spend my money in food

Allura: I suppose I should talk about how the cafe was founded. When I graduated college my father proposed to me I run my own small business before taking on the family company.

Lance: Allura here is the princess of Altea department stores like… for real. She is swimming in the hot okane* stacks!! ( money)

Allura: Yes well. I have always been interested in the idea but many of the maid cafes around us lacked subtly. While I love delighting and entertaining with more of the otaku brand culture, I wanted to add my own. We often hold lessons on fine dining and western tea. Helping our customers become more eloquent and elegant and poised.

Coran: I of course as her father’s assistant, saw to that Allura was doing her job.

Allura: Now I love the shop, struggles aside it is so rewarding.

Coran: Now for the rest of you scrappy lot!

Allura: Yes! Why did you all join us?

Shiro: Ah.. i-it seemed interesting (( 'cause he liked Allura))

Lance: Y-Yeah good work opportunity (( ‘cause he liked Allura ))

Hunk: I get to spend time with my b-buddy! (( Lance’s wingman/ free food ))

Pidge: Money. (( Lance’s backup wingman…. and really money ))

Keith: Broke a window.

Keith: It’s alright. A job’s a Job, right? But a reason?

Keith: No reason really.


Chris Evans X Reader
Chris Evans?  My celebrity crush is sitting ten feet away from me and I didn’t notice him like an absolute moron?  Oh my god, my hearts about to beat out of my chest if I’m not careful.
Hi! Are you doing requests? If so, can you maybe do a mini series or something about the reader at the airport on a flight going somewhere and you see Chris Evans and you can’t stop thinking about him and he can’t stop looking at you too, but you’re both too shy to approach each other until fate decides to delay both your flights and his gaze holds onto yours
A/N:Thank you so much for sending this request in! it was weird to write because i’ve never been on a plane before so i knew nothing lol, but i hope you like it!(Sorry it’s not a miniseries, there might be a part two tho!)


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florrelaine  asked:

Hi, i just came across that article headline that said bosses are denying their staff birth control..I’m not American, but can’t ppl just run down to the chemist and pick up some condoms regardless...? Thank you for your time

Thanks for the question.

They can run to get condoms. But they shouldn’t have to.

As a woman I want to be in charge of my own body.

Condoms can break. Men can take the condoms off without letting you know (It’s called stealthing). And if I was raped I probably couldn’t talk my rapist into using one to protect me.

Also, people use birth control for many other medical reasons besides birth control.

But even if I wanted to have lots of sex and prevent myself from getting pregnant by being on the pill…. That’s my personal choice. That’s I choice I make with my doctor. Not with my employer. They don’t get a say in my medical decisions.

I don’t have to explain to anyone why I take the medication I do.
Maybe I take the pill to help my ovarian cysts.
Maybe I take the pill so I can bang guys after a night out.

It’s my body and my choice.

My employer doesn’t get to dictate other parts of my life based on their religious beliefs. They can’t say what I can spend my money on as far as food, music, movies, clothes, etc. Why do they get a say on my medication?

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Don't you have better way of spending money? For like idk... Food. Anything, just. Not bts

I mean I already spend my money on food and school and clothes and… living in general sooo. I didn’t know there’s a ‘better’ way of spending money. And that going to a concert is the ‘worse’ way..am I missin smth?

The day I recovered

just a small reminder that recovery is worth it 

The day I recovered, I went out with my friends without having to check out the menu or find a ‘safe’ restaurant nearby on my laptop the day before. I just went out: had ice cream, pasta and pizza just like my friends and I had an amazing time. 

The day I recovered, I decided to workout with a smile across my face laughing at the challenges I met along the way. I felt the joy of being both mentally and physically stronger. There was no dizziness, sleepiness or tears of pain. I paused my workout video to rest and I was able to continue when I was ready again. 

The day I recovered, I went out to restaurants and was not the last one to order because I did not have to spend more time ordering my meal: asking for alternatives because I did not ‘like’ it or because I had ‘restrictions’ 

The day I recovered, I didn’t need to bug my mom about calling the airline for a low-salt meal because I was able to, without being anxious, spontaneously decide on what to eat when the flight attendant asked me. I chose what I wanted and did not spend hours searching and guess what might be on my plate during the flight. 

The day I recovered, I spend my money on the things I liked and not just on food: clothes, make up and others. I did not spend hundreds buying ‘clean’ ‘healthy’ food just because there were nutritional labels or because it was healthier or lower in calorie. I could buy local foods without knowing the calories and did not solely rely my cravings on the numbers on the nutrition label. 

The day I recovered, I felt the pain of being a women again. The cramps and the change of pads. The joys of eating massive portions and laugh at myself after. My body was able to use the food and did not need to eat away my muscles to survive. I could join in conversations with other girls/women about periods without having to fake that I was going through the exact same problem. 

The day I recovered, I did not have to go to the hospital for check-ups: ultrasounds, gynecologist, psychologist, blood testing and weigh-ins. I could use the time to enjoy doing my hobbies and spend time with family and friends.

The day I recovered, I was not embarrassed in ordering something healthier or something different to other people. Instead, I stood up to myself and told the world that, 

“I’m a recovered anorexic. I climbed mountains and failed. I wanted to die but I decided not to. I starved myself, I was scared of food. I went through tremendous pain both physically and mentally. But I’m proud of myself because today, the food on my plate, was what I wanted and not the demon inside my head.” 

Shit I Pulled In Trade School

I went to Jobcorps ( a government funded trade school operation ) for about a year and while most of my school related stuff was boring , the free time sure wasn’t ( and class could be exciting too )

I was a rebellious 19 year old , away from home for the first time and I went in ready to cause ruckus

I think I succeeded

I’m quite proud of the shit I pulled in trade school as a mere office administration student ~

First off you need to know they grouped students here based on the enrollment day so I had about 15 other kids in my class , and they called these our “ orientation groups ” . We nicknamed each other “ Oreos ” and stuck together like a frightened band of Hobbits on their first quest .

I still talk to most of my Jobcorps class , they’re great people.

Anyway , onward to the mayhem!

- On the first day of school , I managed to convince THREE staff members I only spoke Lithuanian, despite only knowing like three words of that language . Kept the joke running until I graduated and only then did I tell them I spoke perfect English ( they assumed I had learned it there )

- Got my high school diploma while I was there-( a special program they offered for students without one ) and managed to complete a year’s worth of unfinished English assignments in a day ( it was just this super long test but I passed it in like five minutes, the teacher was convinced I was a genius )

-Quickly gained the nickname “ Nyx” for both my dark fury and my obsession with dark and creepy things , plus I love Greek myths so….

- Started an underground food store because the campus was overpriced as fuck , and made BANK on ramen noodles.

- Became the most popular girl in the dorm because I always had food and was willing to trade it for things like money or favours or clothes

“ Hey Aubrey , you got any food?”

“ Bitch yeah”

“ Gimme some then ”

“ You gotta pay me for it ”

“ What? RUDE”
“ I didn’t spend my money on food just to give it away to someone I don’t even like ”

“ You want food or not Samantha? ”

“ -sighs- will you take a shirt? I got a shirt your size I never wear ”

“Sure ! Here’s your food , get my shirt ”

- Got nicknamed “ Top Badass ” in my dorm because I stood up to our dorm manager and successfully smuggled in contraband under her nose

( we weren’t allowed to keep food in our dorm rooms , I did it anyway and never got caught because I perfected the innocent act )

- Had an impromptu production of Harry Potter and made it into a long dramatic musical ( not A Very Potter Musical ,nothing could top that ) and didn’t get in trouble because I got the top students into it , and I got to play a very flirtatious Sirius Black
( wish it had been filmed , it was glorious)

- Found out they were cancelling the art program so I raided the art studio in secret ( I volunteered at the rec hall no one suspected me ) and made off with a bunch of art stuff AND National Geographics ( the art teacher collected them before she was fired )

- Somehow bullshitted my way into the top brass of students , what the staff called “ Gold Students ”, and thus got to go on free field trips and special events weekly and got to go to dinner early

- Briefly became the underground art teacher , and taught a bunch of stressed young adults how to draw their feelings

-Got a cheating boyfriend of mine kicked out , and he’d given me half his stuff the weekend before so I got to keep it because he never came back for it and the school just kinda went “ well he DID give it to you so ”

- Slept in the art studio a few times and never got caught

- Secretly set the dorm managers directv account to record “ Desperate Housewives ” because she looked like one of them

- Wrote DC universe fan fiction in class and wasn’t bothered by the teacher because I was at least doing my work on the side

- Answered questions with questions

“ What are you doing?”

“ What are any of us doing ? What can we do ? We’re stuck on this rock in space , I’m doing my best to forget? ”

“ Are you aware that you’re not allowed to DO that?”

“ What is awareness? How do we decide that? And rules are arbitrary things , we create them but without us to enforce them nothing changes, what is the point? ”

- Hid an entire collection of dvds and movies that I wasn’t supposed to have ( we weren’t allowed personal media) and managed to sneak them into the rec hall so we could watch them

- Enthralled my entire office administration class with conspiracy theories and unsolved mysteries, the favorite one being the Dyatlov Pass incident ( Google it , it’s wild) and then the teachers got in on it

- Made joking plans with a friend of mine to form a chicken restaurant called simply “ Cocks ” , have it look like a strip joint outside , and then be a chicken place inside , with a plethora of chicken items on the menu.

All the waiters are ripped male models , wearing only tight latex pants and bowties. Their latex pants have their names on the legs .

There’s a strict ‘full-homo “ warning at the door , but this is a ruse , only a few waiters are gay . The full spectrum of sexualities is covered, with one obligatory straight guy .

All the sauces are referred to as special sauce in a seductive tone .

If you don’t refer to chicken as cock the waiter will pretend not to hear you .

” Can I get a chicken marinara bowl"

“ I’m sorry?”
“ -sighs- can I get a Cock marinara bowl?”

Waiter jokingly looks at his crotch region

“ I guess I can put it in a bowl ”

The waiters are encouraged to put tip money in their waistbands

The rudest customers get challenged to a throw down called a Cock Show. You have to fight all the waiters in order for us not to call the cops.

Nobody ever beats Duncan.

A fun family friendly no bullshit taking restaurant, that is the neighborhood bane

Anyway that’s a few fun tales, I have more though

Playing Pretend

Yoongi slowly walked toward the small house snuck in between bigger buildings at the end of the street. He needed to do this, it had been weeks since he’d last talked to his mother and he was sure she was getting antsy, if the the 121 missed calls and 53 voice messages meant anything. This was just how his life was and he needed to suck it up. Cause Yoongi had learned early on that pity and sadness only equated weakness. When he arrived at the door, he saw it was just as beaten down as the last time he’d seen it, the paint chipped so bad that it looked like an animal had attacked it. He sighed and rang the doorbell, adjusting the one cheap tie he had bought years ago for occasions like this. His suit was two sizes too big and his dress shirt still had a stain from his last visit (hopefully his mother wouldn’t be able to tell). I mean Yoongi wasn’t poor, far from that, his “extracurricular activities” paid well. But Yoongi also believed in not using money where it wasn’t needed. The money it would take to buy a better suit, he could just give to his mom. Combing his hair with his fingers one last time, Yoongi took in a deep breath and pasted on a fake smile. The door creaked open and before him stood his small, stocky mom. Frown lines more prominent, hair grayer, but smile just as bright as ever. Yoongi loved his mother (She was the only family that was worth shit anyway). And he knew what it would do to her to know how he actually survived. So a couple times a year he would dress up in his “office worker” costume and play pretend. He didn’t want to be a bigger disappoint than he already was. Right when she saw him, Yoongi was pulled into a bone crushing hug that smelled of cinnamon and old memories.

“Momf I canth brefthe” Yoongi muffled as his moms relentless hold tightened.

“That’s what you get for making me worried for days. Come back sooner. Have you no respect for your mother. I wait and wait and you never call or com-”

“Alright, alright sorry, I know I suck, I should come more often, but um… work gets very stressful mom.” Yoongi said cutting her off and finally pulling out of the hug. As soon as he mentioned work, his mothers face fell into a sympathetic and worrisome state.

“They’re not overworking you are they. If they are Yoongi say something, they can’t treat you however they want you know” His mother stated defiantly. Worked up on Yoongi’s behalf. She led him into the house and walked straight to the kitchen. If Yoongi knew his mother, he knew there was a feast waiting for him.

“I know mom. Thanks” he sighed sitting down at the table with copious amounts of food on it. “How do you always out do your self. Mom I’m not starving. I don’t send you money just so you can make me dinner that could feed an army.”

“Just say thank you and eat the food. If I don’t spend money on my boy then who else would I spend it on.” She asked, incredulous. She sat down beside him and started placing food on his spoon and plate. “I only need to see you happy to be happy.” Yoongi’s mom was a sap, and she knew just the words to melt his heart. Had it been anyone else, Yoongi would’ve scoffed and degraded their entire existence, but to his mother he could only smile and shove his face. He knew the routine by now, after stuffing himself with food until he weighed about 20 lbs heavier, Yoongi would be asked a series of questions regarding his personal life, then he would mention his workload and his mom would pack him the food he wasn’t able to finish (which could honestly last him a month) and he’d be on his way. The process took about 3hrs. It was simple and always the same. Except this time Jimin had called him nearing the end of the personal questionnaire portion of the evening and his mother had seen the contact info before he quickly hung up. Now he could’ve made any excuse to who Jimin was, If the idiot thug wasnt as possessive as he was, and hadn’t changed his name in Yoongi’s phone from “Rich Asshat” to “❤️Jiminie❤️”. I mean yeah he’d done it months ago, which gave Yoongi plenty of time to change it back, but Yoongi’s excuse of always being too busy remained strong. (Also there was the fact that his name was saved as “Suga😍👌🏾👅” in Jimins phone and he secretly loved the personal feeling it gave off, but you’d catch him dead before he admitted that). So instead of 3hrs it took 4 and a half, as he kept repeating that Jimin wasnt anything serious but rather just a casual relationship. And the hearts around his name were a joke, but his mother wasn’t truly convinced. So he now had to bring Jimin to dinner next time he came, and it had to be before the month ended, or he’d “see his mother’s wrath”. Yoongi grumbled and pouted the rest of the night and huffed an annoyed sigh as he grabbed the bags of food and gave his mother a kiss on the check as he left her home.

“I’m excited to see him.” She smiled, and then narrowed her eyes and continued, “and if I don’t then you won’t have a mother either.” Dramatic was her middle name.

“Yeah yeah” he waved as he left her behind. Playing pretend for his mother was a habit by now. And he sometimes believed she played along. How else would the warm scene of a broken down family, which consisted of a alcoholic, weak mother and her prostitue son making ends just barely meet make sense. Playing pretend was all the two had left, and they took their roles seriously. Cause when Yoongi left the cabinet under the sink would open and wouldn’t close the day before Yoongi next came. Their fucked up lives took breaks for only 3hrs a couple of times a year. Maybe that’s why when Yoongi was far away, he pulled out his phone and dialed the first name on his missed calls list.

“I don’ like it when ya keep me waitin darlin” the voice slurred as Jimin picked up the call.

“I was busy. With my mom. I told you. Why’d you call” he replied short and straight.

“Cuss I missd’ ma baby, and wanted ta play” Jimin continued, voice filled with flirtations. Yoongi fought back a smile, and kept his voice emotionless, he was prostitute, that owed Jimin a shit ton, nothing more and nothing less.

“On my way. But I need to talk to you about something. A favor.” Yoongi said, fully aware of the teasing that would follow.

“Anotha one, ya really like usin’ me don’ ya. Guess we'r jus gonna have ta add it ta ya list. What does ma darlin need.” Jimin asked amused. Yoongi sighed, this would probably equal a 2 weeks worth of fucking, but it really didn’t matter, he basically owed Jimin for life. And he wasn’t really complaining about it either.

“I’ll tell you when I see you.” Yoongi replied, “it’s not that big of a deal compared to what I’ve asked of you before”

“At this point it don’ matta darlin, I’m doin errythin for ya. An I don’ mind” Jimin answered with the same amused and flirtatious voice that now somehow seemed reserved for Yoongi. “Can’ wait ta feel ya baby” he added his voice dipping low. Yoongi hid the arousal from his voice as he just hummed back and then proceeded to end the call. He knew was fucked, but hey at least he was also getting fucked.

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New filter method for POTs

So I didn’t even know I was doing this but I certainly prefer this method to asking a POT to bring money. Lots of them start asking if I’m a ‘professional’ and even if they were going to bring something as a surprise they feel a little bit rushed into things. 

Instead, recently I have been choosing the restaurants that we go to. This is the ultimate test to see if they are telling the truth about being able to spend money on me. All my favourite restaurants are delicious food and by the end of the lunch or dinner we will usually have spent a total of around 500$ including wine and my scotch. Then you watch their face when they get the bill! If they flinch there’s no second date. This actually works! 

I love the simplicity of this- with a coffee date theres no way to tell anything about the guy- maybe he owns one nice business casual outfit and knows how to keep a conversation going but that won’t pay my bills!

I spend so much time and money making sure my fish have the best of foods and get all their vitamins and are the proper weight and then tonight I literally ate only cheez-its and air heads for dinner so you can all see where my priorities lie.

Thank you so much! I really appreciate it… But I don`t completely believe that someone feel my doodless are good to spend the money on it. I`m very self-critical. Mb I have real self-esteem issues too. I fiercely love drawing (and crazy about one piece, this is my second life). But I can`t afford to сharge for it. My art is not worth it. You can spend your money on food, lodging, medical and etc. This is far more important than my scribbles (that I absolutely love anyway :D) I need work harder. But I glad to see any reaction.

Thank you for this recognition.

And sorry for my bad English.

Your Body [Taki/Mitsuha]

A/N: Before I continue writing your prompts, I gotta post this thing. The inspiration for this fic has been here since the moment I saw the movie which is very long ago, but yep, had time to spare on the plane so I finished the idea. 

Now I can finally write it and remove this thing from my drafts after all this time. Hope you like it ^^ p.s. this is just my take on the ending of Kimi No Na Wa. I’d like to think they will remember^^

Summary: Taki and Mitsuha prove how well they know each other’s body thanks to those many times of body switching. 

Word Count: 1468

Bit by bit, little by little. That’s how their memories would slowly return. Besides dating and just being together, it was like a whole new therapy of trying to search for memories to fill up that big gap with. The big gap with things forgotten.

Memories would come in randomly. Sometimes just for one of them, and they could help remind each other. Other times one of them would not be able to remember it at all.

“I would never do that,” Mitsuha argued. Taki smirked.

“Yes you did. You kept spending my money on food. My money and body suffered greatly.” They both laughed at this. Maybe it was because Mitsuha had grown this accustomed to Tokyo life that she couldn’t even imagine spending someone else’s money.

Another example of Taki being the only one to remember was about the fact that they were living in different timelines during the body switching, but that may have been because he was the one to discover it.

“So that means I’m… older than you?” Mitsuha smirked and poked his nose.

“You’re 22 now? That’s cute, you should call me onee-chan,” she giggled, and Taki rolled his eyes, a blush covering his cheeks.

“Yeah yeah. And no that would be totally weird.” 

One morning, it was Mitsuha’s turn to get flustered, with her lying in Taki’s arms and suddenly curling up, squeaking and whimpering at what seemed the sudden memory of waking up in Taki’s body in all its morning glory.

Taki in turn blushed too and had asked her what she used to do about it.

“Nothing of course! Taki-kun you perv…” Taki always couldn’t help but smile and giggle. Mitsuha was just too adorable. Soon after that he also remembered what it felt like to have boobs. Her boobs. 

He decided to keep the fact that he fondled them like every morning to himself because he knew she’d freak out, until one day when they were about to go to sleep Mitsuha suddenly announced:

“That’s right. I remember now. There was a time when Yotsuha told me I was groping my breasts all the time. Don’t tell me you…?” Taki’s blush said it all and his girlfriend indeed freaked out.

“Taki-kun you pervert!” she squeaked, and she shoved him, her fingers grazing along his side as she pushed him down. Taki flinched in response, a giggle escaping his lips.

Mitsuha suddenly looked smug and she pierced a finger into his side, which he swatted away with a blush.

“Ahh. Still ticklish I see?” Mitsuha teased, her hand dancing around to avoid his own protective hands so she could poke him multiple times.

“What do you mean still?” he asked, looking for ways to catch her nimble fingers while more squeaks and giggles started to mix.

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