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pairing: Jimin x Reader

genre: angst | fluff | smut | au 

warnings: language

summary: who would’ve thought Park Jimin, one of the richest kids in the world, would fall in love with a homeless one?


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ive always been of the opinion that giving homeless people goods (such as food) instead of money (so that they dont spend it on drugs or alcohol or whatever) is so cynical. like i give homeless people money so that they can, yknow, actually have some kind of control over their lives rather than being pushed around my economic hardship. if they spend it on drugs or alcohol thats their choice, but maybe my kindness and many other people’s kindnesses can facilitate recovery. and if it doesnt then thats ok, addicts deserve a place to live

Mixed episode things:

- Eats a whole fridge out
- Never hungry
- hypersexual
- no sex drive whatsoever
- no don’t touch me don’t even look at me
- bury me in all your affections (@strangers)
- Want to sleep literally all the time
- Not sleeping till 6 am and waking up feeling like i slept for 20 hrs at 8 am
- Motivation? What’s that?
- Getting 20 billion things done at 4 am 
- Angry and wants to fight everyone (does fight)
- Sad and wants to cry (does cry)
- Impulsive decisions??? 
- Doing like 6 kinds of drugs and making plans for more

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Are there any placements that would make someone prone to addiction problems?

I apply things like that to natal placements/transits/progressions. I don’t know all of them but I think there’s a general idea of it, so if I don’t name one, I probably forgot it. There are so many, pretty much ANY Neptune energy can be seen as a fall of addiction. So I’m dragging everyone 🙂

(I have also noticed that Virgo energy fall into addiction just as much as Pisces is known to. Could be possible that they channel the opposite energy?)

•Neptune/Pisces dominance (very vague, still applies in my opinion)

•Neptune in 1st/Pisces AC• will become impressionable to addiction and falls to it as they see it as part of themselves, becomes delusional to the idea of sobriety.

•Neptune in 2nd/Pisces on 2nd• will spend their money on things that are addictive and it could be drugs, I see it as a drug dealer placement, wasting money on alcohol.

•Neptune in 3rd/Pisces on 3rd• the brain becomes riddled with addictive chemicals. the mind feels out of grasp, and addiction may delude their mind from sober thinking.

•Neptune in 4th/Pisces IC• takes the addictive feeling and makes them feel like it’s their home. may have had a parent that has fallen to addiction or addiction runs in the family.

•Neptune in 5th/Pisces on 5th• all the recreation becomes addictive, drugs or alcohol can easily be one of those. imagine the party house full of people, and not a single one sober.

•Neptune in 6th/Pisces on 6th• sees the addiction as a healing of their body, and becomes delusional to its negatives. I see it as a placement that’s able to deceive health care into feeding their addiction.

•Neptune in 7th/Pisces DC• the addiction feels like it’s completing them as a person, as if it’s their other half. it feels inseparable. these people seem the least likely to fall to addiction and are extremely opposed to it in the beginning.

•Neptune in 8th/Pisces on 8th• this may take the native to dark and dangerous places with addiction. running into death and hapless vulnerability. occultists may have an involvement.

•Neptune in 9th/Pisces on 9th• may take this addiction and turn it into a philosophical ideal. experiencing and experimenting all through out, and having it as a means of escape.

•Neptune in 10th/Pisces MC• another drug dealing placement. choice of career involves addictive factors, whether healing or not. a parent could have fallen to some sort of addiction.

•Neptune in 11th/Pisces on 11th• takes in the addiction for its social connections and rebellious nature. the friends they make may have influenced them in such a way to fall into it.

•Neptune in 12th/Pisces on 12th• uses the addiction as a way for them to escape reality and their problems. they feel at home and in their element, identifying with how natural it is for them to be this way.

•Pisces sun/Sun in 12th/Leo on 12th• seems to find themselves through escape from reality. can negatively manifest in such a way it feels like they can’t be themselves when sober.

•Pisces moon/Moon in 12th/Cancer on 12th• the feeling of being at home is a craving they may possess through addiction. can negatively manifest through the mother, who most likely developed it and passed it down.

•Venus in 12th/Taurus or Libra on 12th• indulges in the higher delicacies of escapism and that could be a sort of addiction that takes them away from reality; drugs and alcohol.

•Jupiter in 12th/Sagittarius on 12th• the limit does not exist. these people are on earth physically, but their mind is navigating Neptune land with all the highs and lows of it all. the thrill is what they crave.

Nouveau Départ  | 02

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humor | angst | smut | fluff | smartalec!jungkook | spoiled!reader

word count: 4.5k

Its January, the start of another shitty year at Mendia High and your vivacious parents are coming in 2 months for a report on how you’re doing in the aspects of grades, reputation and of course the long awaited–dating. This means 8.7 weeks to change your attitude–60 days to pull up your grades–1,440 hours to land a decent boyfriend. There is nobody decent enough to help you–therefore you have no choice but to turn to the schools’ derisive dweeb, Jeon Jungkook. Watch yourself struggle to cope with the smart-assed boy as he tries to transform you into a changed lady that everyone would look at differently.”      

“You look like shit.”

“I know.” Yoongi’s bluntness makes you smile a little—even through your sleepy state. You’ve stayed up for so many hours, doing research for the school’s dumb debate team. Now you were enervated and restless due to your now-disturbed slumber pattern.

“Alright, good you acknowledge it—but would you like to explain why?” the terrible audio of the facetime feature does his soothing voice no justice, but you can still make out what he’s trying to say.

“No,” you sigh and continue. “But I don’t want you to threaten to spank my ass even if you’re pretty fucking far away from me right now.”

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Ideas how to help homeless people: 

- Say hi. Smile at them. Introduce yourself, ask how they are, listen to them, ask them what they need most. They’re people, treat them like human beings. 

- Buy them food. (Make sure to choose items that do not require plates or an oven!) Some ideas are: Granola bars, beef jerky, a banana.. Basically anything you can open and eat. If you give something that requires a spoon, remember to hand them a plastic spoon as well etc. 

- Buy them something to drink. Water bottles are a great idea, not only because water fights dehydration the best but also because they are refillable. 

- Buy them toiletries (Choose small sizes or else they’re too heavy for them to carry around). Some ideas are: soap, a toothbrush and toothpaste, shampoo, feminine hygiene products, deodorant, tissues  

- Buy them new underwear and socks. Those are very vulnerable when you’re living on the streets! 

- If you want to give them blankets or clothes, ask first if they need them. Keep in mind: Gently used is okay but never give them dirty or torn items, they likely won’t use them and it’s respectless. 

- If you have multiple items (for example 5 pair of jeans, 3 shirts, a pile of old toys), donate them to a homeless shelter rather than dumping them all on one person. You mean well but you would just put a burden on the person as they can’t carry or store so many things without a home. 

- Give them money. Unlike you were probably told, not “every homeless person will spend it all on drugs anyway”. Giving them money (or gift cards to easily accesible supermarkets) gives them freedom to buy exactly what they need when they need it - and in most cases that’ll be a water bottle, a bus ticket to a shelter, tampons or another essential item that people usually don’t donate. 

We are offered it once and we decide to try it,
We like it so much that we begin to buy it,
It’s so great, euphoric it’s the happiest we could ever be,
We were blinded by the pleasure of our disease and couldn’t see,
It was just the start, this feeling dosent last forever,
One day you’ll need just a hit to feel a little better,
No one understands you, they say your not the same,
But you haven’t changed at all your just sick of all the pain,
You don’t seem to care, all you need is this high,
It makes you feel so much better helps you get on by,
But a day would come where no one’s there you have nothing left,
So you take a hit and hold it in deep inside your chest,
It’s not enough so you change your ways, you move to a syringe,
You prepare your shot, flick the bubbles and then you stick it in,
It’s terrifying at first, but then it feels so damn amazing ,
No worries about life, but then here come the cravings,
Spend food money on drugs, why eat when your high,
When did the past two years happen to pass on by,
You’re stuck in this loop, of chasing that same hit,
But someday you must learn the greatest high is when you quit
—  (via thelyricstomystory)
A Team

Calum x Reader

A/N: A lot of people love this song because it sounds so cute and adorable (I love it too though!!) but it has a deeper meaning in my opinion and holds a special place in my heart.


Calum watched from his window as you stepped into the car with a strange man. Little did that man know that you had done the same terrible deed with that beautiful face to seven others that week. Calum knew that the things you did were for reasons much less than the big problem that you had, your living situation. It wasn’t his business until he noticed the same pattern.

“Is she your neighbor”, Michael asked while following Calum’s gaze out the window, “Calum?”

“Huh”, Calum looked at you one last time before turning around, “I guess….uh…yeah”

“No she’s not”, Ashton mumbled.

“She’s the slut that lives on the street, literally”, Luke shrugged.

“Don’t talk about her like that”, Calum scolded his blonde friend.

“What? Are you in love with her, or did you do it with her last night”, Luke chuckled.

“It’s not funny, at all. I’ve been watching her for awhile, she has a story. It’s not a good one either”, Calum watched as the car pulled into an alleyway on the street and the normal chain of events occurred.

“It can’t be that bad if she’s doing”, Luke only thought of what you did as the biggest sin, which it maybe was but you did what you had to.

“For drugs”, Calum took a sip of his hot chocolate.

“What do you mean”, Michael sat up in his seat.

“She gets into those strange men’s cars, makes money, for drugs”, Calum became a bit angered.

“Why are you getting mad if it’s not even your life? You’re lucky your sister doesn’t do those things, that girl’s not your problem”, Ashton told Calum as you got out of the car and the man drove off.

“I’ll be back”, Calum looked out the window before running down the stairs and out the door.

You took a seat on the curb and stuffed your money in your pocket, shivering.

“Hey”, Calum took a seat next to you.

“You’re the guy that lives up there”, you pointed to his house.

He chuckled, “So you’ve been watching me too.”

You shrugged, “Well you can’t really let your guard down when you live on the actual street.”

He frowned a bit as you shook from the weather, “Take this”, he took his sweatshirt off.

“I couldn’t”, you pushed it away.

“Just take it”, he smiled, “I’ve got more inside anyway.”

You smiled before putting it over your head, “Thank you, I don’t know how I could repay you.”

“Answers would be nice”, he put his hands together as the boys watched the silent conversation through the window.

“What”, you looked up at him with confusion.

“Why do you do that”, he looked in the direction of the alley, “And I know you spend the money on drugs instead of bettering your living situation. And I really don’t–”

“I can take care of myself”, you stood up, “I had a father, he kicked me out, I don’t need you to pretend to be him! What’s next? You’re gonna kick me off the street!”

“I’m not trying to do that”, he assured you, “I used to see you and your parents walking your dog around here, then your mom disappeared, then the dog, then your dad”, he trailed off.

You lowered your head, “My mom walked out on us, my dog who was my best friend passed away, my dad kicked me out”, you kicked at the pavement, “All in the course of the last four months.”

“Come inside”, Calum ignored what you had said.

“What”, you asked, unsure if you had heard him correctly.

“Come in, have a shower, change into something comfortable, have a meal, let’s talk some place warmer”, he held his hand out to you.

You looked up at him, “I-I.”

“If you were able to get in the car with men who are twice your age, you can come inside with someone who’s about your age.”

Tattered Blankets and Mending Hearts Part 1 (Homeless Lance Au)

Lance takes a deep breath as he prepares himself for what he is about to do. It’s only been three months since he got here from Cuba. His momma had insisted that he came to the states since he finally had enough money to do it and there was no way he could disobey his momma. He had found himself an affordable apartment and a job at a coffee shop. At first he would pay to take the bus to his job but his landlord kept coming up with excuses to raise Lance’s rent every two weeks. Soon he could no longer afford to take the bus so he walked the four miles to his job and the four miles back. He decided it was good exercise for him and it could have been worse.

He was right… it could have been worse and it got worse. His land lord continued to raise his rent saying that he was doing so to make sure that ‘people like Lance’ wouldn’t have extra money to spend on drugs and other illegal things. Lance knew the racist meaning to the words, he knew the stereotypes that the man was referring to and it hurt. But the hurt of the man’s word did not compare to the hurt that Lance felt when he couldn’t afford to pay for the apartment anymore. Lance packed all of his belongs into a backpack and a suitcase and left, that’s all he could do.

That’s how Lance ended up in his current situation, standing in front of a dumpster. His two bags leaning against the side as he listens to the sound of his stomach growling. He had long since run out of ‘food’. If that’s what you could call Lance’s measly diet. For the last month of renting his apartment, Lance had resorted to buying as little food as possible. When he got his paycheck from the coffee shop he would go to the store and buy two jars of peanut butter then save the rest of the money for rent and the crappy flip phone he has so he can talk to his momma. He ate one teaspoon of peanut butter in place of every meal. Of course it left him hungry and dropping pounds faster then he ever had but that’s all he could afford. He would make the two jars last as long as possible, then buy two more jars.

His last jar of peanut butter had run out a day and a half ago. The jar now holds water from a water fountain at a park. Lance stares at the dumpster in front of him, a dumpster behind a restaurant only a few blocks from the coffee shop he’s managed to keep working at. He hoists his skinny frame into the dumpster and starts scavenging around for anything that looks edible and praying that no one will see him.

He manages to find enough edible looking food to fill his stomach then climbs out of the dumpster looking down at his now very dirty clothes. He sighs softly and grabs his bags then heads towards the park that’s several blocks away. He ignores the pitiful and/or disgusted looks he gets from people walking past. He’s to ashamed to raise his gaze any higher than the ground. He feels disgusting. He has never felt this dirty or useless in his whole life. He knows it’s a combination of his new homelessness and the fact that he hasn’t been taking his meds for his depression since he couldn’t afford them anymore.

When he gets back to the park he sits down by a secluded water fountain. Over the past few days he’s managed to find an unpopular area of the park and that’s where he has been staying. He strips off the dirty shirt he is wearing, washes it as best he can with the water from the fountain then uses it to scrub down his body. He rinses his hair in the fountain then puts on one of the other shirts he has in his bag. He strips off his dirty pants next, scrubs his legs down with the still wet shirt then puts on new pants. He washes his dirty clothes from the day once again in the fountain then sets them on the side walk next to him to dry.

He fishes out his flip phone from his backpack and cringes as he types in his mothers number, international calls are expensive but with no rent to pay his next paycheck will take care of it, hopefully. When his mother answers the phone he plasters on a happy facade and tells her how amazing America is. His heartaches with every lies he tells his mother but he knows neither of them can afford a plane ticket back to Cuba so he’s stuck here. Stuck lying to his mother about how amazing the place is that he is living in and how wonderful all the food is. He hates his new life. He is ashamed of his new life. But he is doing all he can.

(So this is a new series that I’m going to write, hopefully you enjoyed the first part of it. I haven’t quite decided what ship I’m going to make it yet so if you have any ships that you’d like to see in this story just let me know!)

koe no katachi still got me in tears even the second time around to watching it and i really need to watch it for a 3rd because it is my favourite movie so far <3 

watching things like this is my escape from the shit reality that is life and how hard it really is, too many people arent grateful for what they have and its quite sad to watch because most of them are amongst my close friends, they all go out and do drugs carelessly spending their parents money on it and im here just being grateful enjoying the things i do have and the influence my friends have had on me is bad and  i dont like it because ive just turned 17 and lifes beginning to hit me and im quite scared of getting a job for the first time i feel like im the only one whos really worrying about these things with no one to talk to about it….

p.s. sorry for ranting i just needed to get that out of my system and have no one to talk to about it ly guys <3 

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You're my basis for morality so I've got a question. Am I a bad person for having my drug dealer boyfriend arrested so I wouldn't have to break up with him? For context, I didn't know he was a dealer when we met, he was kind of a dick, and bought me stuff instead of spending time with me...with drug money...

i…this is…..i mean i would not exactly call that morally sound, but like, as a fellow petty person who hates confrontation i have to applaud you for this


The skyline was broken by a cluster of high-rise buildings that served as a stark contrast to the crumbling skyscrapers that had been devastated by the war. The city had never quite recovered from the bombs that had destroyed the entire eastern and southeastern section of the city’s suburbs and wiped out entire neighborhoods within the city boundaries. Although the economy had been decimated by the third world war and the companies and stores that hadn’t been lost still struggled to survive, drug manufacturers continued to make a profit. With the diseases that followed the war like a plague, people became desperate for everything from prescription drugs that could make them forget, to miracle drugs that could cure the illnesses wasting away their loved ones. While most people could hardly afford a roof over their head, drug companies had enough money to spend on sprawling compounds and private security guards to protect their assets.

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hi :) for a while ive been thinking i have borderline personality disorder, but i'm not exactly certain. can you list some major signs that a person has bpd? have a good day/night friend!

- being terrified of people abandoning you and going to extreme lengths to stop people leaving, even if you dont have proof they will.

- extreme and fast paced moodswings that can cause you to feel highly jealous, ecstatic, angry or suicidal (and more) in a matter of minutes . they often go from one to another.

- black and white thinking that makes you believe something is amazing or awful , no in-betweens. this often happens with people, so youd idealise them one minute but hate them the next. (idealisation then repulsion of a thing/person is known as splitting !!).

- bad impulse control that can cause you to drive too fast, or spend money unnecessarily, or take drugs.

- being explosively angry; often causes physical reactions like shouting/screaming or breaking things.

- feeling empty when youre not going through an extreme emotion.

- not really knowing who you are - you cant see your own personality, so you’ll often copy others, whether that be their opinions or style or hobbies. who you are often changes very quickly and can also depend on the person youre with.

- self harming.

- feeling paranoid; for example, you may be scared that all of your friends secretly hate you, or that someone’s lying.

- dissociation; feeling out of touch with reality. you may feel as if you dont belong in your own body, that youre in a ‘dream’, you dont remember something happening, or everything looks distorted. there are lots of different ways people experience dissociation though !!

there are more symptoms of bpd, but theyre not needed for a diagnosis, or are less common. i hope this helped n if you have more questions youre completely welcome to ask me !!!!

Undercover Love - Prologue

So once again; Just like the characters, the back story is a bit hard to portray in a story. So with further ado.. Undercover Love - Prologue : Backstory.

(P.S : Please be patient with the chapters of the story; I’m also writing my other series Amazing Surprises, so I need to take time to write both. Please bear with me! XD)

Kim Seokjin. One of the most powerful names in all of South Korea. Legend says if you call his name in vain, his extremely skilled men will hunt and kill you. To me on the other hand, Kim Seokjin was a loving, caring, special big brother anyone could ask for.

When Jin and I were only at the tender age of 10 and 7 our parent’s had unfortunately passed away. Jin and I afraid of becoming orphans and being split apart became on the run. We lived on the streets either begging for food or stealing it on our own.

At age 16 and 13, Jin and I had encountered two men in black. Unfortunately for us, they were not like the men in the movies; They were merciless, ruthless, and uncaring for our safety. They captured us and brought us to a huge mansion looking house.

We were met up with a big looking man. He offered Jin and I a place to stay but when Jin refused we were threatened. We were brought down to a basement prison where I was forced to sit and watch my older brother get tortured.

One day Jin was finally taken back up to the boss. I cried so hard that day, believing he was taken to be killed, but when he came back Jin seemed calm, at ease almost. I was baffled of course, he was just tortured just hours ago and now he looks almost happy.

Jin explained that he was fine and he would no longer need to be tortured. I thought they had brainwashed him but nothing was different about Jin other than his decision on staying with them. Jin tried convincing me to stay as well but as much as I trusted my older brother, no way in hell did I trust any of those men.

I decided to leave and live on my own, hoping to get a decent job and work my way up. I still kept in touch with Seokjin, texting and calling him every single day; We would update each other on our status. I had found a well paying job to be a teacher at an art school, using my skills of painting to good use.

Seokjin on the other hand had become the owner of the company he was working for, the same company that had offered us a place to live. It was great news but it was still suspicious by how every time I mentioned his job he would quickly change the subject.

It wouldn’t be until a little later that I found out Seokjin wasn’t only a boss of a huge company, no. He was a boss of a mafia gang company. It has been said our great, great, great-grandfather had started the family “business”. It started only as a selling business but as time passed the “selling” business elaborated and became larger, soon becoming a mafia gang.

Our grandfather was the first to announce it a mafia gang, the first to recruit anyone in need of a home and money to be his men, and the first to handle deals illegally. Our father on the other hand was the first to officially buy a mansion and making it the head quarters. That is until he passed away.

I had lived my entire life believing my parents died in a tragic car accident. Unfortunately that’s not what happened at all; A rival gang didn’t exactly like how my father double crossed them in a deal. They hunted them down and hijacked their plane ride, killing them before they could even reach their destination.

When Jin took over he was told not to tell anyone, not even me, unless I wanted to join as well. Unfortunately I didn’t, which forced Seokjin to keep the family business a secret.

Meanwhile Jin had recruited some of his own men. His best man being Jung Hoseok, a professional hitman. Hoseok never misses when he shoots, they nickname him “Domino”, based off the American comic superhero who never missed a shot in her life.

Hoseok was our friend for as long as I can remember, soon becoming the stereotypical “over protective brother”; Any guy I liked he had to approve first, any decision I made he had to hear first. It broke his heart when I had to explain to him I was no longer a little girl and now graduating college to take my teaching in art. But Hoseok will always be an older brother to me, maybe even more than Seokjin himself.

Some of Seokjin’s other men I had not met yet though; Like Kim Taehyung. Taehyung was a professional hacker. Normally one wouldn’t consider hacking a profession, but to Taehyung, it was his life. Seokjin found him on the run from attempting to hack into the highest and most guarded facility in the world; The Pentagon.

Fortunately for Taehyung, Seokjin was able to convince The Pentagon that Taehyung was caught and Jin would “take care of him”. Unfortunately for him though, that meant he would have to live in secret with a fake identity, the entire government believing he was killed by my brother.

Park Jimin was their personal trainer. If you needed to get back at someone without loosing or even just a workout, Jimin is the person you go to. Seokjin found him cage fighting, living off the clothes on his back and the single travel truck. He is now their best fighter and can take out any threats that come their way. Many people fought over him, paying lots of money for him to be on their team, but in the end he went to Seokjin.

Jeon Jungkook was a professional bomb maker. Most people wouldn’t exactly consider bomb making a mafia defense or offence, but for Seokjin’s gang, bombing was one of their trade marks, so of course he needed the best of the best. Jungkook had almost died multiple times making and setting off bombs but the thrill is what kept him from quitting.

Although Seokjin found him in an unfortunate state; When his girlfriend had accidentally detonated a bomb, he couldn’t save her in time before she blew up right in front of his eyes. It destroyed him, and he swore never to make or sell bombs ever again. When Seokjin found him, he gave him hope again. It took some time-And a lot of ice cream-but soon Jungkook was back to building bombs.

There are still others in his group, but they are still working their way up to big leagues. Including; Jackson Wang, Park Jinyoung, Choi Minho, Park Chanyeol, Do Kyungsoo, Chae Hyungwon, and Lee Minhyuk [Monsta X].

Every now and then you will see some females walking around as well, some just being one night stands or others being payed to do anything the guys want. I even once saw Hoseok’s sister at the house-but that’s another story-

Jin even had his first rival gang; “The Vampires”. Their leader, Kim Namjoon, used to be one of Seokjin’s best friends, that was until Namjoon double crossed him and decided to take all of his money to spend it on drugs. It messed up his mind, and now Namjoon is the most lunatic gang leader in all of South Korea. Anyone who crosses his path doesn’t stand a chance.

Namjoon has a knack for recruiting unstable people; he doesn’t give them enough time to train, and when he does train them, he teaches them to kill anything and anyone in their path, no matter who they are unless said otherwise.

His recruits consist of; BamBam, Kim Yugyeom, Lee Taemin, Oh Sehun, Byun Baekhyun, Shownu, Jooheon, Wonho, and a new recruit no one knows of yet.

Unfortunately for me; keeping the secret from me, made me a secret to everyone else that I was Seokjin’s sister-other than Hoseok of course-It was a risk for me to visit, so Jin tried to keep me away as much as he can. It was a bit hard to do that to a stubborn 22 year old.

But of course; I had not known any of this until a certain special day I had decided to visit my big brother; Kim Seokjin.

~To Be Continued~

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For that anon, if you look at the statistics poor white people are more likely to get help and be perceived as deserving of help than poor people of color. POC are seen as dangerous, criminal, lazy, and deserving of their station in life (when they're poor, but not when they have money - because then it's "affirmative action's doing" and not their own merit). For POC the perception is most likely to be "they got themselves in that position" or "they're probably going to spend money on drugs"

Exactly! I was too tired to type something similar but yeah,THIS!