Sweet Valentine // Spencer Reid x Reader

“That’s sickening,” you commented with a grin as a bouquet of flowers was delivered to JJ right in front of you. She chuckled, aware of the fact you were joking and simply waved the comment away.

“Will is just sweet,” she replied. Your grin grew bigger at the fact JJ couldn’t hide the growing blush on her cheeks. She and Will had been together for a while now and yet he always seemed to find a way to fluster her. Watching JJ receive little gifts was something the whole office had come to enjoy.

“You’re just mad cause you don’t have a date lil mama,” Morgan commented with a smile. You scoffed as you swiveled your chair around in order to face him.

“I don’t need a date. I have Emily and Reid this year,” you replied with a smug smirk. The three of you were the singles of the group and after much convincing, you’d managed to have them agree to an anti-valentine’s day.

“About that…” Emily replied guiltily.

“Emily! Did you seriously get a date at the last minute?? What happened to all of us agreeing to boycott Valentine’s Day by spending it getting drunk together?!” You exclaimed in disbelief.

“Okay one- we did not agree to boycott. We only agreed to spend the day together since none of us had dates, and two-the drinking thing was your idea. Not that I wouldn’t mind getting completely wasted although I do worry about Reid if you continue that plan,” she laughed. “Sorry babe, I got asked out and I just couldn’t say no.”

“Looks like it’s just you and Reid now,” JJ replied with a wiggle of her eyebrows. You rolled your eyes at the gesture, knowing well that she always pictured the two of you together. You couldn’t deny the fact you’d developed some feelings for the man, but expecting Spencer to make a move was like waiting for rain in a drought. It wasn’t likely to happen any time soon.

“I guess I’ll have to let him know it’s just the two of us,” you replied as you shot Emily a look through narrowed eyes. She smiled brightly, her eyes shining with mischief.

“I already let him know last night,” she replied.

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This is straddling material, and my lord is it delicious.

The Art of Remembering // Spencer Reid x Reader

Prompt: Reader is left without her memories after surviving a car accident involving an unsub.

Requested by: Anonymous

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Spencer could hear himself scream your name as he watched the scene unfold.

It was difficult to see. He watched the unsub’s car, the one with you inside of it- tied up with rope that dug into your skin and tape across your mouth that muffled your screams. He saw it hit the wall. He wasn’t sure if the unsub had lost control or whether he had done it on purpose, choosing to end his life instead of facing the consequences that came with being caught. All he knew was that his heart stopped beating the moment the car crashed into the building and sent you flying through the broken windows and onto the hard pavement.

He was sure you were dead. Your body laid limp amongst the shattered glass on the floor. Blood was seeping from the back of your head and he could feel his heart being torn as he ran towards you, his eyesight blurred at the tears that instantly filled his eyes.

It was all a blur. He remembered bits and pieces. The harsh flashing lights of the ambulance. The blinding white walls of the hospital. The hard seats of the waiting room. The feeling that overwhelmed him when the doctor came in to announce what had been your fate. He remembered the sense of relief when he said you had made it.

His heart didn’t truly shatter until he was allowed to see you. You were finally awake and he was ecstatic as he rushed in to wrap his arms around you. What he didn’t expect was the way your body froze in a mixture of alarm and confusion. He pulled away and he immediately saw it in your eyes. You didn’t remember him.

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Hey Spencer, darling!

Hey Spencer, darling!


Anon said : Idk if your doing requests but I was wondering if you could do something with spencer Reid where your British so you’d have an English accent and your accent turns him on loads so the team kinda tease him about it because he blushes when you speak and he’s always hiding his lower half bcs of your voice but in the end you admit that you also find his voice incredibly sexy (maybe throw in some smut if you’re up to it ?) thank you doll I’m seriously In love with your writing you’re pure talent ❤❤❤

Relationship: Spencer Reid X Reader

Rating : Mature (Please do not read if you are under-aged)

WARNINGS ! : Explicit sexual content.

CopyRight: I do not own Spencer Reid , Criminal Minds nor any of the other characters mentioned in this story.  No copyright infringement is intended.

Author’s Notes : Ok so the reader (that’s you) has a british accent. I wanted to write what she says like that (can you even write british?) but it was kind of weird so I’ll leave it up to you guys to imagine an accent when the reader speaks. Enjoy!

Maybe this transfer wasn’t going to be so bad. You think to yourself stepping inside the BAU building. Sure, it was against your wishes and you did leave a life behind. You’re not going to lie to yourself, you were reluctant and against it ….at first. But a month has passed and you can’t help to notice you’ve already grown fond of your new team.

They were different from all your previous ones, they were like a family. You are the new member, and you love it. All the attention, all the questions, being part of their special bond. Everybody seems to have accepted you, even like you, you might dare to think.

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Don’t Speak // Spencer Reid x Reader

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Spencer knew something was wrong. He’d watched as you slowly retreated into yourself in such a complex manner that others wouldn’t know there was something wrong if they didn’t actively search for the signs. But he knew. He saw past your smiles, past the way you still laughed at whatever silly banter Penelope and Morgan exchanged. Past your routine greetings of hugs and kisses, past the way you still tried to crack jokes to fulfill your ultimate life goal of making Hotch laugh.

He noticed the dark circles beneath your eyes that you expertly hid beneath makeup. He noticed the split second longer that it took you to react to someone’s conversation, to their jokes. He noticed the way your hair was pulled back slightly less refined than usual, something others would look over as just another day of you rushing to work that morning.

But you were his. You were everything he’d ever dreamt of and because of that even the smallest change did not go unnoticed. He noticed the desperation in your kisses, the longing behind your soft lips as you tried to find love. You always did find it behind his touch and this only made you cling to his hands a little tighter as you both walked through the aisles of stores, your gaze showing your mind was elsewhere.

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Accidentally sending a picture of you and Spencer to your boss…

Btw, I do drabbles, one-shots, Imagines, text Au’s etc. Request anything. Link in bio. (:

Craft // Spencer x Reader One Shot

hiyaa can i request a reid x painter reader au where the reader is an artist and doesn’t work for the bau :)) thank you x

Requested by: ssa-graygubler


Spencer made his way to his favorite coffee shop, swerving past oncoming pedestrians. He loved this specific coffee shop because of the laid-back atmosphere it provided. Not only did they have perfectly brewed beverages, but they also allowed for poetry reading, art shows, and more. They were even known to project a Korean film on the back wall every now and then. It was totally Spencer’s cup of tea (or coffee).

Today he had planned on meeting up with his coworker, Alex Blake. The two of them were both old souls, and together, they always had a blast. The rest of the BAU team would never understand their instant connection. Blake saw Spencer almost as a son.

“Hey,” Spencer said as he walked over to a small booth in the corner where Blake had already set up her stuff. He surveyed the room, noticing the colorful paintings that had been hung up over night. There must have been some sort of art show that evening.

“Hi Spence,” Blake greeted as she also looked around at the paintings. There was one in particular that caught both of their eyes. A water color portrait of a woman was hanging just to the left of their table. The intriguing part of the image was that the woman’s eyes had been replaced with nothing but blackness.

“That reminds me of one of our cases,” Spencer said, standing up to get a better look at the painting. Blake followed, examining the art. It was strange to have such a beautiful painting remind them of something so gruesome.

Spencer stared at the painting, memories of the unsub who had collected eyeballs rushing back into his mind. He looked at the name in the bottom corner of the canvas.

“Y/N,” he whispered to himself as he continued to take in the painting. Never before had he felt so moved by a picture alone. Spencer finally tugged his eyes from the painting, making his way back to the booth that Blake had been sitting at. The two held a conversation as they always did, joking and laughing along with each other.

A barista at the coffee shop came over to their table, asking if they needed anything else. Spencer shook his head before looking up at the girl. She took his breath away in the same way that the painting had. Blake noticed the blush on his cheeks the second it appeared, excusing herself to go to the bathroom to leave the two alone.

“Well, if you change your mind, I’m Y/N,” the barista said before walking away. Spencer’s eyes widened at the realization that the beautiful girl in front of him was also the artist behind the painting. Without thinking, he got up from his seat and followed her back to the counter.

  • Spencer: Hey, Hotch.
  • Aaron: Yeah?
  • Spencer: I've been thinking... The vast majority of unsubs with this type of m.o. aren't driven by the killing, they're merely fascinated by the body parts. Psychologically, they exist in a realm where fantasy meets delusion. It's basically the perfect blueprint for creation of a serial killer b... I'm rambling, aren't I?
  • Aaron: Yes.
  • Spencer: I should probably get to the point.