hello everybody! i’m back here with one of my awful guides about how to survive university. i’m back because i struggled a lot last semester (aka my first academic semester, yay) but i guess i’ve finally found my balance!

What was hard to get is that the fact that i’m very busy with academic life doesn’t allow me to let myself rot. You heard that: you gotta take care of yourself, buddy. It was hard to learn, at least to me, because i get totally absorbed by work and everything but i’m trying to think about myself as well. Here’s what i wish i knew when i first move out:

  • eat yummy food: i spend four months dying to go back home just to eat something which wasn’t almost uncooked meat or terrible veggie burgers but this semester i’ve somehow decided i wanna treat myself. I trying to cook myself food (a+ food) and sometimes i make extra food so that i can freeze it and eat it whenever i don’t feel like cooking. I’ve discovered nice recipes just browsing the internet! (unfortunately, i’m italian and i can’t link you my cook blog references but i’d be happy to translate it for you so just text me if you wanna know more!)
  • body lotions: fucking use it! they make you skins softer and scented and i swear they make me feel like i’m truly taking care of myself!
  • clean your room: sometimes you are just overwhelmed by work and everything but you’ve gotta remember that a nice and tidy environment is truly helpful! (i can’t tell you more because i’m still working on it lmao)
  • allow yourself to relax: sometimes i feel guilty when i’m not studying so i force myself to keep my eyes on books but sometimes i feel like it’s  counter-prodictive.  The more you study the more tired you are and it’s tolerable when exams are on because you know you’re gonna relax as they’re over but how about when they’re still far? Just chill: you’ll be refreshed and stronger for your exams!

I haven’t visited our family’s “summer” cottage in ages… and this really is my happy place. I’m feeling more emotionally calm and relaxed than in months…

here’s a list of theories for the upcoming episode “The Audit” (note: most of them involve jazz brunch):

  • Jake and Amy find this DOPE jazz brunch place which they declare their new fave, when they run into Teddy. “What are you doing here?” “This brunch place has pilsners. You two should try some.” Jake and Amy are immediately disgusted because they both kind of really hate pilsners and secretly make plans to leave and never come back. Half because they don’t like pilsners and half because running into teddy would be awkward since Amy stomped on his heart and all. And as cool as finding a jazz brunch was “Is it really important that our brunch place is jazz-themed? I mean who are we? Ryan Gosling?” “Didn’t we already make a membership card for this place though?” “Ugh, don’t remind me Jake, I’m going to spend a month untangling that mess.” “Don’t you mean we?” “No, Jake. No.” Anyway their secret plans turn out to be not so secret because Teddy overhears them and is hurt and the next day they are all shook because they run into Teddy again- but this time it’s not just their brunch place that’s at stake. It’s their work place.
  • The Nine-Nine gets ready for their precinct evaluation. They’re confident, they’ve got confetti prepared to celebrate for when their precinct is declared Not Shut Down, and they’re bragging about how they’ve heavily contributed to the drop in New York’s crime rate. “Our precinct single-handedly took down all crime this year!” “No we did not, Detective Peralta. Please do not say anything like that to our auditor when they get here.” “Sure, Cap’.” Holt only sighs at Jake winking and goes back to his office with a slight smile, because even he is confident that they’ll do great. And then Teddy comes in, Amy lets out a little shriek, and as part of their emergency plan Jake and Amy are forced to leave the building lest Teddy finds out they still work there. (Which he does, because Teddy’s a good detective. Also Amy and Jake’s names are still on their desks.) Jake and Amy decide to hide out in this jazz brunch place, and whilst everyone is having the Nightmare of their lives trying to make sure Teddy’s kept happy and doesn’t shut down their precinct, Jake and Amy are in Jazz Heaven.
  • Teddy walks in on Jake and Amy doing something intimate- hugging/kissing/bantering/holding hands/making eyes at each other. He interrupts them and they both nearly have a heart attack when he reveals himself to be their auditor
  • Jake and Amy panic when they find out Teddy’s their auditor. They spend the entire day walking on eggshells because they could lose everything, and the work family they love so much could lose everything too, and it’d be their faults. But then at the end of the day they find out that Teddy ain’t at all bitter about them being together. In fact, he has his own girlfriend/boyfriend/non-binary date mate now. And they love pilsners just like he does. In fact, they met at this Pilsners Appreciation Getaway and it was very romantic. Teddy still understands why they’d be worried though, and because he thinks it’d be best for them to have an auditor who they won’t suspect has any unrelated objectives or ill will, he gets himself replaced with another auditor. Except he had no idea his replacement used to date Terry. 
  • Jake and Amy pretend that they’re not dating the whole day, even acting as if they hate each other, setting up fake arguments and the like. Teddy eventually buys it and decides not to shut down their precinct. He supposedly leaves, but when Jake and Amy are caught making out by Teddy himself in the carpark/bathroom/some supposedly hidden place, he gets a heart attack and has to be replaced by another auditor. “Our fake fights got us really horny! Can you really blame us for making out and accidentally giving our auditor a heart attack in the process?”

Feel free to add your own!!

Other authors: You can’t have gay people and people of colour in fantasy stories set in a Medieval setting, it’s unrealistic!

Me: This is my book the main romance is between two women (one is a woman of colour) the main character’s uncle is black, there’s a badass East Asian lady warrior who advises the queen (also not white). There are a handful of small parts occupied by black and brown people. (It’s a small cast.) Also I wrote this in a month completely off the cuff and you’re telling me you spend months and years writing and somehow you manage to only write about white cishet characters?

I think if you don’t spend at least four months out of the year battling the cold and ice and snow you lose your humanity and humility. that’s why californians are the way They Are


Useful posts on how to write comments for fanfics - [here] & [here]

On a personal note. I’ve met wonderful people throughout fandoms and by leaving comments. I’ve made great friends, some even on comment sections, as we shared our enthusiasm for the same story. 

People who like the same ships often hold similar character traits and life experiences; they’re people who would get you. The bonds in fandoms only strengthen when people meet other people as humans - and there are fantastic humans waiting to meet you. 

Leave a comment. :)

((Methodology For Data Collected

For this, I’ve used AO3, currently the most popular fanfiction website. 

I’ve taken the first ranked story in each ship, completed, rated by kudos - since bookmarks on AO3 can be set to private so the counters don’t reflect the real numbers - to reflect the stories that had the most positive feedback in their category.

For the comments, I’ve (falsely and intentionally) assumed the numbers represented are singular comments from singular, different users (tipping the scales in favor of the commenters). For Destiel, Johnlock and Spirk I had to pick the second story by kudos, since for the first the deviation error (assuming the author haven’t replied and there aren’t discussion threads included in the comments) was far too high for the ratio to be accurate, and my initial assumption couldn’t be applied. My apologies to the authors. 

The data was collected on May 2nd , 2016.))

You know after everything we’ve seen so far, it got me thinking, how Victor’s FS Program, “Stay Close to me” might be foreshadowing a possible ending, my total guess here, but just listen to the last few verses of the song. It’s like Victor’s narrating his final feelings for Yuuri. Feelings he’s got the chance to understand not only after the banquet night, but after all those 8 months spend together.

“Stay close to me
Don’t go
I’m afraid of losing you

Your hands, your legs
My hands, my legs
The heartbeats
Are fusing together

Let’s leave together
Now I’m ready”

Victor is ready to leave, he’s ready to retire, but he wants Yuuri to be willing to become part of this new future. And you get Victor’s afraid, afraid of losing that one precious thing he’s manage to find. “Stay close to me. Don’t go. I’m afraid of losing you.” And this is something which can be interpreted from both Yuuri’s and Victor’s perspectives, they share the same fears, and at the end they want the same thing. “Let’s leave together. Now I’m ready.” It presents this idea of the start of a new life, the start of a new beginning, which they are no longer afraid to face, they see things clear now.

And we know about the duet version of “Stay Close to me”, meaning the song might be telling a story, since they met and now after 8 months the song can finally come to an end, with both men standing side by side. The series starts with this song being an individual routine, while at the end it changes itself into a duet. Them standing together has change the complete sense of the song, it’s like the verses are adding up and the gears are starting to fit. Their time together and what they plan on doing for their rest of their lives is sum up in those two lines of the final verse. Their heartbeats are now one, they stand together, now they are ready.

the signs when ghosted
  • gets the "hint" right away but is angry about it for 29483 years: taurus, gemini, libra, pisces
  • takes a while to get the "hint" but is instantly over it: cancer, scorpio, capricorn
  • gets it right away and is over it right away: aries, sagittarius, virgo, aquarius
  • literally never even notices, spends months to years still thinking they're an important figure in the life of the ghoster: leo

tony had his chest mutilated in a cave while awake like honestly that alone will justifiably fuck you up

then he walks out of that one with a metal tube in his chest that’s deep and wide enough to fit pepper’s fist. proceeds to spend THREE MONTHS working at gunpoint while convinced that his captors had no plans to let him go alive. he was waterboarded. watched yinsen be psychologically tortured and die. then he walked in the desert for god knows how long

came back home to find out that his surrogate father paid terrorists to have him killed and double-dealt weapons whose death toll tony now blames himself for. that same man physically paralyzes tony and talks to him and makes him WATCH as tony’s pacemaker – the one keeping his heart beating and covering the hole that was carved in his chest against his will while he was still conscious – is forcibly removed

and that is movie O N E. completely disregarding all the other “lesser” but still near-death battle moments in that same movie that do fulfill the clinical definition of trauma. and let’s not even touch the childhood issues always looming in the background. i mean cap 3 established that before all this shit happened, tony ALREADY had severe grief-processing issues

like. in what universe can the whole “tony Hasn’t Had It Bad Enough” argument possibly gain traction with this character lmao? for starters, that’s a shitty ableist argument that shouldn’t gain traction ANYWHERE, but it’s also like. entirely and irrevocably unreasonable when it comes to tony because if trauma could indeed be weighed on a balance then like… tony’s Trauma Weight ™ is still so fucking off the charts that the charts themselves become sentient just to laugh bitterly at how off them tony’s Trauma Weight ™ is

cause of death: au fics where lance spends months gushing to shiro about this beautiful emo boy he’s stupidly pining over, only for keith to show up one day and start talking with shiro like it’s no big deal, and lance is really confused over how they know each other only for it to suddenly dawn on him that kEITH IS SHIRO’S BROTHER AND HOLY SHIT HE’S JUST SPENT THE PAST 6 MONTHS CONSISTENTLY RANTING TO  SHIRO  ABOUT HOW MUCH HE WANTS TO HOLD HANDS AND MAKE OUT WITH HIS LITTLE BROTHER RIP HIS SOUL