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So glad we don't have to spend 3 months with people being worried about Emma/August in the AU, LOL. Where are those trolls who were sure that was happening?!?! And now that we know Emma is the real Emma, I don't think I care too much about which version of Hook she's meeting. It seems like Emma and Regina might be splitting up and we'll get Emma w/ Hook and August, and Regina w/ Robin. Should be interesting!

Yep! I mean, I would have never worried about August and Emma in any way shape or form but I get what you’re saying.

I’m with you, I couldn’t care less what version of Hook she’ll be seeing. It’s going to be fun and hilarious either way, I’m sure. And I kind of love that she’s met all of these different versions of Hook and in every single one of them she’s been herself and he’s been without his memories of her. Past Hook, Deckhand Hook and now older Hook. That’s so cool to me, I love it!

Oh my god tho…

My Adam being unable to find Blake after the Fall of Beacon, being absolutely worried sick from what he heard about her injuries so he spends months looking for her afterwards… So when he gets word that she’s in Menagerie, he takes the next flight there to see her.

My living situation is terrible, but my apartment location is basically perfect. I walk almost everywhere, slow as I am. I really only take the bus to therapy, and that’s because I stopped going to the mental health clinic branch six blocks away after Nine. I should use the bus for grocery shopping because there are cheaper stores, but honestly I just shop at the more expensive places I can walk to because somehow that seems like less effort despite the fact that it is actually more effort. I live close to almost all of my doctors. I walk to my classes, which are at several different locations. I spend less than $15 a month on bus fare, which is nothing even if you consider that I have the discounted disabled-person pass. Damn, I like this location.

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Ah sorry, that's for a different blog, I'm on mobile hahah but I hope you like the prompt :D

Haha it’s okay! :D

And I know it wasn’t meant for me but I actually have something for it! (I was talking about it with my friend some time ago so that’s why … and because I like that prompt ok)

- Victor would be this really disapproving dad, you know which I’m talking about, like “WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU ARE DATING MY SON?? NO WAY YOU’RE NOT ANYMORE GET OUT BEFORE YOU WILL SPEND NEXT MONTH IN THE HOSPITAL-” ”VICTOR NO.”
- Yuuri doesn’t really know the guy yet so he is just like ok victor doesn’t like him so he must have a reason. But also jj somehow made yurio like him so maybe he is not that bad??

The prompt was about how would the entire Yuri defense squad react to JJ dating him, but I’m not good at that stuff it wasn’t even meant for me in the first place so I only got that much- hope you like it tho! 

The worst thing about life is that it isn’t fair. Hard work and passion aren’t always rewarded. Sometimes you pour weeks, months, years into a project only to have it rejected by reviewer 2 because they don’t like your methods. Sometimes you spend months training for your dream race, only to get a stress fracture five weeks before the gun goes off. Sometime failure isn’t a learning experience; sometimes it is just failure. Sometimes you reach rock bottom and just keep digging, because what’s the point of even trying. Sometimes you hit the wall and instead of climbing over it or breaking through, you beat your hands bloody against it until your spirit is broken. Sometimes, despite your best efforts and intentions, your hard work doesn’t pay off in the end because you just aren’t enough. Most of the time, defeat doesn’t equal a glamorous comeback story, but instead a slow, silent crushing of your dreams.


Oh Seer, you’re such a charmer~

Things are progressing well with AFA! We’re spending most of this month just adding more alterations/additional scenes. We’ve got a pretty good idea of how much more we’ll be adding to the script but, who knows, we might end up adding even more.

These screenshots are from the in-progress steampunk-adventure Visual Novel; A Foretold Affair. You can follow this blog for updates and more screenshots~

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Expedition 50 Soyuz Rollout (NHQ201611140034) by NASA HQ PHOTO
The Soyuz rocket is rolled out by train to the launch pad at the Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan, Monday, Nov. 14, 2016. NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson, Russian cosmonaut Oleg Novitskiy of Roscosmos, and ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet will launch from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan the morning of November 18 (Kazakh time.) All three will spend approximately six months on the orbital complex. Photo Credit: (NASA/Bill Ingalls)

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the entire plot of yoi is that yuri comes into his confidence and is able to see himself as sexual. that's not being demi, lmao.

ok well that’s not the “entire plot” but i’ll give you a break and ignore that and just go into explaining the demi part

the first time he’s asked to think of something that makes him feel sexual love, he goes to pork cutlet bowls. he goes to a food because he cannot think of anything other than that, not even people, that instills love within him.

the second time, he’s able to do it by imagining himself as someone else in the story he’s reenacting. he personally cannot feel sexual love (at the moment), but he can imagine himself as someone else who can.

the third time, after spending months on end with victor and getting closer and closer to him, he’s finally able to say, “yes, i love him now, and i can use that in my performance”. it took him an extremely long time to be able to use his own personal feelings in eros.

is that not demisexuality??


Useful posts on how to write comments for fanfics - [here] & [here]

On a personal note. I’ve met wonderful people throughout fandoms and by leaving comments. I’ve made great friends, some even on comment sections, as we shared our enthusiasm for the same story. 

People who like the same ships often hold similar character traits and life experiences; they’re people who would get you. The bonds in fandoms only strengthen when people meet other people as humans - and there are fantastic humans waiting to meet you. 

Leave a comment. :)

((Methodology For Data Collected

For this, I’ve used AO3, currently the most popular fanfiction website. 

I’ve taken the first ranked story in each ship, completed, rated by kudos - since bookmarks on AO3 can be set to private so the counters don’t reflect the real numbers - to reflect the stories that had the most positive feedback in their category.

For the comments, I’ve (falsely and intentionally) assumed the numbers represented are singular comments from singular, different users (tipping the scales in favor of the commenters). For Destiel, Johnlock and Spirk I had to pick the second story by kudos, since for the first the deviation error (assuming the author haven’t replied and there aren’t discussion threads included in the comments) was far too high for the ratio to be accurate, and my initial assumption couldn’t be applied. My apologies to the authors. 

The data was collected on May 2nd , 2016.))


sailor moon appreciation month (day 10) >> haruka tenoh/sailor uranus


Rory and Jess after the series finale; life in New York