spend hours on it please appreciate it

You know what needs more appreciation in this fandom??

Yuuko and Yuuri’s friendship,,, like

-Yuuko being the one to teach Yuuri how to skate?? Yuuko holding onto Yuuri’s hands as he balances on the ice for the first time, slowly leading him through the motions until they’re skating side-by-side

-Yuuko and Yuuri watching Viktor’s performances together, spending hours replicating his routines and emulating it in their own skating.

-Yuuko always knowing exactly what to get Yuuri for his birthdays and Christmas and vice versa, buying each other only the best Viktor Nikiforov Merchandise

-Yuuri always has Yuuko to cheer for him from the sidelines, her voice usually louder than most other peoples’ at Yuuri’s performances. 

-Yuuri helping look after the Nishigori triplets shortly after they’re born and their poor parents are terribly worn out. 

-Yuuri heading to Detroit and calling Yuuko a few times for comfort before he got comfortable enough with Phichit to go to him. Slowly, he calls less and less and drifts a bit further from his friends and family in Hasetsu.

-When he comes back after five years, he and Yuuko spend plenty of time catching up. Staying up late and watching Viktor’s old performances for nostalgia’s sake, even going skating together, just like old times.

-Yuuko is basically fangirling like crazy when Viktor shows up, not to mention how happy she is for Yuuri to be coached by his idol. 

-She also forms a very close friendship with Makkachin while Yuuri and Viktor are off competing, he reminds her of Vicchan whom she also spent a lot of time caring for when Yuuri was away.

-At Viktor and Yuuri’s wedding Yuuko and Yuuri both get a bit tipsy (let’s be honest, by the end of the night Yuuri’s broken out the strip pole again) and start speaking in a language of inside jokes that no one but them understands and people are mildly concerned and very confused about why they are both laughing so hard they can’t breath

-Yuuko and Takeshi babysitting Viktor and Yuuri kid(s), who immediately becomes friends with the triplets

-A beautiful friendship that lasts for the rest of their lives thanks

Feedback Challenge!

There’s a wonderful post circulating reminding everyone that fanfiction writers spend hours and hours, days, weeks, months, years, working on stories that they provide to you all for free. Often, I feel like the quality of these stories rival (and surpass, even) that of published novels, so it’s really incredible to me that as a reader, I am able to read what essentially amounts to hundreds–thousands–of books at no cost.

Now, no one is obligated to comment on a story or message the writer to tell them how much they appreciate what they contribute to the fandom. But if you sit and read an hour’s worth of a story, please understand that it took way more than an hour of the writer’s time to create. If you liked what you read, sparing sixty seconds to write a comment is not too much to ask for, is it? It may be free media, but I like to think of it more like “pay what you can” in the form of feedback.

So, I’d like to challenge you all.

I challenge you to comment on every fanfiction you read for the next two weeks after you read this post. You can put your comment in the tags, or on a reblog post, or in the replies, or through an ask. You can put your comment on FF.net or AO3. You can even message the writer directly to tell them what you thought! But please leave some feedback on every story, even if it’s just as simple as, “Love this story! Thanks for writing!”

Reblog if you’re up to the challenge! I hope after a couple of weeks, you’ll see that it isn’t a chore or a responsibility. It’s a true pleasure. It feels good to tell others how you appreciate them and their fic. And maybe from then on, you’ll be open to doing this every time! :)

Here are more things you can do to help writers!

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watch "77 actual wikihow articles" and assign article titles to as many skels as you are willing to please and thank


  • UT!Sans: How To Spend 15 Hours In Your Bed Without Getting Up
  • UT!Pap: How To Keep Your Thoughts Inside Your Head
  • UT!Gaster: How To Feel Your Feelings
  • Babybones!Sans: How To Spell A Difficult Word
  • Babybones!Pap: How To Spell
  • US!Sans: How To Overcome Anxiety… Naturally… With Food
  • US!Pap: How To Appreciate Anime
  • UF!Sans: How To Remove Your Own Orthodontic Work
  • UF!Pap: How To Win An Argument When You Know You Are Wrong
  • UF!Gaster: How To React To An Ugly Baby
  • Babybones!UF!Sans: How To Borrow Money From Your Parents Without Permission
  • Babybones!UF!Pap: HOW TO BE GOFFIK
  • SF!Pap: How To Quit Using Heroin
  • SF!Sans: How To Eat Pizza
  • MT!Sans: How To Not Get Shot By A Police Officer
  • MT!Pap: How To Act Shy So People Will Think You Are Cool And You Will Be The Best
  • UF!MT!Sans: How To Give Passive Aggressive Gifts For Christmas
  • UF!MT!Pap: How To Recognise When I’m Getting Argumentative
  • UL!Sans: How To Stop Gangbanging
  • UL!Pap: How To Avoid Becoming A Sexual Predator
  • Error!Sans: How To Make It Appear You Are Hacking
  • Ink!Sans: How To Let Your Parents Know You Hate Your Computer
  • Fresh!Sans: How To Clean Your Dishwasher… WITH KOOL AID
  • Geno!Sans: How To Not Hear Voices
  • Dream!Sans: How To Wake Up
  • Reaper!Sans: How To Breathe
  • (I know I said I don’t do HT but I’m dying here I gotta include this)
  • HT!Sans: How To Operate With A Blown Mind

Imagine Babybros getting together, stealing their dad’s laptop: How To Convince Your Parents To Let You Have A Pet Rock

Okay but consider, someone telling UT!Pap it’s weird that he showers in his battle body and he becomes really self-conscious then Sans opens his laptop and finds in the search history:

  • How To Take A Shower
  • How To Take A Shower Smoothly
  • How To Take A Relaxing Shower
  • How To Take A Normal Shower

Bonus Frisk: How To Fight With A Stick
Bonus Chara: How To Overthrow The Patriarchy
Bonus Aaron: How To Feel A Guys Muscle Without Looking Gay
Bonus Monsterkid: How To Put A Glove On

Painful Bonus Asriel: How To Say Goodbye

Shorty Bae Re-Draw! 
//Watch the speedpaint HERE <3//

It’s me again, Coco, Nice to see you again after so long!

I…I’ve been bad, not at my best tbh, I’m on school time now, at my last year, and things are been tough, more than I though, so you know, stress and tiredness are making me feel pretty bad, along with a really bad artblock.
I also have a little week off, thanks to legal terms in my country,  I think I’m better now, but I’VE BEEN SO UNPRODUCTIVE THAT MAKES ME SAD, I literally spend my week reading fanfics (REALLY GOOD ONES BTW), but at the same time I love reading cheessy love stories, so I’m happy ashfjk, I should do things that makes me happy rigth?, anyway, In middle of my week I tried to draw too, I recorded like 3 videos, but this is the only one I really like, (and the one that I could finish), I wanted to draw Amethyst for long time! ,  beacause I drew her along time ago, and it’s funny see how much I’ve changed my style.
NOW TALKING ABOUT THE DRAW, You know I’m always, really simple with my draws, like, no much of anything, BUT THIS TIME, I DOn’T KNOW WHAT HAPPEND, you can see I literally could just leave the hair like, with simple shapes and still looks good, BUT MY EXTRA ASS WANTED MORE SO I STARTED TO DO THOSE COMPLICATED CURLS AND SHIT EVEn WHEN AMETHysT HAVE STRAIG HAIR. I SPEND 3 HOURS DOING THE HAIR FFS
I still like tho asfgasgfjas, and I hope you like tho, even if is a little too extra, I’ll be happy if you can appreciate my effort (please pet my head and tell me you love me). 
I Hope you like it as much as me
Thank you all for your kind comments and ask,even if I don’t upload as often as I would like,  it always makes my day <3
Love you all, hopefully i’ll see you soon 
Love, Coco <3

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Is it okay to repost some of your art?

Sorry, but please don’t.

I really appreciate that you like my art, but please do not repost them. 

Whenever I see people reposting my art at any site, I start to feel that my work is being taken for granted and people don’t account the hours I spend into making these drawings, even if they’re just little chibis.
It also makes me feel like I do not have control over how my art in being distributed, hence discourages me from continuing to share them. 

I’m sorry if this comes out sounding rude, but please try to understand.

I’m getting tired of seeing people complaining over and over again about art details. You know, it can be very discouraging to read “omg just post the whole picture!!” under your posts several times a day.

Art details are a thing people, it has always been a thing in art studies. As art blog owners, we don’t spend hours doing our edits and choosing the right close-ups just for the sake of our ~tumblr aesthetics~. I know some non-art-related blogs do that, like they oddly rotate a painting, take an anecdotal detail of it and put it in black and white, but please learn to see the difference with an actual art blog.
In real life, like in a museum, you appreciate an art work by looking at its whole, then letting your eyes catching small details and select new points of view on it.
One of the most important art historians wrote a book about art details, and even art amateurs from the Renaissance analysed paintings by the details. Good luck studying the Last Judgement by Michaelangelo from the Sistine Chapel without details!

So please if you don’t like art details just don’t reblog them. I don’t like maaaaaany things on this website but I’m definitely not complaining about them all day long. Also, captions are there for you to go look for the whole picture yourself if you want to. Remember this. ♥

We Met

Characters : Matthew X Reader

Plot : Reader is a big fan of Matthew and his work. Reader is walking around Hollywood when she bumps into someone. 1/3 parts

Rating : N

Dedication to: Beth, my amazing internet best friend <3

Part 2

So far, today had been a long day. I had auditioned for so many parts on different television shows and theater productions, but none of them sounded promising. A shopping spree sounded like a good option to cure my depressing state.

As I walked along Beverly Hills, staring at the many stores I knew I had no chance of affording, a large figure pulled me to a halt, pushing me to the concrete floor. “Owh!” I exclaimed rubbing my back that I had hit on the floor, now placed under my bum. “I am so sorry love! It’s my fault, I should’ve been watching where I was going” The large figure said, placing a hand in front to help me up. I knew that voice from anywhere, it felt like a dream. Surely this wasn’t real, right? I looked up, being met with a large man with sunglasses covering his eyes. I knew who this was straight away. 

This was Matthew, Matthew Gray Gubler. He was my idol, the one I looked up to. I had seen him many times on Criminal Minds and he was the one that inspired me to take up acting in the first place. His shoulders were covered with a thin white t-shirt, with a drawing placed in the middle that I couldn’t make out. His hair was in a tousled mess, however he suited the messy look. My nerves were taking over and I knew that I would end up saying something I didn’t mean. I placed my hand in his large one and he pulled me onto my feet.

“Howdy Mr Gubler! I really enjoy your work. I love how you draw, how you act, everything!” When it left my mouth, I instantly regretted it. I gulped and I could tell that this gentle being could sense my fear. He let out a throaty laugh and smiled, “Aw that’s cute! I like that you call me Mr Gubler but please, call me Matthew” he said and I returned his smile, “What’s your name?” “My name is Beth (or insert Y/N).” He nodded and smiled again, “That’s a beautiful name.” His eyes diverted to the ground and he knelt down, “You dropped this.” He handed me my book that had fallen from my bag and smiled, “I love this book. I read it as a kid” He told me and I nodded and handed the book back to him. “You can have it, Matthew. I have two copies at home” Matthew let out a beautiful smile and took the book from my hand, “Thank you, Beth. I’ll put this in my secret bookshelf” He winked and I smiled, then nodded.

“So, what are you doing here?” He asked and my smiled dropped. “I’ve had a bad day” I replied and he nodded, looking at his watch around his wrist. “Well, I have a few hours before my interview. You can spend some time with me if you like?” My face lit up with a smile and I nodded, “I’d love that.” We walked around to different parts of Beverly Hills, him showing me his favourite parts of the town. A few hours passed and we were finishing our last bits of shopping. “U-uh Matthew?” I said and he nodded, “Can I have a photo please? I’d really appreciate it.” He smiled and took my phone from my hand. He pulled the camera up, put on selfie mode and held it out. Matthew placed his soft lips on my cheek and kissed it, snapping the photo. I blushed, “Thank you so much!” I said and he nodded, with a smile. “Would you like another one?” He asked and I nodded, “Climb on my back, sweetheart” He said and my cheeks turned red again. 

I climbed on his back, him placing his hands under my thighs for support. Someone passed us but Matthew called, “Hey buddy! Can you take this photo for us please?” The stranger nodded and snapped the photo, handing the phone back. “Thank you so much for an amazing day, Matthew!” I said and he smiled, embracing me in a warm hug. “Can I see the photo?” Matthew asked and I nodded, pulling it up. He grinned, “That’s definitely going on Instagram! What’s your user?” He asked and I typed it in on his phone. “Well, I’ve got to get going. It was lovely to meet you!” He exclaimed and I smiled, as he hugged me again but this time placing his hands on my hips. “I hope to see you again in the future” He said and I nodded. He let go and picked up his bags, “Bye Beth” he told me and I smiled, “Bye, Matthew.”

And then he was gone. My phone screen lit up. “@GUBLERNATION has followed you back” it read. I smiled and made my way to my car. My phone vibrated, displaying an unknown number.

“Hello, Beth speaking” I said, confused.

“Hello Beth, this is Virgil Williams. I am one of the writers of Criminal Minds” He said and I gulped. “Hi, how can I help you?” I asked, waiting for a response. “I saw your audition for a CBS drama today and I was very pleased with your performance. I would like to offer you a place on the upcoming episode of Criminal Minds” I stopped in my place.

“Oh my god! Thank you so much” I said as I felt my hand shake. “You start tomorrow. I will send you details of your arrival and the address. I hope you have a lovely evening.” He said and I smiled.

“Thank you, and you. I was just wondering, who will I be playing?” I asked, waiting for a reply. 

“Well as of now, you play Spencer Reid’s love interest.” He replied and I froze.

This was going to be fun…

Under the cut you will find #570 150x150 gifs of the actress Katherine McNamara.  None of the gifs were made by me but I did crop all of them.  If I used your image and would like me to remove it please let me know!  A like/reblog would be appreciated!

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How would UT, UF and US Goat Dad react to s/o leaving them little love notes here and there

King Fluffybuns gets mushy letters from his S/o.

- Every time he gets one of his S/o’s love notes he’ll read it over a few times so that the words stay in his mind.
- If you ever see him walking around with a little piece of paper pressed against his heart and a big goofy smile on his face, it’s from his S/o.
- When anyone asks what he’s doing walking around with a scrap of paper he’ll timidly tell them that “Its not just a scrap of paper. Its… special.”
- He keeps all of the notes in a drawer hidden somewhere.
- Sometimes when he can’t sleep or he wakes up from a nightmare he’ll get up, go to that drawer and just reread all of the notes.
- He tried to never tell his S/o about this but one night he gets caught in the act.
- Asgore will deny what he’s doing despite the fact that he’s still reading one of the notes.
- He just needs this right now, he was trying not to bother his S/o.
- After that night he’ll get even more notes than usual.
- He might need a bigger drawer.

- Oh this man is a huge mush about it.
- He often returns the favor and writes back to his S/o.
- He gets tons of sticky notes and tries really hard not to get them stuck in his fur.
- His S/o will always know who it’s from when they see a tuft of fur stuck to their note.
- He’ll always tell people about how sweet his S/o is and sometimes show some notes to people.
- If anything private is written he won’t show it to anyone but it’s still going in the jar.
- Also he keeps them all in this nicely decorated jar in his room.
- It’s not kept secret like UT!Asgore’s note drawer.
- Whenever he’s feeling down he’ll open the jar and reread the notes.
- His S/o does the same and keeps their own jar and the whole ordeal is just so tooth rotteningly sweet.

- He hides them.
- No one can know that the king of monsterkind keeps lovey dovey notes from his S/o.
- He has a pretty concrete hiding spot for them and even his S/o doesn’t know where he keeps them.
- He doesn’t just toss them and forget about it though, he’ll find different ways of thanking his S/o.
- Sometimes it’s just a sudden whispered “Thank you” and other times he’ll get them a little gift, something he knows they will like.
- If you can’t find his highness he’s probably wherever he keeps his notes.
- He’ll spend hours on end just reading the notes over and over when he needs reassurance or just something to calm him down.
- Despite not knowing where Asgore is his S/o will know when he’s doing this. They know the man well enough.
- When he shows up again he quietly walks around with his S/o wherever they go.
- If the two are in private then he’ll low-key tell them that he really appreciates their notes and to keep writing them.
- Please keep writing them. He loves them.

-Mod Justice

300 follower smut continuation (KBTBB) Revenge - 5&6. Soryu & Mamoru.

[SURPRISE, bet you guys have no idea what’s going to happen in this chapter…heh! I’m pretty sure, revenge doesn’t get any sweeter! Again, tagging my girl @teresa-yukibito! ENJOY]

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“This wasn’t planned...” Bucky Barnes x Reader imagine

Originally posted by stucky-romanova-stark

“Bucky, this won’t work! It’s just crazy”, you told your friend as you took a seat on the couch.

“Do you have any other idea?” He asked.

You had been thinking about this for a few days now. He really had a crush on Wanda, while you had one on Steve. Neither of you knew what to do to make them look at you like something more than friends until Bucky came up with a plan. Why didn’t you two pretended to be in a relationship in front of them to try and make them jealous? Yes, it was a stupid plan but when Bucky first suggested it, it sounded like it was the best idea ever. Now you weren’t so sure.

Bucky and you were good friends and this would just be weird, but you really wanted to give it a try with Steve and this was the only way you could think about to know if he was any interested in you.

“No, I don’t”, you finally admitted with a sigh.

Then you both heard footsteps coming downstairs. Since you didn’t know who it was you had no choice but pretending, just in case. Bucky looked at you a bit unsure but soon he moved closer to you and took your hand, talking to you very closely.

“Trust me, ok? It will work…” He whispered. You smiled a little and nodded.

“Morning…” You both looked at the stairs to see Clint. Oh great. You both smiled shyly and waved with your hands, “what’s going here?” He asked.

You didn’t know what to say so you let Bucky do all the talking. For a moment you thought he would tell Clint the truth but, instead, he actually told him you two were together. What the fuck? Clint really looked surprised but he congratulated both of you and went to the kitchen.

“Why did you say that?” You asked frowning.

“If everyone knows we are not really together, Wanda and Steve will find out. Everyone has to believe this”, he explained.

“Good point”, you admitted. “But… Ok, I feel stupid asking about this but what about the kisses? If we are together…it would be weird if we didn’t kiss”, you said.

Bucky smiled a little and closed the distance between the two of you, kissing you softly. His lips were surprisingly warm and gentle, you had never expected that kind of kiss from him.

“Wow!” You both pulled away to see Tony and Steve coming up from the lab. “Really? You and brainwashed?” Tony asked.

“Stop calling him that way!” You defended Bucky. Tony was a nickname guy but sometimes he was too rude.

“It’s ok. I’m used to it by now”, Bucky whispered still holding your hand. “And yes, Stark, we are together”, he added squeezing your hand. You looked at Steve who smiled a little bit when he saw Bucky holding your hand. That wasn’t the reaction you were waiting for to be honest.

“Isn’t it…cold when he touches with his-“ Tony started saying but Steve cut him off.

“I don’t think that’s your business, Tony, go to the kitchen”, Steve said pushing him towards the kitchen while he winked at both of you.

“Well… He didn’t look too upset…” you mumbled looking back at Bucky. He smiled a bit and placed a strand of your hair behind your ear.

“Maybe he’s faking”, he suggested.

You sighed and looked down but Bucky made you look up and smiled at you before kissing your forehead sweetly.

“Don’t worry, trust me.” He said. You nodded slowly and hugged him, resting your head on his chest as he wrapped his arms around you and kissed your head.


Some days have passed since you and Bucky started your farce. From your point of view, it was completely useless with Steve. He didn’t have any kind of reaction when you and Bucky kissed or hugged or cuddled up on the couch. He actually looked truly happy about his best friend finding love.

On the other hand, Wanda did look a bit upset when she saw you and Bucky together, which really made him happy. But he said it was still too soon to talk to her.

“It’s obvious that she’s jealous, Bucks, why don’t you go and talk to her?” You asked when you both were lying on your bed at night.

“I don’t know…” He shrugged stroking your hair like he did every night. “Maybe it’s too soon, you know? We have just started ‘dating’ and Steve is still…” He frowned looking for the exact words.

“Still not interested in me? Yeah, I noticed”, you said rolling your eyes.

“He’ll come around, you’ll see”, he said.

“Look Bucky…” you said sitting up to look at him. “Wanda likes you and Steve doesn’t like me. It’s obvious. Don’t worry about me and go to get her before it’s too late.”

He looked at you frowning before hugging you and lying down again, confusing you.

“No, I’m not leaving you alone when you’re upset. I will talk to her tomorrow”, he said.

You smiled a little as you got more comfortable against his chest. This was something you really appreciate and made you see the good friend he was. Eventually you fell asleep on his arms, after spending some more hours talking about everything and nothing at the same time. It was one of the best nights you ever had.

Next morning when you woke up, Bucky was already gone so you stretched and sat up yawning.

“Good morning FRIDAY, would you please open the curtains and the window?” You asked as you got up.

“Good morning, miss (Y/L/N), I’m glad to announce that today will not be raining and it is a perfect day to go surfing. I will give a detailed list of the closest beaches.” FRIDAY said. She knew how much you loved surfing and as always, she was right. It was a sunny and warm day with just a little bit on wind.

While you went to the bathroom, FRIDAY told you which beaches were better today for surfing. Luckily, there was one not too far from New York. At least you would have something to do today. Quickly, you put on your bikini and got dressed. This is why you loved summer! Surfing was much easier and better. You also prepared a bag since you would spend the day out. Your boards were in the lab, guarded by Tony’s security system so you hurried downstairs.

“Morning everyone!” You said happily.

“Someone is in a good mood today”, Bruce pointed out as you put the bag on the couch.

“Have you looked outside? It’s a great day to surf!” You said smiling. He chuckled and nodded.

“Indeed”, he agreed. “Be careful then, and have fun.” He added.

“And take some food.” Natasha added.

You rolled your eyes but went to the kitchen anyway, stopping a little as you say Bucky and Wanda talking. You walked in silently and went straight to the fridge, probably he already told her about the little game you two had going on so you didn’t want to interrupt.

“Morning, baby”, you heard Bucky. Surprised, you turned around and looked at him as he got up. “Where are you going?” He asked after kissing you softly.

“Eh… I’m going to spend the day surfing in New Jersey…” you said. You saw how Wanda got up and left the kitchen leaving you two alone. “What are you doing? Didn’t you tell her?” You asked confused. This wasn’t making any sense to you.

“Oh, cool, can I join you later? I’m going with Steve now to get some stuff for the party Tony’s throwing on Saturday but it shouldn’t take us long.” He said without answering your question.

Since he didn’t look like he was going to do it you just sighed and nodded. He smiled and kissed your cheek before leaving the kitchen as well. You would just ask him later. You made some lunch for yourself and also took some cans of Coke before going down to the lab. It took ages to convince Tony so he would let you drive one of his cars but you finally managed to do it and soon you were leaving the Avengers Tower driving one of Tony’s Lamborghinis.

You spent the whole morning until noon surfing. It was so relaxing for you and also helped you to take things out of your mind just like you needed to do, but also when you were waiting for the waves to come it was the perfect moment to think about everything.

Bucky was acting so weird. First, he was completely falling for Wanda but suddenly he didn’t even want to tell you why he didn’t make a move on her when it was obvious she had feelings for him as well. It didn’t make any sense. Finally a wave came and after you were done with it you decided to go back to the shore and have some lunch since you were starving. It didn’t surprise you to find Bucky seated on your towel.

“You’re really good”, he said as you approached him.

“Thank you”, you smiled at him and sat next to him after putting down the board on the sand. “I love it”.

He smiled at you and offered you some water that you accepted immediately. You drank the whole bottle and then looked at him.

“So are you going to tell me now why you didn’t tell Wanda the truth? She looked pretty upset”, you said. He looked at you and sighed.

“I know and I feel a bit bad but I had to be honest with myself”, he said.

“What do you mean?” You asked reaching for your bag to take one of the sandwiches and offering the other to him.

“That this wasn’t planned…” he said looking down at the food. You laughed a bit and took a bite from the sandwich.

“Actually, it was”, you replied after you swallowed. “This was all your idea, remember?”

“Yeah I know, but…” he sighed and looked at you. “Developing feelings for you wasn’t planned. Not at all.”

You stopped when you were about to take another bite and looked at him.

“I know you’re still upset about Steve but…” he sighed and looked down. “Maybe you could give me a chance to try and…make this real?”

You looked at the ocean thinking about it. Actually he had been such an amazing fake boyfriend these last few days. But you didn’t want to break his heart which could happen if this didn’t work out.

“I know I can make you like me, (Y/N)…” he said. You chuckled a little and looked at him.

“How can you be so sure?” You asked raising an eyebrow. He smiled and planted a small kiss on your lips.

“Because I see it in your eyes”, he said making you smile and kiss him again.

Maybe the unplanned could be better somehow than the planned.

Love isn’t Perfect and that’s Okay-Scott McCall

Teen Wolf Imagine:#4 Prompt:#39

Word Count: 2,327 (see I told you it was going to be on the longer side.)

Warnings: None that I can think of.

A/n: So I am a horrible person and I’m sorry this took so long but it’s done now and I hope you like it and I hope it’s good because I worked really hard on it and I think it’s not half bad. Let me know what you think please, I appreciate feedback.


Coming Soon


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Fun in the Sun with the Family

[I had an idea a couple nights ago and I made sure to write it down before I went to bed, or at least start it so I had an idea. Couple hours later, I had this thing written down. Just as a little heads up, there is some stated and implied mature content, so the whole viewer’s discretion is advised is at work here.

I feel equal parts ashamed and pleased with how this came out, but whatever.

Feedback is always appreciated, just drop me a message or something.


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anonymous asked:

hey! so a couple of weeks ago I read this smutty fic and I want to find it again so bad, but all I can remember is isak letting even record them having sex and then when he wakes up even is watching the video lol I would really appreciate your help! I live off your recs~! <3

Hi! Listen, I think I know exactly which fic do you mean and I pretty vividly remember reading it, but even after spending over an hour going through the whole Even/Isak tag on ao3 I just couldn’t find it. I’m so sorry, I wish I could help :(

a rant about nursing

It upsets me that nurses are notorious for “eating their young.” There is NO REASON for a nurse to be like that. I don’t care if your assignment sucks and you don’t want to work with a student. I don’t care if you think the student shadowing you is too quiet or doesn’t have the “right personality” for your certain setting: chances are they are quiet because they can sense the disdain oozing from you, and they probably don’t want to specialize in whatever area you’re in anyway!

I have been a registered nurse now for seven years. I have mentored new grads, I have worked with students going through their clinical rotations, and I have worked closely with students in their final year as their preceptor. I have not been rude to a student or made them feel insignificant or talked down to them. 

You know what I do when I see a student in our PICU looking like a frightened fly on the wall? I walk up to them, smiling! I tell them my name, I ask theirs, and ask them if they have questions, what things would they like to see, and ask them if they would like to come see one of my patients later (if it’s okay with the family members) because I am caring for a child with a rare genetic disorder or taking care of an infant on a high frequency ventilator that they may not ever see again in their career. Later in the shift I like to show them the resources we have both online and as reference guides on the unit, or ask them about medications my patients are on to boost their self confidence, because hey, they know what that medication does and why the patient would be on it!

The same goes for any of our new hires. I like to try to mentor those who are open to it, and grab them when I can to help them practice their skills (central line dressing changes, helping to turn an intubated patient or retape an ET tube, etc). If the older / experienced nurses aren’t passing on their knowledge to the new people, how can they expect them to know about things? It irritates me when I hear someone talking badly about a new hire or a student because they didn’t know about X Y or Z. Like NO KIDDING?!? they’re new!! TEACH THEM. HELP THEM. Luckily, the unit I work on has a team of amazing people who all try to teach one another and not be complete dickwads.

I hope that in 10, 15, 20, and maybe 30 years from now I still approach new hires or students in this same manner. The last thing I want in my career as a nurse is to become one of those nurses that treats the new generation of nurses as a burden and doesn’t “have time” for students or for teaching new skills,

To all you nursing students out there right now who are experiencing the feeling of being “in the way” or are being looked down upon by other nurses, I’m sorry. All I can ask is that you forgive them for their lack of compassion. They don’t appreciate all the sleep-deprived nights you have as you spend 10 hours on your care plans, and the sacrifices you made with your social lives, and the anxiety you have over next week’s midterms. They must have forgotten what it was like to be in your shoes.

When you student nurses become seasoned nurses, please remember what it was like to be a frightened student and do your best to mentor and teach the new generation.

1. i did something i shouldn’t have with a boy i just met. i didn’t know his name until we were finished. i told him that i was a virgin, and he smirked at me. he said he’d text me when he woke up, but he didn’t. i tried calling but it went straight to voicemail. it didn’t even ring.

2. i failed my english exam today because while i was trying to decipher the difference from connotation and annotation, and an euphemism and euphony i just kept thinking about this boy i met a few months ago and how he looked me up and down and whispered softly to himself. he always told me how beautiful i looked. when he dropped me off at my house at midnight he kissed me goodbye. when i got out of his car i faintly heard his soft voice humming over the start of the engine. i didn’t hear what he said.

3. when his name flashed on my phone screen, it still had a heart beside it. it’s been 8 months.

4. we met online and i felt a connection. talking to him was magical and i remember getting little butterflies when he told me how excited he was to see me. he said he’d take me on a date, he’d show me what it’s like to be happy again. we fucked on my dad’s couch and he drove home three hours later. he doesn’t text me anymore.

5. college boys are always the ones you should look out for. don’t ask him about his major. ask him about his fraternity. when he asks if you’ll stay the night at his dorm, please don’t do it. he won’t be the only one you spend your time with.

6. i wonder a lot about him. i hope his dad is okay. i hope the cancer didn’t spread. i asked him to tell his father i said hi, i know he’d appreciate it. i felt bad for bothering him.

7. he was five years older, and five years more experienced. i told everyone he was my first, because he was the first that i loved. we held hands for hours and he kissed me softly. he looked at me like i was one of god’s most precious creations and he couldn’t believe he’d chosen him to make my heart race. it took me four months to find out the truth. i shouldn’t have trusted him.

8. we fucked in the backseat of his car in a secluded spot near my house where no one could see us. he videotaped me giving him oral and slapped me in the face. i cried while i was on top of him. he lived an hour away, i gave him ten dollars in gas to drive back home.

—  i guess i’m just naive

anonymous asked:

What life advice would you bestow onto a teenager who is 18 years old (and who also wants to go into medicine)?

Hi, that’s quite a nice question :)

In terms of applications, my #ukmedschoolfaq tag is one long list of advice, but I have a feeling you mean advice in more general terms. Off the top of my post-nights head, here are a few bits of life advice that might be useful…

You are probably one of the ‘smart’ kids, and a large chunk of your sense of self worth may be tied into always doing well at school. But that can’t last forever. You will mess up. You will fail. Perhaps spectacularly. It’s OK; that’s actually part of life. The important thing is to remember that your results are not a reflection of your innate worth, but merely a snapshot in time of what you’ve proven you can achieve. If you don’t do well at some point in the future, remember that it doesn’t define you. It is perfectly possible to fail quite spectacularly then dust yourself off and excel afterwards. You can learn how to improve your study technique.

The studyblr aesthetic is a fine piece of performance art but it is not reality. Don’t feel like your notes have to be pretty, or look a certain way; you probably won’t even read them again. You don’t need expensive stationery, and nobody even needs to see your notes at all, if you don’t want them to. We all study differently, and as long as they are legible for you, then that is absolutely good enough. Don’t waste your study time on things that are impractical and time consuming. Intricate bullet journals or practically illuminated notes are absolutely beautiful but they are no more practical or productive than drawing a piece of fanart for enjoyment, and should not be treated differently. By all means you can embellish them in your free time if you derive enjoment from it, in the same way that I draw silly comics. There is real value to doing things which are not practical or which are purely for our enjoyment and artistic expression, but it is not in itself a particularly productive way to study. When you are getting down to serious studying, focus on whatever note/revision style clears your head, but also lets you go through the material at a reasonable place with decent retention. The exact way that works best will be different for everyone. But anything which slows you down or places more emphasis on how things look, than focusing on the content can potentially hamper studies.

To truly get the most out of your study/revision time, be honest with yourself; if anything distracts you then work out ways to decrease its effect or remove it. Pick neutral ‘background’ music to study to, and create a conducive work environment to study in, somewhere you can concentrate fully without unnecessary distractions, and without too much clutter. That can mean limiting internet or not always having your computer on, it can mean studying at home rather than noisy coffee shops, it could mean sticking to a few pens rather than wasting time distractingly working through a massive pencilcase etc. Medicine in particular is quite intense and involves lots of memorisation. Whilst I find that drawing/art/DT/English wasn’t affected by listening to music/watching things etc, for me science definitely requires a different type of focus. How you’ll work will be unique to you, but from an almost-perpetual student to someone who will follow in our shoes: don’t lie to yourself about what is working, and what isn’t.

On a related note, marks at university really aren’t the same as those at school; you go from getting 90+ percent to scraping 70% if you are lucky. It doesn’t mean you are getting dumber, the standards are just totally on a different level. By all means do as well as you reasonably can, but remember that burnout is insidious and will bite you in the longterm. And that  the person who passes their exams is a doctor at the end of the day. Focus on being a well-rounded one, not the kind of junior doctor who might be able to diagnose some rare condition they’ll never see, but can’t comfort a scared patient.

When you are in med school, don’t run off the wards to spend all your time in the library; it is on the wards that you’ll shadow doctors breaking bad news or become confident at basic procedures. You’ll have the time to sit down with patients and just talk; please do! You can learn so much about people, and the world from listening to others. And it’s a vital part of the service we provide, especially if you are a student. You probably can’t put in a central line or whip out their appendix, but you can make someone feel better just by listening for half an hour. Patients will patiently recount their history to you and  suffer your unsuccessful cannulation attempts; the least we can do for them is listen in return.

Also, it doesn’t matter which speciality you think you are going into, please spend time appreciating whatever you can about every speciality. Use those opportunities to learn things you would never otherwise learn, and do things you will never do again. Med school and training gives you a chance to do so many amazing things, never consider yourself above them because ‘it’s not my speciality’. Until you are on that training program, every speciality is your speciality.

On a related note; live! Keep up your hobbies, read lots of books and remain  active and engaged with what is going on around you. Read medical books, but read non-medical books too. There is more to understanding patients than pathology alone, and living life solely within the confines of medicine is dull. You are an amazing person with so many interesting parts of you that aren’t  the medical part. Nurture those parts too, or they will die. That includes friendships and family relationships. Yes, they will need to understand that you are busy, and it helps to have reasonable friends; no true friend will guilt you over having to put exam revision or on-calls first. But you will also have to make a conscious effort to timetable them into an increasingly busy life as you get older.

On a related note, Medicine is a demanding boss and could easily consume all your time and all your energy; don’t let it. You need to learn to switch off, and to realise that you’ve done what you can do for now. It’s easier said than done; I’ve woken up in a cold sweat having dreamed I overdosed a patient I’d seen that day, and it took a little racking my brain to clear up that it had in fact only been a dream. I hear this isn’t actually uncommon.

As a doctor you will be privileged to meet people across all spectrums, and you’ll learn the limitations of the system you work within, and the injustices people face. Educate yourself. Be a force for good. Be an advocate for those who have none. Try to, in every interaction with patients, embody the kind of doctor you would like for your loved ones. From the doctors you train under, learn two things; what you think a doctor should be, and what you think they shouldn’t be!

When I was your age, I had no idea I would get shouted at as a doctor. Here’s a heads up: people can be mean. Patients can be mean, nurses can be mean, other doctors can be mean. This is not your fault; there is no justification for that kind of behaviour. You may still get shouted at when you’ve not personally done anything wrong. And even if you did do something wrong, it remains a completely inappropriate response. As I suggested in my response to a recent ask, learning to see things from other people’s point of view can make dealing with it easier; when you can see why someone is that stressed, you can work out how to address their agenda and make it better. But sometimes people are just mean, and you need to remember that says much more about them than it does about you.

Medicine carries an increased risk of mental illness compared to the normal population. You’re already likely to be a bit of a perfectionist, caring person who overworks themselves. Add an intense degree, then long hours, seriously ill patients, high pressure to get things right, etc and you get an environment which often leads to stress, anxiety, depression and worsening any problems that were already there. Look after yourself; be honest with yourself and your university or employer if you need help. You don’t need to suffer alone, there is help available and I’ve seen what a difference it can make firsthand.  If medicine ever becomes something you hate to do, and you can no longer stand it, then leave. I promise, there are plenty of amazing things to do outside of medicine. No career is worth taking your own life, or living in a constant state of despair. Follow your happiness, wherever that may lead.

The only thing that keeps us able to do this job is the support of our friends and colleagues. Look after each other; you’re all in the trenches together. The nurses are your allies. Your fellow students (then fellow doctors) are your allies. Every single person around you is fighting a battle. Keep an eye on the quiet ones. Help anyone who is struggling or has too much on their plate. Ask people how they are. Give hugs and make tea. You will build lifelong friendships with the people you work with along the way. You will also become each others’ teachers. Share your experiences with each other. Rant, cry, ask them what they would have done with a particular case.

And lastly, pay it forward. We all benefit from our teachers, and in turn we teach the next generation. When you are in my shoes, take the junior docs, the students and the would-be students under your wing. Your voice will be irreplaceable, and your experiences will be useful.

Good luck :)

Best Laid Plans

Summary: History professor Dean Winchester had his life all planned out – until a brilliant, beautiful doctor walked into his office.
Part One: Research & Take-Out
Pairing: Dean x Reader
Word Count: 2070
Warnings: None.

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Even if far removed from civilization, we should maintain a proper appearance, for our own feeling of self-esteem. But, when a woman spends too much time and attention on her appearance, there is reason to question her motive.

If your efforts are to please your husband, he may well appreciate it. But if you spend endless hours shopping, sewing, and grooming, and in so doing [neglect] your husband, it will give him the impression that it is others you are trying to impress. He will feel second place to the public you dress for.

—  Helen Andelin, “Fascinating Womanhood,” pg. 93