spend money on drugs

Mixed episode things:

- Eats a whole fridge out
- Never hungry
- hypersexual
- no sex drive whatsoever
- no don’t touch me don’t even look at me
- bury me in all your affections (@strangers)
- Want to sleep literally all the time
- Not sleeping till 6 am and waking up feeling like i slept for 20 hrs at 8 am
- Motivation? What’s that?
- Getting 20 billion things done at 4 am 
- Angry and wants to fight everyone (does fight)
- Sad and wants to cry (does cry)
- Impulsive decisions??? 
- Doing like 6 kinds of drugs and making plans for more

Ideas how to help homeless people: 

- Say hi. Smile at them. Introduce yourself, ask how they are, listen to them, ask them what they need most. They’re people, treat them like human beings. 

- Buy them food. (Make sure to choose items that do not require plates or an oven!) Some ideas are: Granola bars, beef jerky, a banana.. Basically anything you can open and eat. If you give something that requires a spoon, remember to hand them a plastic spoon as well etc. 

- Buy them something to drink. Water bottles are a great idea, not only because water fights dehydration the best but also because they are refillable. 

- Buy them toiletries (Choose small sizes or else they’re too heavy for them to carry around). Some ideas are: soap, a toothbrush and toothpaste, shampoo, feminine hygiene products, deodorant, tissues  

- Buy them new underwear and socks. Those are very vulnerable when you’re living on the streets! 

- If you want to give them blankets or clothes, ask first if they need them. Keep in mind: Gently used is okay but never give them dirty or torn items, they likely won’t use them and it’s respectless. 

- If you have multiple items (for example 5 pair of jeans, 3 shirts, a pile of old toys), donate them to a homeless shelter rather than dumping them all on one person. You mean well but you would just put a burden on the person as they can’t carry or store so many things without a home. 

- Give them money. Unlike you were probably told, not “every homeless person will spend it all on drugs anyway”. Giving them money (or gift cards to easily accesible supermarkets) gives them freedom to buy exactly what they need when they need it - and in most cases that’ll be a water bottle, a bus ticket to a shelter, tampons or another essential item that people usually don’t donate. 

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You're my basis for morality so I've got a question. Am I a bad person for having my drug dealer boyfriend arrested so I wouldn't have to break up with him? For context, I didn't know he was a dealer when we met, he was kind of a dick, and bought me stuff instead of spending time with me...with drug money...

i…this is…..i mean i would not exactly call that morally sound, but like, as a fellow petty person who hates confrontation i have to applaud you for this

We are offered it once and we decide to try it,
We like it so much that we begin to buy it,
It’s so great, euphoric it’s the happiest we could ever be,
We were blinded by the pleasure of our disease and couldn’t see,
It was just the start, this feeling dosent last forever,
One day you’ll need just a hit to feel a little better,
No one understands you, they say your not the same,
But you haven’t changed at all your just sick of all the pain,
You don’t seem to care, all you need is this high,
It makes you feel so much better helps you get on by,
But a day would come where no one’s there you have nothing left,
So you take a hit and hold it in deep inside your chest,
It’s not enough so you change your ways, you move to a syringe,
You prepare your shot, flick the bubbles and then you stick it in,
It’s terrifying at first, but then it feels so damn amazing ,
No worries about life, but then here come the cravings,
Spend food money on drugs, why eat when your high,
When did the past two years happen to pass on by,
You’re stuck in this loop, of chasing that same hit,
But someday you must learn the greatest high is when you quit
—  (via thelyricstomystory)

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hi :) for a while ive been thinking i have borderline personality disorder, but i'm not exactly certain. can you list some major signs that a person has bpd? have a good day/night friend!

- being terrified of people abandoning you and going to extreme lengths to stop people leaving, even if you dont have proof they will.

- extreme and fast paced moodswings that can cause you to feel highly jealous, ecstatic, angry or suicidal (and more) in a matter of minutes . they often go from one to another.

- black and white thinking that makes you believe something is amazing or awful , no in-betweens. this often happens with people, so youd idealise them one minute but hate them the next. (idealisation then repulsion of a thing/person is known as splitting !!).

- bad impulse control that can cause you to drive too fast, or spend money unnecessarily, or take drugs.

- being explosively angry; often causes physical reactions like shouting/screaming or breaking things.

- feeling empty when youre not going through an extreme emotion.

- not really knowing who you are - you cant see your own personality, so you’ll often copy others, whether that be their opinions or style or hobbies. who you are often changes very quickly and can also depend on the person youre with.

- self harming.

- feeling paranoid; for example, you may be scared that all of your friends secretly hate you, or that someone’s lying.

- dissociation; feeling out of touch with reality. you may feel as if you dont belong in your own body, that youre in a ‘dream’, you dont remember something happening, or everything looks distorted. there are lots of different ways people experience dissociation though !!

there are more symptoms of bpd, but theyre not needed for a diagnosis, or are less common. i hope this helped n if you have more questions youre completely welcome to ask me !!!!

Young chefs works for minimum wages and spends their money on cigarettes & weed…

Adult chefs starts to earn some money, spends it on cigarettes, weed, hardcore drugs, booze, culinary books, chef knives…

Elderly chefs earns decent salaries, spends it on their family and holidays

Make sure that you save some money!
Because when you get retired you’ll need to spend it on your health problems.

Basically you just worked your ass off to become a good chef, ruined your body and mental health over the years in kitchens!

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I'm not trying to be THAT person or anything. But that Stoner AU is kind of bothering me. I mean, taking drugs, drinking alcohol, any of that sort of stuff is fine every now and then, I mean, it's not going to kill you if you have it in moderation. But being a stoner... that shit ain't healthy my dude. That's got to fuck up the way your brain functions and all that. Not to mention you could be spending that drug money on important things like CANDY and KITTENS.

Okay, but, listen to this.

Hetalia is a factional show about fictional super humans that are are also countries….me making a crack AU about one of them liking weed is not the worse thing to ever happen in this fandom.

Honestly…it’s one of the more pure AU’s this fandom has to offer. If it offends you so much might I suggest you have one of these

and chill

1. My parents are lovely people and I regret treating them the way I did
2. I’ve gained some weight
3. My thoughts are not always as healthy as I wish them to be
4. I love you
5. I’m not sure if I made the right decision
6. I should call my sister more often, it’ll make us both feel better
7. I miss you
8. I’m in love with someone else
9. The thought of dying comforts me again
10. I shouldn’t spend so much money on drugs
11. I’m not proud of who I am
12. I’m terrified of tomorrow and the days after
13. Insecurities are killing me
14. I wish you loved me back
15. I want to kiss you so bad
16. I’m getting bad again
17. I want to hurt myself
18. School is about to start
19. It’ll be okay
—  19 obvious things (I’m still in denial)
A Gay former Protestant Tells His Story, A Catholic Commentary in Bold Font

Before I continue, here’s a brief background on me. I grew up southern baptist,[PROTESTANT] attending church every Sunday and Wednesday from the ages of 6-22. During that time, I also completed 3 years of ministry school. Okay. I grew up as Protestant too, before I converted to Catholicism.

Another thing that you need to know about me is that I’m gay. I’m real gay. I have been gay for as long as I can remember, even before I had the vocabulary to let me express what it was that I was feeling. Okay, we are born with original sin. We are born with inclinations to do what is not right, so homosexuality falls into that category.

For a large part of my life I was also depressed and suicidal

(That is horrible, so was I, suicidal behavior is caused by deep suffering and longing for Love of God and the Love of others, like your Mother and Father and Siblings and Friends (I wonder how your relationships were with them or if you were sexually abused—that causes a lot of sexual confusion and suicidal ideation. I am sorry, I love you brother!) 

because I was taught throughout my entire life that everything that I was  and everything that I was experiencing was evil and that I would burn in hell for eternity because of the way I inherently was

See you were taught Protestant Theology. Protestants do not separate the sin from the sinner. They think they are one and the same. They are not. You are not a homosexual by identity. You are a man, first, and dearly Loved by Jesus. Your sins are not who you are. Your sins and struggles are not who you are. They are outside you and within you, a war in your very core. “It is who I felt like within” you say. But it was a deep part of why you were miserable. And you think happiness will be in homosexuality…but it’s shallow. You feel guilty, stressed out, depressed, and hated because there is a war within.  You are (a man and a child of God) and someone who you are not meant to be (a sinner and a man who wants to have sex with men). Those are in conflict since your youth. You knew it did not feel exactly right. It brought some satisfaction but then it also didn’t, because it goes against nature, procreation, the family, and life itself. You didn’t feel good about it NOT because of religion [Protestantism], but the natural law was against you.

I went to ministry school in an effort to “change” and “be healed of my homosexuality”. The only way that I was given an out is if I were to commit myself to celibacy, and being single for my entire life as the only acceptable alternative, and let me tell you that I am not called in any way to be a priest or a monk, and your own holy book states, “it is not good for man to be alone”.

Don’t twist scripture. It is not good for a man to be alone, but his only partner that is fit for him is a woman. She is his other half. They fit naturally together. They create life and a family. If God made in the garden of Eden (which is a simple logical creation story, with deep spiritual significance)…. SO IF GOD MADE  two men in the garden….we all know how that would have turned out. They both would have died of old age…nothing would be made. The world cannot exist in the natural order on the backs of homosexuals.

Since ministry school wasn’t “erasing the gay”, and I was living in Kansas City, MO at the time, I decided over the weekend that I would go to a local gay conversion ministry, Exodus International, on Monday morning to talk about beginning their program. Monday morning rolled around & I checked my email. Guess what was there?
An email announcing the closure of Exodus International because they felt that sexuality could not be changed.
This wrecked my world - for a time.
I picked myself up by my bootstraps and decided to move on with life, quitting ministry school, and beginning to pursue what I really wanted out of my career and life.

That is your story.

Since I have left the church, I am much healthier mentally, and physically. I also live with less guilt, condemnation, and depression than I did when I was in the church. I am, however, still living with the mental, emotional, and spiritual damage that was done during that time.

You did not learn about the real Love of Jesus for you. Even as a homosexual God cares for you. He still loves you. He still wants you to leave it all and make a sacrifice of your life, and all you are, and live the Gospel. 

He still wants you to care for others, your family, your friends, stay away from sin, feed the poor, sit with the lonely, listen to people…be good. I am sad that you missed your opportunity to be saved of the homosexual lifestyle and show others how to live not for yourself and what you want, but what Jesus wants from you.

He wants you to do more things than give up a boyfriend. Jesus, who is God, wants to talk to you, be your friend, do good in His name, do works of charity in His name….have you neglected to do even that much for Jesus?

Yes giving up living with men, kissing men, doing all kinds of things with men is the right thing to do, but have you given up doing other kinds of evil? Do you still curse people, do you steal? Think hateful thoughts? Do you encourage others to do wrong things? Do you drink or use drugs too much? Do you spend too much money on yourself and not think about others? Do you prevent yourself and others from getting diseases? think you are better than religious people for being gay? Think you are better than me, a fellow Christian? Do you give your time to others generously?

If you can’t sacrifice your sexuality, because you need to be gay. That is something so vital in your life. That community is so important to you. That lifestyle is so fulfilling. Than what else can you do for Jesus?

On the last day Jesus will ask you….What did you do for others? How did you Love God? How did you love me? Why did you stop knowing Me? Why didn’t you do this or that? Why did you cause this pain on others? Why were you mean to my children? Why did you fight against Me, I was always waiting for you, and you never came back?

TFP - Mycroft residence scene

I am refering to my former theory, that all of TFP is mind palace, so Sherlock’s view, memories and imagination.

The most ridiculous part of the whole episode, completely over the top scene is Sherlock detecting Mycroft. First of all, his sexual orientation.

This is the movie, which he is obviosly enjoying.

Sherlock is framing Mycroft as straight and old fashioned, as he is attracted to a  movie of the 40ties, showing a male detective and a female suspect flirting (funny because we know, that Mark is a married gay man, while Ben… maybe we see here an opposite of the  real life ;-) But this seams to be important for the story, as we did’t see anything about Mycrofts sexual interests before.

When the male character tells ‘I can put you on a close watch…’ the film is starting to brake and we see a home made family film which tells us a lot if we take the time to look at it in detail:

Happy Mycroft…

and a happy, small, slim Sherlock, maybe 5 years old, with their parents at a picnic on the beach.

In the next picture we see the teenage adipose Mycroft with enormous appetite, scolded by his father.

Mycroft instantly pics up on the childhood film.

Sherlock want’s to play with his brother and father…

but Mycroft seams to be more interested in his book.

and is shocked to read

‘I’m back’!

We see the family waving to the person that is filming - and now something realy creepy happens:

Please watch out and explain…

Are this the eys of the woman that we saw in the film before? - Or is the family or Sherlock closely watched since then?

Remember: (S)he was capeable of manipulating people since (s)he was 5!

Maybe it is nothing, but why… did they reverse the picture? It is just for one second!

The difference between both pictures:

1. The facial expression of Mycroft, who looks sad in the first picture without waving, but kind of smiles in this one and also waves back.

2. The mother ist the same as Mycroft, sad without waving in the first picture, now she is smiling and waves, too. ???

Then the film starts melting. When this is Sherlocks memory of that day, something has been manipulated and he has forgotten the rest of it.

There is no Euros, and we do not know who was behind that camera. ((Euros?), Sherrinford, Uncle Rudy?)

When Mycroft leaves the room, Sherlock can’t resist to scare him with Steven King horror movie images like the blue dressed  girl,

(btw. nice reference to the red/blue theory of some reblogged stuff, nice picture of Ben’s parents, too ;-)

the Clown (Mycroft trying to fight the Clown with the sword and the gun does not work, we learn that he is defenceless, like the voice is telling him.)

the bleeding pictures (this painting looks strongly familiar, like Timothy Carlton alias father Holmes, dressed up like Isaac Newton :-)

And the next two picturers are showing a woman that is looking at the Newton picture, so maybe his wife, Mycroft’s and Sherlock’s mother? (Sorry, did’t get a good frozen picture of it.) But the picture that he is looking at, is showing a young, sad man, a ‘Knight’, a ‘Dragon slayer’ maybe this represents Sherlock.

Clearly, we are dealing with a family affair here.

(…and again, there is no image of a third sibling, no image of a sister (or brother), we only get three – … people always give up after three… so are there other images at this wall??? It is all in the dark, and Mycroft stops here at the picture of Sherlock to fight back!!!).

My assumption is, that Mycroft was much like his mother and Sherlock is more like his dad, as you can see in the short family movie before, they are opposites (Mycroft with mum, Sherlock with dad) in the images, here, Sherlock is facing the same direction as the Newton picture does. I am also recalling the Christmas scene in HLV, where we can see both parents today. She seems to be intelligent, but somehow emotionless cold. Dad is warm and caring. ;-)

All of it should show us as the audience, that this all is not real as it is all presented to ridiculous. But if you have any siblings, it is quite understandable that Sherlock is also making fun in imagining, how to scare his elder brother.

Now about the ‘scary’ part. Who is the scary east-wind (Euros), and what has Mycroft to do with it (her)?

(I am refering to my pre-posts on TFP and EUROS here, sorry, I’m blogging the first time in my life, so please be a little patient as I am still learning how to do it properly also no native speaker ;-)

When Sherlock enters the scene trough red curtains (!!!) like in a play, (can never resist the touch of the dramatic), he wears the deer stalker, symbol of his public persona, not his real self (Rebecca, TJLC explained). He is perfectly well, no signs of the stitches or the injured eye (so clearly mind palace, because this kind of injuries need some time to heal.)

Mycroft wears a red tie, and is standing next to the only lamp with a red lamp shade in the entire room, so if red has anything to do with emotions, this is possibly a heart to heart conversation.

Sherlock comes to the conclusions (to set up his mind palace imagery):
1. He has a sister, Euros.
2. His sister is institutionalized since early childhood by his brother
3. Mycroft is terrified of her
(4. She is out now (John, perfectly well, mentions this). I will come back to this later.)

In TAB we learn, that in Sherlock’s mind, John is always smart and more offensive than we see him in real life.

In this scene, he and John are the smart ones, not Mycroft. Sherlock picks up on spoiling Mycroft’s obviously enjoyment of the movie and that he has disabled his security system (very promising :-). So he is researching the persona of his brother behind his smartness.

Sherlock knows that John has been shot at the therapy session (in real life) , the word EUROS and SHERRINFORD, too (I guess, this is what John may have told him , when Sherlock  found him shot, as this infromation is needed to make the mind palace work).  

To make the mind palest version work, it has to be a tranquilizer (we have seen a real gun, no injection gun 4 times in TLD)– but he needs John at his side now to find out the truth.

He has again used his homeless network and will pay the actors, reminding them not to spend the money on drugs :-)

He give the smart explanation and invitation to Baker Street to John, (he does no longer need to be the cleverest person in the room).

‘There is a place for the desperate, scarred and terrified people with nowhere else to run’ – this is how Sherlock thinks about his work as the world’s only consulting detective, so not a dragon slayer ;-)

And this was just the first 7 minutes of TFP - There is much more to be investigated - I will continue with the next scene in 221B, in case you are interested…

P.S.: Rewatched the picture scene again today, there are 5 pictures at the wall, the first is showing a house, maybe the family home. But the last is not bleeding, showing another person… it is in the dark… I asume that Mycroft does not have a picture of himself at the wall, so there might be another sibling… I like to keep you guessing…;-)

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okay tho no more sad jason thing. what does he do when he's not vigilanting or killing or saving lives. like what kind of hobbies does he have?

…you caught me with this question right after i read lysical’s thousand cranes so all i can think of is origami and the ps4 lmao

but also books. i’m always going to be hugely defensive of jason liking to read books. you can pry book nerd jason from my cold dead hands. he probably had a really good fake id specifically made just so he could get a library card. 

gotham is a huge city. i’m sure there’s all sorts of used book stores scattered around it. i love the used book store in my city – it’s huge and sprawling and has all these nooks and crannies and back rooms in it, and i just live in a regular city. a gothic monstrosity like gotham probably has some awesome book stores, and you better believe that jason would enjoy hanging out in them. and tbh what better way to spend drug money than buying a bunch of books – and also probably donating to the local library(ies?), local charities, leslie’s clinic…

and going off when i responded to the batman musical ask i feel like if you like lit there’s a high chance you also like theater, especially if you grew up around alfred pennyworth. 

jason can probably cook? i’m not sure that he’d be a stress baker/cooker or anything, i just feel like he probably could. another thing that i tie to his relationship with alfred – and, on a sadder note, his mother was probably too out of it to cook a lot, so jason learned how to pretty early on.

jason and the ps4 are now inextricably linked in my brain, goddammit lysical

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Hi Queen V!! Hope you can give me some grown up advice. My father thinks reading YA is stupid. It's his favorite argument whenever we argue about something. That I'm wasting my time and money reading YA books. I already tried to explain about all the awesome things you can find in YA books and even recurred to the argument if he'll prefer that I buy drugs with the money I spend in books. What else can I say, not to convince him, but just so that he stops bothering me?

Um, he’s your dad and I don’t want to be overly rude, but the “rather you buy drugs than books” point is so ridiculous I can’t stand it. Your life is better and will be better because you read. If his biggest issue with you is that you like to read….man, he should consider himself a lucky parent.

Zodiac Men

Not a single Aries male is level headed. They are loud as shit and a vast majority of their time is spent speaking in fragments. All Aries men aspire to be Waka Flocka.

Taurus Men are stubborn as fuck. People die trying to argue with their stubborn asses. Hell will freeze over before a Taurus loses an argument.

Gemini men are the best men in the entire zodiac! If you disagree, you’re clearly an extremely bitter (NON-Gemini) male. :^)

Cancer men are softer than a bag of marshmallows. 99.9% of cancer men will buy their partner diamonds this Christmas and get cheated on by New Years Eve.

Every Leo man on the face of earth masturbates to a picture of himself in a bathing suit.

Virgo males are a “pretty boy” bitches. Lint makes them cry so they drink hand sanitizer for breakfast lunch and dinner then bathe in bleach just to make sure they’re clean inside and out.

All Libra men are peace loving hippies. Their only goal in life is to walk on sunshine and be mistaken for a more beautiful version of Jesus.

Scorpio men are MOST likely to holds grudges. The nigga who fucks your girlfriend because you stole his sandwich in second grade is definitely a Scorpio.

Sagittarius men ALWAYS die tragically. Usually due to something related to alcohol consumption or failed attempts at jumping from building to building; either way, it’s always tragic. Tsk tsk tsk.

Capricorn men are sadistic, greedy assholes. Never ask them for shit. They’re the ones who pretend to be asleep when homeless people get on the train and they get a kick out of it too.

Aquarius men are ALL cool nerds with commitment issues that nobody understands. Every Aquarian male is Han Solo.

Pisces men spend most of their day daydreaming and most of their money on drugs. This is why they live in a box and smell like fish oil.

we were lucky that when my father was diagnosed with lou gehrig’s disease, he worked for the city, so he had good insurance. but i think about him and how much we all suffered without the additional burden of wondering if we should spend money on drugs that may or may not extend his life, because well, it was fatal regardless, so maybe not? these are not decisions people should have to face, but these feckless assholes operate without a trace of empathy, so how do we stand a chance? 

Muse A is a college drop out, living the rockstar lifestyle, minus the band. Spending all their money on booze and drugs, their life is spiraling out of control. Muse B is  hard working, they didn’t go to college because they couldn’t afford it but they make the most of what they have, working a nine to five, six days a week job. Muse B’s friends convince them to go for a night out in one of the clubs down town, hoping they might find a potential love interest. Bumping into Muse B, Muse A is infatuated from first sight. After spending the night together, Muse B knows this wouldn’t be an ideal relationship but wants to remain friends, from that moment on Muse A tries to turn their life around and prove that they’re the person Muse B has wanted all along.

Voltron as things my teachers have said
  • Lance: You need to learn this so that when you're older and with your significant other's parents they'll be impressed and let you marry their child.
  • Keith: Sometimes I scream like a pterodactyl. Not because I'm angry, just 'cause I want to.
  • Hunk: One of my coworkers was feeling sick so I went to her house with a big vat of soup to make her feel better and guess what. Her house is such a mess!
  • Shiro: And that's why you don't give 12th graders meter sticks, they'll pretend it's a light sabre and kill you with it.
  • Pidge: *pointing at an equation* LOOK AT THIS SEXY THING
  • Allura: What do teenagers even spend money on? Clothes? Books? (kid in the back shouts "drugs") *Looks at the ceiling and groans*
  • Coran: Ah, I remember once I went to Gander. I sat on a beach for three days straight watching the ice burgs. (student asks where Gander is) *Expression darkens* That's for you to find out.