spend the rest of my life with you


Nico waits until the front door closes, then bends down close to Allison, hoping his face didn’t show his irritation. 

Nico: Allie, why would you suggest I go with them to Newcrest? You know I hate that place with everything I have in me.

Allison: Yes but…Nico, you haven’t seen your parents and your siblings in so long and-

Nico interrupts: So what? I could spend the rest of my life and longer without seeing my parents. As for my siblings…they know how to reach me. Remy showed up here just fine.

Allison: Yes but…I’m worried.

Nico nervous: Worried? About what?

Allison: About Lala. And Remy. The thing is…Lala is pregnant. Don’t say a word! I don’t know if she’s told him yet. But you see how Remy treats her. I’m worried he’ll stress her out, upset her even more. 

Nico sarcastic: Pregnant? That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Wow.

Allison sharp: Nico! Don’t judge.

Nico: Nope, I’m judging the sh*t out of that situation. Pregnant? With Remy’s kid? Who in the world would want to have a kid with Remy, of all men?

Sleepy Sean

- Sean and Felix being at a party when Sean starts to get super tired.
- Sean getting all whiney and pouty
- Felix getting the hint and bringing Sean home
- lots of cuddles
- lots of sleepy kisses for Felix
- Felix forcing the boy to get out of his day clothing and into sleep wear.
- “iiiiimmm tiiirrrred”
- “Fe~ come to bed with me”
- Felix laying down with Sean so the boy can sleep.
- Sean sleeping easier when with Felix
- tired confessions from the boy
- “your the best thing that’s ever happened to me”
- “no one could replace you”
- “I want to spend the rest of my life with you”
- Felix shushing and running his fingers through the boys hair until he falls asleep
- Felix not being able to fall asleep till after Sean.

anonymous asked:

I wish i could have a direction in life instead of being wishy washy barely there never anywhere and floating through life. Right now nothing feels real and i guess i wish i could feel less jealous when people have goals and wishes and action and will act whereas I'm afraid I'll just spend the rest of my life stuck in a rut being mediocre and unable to commit to anything... i wish i could love life and the things i do. I love nothing enough to see it though.. I'm very sorry.

Don’t be sorry, sometimes the journey is as fun as finding the treasure. It’s alright to be wishy washy sometimes, try to get out there and look around. I’m sure you’ll find something one day. Don’t give up!

anonymous asked:

"I love you. I love you, I love you, I love you. And I want to spend the rest of my life with you. But it just really sucks that you live so far away. I just wish I could wake up by your side every morning, telling you how much I love you - and mean it - and kiss you goodnight at the end of every day and soothe your nerves if you have nightmares in the middle of the night. I want to do all these, and maybe I will. One Day. I love you" - things I think about when I can't sleep

i kept this is my inbox as i believe it’s from a guy who used to love me. now i done so here, funny how people change

Being a highly sensitive writer is… difficult. The moments I’m able to sit down with an empty mind are rare, I’m always tired and my moods change so quickly that it’s hard to get into a pace. When I get home, I can’t shake off the outside environment, and it takes me hours to reload. These days whenever I have some free time, I need to rest. Writing isn’t always fun, you can’t just do it leisurely and expect it to take the form of a novel one day. But my brain doesn’t often have free space to spend on anything other than the absolutely necessary, which is school and keeping up somewhat of a social life.  

“Do you have any idea what my home life was like? Growing up with six sisters who looked *exactly* like me? It was like I didn’t even have my own name. I joined the circus because I was scared of spending the rest of my life as part of a matched set. At least I’m different now. Circus freak is a compliment!”

I loved Ty Lee with her chi-blocking fighting style! 

Lance: Hey, have you guys noticed how every Galra we meet has the same like, head ridge thing? Like a mohawk except it’s their skull or exoskeleton or whatever

Hunk: I honestly hadn’t really noticed, but now I’m gonna spend the rest of my life looking for it, so thanks for that Lance

Lance: I’m just fighting the good fight my guy. But anyway, my point was- Keith, do you think you also have something like that?

Keith: No?? I mean, you’d be able to see it, right? If there was… (voice trailing off) nothing in…

Lance: (triumphantly) Exactly! Keith, your weird mullet is covering it up!

Keith: (nonchalantly begins to frantically pat top of head) I. What? No, no there’s no way. You guys are being ridiculous. (dodges Hunk’s hands) Stop touching my hair!

Pidge: There’s only one way to find out for certain. I’ll get the razor.

Keith, immediately: You are not shaving my h-

Lance: (stands on the couch in a victory pose) HASTA LA LATER, MULLET

when i tell people i want to spend the rest of my life with you
they think i mean that i plan on marrying you
but i have no plans on getting down on one knee for you
my plans with you include holding your hand as we walk through life together
my plans include being your friend
your best friend
as you are mine
after all
we don’t need rings and a piece of paper to prove our commitment to one another
we just need love.
—  Anonymous said: hi! could you please write something on platonic love?
(cc, 2017)
an all or nothing kinda guy
  • Otabek: are you gonna go on a date with me or not?
  • Otabek: are you going to kiss me or not?
  • Otabek: are you my boyfriend or not?
  • Otabek: are you taking my hoodie or not?
  • Otabek: are you going to visit me in Kazakhstan or not?
  • Otabek: are you coming to meet my parents or not?
  • Otabek: are you moving in with me or not?
  • Otabek: are you getting a cat with me or not?
  • Otabek: are you washing the dishes or not?
  • Otabek: are you ready to spend the rest of your life with me or not?
  • Otabek: are you saying 'I do' or not?
Riku literally has NO CHILL when it comes to his best friend.

KH1 Riku: Oh, Sora found new friends? Fine, I’m gonna go sulk in darkness for the next few months.

COM Riku: Sora, I’ve finally learned how to handle my dark side - oh, he’s sleeping. Better go on a dangerous journey that could potentially cause darkness to take over me again just for the slightest chance of waking him up.

KH2 Riku: I’m too ashamed for you to see me like this, Sora, but I’m still going to casually stalk you and be helpful. Also, I’d be cool with spending the rest of my life on a beach in the World Between as long as it’s with you.

Coded Riku: I’m not even the real Riku and you’re not even the real Sora, but I feel very concerned about your well-being for some reason. For a journal, I seem to have an awful lot of real emotions. Weird.

358/2 Days Riku: I’m sorry that I’m being a bit of a jerk, Roxas, but Sora can’t wake up if you’re still around. You understand, right?

BBS Riku: I want to be strong so I can protect the people I care about. Sora. I’m talking about Sora.

DDD Riku: So, those two people love each other? I’m going to make blatantly obvious parallels to Sora and I. Dearly Beloved is the combined song of our souls. Sora is in trouble, I’m going to JUMP INTO HIS HEART AND SAVE HIM NO MATTER WHAT THE PERSONAL COST.

this is random but i feel like i have a moral obligation to promote these fics on more than just my sideblog sooooo if any of you enjoyed Captive Prince, you NEED to go read a few fics right this second, okay? okay.

  • Love of the Second Star (this one is complete now yay)
  • The Veretian Flytrap (a wip that updates every couple of days and has been literally murdering me for a month straight)
  • Touch You (this is a wip by the author of Love of the Second Star and it’s updated twice so far, but i can tell it’s gonna kill me)

these fics are honestly amazing and i’m gonna spend the rest of my days pondering how i can convince these authors to write larry fics too. 😈

OKAY? okay, thank you for your time and you’re welcome for reccing these fics. they will truly change your life for the better. 🙌🏻