Meeting the Ladies

Lately you’ve had the guts to finally talk to Spencr without feeling like you’ll cry because he makes you so happy but so anxious. Lately your emotions have been a roller coaster. But tonight you feel stable enough to talk to him, in person! You whip out your phone and tap into pesterchum and scroll down to find Spencr’s name. You click on his name and message him, seeing as he’s online.
“Hello Spencr, I’d like to talk to you about something. It’s pretty important but if you’re busy that’s totally understandable and we can talk about it later. :)”
That smiley face is loud internal screaming, you already told your lovely ladies, the hearts that bump in your chest, who keep who in a balancing act, that they need to come over to meet your crush, and hopefully get to know him. Bruaku teased you mercilessly and Jhinga was stonefaced but you could tell she was nervous to meet a new troll. You and her need to go outside more…