.
  • ESTJ: The lawyer character which has to help their best friend cover up some deep dark shit they did. Using wits and skilful people skills, they help their friend escape the law
  • ENTJ: A heart-wrenching story about an underprivileged child and their journey on to becoming a CEO of a huge modern company. Probably a documentary or biography
  • ISFP: A character that everyone thinks is dissociated from society, but ends up being the only one who can soften up the coldest character in the movie. They undergo a heart-warming friendship filled with metaphors and a tragic end.
  • INFP: The main character that discovers they have incredible super powers. Spends the whole movie getting away from the government and saving their friends.
  • ISTP: Probably that character that loses their family or friends during a disaster. Goes on an epic journey to be reunited with them again
  • INTP: Part of a space crew on a futuristic mission to explore the galaxy. The film focuses on realistic problems that a colonising ship would have and showcases the brilliant minds of engineers
  • ISFJ: A heart-warming romantic comedy about two tragic lovers. But there's some kind of twist like a supernatural occurrence separated them or something
  • INFJ: Some kind of fantasy journey with dragons and weird monsters. Ends up being some kind of psychological thriller with a cliff hanger.
  • ISTJ: A character that underwent some tragic event. Used this event to better themselves for mankind. Leads a double life as a successful person and a vigilante (Basically Batman.)
  • INTJ: That main character that everyone suspects is the murderer in a horror movie. Becomes the last one alive. Is actually the killer and at the end narrates how they succeeded. Ends on a cliff hangar hinting that they got rid of all evidence except for one.

Donald Trump’s sanctuary cities executive order blocked by federal judge

  • A federal judge in San Francisco has blocked President Donald Trump’s executive order withholding federal funds from cities which refuse to cooperate with federal immigration authorities, handing San Francisco and Santa Clara County court injunctions on the Jan. 25 order.
  • The ruling is a blow to Trump’s tough talk on undocumented immigration, as well as his stated intention to deport millions in the face of localities like San Francisco, Chicago and New York which have refused to direct their police departments to help out.
  • U.S. District Judge William Orrick wrote that the order, in which Trump ordered the withholding of all federal grants from non-cooperative cities, was not “legally plausible” and that “the Constitution vests the spending powers in Congress, not the president, so the order cannot constitutionally place new conditions on federal funds.” Read more (4/25/17 5:30 PM)

“So, currently there are 1,558 former Decepticons on the waiting list to be your partner for a day…”

How to become a good student (again) 1: Slow down to speed up

Hello, fellow ex-good-student! 

If you’re anything like me, you feel this immense pressure on your shoulders, yes? You want to be good, you want to succed, you want to know more, but somehow -… somehow it just ain’t enough to actually get you to do something? Until the very last minute, that is, when all the pressure comes rushing down like a waterfall?

Ah, or perhaps that stress has driven you over the edge and you have achieved the next stage: being so stressed that you’re oddly calm again and nothing really fazes you anymore? Perhaps you have cynically accepted that this is just who you are now? Perhaps you say:

But somehow you fail to say it proudly. Somehow you’re just really unhappy with the state of things, but feel like you don’t give enough of a fuck to really change anything? 
Yes? Well, then this is the post for you!

Let me start with three observations that are less obvious than you might think: 

1) “Naturally” good students (NGS, so people, like you and me, who didn’t have to learn how to be good at school, but kinda slipped into it) are good thinkers. 

2) Good thinkers like to think.

3) Good thinkers are trouble-shooters. 

Got these three ideas lined up? Alright, let’s move on.

These two attitudes above, where do you think they come from? I’d argue it’s disillusionment. 

See, when I got to uni, I thought it would be like school - just WAY better. That would mean professors who fit their programmes around me, personally, who help my mind become sharper by letting it battle against just the right problems and getting taught how to really get to the bottom of life, to face the really Big Ideas, the Final Problems, the Why is the universe the way it is?s.
Instead, it turns out, uni is like summer holidays - just WAY worse. No one fits anything to you, personally, no one picks out just the right problems, no one connects subjects in just the way you’d like it. You’re thrown into a maelstrom of ideas and it’s up to you to do whatever the hell you’d like with them. You’re on your own, but not in the hero vs. bad guy-way, but it in the loner in a crowd-way. 

You quickly realize, uni is just a slightly filtered version of life in all its random glory and sadness. And I think that any student, anywhere, can have this epiphany at any given moment. You don’t need uni to suddenly look life in the eye and be overwhelmed by how sublime, how overwhelmingly huge it is and to realize: There’s no end goal (we know of). Just loads of open ends. An overwhelming amount of open ends, really. 

Now, what do I mean when I say that NGS (”naturally” good students) are trouble-shooters? I mean that we’re good at working well within systems. 
We like to be fed input, to take it apart, to analyze it and to see how you could perfect it even further. That’s why so many of us are drawn to video games or TV series or fictional worlds with their own reward system. We like to figure out patterns. That’s also why we were so good at school - school is a fairly easy system. 
Once you’ve seen through which lessons will be important for a test, once you notice how teachers stress certain things more than others, once you notice you really only need to pay attention in class and you’ll spare yourself so much trouble, once you notice that doing your homework actually does help, once you notice these few pillars of school, you’re set, man. 

I’d like to compare this to thinking on two different levels: a life-level (where you actually do stuff) and a meta-level (where you think about doing the stuff). My preferred analogy for this is a cube.

Ideally, you first figure out the shape of the cube (meta-level) and, once you’re comfortably settled into the system, you work within it (life-level). I’d say that most people operate this way, but NGS are …a little obsessed with this. The basic idea is that the system must first be perfect (or perfectly understood) before it is implemented, so it runs smoothly.  
This is what I mean when I say we’re trouble-shooters. We detect the trouble ahead of time and pew, pew, pew. And, as I said, this works with video games. And books. And school. And subjects. But life? Life looks a little more like this:

No one’s (yet) succeeded to fit life into this box. 
“But”, a little voice inside you says, “But I can try!” (and another, more smug voice, says “And who’s to say I’m not the one to succeed anyway?”)
And, well, I’ve got good news for you! You’ve already tried! That’s why you’re here. In limbo. 

You and I both, we’ve tried to figure out the perfect recipe for life. We tried to figure out when to best get up, when to best go to sleep, what the perfect conditions for studying are, what best to study in the first place, what artsy pursuits to keep doing to flex creativity, but to also focus on practical things and how to figure out the whole family and friends-thing and schedule it somewhere in between and maybe write a book or two. You’ve tried to create the box. I’ve tried to create the box. We both failed.
Let me show you a highly artistic representation of what your brain has looked like lately: 

Okay, fine, I’ll invest a bit more time:

There, that’s your mind. Pulling in every single direction. Is it really a surprise that you’re not going anywhere? Y’know this meme?

Yeah, that’s exactly what I’m talking about. Now, if you’re anything like me, you’ll have a whiny voice at the back of your head going “But picking fewer battles is defeat! I’m sure I’ll conquer it somehow!”
Well, then, let me mindslap you with the cold, hard truth: No. What you’re doing right now, that’s defeat. 


This is DEFEAT. You’re not going anywhere and you’re disrespecting yourself, your mind and the subjects you’re interacting with by spending a fraction of a thought on them. You’re just using them as stepping stones. They deserve better. You deserve better. That’s why you fail to say it proudly. You know that, at some point, you looked at the big, huge mess that is life, realized “I won’t figure this out” and said “Well, I’ll stop trying, I guess.”

I’ll talk more about this in my “Yearn for friendship”-post, but for now, the main take-away is:

You won’t be done with figuring out life any time soon.

So, don’t think “I want to be done with this.”

Think “I want to be doing this.”

Step out of the meta-level into the life-level. It’s okay not to perfectly understand life right now. You’ll figure it out.Trust me, you’ll figure it out. But only by doing things.

Because, see, NGS may be trouble-shooters, but the trouble-shooting isn’t the fun part. It’s the first step to entering a magical world with which you can interact, be it maths, or Middle Earth, or a birthday party. 
We like to think. 
And you’ve been depriving yourself of the fun of thinking by thinking you have to do it in a perfect way. 

“But what if it’s not perfect?”
That’s okay. You’ll get better. And something imperfect that’s striving to be good is always better than nothing at all. Some things you figure out by doing. Life is one of those things. Imagine you’re in a dark street and you want to illuminate it. You can either miserably sit in darkness and try to figure out a way to turn on all lights at once, or you can start with one and let the sight of snowflakes or petals welling up underneath it give you strength for the next. Allow yourself little successes. Allow yourself to have fun with imperfect things. Make the first step. Let it give you strength for the next.”

“But what if I lose time?”

“Be patient. Life will literally last all your life. This is as much time as you’re ever gonna get. Allow yourself to take this time and to take it slow. Again: think not about getting it done, but about the joy of doing it. Time spent doing the thing you love is never lost time. Put the pressure of your shoulders. Trust me, if you take it slow, your brain will speed up because it has breathing room.
Let me repeat this:
If you take it slow
your brain will speed up.

So, allow your brain to think like this:

(or at least like this:

Be patient. I cannot stress this enough. Be. Patient.
Time is not your enemy that you have to outrace. Time is your partner, whom you have to trust. Time helps you to grow. Time helps you to understand. Time literally helps you to BE. 
For me, the phrase that really struck a chord with me somehow was
I will grow as my hair did”, because it a) shows how long it can take for tiny changes to become visible, and how b) they do become visible in the end.)

“But I don’t want to completely lose my grip on the meta-level! I don’t just want to blindly run into one direction!”

“I get you. So did I. So here’s what I did: I made a pact with myself. 
On the 25th of every month (because my birthday is on the 25th, but pick whichever day you like best), I ascend to the meta-level and critically assess my own situation. 
I exit the cube and check if I like what the cube looks like right now. 
No? Okay, time to introduce some big changes. 
Yes? Okay, carry on as before. 
I actually wrote down basic rules for what life in the cube looks like (when to do laundry, etc.), so I wouldn’t have to worry about it during the month and let me tell you, it works great. During the month, I just let my mind slice and dice away (I’ll talk more about the mind as a weapon in the next post) and once a month, I check if I like the results. For me, at least, it’s the perfect arrangement. 

So, be patient. And watch Hyouka - it’s about this very struggle and the MC slowly realizes that, sometimes, it’s worth to spend energy, mind-power and time on certain things. Some things… just take time. And that’s okay.

Grow as your hair does.

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(Part 2)

even though death of the outsider is obviously heavily connected to dh1 & 2, im excited that its a standalone adventure

just feels like it leaves the possibility open for more standalone entries, maybe completely separate from the old cast

im very much down for any prequel stuff, whether its as far back as the great burning, or any of the wars or the founding of the abbey. heck, even the adventures of young vera moray would be awesome

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how would law and lu have a child? can you tell me more?? :3

Originally posted by smileymingo

This guy right here. Ivankov uses his DF powers, Law or Luffy becomes a woman. Law uses Ope Ope powers to extract egg and then make the zygote, volunteer woman agrees to carry their baby, with zygote implanted via Ope Ope powers. 9 months later, LawLu baby.

Nyx Ulric Romantic Headcanons

Finally some Nyx stuff!!! Woo!!! 

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  • This guys loves love
  • Everyone pretty much knows that right?
  • Yeah.
  • But wow this guy is made for romance.
  • He’s got so many amazing qualities that keeps people interested.
  • Heroic, courageous, fire hands, he’s got a cute as heck smile 
  • I can go on. 
  • Nyx is not subtle.
  • At all.
  • AT ALL.
  • When he gains attraction toward someone, he will have no shame in showing it.
  • Attraction sets in immediately for Nyx.
  • He knows what he wants. 
  • His attraction only proceeds once he takes the effort to learn more about the person that caught his eye.
  • Really great at flirting.
  • Kinda scared of commitment.
  • Not as bad as Gladiolus… but… slightly scared of it. 
  • If he finds the right person, he will have no problem committing to them.
  • But dating the wrong person can end very badly.
  • *yikes*
  • When he falls for someone, he falls hard.
  • When he is completely intoxicated by his s/o, he will think about them 24/7
  • Texts them 24/7
  • Does everything in his power to spend as much time as possible with them.
  • Fan of PDA
  • Really loves showing his s/o off to the world.
  • Brags about them whenever the opportunity rises.
  • Obsessed with his s/o’s… everything.
  • I can’t figure a feature he’s fixated on the most?
  • Nose kisses are his thing.
  • Kisses in general are his thing.
  • Really loves to cuddle on the couch.
  • He can waste a day on the couch with his s/o
  • He’s really simple in relationships
  • Prefers stay at home dates
  • It doesn’t take much to please him
  • Really super romantic
  • His s/o will receive flowers all the time. 
  • It’s too sweet for words. 

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BEACH DAY! what do the companions wear, what kind of activities do they find themselves partaking in.....(swimming, beach volleyball, sunbathing, etc)

Quality ask, dude. 

Cait: She’s wearing a bikini, plain and simple. She spends her time sun bathing and drinking.

Curie: Curie has one of those really cute vintage sailor one pieces. She is fascinated with all of the marine life and spends her time collecting shells.

Danse: He’s wearing the standard sort of beach wear, swimming trunks and a t-shirt. He’s huddled under a parasol, sitting on a towel. He hates sand.

Deacon: He’s sporting a pair of those super short board shorts and he spends his time surfing. Surprisingly, he’s actually pretty good.

Hancock: He’s probably wearing a shirt that says, “This sex machine is solar powered”. He spends his time buried in the sand. 

MacCready: He’s wearing a “Suns out guns out” shirt without a doubt. He’s the one who buried Hancock in the sand. 

Nick: He’s absolutely wearing socks and sandals. Nick is with Danse, as he’s not a fan of sand either. Sand is a pain to clean out of synthetic joints.

Piper: She’s wearing a very simple polka-dotted one-piece. She sunbathes for a majority of the time, but ends up building sand castles with Sole.

Preston: He’s just wearing a plain pair of swimming trunks. Initially, he just kind of relaxes, but he ends up helping Piper and Sole with their sand castles.

rengenano  asked:

Obviously He Tian and Momo

Who initiates sexy time more often: He Tian. And he does it everywhere because there’s nothing more fun than fucking a flustered Mo Guan Shan in a stranger’s bedroom at a party.

Who is the horniest: He Tian. It’s one of his only three settings.

Who moans the cutest: Mo Guan Shan. He’s incredibly embarrassed by it but He Tian LOVES it and made a game out of how loud he can get him to be.

Who bites more: The first time He Tian put his fingers in Mo Guan Shan’s mouth during sex Mo Guan Shan bit him so hard he still has a scar and  tells the truth to anyone that asks about it. 

Who can go on longer: He Tian. Mo Guan Shan took some time to get used to sex because He Tian has remarkable stamina so he always ended up sore the next day. Mo ended up learning a few things he can do to speed the process up, thus giving himself incredible power.  

Who spends more time on foreplay: He Tian. He’s a huge tease and drags it out until Mo Guan Shan snaps at him to ‘just fuck me for fuck’s sake!’

Who loves aftercare: Mo Guan Shan, though he had a hard time admitting it at first because he’s an idiot.

Who can go the most rounds: He Tian. It’s like he mainlines viagra.

Who gives the best orals: Mo Guan Shan. It’s ridiculous. It’s clear that he genuinely loves to do it and loses himself to it completely, drool running down his chin, lips red and swollen. Gorgeous.



Facials - Yes. they’re both into it but neither will be on the receiving end without some convincing and bribery. They haven’t done it since Mo got some in his eye and insisted He Tian learn how it felt when he laughed. What an evening.

Swallowing- Yes. without a second thought.

Creampies- YES. Mo Guan Shan always says he’ll beat the shit out of He Tian if he doesn’t pull out but in the heat of the moment he’ll tell He Tian to ‘Oh, f-fuck…come inside me. I want you to fill me up…oh my god.’  (because he fucking loves it) Afterwards, Mo Guan Shan will deny it to the ends of the earth.

Strap on- Yes (kinda) Mo Guan Shan is so embarrassed to use any toys at all. He Tian is working on that.

Bondage- YES. sometimes the only thing that will shut He Tian up is with a ball gag and we all know it. Zhan Zhengxi will tease him for having such chapped lips, but Jian Yi knows what’s up. Jian Yi always knows.

Spanking- YES YES YES. my only true headcanon is that Mo Guan Shan is a little brat and likes to be hit with a belt. (Fight me.) He ends up with huge, agonizing, bruises that make him smile and blush when he sits down for days

Choking- Yes. Mo Guan Shan is so into it that He Tian was -almost- hesitant to do it at first. Well, to do it as hard as he wanted it. It’s safe to say that hesitance is long gone and watching his face turn flush and eyes go out of focus is one of his favorite things.

Fingering- Yes. He Tian is very VERY good. Mo Guan Shan isn’t even embarrassed to admit it like he normally would be. He asked He Tian to teach him how to do it. He Tian was happy to oblige…under the condition that he start with himself. It’s the best way to learn, ya know?

Nipple play- oh yes. He Tian’s nipples are super sensitive. He would never have brought it up, but one particularly interesting night, He Tian made some awful joke and Mo reached over and pinched his nipple. Admittedly a little bit harder than he’d originally intended. He Tian’s reaction was immediate and shocking. He stopped mid sentence and raised his eyebrows, and smiled. Oh, yes.

Hair pulling- If you ask Mo Guan Shan, he’d say no. He’d  be lying through his teeth, but he’d say no. He Tian learned early on that a good yank when he’d taking him from behind makes him tighten up and curse just like the first time.

Orgasm denial- Mo Guan Shan loves it. Nothing gets you He Tian’s undivided attention quite like it. The person with the key to the handcuffs and remote for the vibrator has the power.



Far from ‘strong and stable’, May’s economic plan is weak and unstable
Labour has won the battle of the manifestos with policies that can deliver better growth whereas the PM’s offering more of the same: cuts
By Larry Elliott

Confronted with the strong evidence that economic policy since 2010 has been a failure, May’s response has been to offer more of the same. Deep welfare spending cuts are designed to balance the books, and would help do so if the Bank of England was in a position to respond with cheaper borrowing.

But that can’t happen because interest rates are at 0.25% and can’t go lower. As a result, welfare cuts suck spending power out of the economy. That leads to slower growth, which explains why it will now take until the middle of the next decade under Conservative plans to run a budget surplus.

Presumably, sticking to a deficit-reduction plan that isn’t working fits with May’s “strong and stable” mantra. But, in truth, the wrong mix of monetary and fiscal policy has left the economy weak and unstable. Weak because investment and productivity have been so poor. Unstable because growth has been so heavily reliant on debt-driven consumer spending.

Higher growth under Labour would be the result of abolishing the 1% cap on public sector pay, an increase in public sector employment and plans to boost spending on public infrastructure by 50%. The claim by the Conservatives that higher borrowing would lead to much higher deficits and an explosion in the national debt is dismissed by Oxford Economics as the pre-Keynesian nonsense it is.

To sum up, May called an election when there was no need for one, when the public didn’t want one, when living standards were falling, when the economy is dysfunctional, when the strategy of the past seven years has demonstrably failed, and when there is a viable alternative.