BTS Reaction - Realizing They Love Someone

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BTS reaction to them realising they have feeling for someone.


You and Jin were like a family. You have been very good friends for quite some time. Neither you, nor him, could imagine a day without talking to each other. You spent so much time together that Jin’s bandmates often joked about how you two should date each other. Everytime you just brushed it off, but deep in your heart you know you have feeings for Jin. However, you couldn’t say the same about him. He viewed you only as a little sister that he should always protect.

One day though, as Jin was getting dressed, he was talking with Namjoon. Namjoon knew about your feelings, and wanted to find out if Jin felt the same way. 

“I don’t know what to say, Joonie. I’ve never tought of her that way. I want to see her as a sister, I’m not sure if this is really how I feel about her tough. I’ll think about it, either way, she sees me as a brother, nothing more. And you know it.”

“I doubt it.” mumbled Namjoon under his breath and left.

Jin knew very well what he tought of you, he was madly in love with you, but he couldn’t tell you. He was too scared of rejection and tearing your beautiful friendship apart.

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Life is hard when you are best friend with your crush. You never thought Min Yoongi would get under your skin, but he certainly did. It was such an unconvenient situation for both you and him. He was a kpop star, he didn’t have the time for relationships, not to mention that he isn’t the most committal person. Even before debuting, his “relationships” didn’t last more than 2 weeks. Plus, he saw you only as a friend, someone who understands him and is there for him whenever he needed. Nothing more. It hurt you so bad on the inside, but you always looked so happy on the outside. Everyone thought of you as the mood maker, the most optimistic person, but you were not.

As you were preparing to go to sleep, you received a text from Yoongi.

Grumpy Yoon: “I feel like shit again. This is the 7th song that the company thinks it’s too bad to be on our next album. What’s happening to me?”

Y/N: “Don’t strees out. If you force yourself to write lyrics when you don’t feel good mentally, then of course they aren’t your best work.”

Grumpy Yoon: “I’m perfectly fine both mentally and physically.”

Y/N: “No, you are not. You have to understand that you are an amazing person, the most talented producer I’ve ever met, the most creative and expressive artist I’ve ever seen. Stop judging yourself so harshly.”

Grumpy Yoon: “Y/N… You are the one amazing here, not me. How do you know what I’m thinking even when we are texting?”

Y/N: “Because I care about you so much.”

Y/N: “We spend so much time together, how couldn’t I?” (insert gif)

Now Yoongi knew what he was feeling everytime you hanged out together or talked. It was love; it felt so good, but overwhelming.


You didn’t meet Hoseok too long ago, but you became very close to each other in such a short time. You simply loved spending time with him. He’s so funny, energic and always ready to listen. Your heart pounded faster and faster only by thinking about him. You couldn’t deny your love for him.

Today, Hoseok invited you to his M/V shooting, since you’ve always shown interest in what’s happening behind the scenes. You were such a curious person and he loved that about you. As he was giving you a little tour of the filming set, he suddenly stopped talking and stared at you intently. You simply stared back, unable to say anything. You felt your cheeks burning, his face was too close to yours. His eyes were wide, as if he was searching for something, for an answer, on your face, in your eyes, in your heart. He gave you a little smile, avoided your gaze, and mumbled a “Sorry.” before returning to his cheerful personality. He looked at you again and saw your confused expression.

“You look gorgeous today and admiring your beauty is the least a peasant like me can do.“ He said with a jokingly smile, although his eyes seemed serious.

“I don’t think the peasant role suits you, Hoseok.“ You laughed so you could hide how flattered you were at that moment.

His face became serious as his smile vaished and asked in a whisper: “Then, shall I be your prince, princess?“


As a kpop idol, Namjoon had to stay fit and exercise regularly, that’s why a month ago he decided to hit the gym. He went there every two days, either alone, or sometimes with one of his bandmates.

You always wanted to lose some weight in a healthy way, you couldn’t stand the way you looked at all, that’s why you went to the gym near your house. There you met Namjoon, the one who took your heart, without even him noticing. You became good friends and he was the one who ambitioned you to keep working on your “dream body”. You simpy fell in love with his way of being. He was smart, yet funny and clumsy, and always had an interesting subject to talk about.

One day, he came with Jin, a bandmate. Jin was good looking, you couldn’t deny it, but Namjoon was the one who took your heart. Since you had plans with a friend of yours, you left the gym earlier than usual. As you left, Namjoon stared at you smiling from ear to ear and as soon as you exited the gym room, Jin began laughing loudly.

“Watching you watching her is so funny!“ Jin exclaimed. “I can’t wait for you guys to start dating already.“

“What are you saying? Dating?“ Namjoon giggled. “I don’t like her. She doesn’t lke me either.“

“Yeah sure… First of all, you are Kim Namjoon, of course she likes you. Secondly, I’m pretty sure you like her, youngman. Don’t you feel the love whenever you see her, or even think about her?“

Namjoon just continued laughing. Jin was right, he always was right, more or less. He knew he had to tell you soon how he felt. He couldn’t continue controlling himself around you. It was too hard.


Being best friends with Jimin was a hard task for you, considering the fact that you were in love with him. However, you continued surviving all the details of his past relationships, the new crushes he had every other day, and other stuff that clearly showed you he viewed you only as a friend. The perk of being his best friend was that you were the only one who saw what was in his heart and his mind. He was the flirty type of guy, who never showed his real feelings to anyone, that’s why you were really grateful he trusted you so much.

As in any other usual day, you went to see Jimin at his dorm. You were used to his bandmates being around, but today, you and Jimin were the only ones in the apartment. Both of you were sitting on the couch, talking about random things and how he will leave for tour in less than a week.

“And how long are you going to be gone?“ you asked since you were worried about not seeing him for a long time.

“Fortunately, two months. It could have been more than this; two months go by really fast, you know?“ He smiled at you.

You nodded. A lingering silence took over the dorm. Jimin was in deep tought, staring at you. You admired his handsome face, while waiting for him to say something.

After a few moments, you heard a faint “I love you.” escaping Jimin’s lips. Your lips parted in shock and your eyes were full of confusion.

“Ah, I shouldn’t have said that out loud! Why does your presence always makes me speak my mind? I hate it!” He was angry at his foolish action, yet he was laughing as trying to brush it off.

With a small smile, you whispered “Me too.” He didn’t heard it, but now you had hope that soon, both of your will be sincere about your feelings for each other.


The only person you could count on right now was your best friend, Taehyung. You just broke up with your now ex-boyfriend and you feel like shit. You’ve been putting all of your heart in this relationship, while that jerk decided you weren’t enough so he cheated on you. Tears were rolling down your cheeks, blurring your vision. You were sitting on a park bench all alone and the only person you could think of right now was Taehyung. He warned you that this will happen, but you didn’t listen. You took the phone out of your pocket and texted your best friend.

Y/N: “Heya. You were right, I was wrong. He cheated on me.”

TaeTae: “Are you ok? Where are you?”

Y/N: “I’m on a park bench and I fee; like shit. How about you?”

TaeTae: “I was practising, but if you want, I can come get you.”

Y/N: “Nah, I’m fine. I’ll calm down and then walk home… Did I really expect too much from him? All I wanted from a boy was love and sincerity.”

TaeTae: “You actually expect too little. Surely, love and sincerity and important, but someone like you needs respect, someone funny, with a good job, someone smart and good looking, just like you. Your expectations are too low for such a great person like you.”

Y/N: “As if I’m gonna find any of that…”

TaeTae: “But there’s someone like that right here for you…”

He didn’t send the last text. Besides, you would never see him as more than a friend. But God, he wanted to tell you everything he loves about you so much. He was in pain because of you ignorance for his feelings, but he loved you too much to let go.


Another movie night at boys’ dorm. Those 7 dorks and you became really good friends lately. They always invited you to movie nights, or simply to see them practise and you liked it. Or, to be more honest, you liked him. Jungkook, the maknae, really stole your heart. His full of confidence personality on the outside, but really shy behaviour on the inside really struck you. He always seemed brave and fearless whenever he had the chance to, but in reality, he was the most scared out of the boys. 

This time you were watching a romantic comedy film, Jin’s choice. You sat next to Jungkook that seemed really concentrated on the film. Little did you know that he actually felt really anxious sitting next to you. His heart was beating so fast, his cheeks were completely red and on top of that, he was sweating. You, of course, didn’t notice any of that. A bit after the film started, Everyone got bored and left, except you, Jungkook and Jin.

Suddenly, Jin said out loud: “You two should be dating!”. At first you were shocked because you thought he was referring to you and Jungkook, but then realised he was talking to the characters from the film. It seems like Jungkook thought the same thing as you did.

Kookie scrunched his nose as he looked at you and murmured “Maybe he’s right.”

Your cheeks were burning and your pupils dilated. You watched him as he was laughing in embarrasement, got close to his ear and whispered “He definetely is right.”