spending my time listening to disney music too



1.  I am Swen

Lucyred62 on Twitter.  I am 53, lesbian, and live in NY, USA.  I am a Physical Therapist, and work with children.  I love my job very much.  I have three beautiful dogs that I adore with all of my heart.  I am a die-hard Yankees baseball fan, and have been ever since I was a little girl.   I love all forms of theater and art, but especially Musical Theater and Opera.  Idina Menzel is my favorite Broadway star, and Cate Blanchett is my all time favorite actress.  I am a big history buff.  I love all things Disney.  My favorite food is Italian (my grandmother was from Italy, and she was the best cook ever).  My hobbies consist of reading (especially SQ fanfiction), singing, listening to music, theater/movies, gardening, and spending time with family and friends.  I love being outside, and I try to watch the sunset from my deck as often as I can.  My favorite books are “To Kill A Mockingbird”, Pride And Prejudice”, and “The Lord Of The Rings” Trilogy.  My favorite movies are too many to list, but love the old classics, sci-fi, fantasy, and romantic comedies.  Favorite TV shows are “I Love Lucy” (I used to watch it with my family growing up, and it is very special to me), “The Walking Dead”, “Turn”, and “OINB”.  I do not have any other OTPS other than SQ.

2.  I love Swan Queen

I was introduced to OUAT from a co-worker who raved about the show.  I started watching it at the beginning of season 2, but binge watched season 1 first. I fell in love with the show from the start, and especially love Regina/ Evil Queen, Emma & Henry.  I think Lana and Jen are amazing.  I first started to ship SQ during the “Mine” episode, although there were so many other scenes as well, such as “how to get the savior to taste my forbidden fruit”, etc.  I am a middle-aged woman who didn’t know what Tumblr was, had no idea what a “ship” meant, and had never heard of fanfiction.  All I knew was that I was in love with these two characters, and it has been a wonderful ride watching their relationship grow and develop into what it is right now.  It is a fairly tale for the ages, and such an epic love story.  They are just so perfect for one another on so many levels, and are truly kindred spirits.  They share a son, they understand each other better than anyone else, they protect and sacrifice themselves for each other, and they have a genuine love and care for one another.  They are two broken and damaged souls, that together form a beautiful whole.  Above all, to me they represent hope that even when people are different, they can find love and family, and that the child within all of us deserves our own “Happy Ending”.

3.  I love Swen

I love this fandom for so many reasons.  I love all of the creative and artistic talent in this fandom.  There is none better in my opinion.  I enjoy all of the posts, the theories, and overall genuine support and love that are shared in this fandom.  People are just so generous with their feelings, thoughts, talents, and time.  I experienced March Madness, and got taken away by everyone’s enthusiasm and spirit (lead by Dakota829Snow).  I love the diversity of the fandom, and it is an honor to be a part of it.  I can’t wait for the SQ convention next year.  Swen is truly more than just a fandom, it is a family.  Viva la Swan Queen!

Thanks to Dakota829Snow, and Ethan for organizing this wonderful idea.