spending time

you know when you’re in a small crowded room where the air is all tight and warm but at the time you’re breathing fine (the air seems normal) and then you step out of the room only to realise the entire time you were being deprived of fresh air.
people are alot like that. when you spend lengthy periods of time with certain individuals you become oblivious to the influence they’re having on you because thats all you’ve ever known (similar to the room). you don’t realise how toxic they are and only after you’ve stepped away and spent time with others do you realise how much negativity you were surrounding yourself with.
we all need to learn that its okay to step away from these toxic people and it doesn’t make you a bad person for thinking about your own betterment

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You and your dumbass brother are idiots and y'all are embarrassments to the human race. Hopefully with age you'll mature and your brain will finish forming.

three generations of my family’s honor has been decimated by your Worthwhile Opinion™. please have mercy on us. recant your statement. i dont know how to carry on without your approval.

SO i’ve been asked what my unpopular opinions were 

i have different kind of unpopular opinions, some go against fan content i’ve seen, some is just never discussed, it depends. here goes:

these are just simplifications, feel free to ask me about them i can elaborate :0

  1. Daniel Atlas is not actually a flirt at all
  2. His anger towards Lula, while some of it coming from prejudice, is mostly justifiable
  3. Merritt owes an apology to Danny (and to Jack to while we’re at it if we consider that one deleted scene)
  4. This isn’t an opinion its just a pet peeve but. the tarot cards. have meaning behind their names. The Death card does not actually indicate death and the The Lovers has very, very little to do with romance, it’s circumstantial 
  5. Henley deserves much, MUCH better than Daniel and I’m very proud of her for doing her own thing and her national tour and shit
  6. While Daniel seems to be a fan favourite for love / hate relationship, I sincerely don’t believe he would be capable of handling someone who he feels threatened by, at all, it would not work on any level, stage or otherwise
  7. daniel atlas isn’t a flirt why does everything i lay my eyes on is him flirting his way out of a situation or something
  8. these are all about daniel i’m sorry
  9. Daniel isn’t insecure
  10. I know a LOT of arrogant / controlling characters’s behaviour comes from insecurity but i don’t believe it’s daniel’s case
  11. I think Danny doesn’t ever get agressive and responds very protectively to other people’s agressive behaviours
  12. There is unresolved negative tension from Daniel to Dylan that can very well make him a potential antagonist for the third movie and i. don’t want that to happen. work ur issues out kids i’m begging
  13. Danny felt somewhat threatened by Henley’s sudden (and deserved) success, which, with the addition of being a dickhead, somewhat explains his behaviour towards her (thankfully that is resolved by the end of the movie i’m so glad

Alright okay enough for now, i think i have more that i can add later but this is on top of my head what i can come up with

i’ll most likely make an entire post about #9 if people wonder what tf im talking about but i’ll gladly elaborate on any of these?

maybe people actually agree who knows


Persona 5 Protagonist - Habits & Mannerisms

You can stop now...

Y'all: sEAsOn 4 WaS tHe WoRsT sEaSoN oF tHe ShOw!!! It CoMpLeTeLy FlOpPeD!!!

Y'all: iT wEnT dOwN aFtEr LeXuS dIeD!!! ShE cArRiEd ThE sHoW!!!

Y'all: tHe ShOw Is TrAsH nOw!!!

Y'all: *remain blind*

**(L) marks appearances by lexus