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Handle Yourself // Spencer Reid x Reader

Prompt: Reader is shy and timid but amazing in the field. She protects Spencer from an unsub, confessing her love before falling unconscious and being rushed to the hospital.

Requested by: Anonymous 

A/N: A little throwback with the characters. Safe to say I’ve been missing Elle and thought I’d throw her in!

The BAU was comfortingly quiet that morning. The only sounds to be heard were the clicks of the keyboard as agents typed away and the low hum of the coffee machine. Everyone was consumed in their work, only ever saying a word or two to each other.

You had never been much of a conversationalist. Your timid nature limited you to short answers whenever anyone directed a question towards you, but the shy smile you wore melted away any assumptions that you were pretentious for not speaking.

Spencer had taken quite a bit of liking to you. He found the way you moved so daintily to be mesmerizing and your kind smile always seemed to put him at ease when he wasn’t even aware he was feeling stressed in the first place. He saw a bit of himself in you with the way you seemed to struggle with socialization. Your friendship had worked well with the two of you. Spencer never pushed you to speak when you didn’t want to and in turn your avid listening skills made him feel like he finally had someone who didn’t mind his rambling. And you didn’t. You enjoyed the way he grew excited when he spoke.

You had taken a liking to him as well. Lately you found yourself taken with every little thing he did. Every ramdom fact, every hand gesture, that cute nose thing he did when he was deep in thought. It had taken you a while of staring at him when he wasn’t looking before you realized that what you felt for him was love.

The rest of the team saw you as this small fragile flower among them that they all felt a need to protect. Hotch was like a father, the mere presence of him around you gave you a sense of safety. You had mentioned this to him once and he had smiled, actually smiled, and said he was glad you felt that way. Morgan saw you as an equivalent to Reid, another kid to protect. The fact you were a girl made that instinct even greater as he came to love you like he did his biological sisters. Gideon thought you were a sweet kid and questioned whether you could handle the job. After a few deep conversations with you, quite possibly the longest you’d held with anyone on the team besides Reid, he concluded that you were an excellent colleague to have. Both JJ and Penelope hadn’t expected for such a soft girl to join the BAU but they were happy to have you around. Even Elle Greenaway, the team’s hardest member with her “no fucks given” attitude held a soft spot for you. She found your shyness endearing. The thought of putting you out into the field among serial killers was nearly blasphemous. They would all scramble to throw themselves into danger before ever letting it fall on you.

So of course, three days later while on a case, there had been an uproar from them all.

“You’re sending Y/N to the killer?!” Morgan nearly yelled as he drove. Elle sat in the seat next to him, holding the phone on speaker.

“She’s going with Reid,” Hotch replied simply.

“Oh yes, send the two kids to catch the bad guy,” Morgan spat incredulously.

“They’re the ones closest to the location and we can’t afford to wait any longer. You and Elle are nearly an hour away. JJ, Gideon and I are already on our way. We shouldn’t arrive that much later than they have,” Hotch replied in frustration. He knew none of them were happy with the situation but he had no choice but to trust the skills of his agents.

“I swear Hotch, if something happens to Y/N-” Elle started in aggravation.

“I know.”

Spencer’s body hit the wall with force before slumping down to the floor. Both of your guns were strewn across the floor, having been knocked away by the enormous unsub. He watched in amazement as you successfully landed blows to the man, your body agile and limber as you avoided his wild swings.

He cringed as he tried to move, his body aching from the hard throw he had been given. The unsub continued to swing wildly with large knives in each hand. You managed to punch him square in the jaw, causing him to drop one as he stumbled back. You quickly grabbed it as he charged at you with rage in his eyes.

“Y/N!” Spencer yelled in warning as he finally stood. His eyes widened as he watched the unsub stumble back from you, his own knife struck through his chest before falling dead on the wooden floors.

“Spence,” you cried quietly as your body turned, revealing the second knife the unsub had carried now embedded into your side. Blood was flowing from the wound as you pulled it out, falling to the floor as you tried to put pressure on it.

“No, no no,” Spencer cried as he ran over to you, quickly replacing your hands with his as he tried to stop the blood flow. He watched as your head hit the floor, your body struggling to stay conscious.

“Stay with me Y/N,” he pleaded as he heard sirens in the distance. The team would arrive any moment now.

“Spence,” you said quietly as you struggled to keep your eyes open. “Spencer, I love you so much,” you confessed softly, a look of complete adoration in your eyes before you fell unconscious.

“I love you too,” he sobbed as he saw your eyes close. The door was thrown open by Morgan who immediately called for an ambulance before taking over. He pressed against the bleeding wound as Spencer cried desperately, looking at your blood in his hands. 

The smell of chlorine. Beeping coming from machines. Bedsheets, but not the soft ones from your own bed at home.

Hospital. You were in a hospital.

You blinked from the harsh brightness of the white walls. There was a sharp pain in your side as you tried to move where stitches had sewn your wound shut. It took you a second to adjust and only one more to realize there was someone asleep next to you, curled up into the empty space of your bed.

You smiled softly as your hand reached out to stroke the soft brown locks that framed his face. He woke, startled at the sudden movement.

“Sorry,” you quickly apologized as you pulled your hand away. He let out a sigh of relief at seeing you awake before abruptly placing his lips onto yours. Your eyes widened in surprise before you finally reacted, your lips pressing back on his. He smiled, kissing you with eagerness as his tongue found its way into your mouth. You hummed in delight, those fantasies of kissing the man now fulfilled.

“That’s a hell of a hello,” you breathed when you finally pulled away from each other. He chuckled, his hand reaching out to stroke your cheek.

“I love you too,” he replied. A bright smile spread on your face at his own confession.

“You were pretty impressive out on the field,” he added with an impressed lift of his eyebrows.

“So what you’re saying is that you didn’t know I could kick ass?” You replied with a smug grin. Spencer laughed and nodded.

“I guess we all underestimated you,” he admitted sheepishly. “Morgan was impressed when he found out it was you who killed the unsub.”

“It’s like you all forget I went through the same FBI training as you,” you laughed with a shake of your head. “I was actually top of my class when it came to the physical aspects of it.”

“After what I saw, I believe it,” he smiled. You looked up as the door swung open, the team crowding in happy to see you.

“You’re up!” Elle exclaimed happily. You smiled brightly as they placed flowers by your bedside, giving the white room a pop of color with the arrangement.

Morgan pushed his way through, coming to stop at the foot of your bed.

“Alright babygirl, explain to me how you managed to take down an unsub twice your size,” he demanded to know with a smile. The team simply laughed at his question.

“You’re not the only muscle on the team, Morgan,” you replied with a smug smile. Elle laughed loudly, ruffling your hair affectionately.

“I guess there’s more to Y/N than we knew.”

Hotch smiled as he watched the rest of the team crowd you, asking you to recount your battle story even though they had already heard it from Reid. The room was buzzing with happy energy and it reminded him of the way a family would come together, carefree and loving.


Fem!Reader x Reid (Smut)

Requested By @clairebear322

Warnings: Sex, public sex, smut, sexual tension 

“Hey Mamma, fifty bucks says the hook up during the next case.” Morgan chuckled as he watched you and Reid bicker from his desk. Garcia turned in the desk chair she’d claimed and cocked her head.


“I’d say the sexual tension gets too much on the plane but they never really act on it.” Garcia hummed.

“We talking about Spence and (Y/N)?” JJ asked as she headed over to get the two of them. “Cause my bets that (Y/N) smacks him on right on the nose, quick, hard… poor kid won’t know what hit him.”


“No (Y/N) has a nice temperament… they’ll fight on the plane and he’ll snap first realising he has feelings for her, she’ll know about the same time but will be in denial until he gets hurt or nearly hurt and… well they’ll snap.” Rossi said as he strode past the group, not needing to be a profiler to tell what they were talking about.


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Birthday Wishes // Spencer Reid x Reader

Prompt: Reader really wants to go to Disney World so the team decides to take her for her birthday.

Requested by: Anonymous

“Are we seriously going? We’re grown adults,” Morgan commented incredulously as the team huddled around Garcia’s computer set up.

“It’s Y/N’s birthday and this is what she wants,” she replied firmly as she purchased the plane tickets. “And besides, do you think Spencer would really not grant Y/N’s every wish?”

The team all smiled as Spencer blushed deeply at her comment. He rubbed the back of his neck in slight embarrassment at the look they were all giving him.

“She’s my girlfriend and this is what she’s been begging for,” he defended with a small smile. “I think she deserves it. Don’t you?”

“You’re just head over heels in love with her,” Morgan replied with a shake of his head. There was a tug of a smile on his lips as he tried to stay straight faced. “But I guess if we have to, I’ll go.”

“Have you ever seen those two act so childishly?” JJ asked with a bright laugh as she and Hotch walked behind you and Spencer.

You were on Spencer’s back, dressed casually in a little mermaid t-shirt and jeans with a backpack for your belongings. There were a pair of Minnie Mouse ears on your head as Spencer continued to walk, a pair of Mickey ears on his own head. The team chuckled as they watched you point in a direction, causing Spencer to immediately turn and walk with a huge smile as he carried you through the Disney World park.

“A grown woman and this is what she wants,” Rossi commented with a grin. You had begged to go to Disney World for your birthday, dropping hints at every possible moment. They had been more than happy to indulge your wish as it gave them all some time off too.

“Spence look! There’s Belle!” You exclaimed excitedly as you pointed toward the princess. He chuckled as he made his way over, stopping to join the line of people waiting to take a photograph with the character. You jumped off of his back, letting him rest for a moment.

“Thank you so much for this,” you thanked as you wrapped your arms around him happily. He smiled as he looked down at your happy face, that excited gleam never once leaving your eye since the moment you set foot in the theme park.

“Happy birthday,” he replied, giving you a quick kiss as his own arms wrapped around you. The children in line behind you giggled at the gesture. JJ took various pictures of the two of you with the Disney princess before forcing everyone else to do the same.

“I’m so making a scrapbook of this trip!” Penelope exclaimed as she snapped away at every moment.

The rest of the day was spent going in and out of all the little Disney stores. You had insisted that everyone wear Mickey ears and after a few complaints from the men they had all ultimately agreed to do so. You giggled as you took various photos of both Hotch and Morgan in Mickey Mouse ears, their faces hiding amused grins at your giddy excitement.

Spencer continued to lead you through the park with his fingers intertwined with yours as he bought you all sorts of treats. Your backpack was beginning to become heavy with everything and Morgan had taken it.

“Can’t have you breaking your back when you still have so much to see,” he had commented as he had thrown it onto his shoulders. You smiled gratefully before Spencer called you over once more, showing you a necklace he had just purchased with the famous Disney castle on it.

“God, those two are everything,” Penelope sighed dreamily as she watched you lift your hair up, Spencer placing the necklace on you. You smiled happily as you pulled him in for a kiss, only to be startled by a flash going off.

“Sorry,” JJ said sheepishly as she put her phone away. “It was too cute not too.”

The team tackled many rides that day, the favorite being Splash Mountain. They all emerged soaked to the core with Penelope nearly in tears over her three phones that had managed to somehow get wet despite being put away. Morgan spent the next hour consoling her, telling her there would be other phones in which she could store her cute animal videos.

“Maybe I should quit the BAU and get a job here,” you joked with a smile as the day grew darker. “I could totally be a princess.”

Spencer smiled as he picked you up bridal style. Your hand shot out to balance your ears as they threatened to fall, an amused laugh escaping your lips.

“You’re my princess. Isn’t that enough?” He questioned with a raise of his eyebrows. You hummed, pretending to mull over it before a broad smile graced your lips.

“I’m your Belle? Your Jasmine? Your Cinderella?” you asked, a smile plastered to your face that seemed to be permanent that day.

“Hmmm. Better than any of them. You’re my Y/N,” he replied before he kissed you once more. The day had been perfect not just for you, but for him as well. Being able to make you happy was something he took pride in. And you wouldn’t have changed that day for the world.

Another flash went off as JJ captured the sweet moment that would later sit on your desk in a Disney World picture frame.


this vine actually killed me

Made with Vine

Reid was hovering around your desk, walking around it like a shark circling a boat. Deciding to put a stop to it you stood up as he came round again, forcing the genius to stop dead in front of you.

“Do you need something?” You asked with a smile making him grin back at you awkwardly.

“Um yeah… would you like to… me Morgan and Garcia are…” Reid trailed off thankful for Rossi who was calling you all into the round table room.

Once the meeting finished you hurried to say goodbye to Garcia before heading out the parking lot where Morgan and Reid said they would be waiting.

“So my best friend and my best nerd going on a date!” Garcia squealed as soon as she saw you.

“Is that what he was trying to ask?” You chuckled. JJ knocked on the door, saying goodbye to Garcia and waiting for you to follow her as her SUV was the only one left to take to the jet.

“Oh… don’t tell him I said anything please.” Garcia whispered quickly.

“I won’t, see you when we get back.” You followed JJ, both of you chuckling as you headed out of the offices and to the parking lot.


“You ok Reid, you look like you need some sleep.” You mumbled with a smile as you headed into the room the team was currently set up in to find Reid staring at the evidence board.

“Yes… can you see that?” Reid pointed to his map and started to explain what he thought might be a pattern. “Also… would you like to go on a date with me?”

His sudden confidence surprised you but you agreed to go once you’d recovered, making the Genius grin happily as he turned back to the map in front of him and left you to fill the team in on what he’d found.


Garcia grinned when she saw you, approving of your ‘adorable nerdy outfit’ and hurrying outside to tell the boys that the two of you were ready.

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anonymous asked:

Could you do a specter Reid x reader where she has a brake down on a case and they are married so he takes her home to comforts her? Just a lot of fluff and sweetness?

(Your POV)

I walked into the crime scene, feeling pretty good. Curious, of course, because we’d been called to the scene with no prior briefing. It wasn’t out of town, though, so I guess I chalked it up to that. 

Spencer Reid walked next to me as we approached. He and I dated or nearly two years before we got engaged. We were married about a year later. 

We work together, an oddity for married couples. But our team, the BAU, we’re a family. Marriage or not, we’re all extremely close. As we approached the crime scene that morning, I was feeling fine. Crime scenes, dead bodies, blood, and gore, all of that was nothing new to any of us. It’s a bit disconcerting sometimes, how accustomed we all are to seeing these things. It’s a fear we all have on some level, that we’ll become jaded about it. 

So that day, I wasn’t really concerned about what I was going to see. 

Until I got there. 

Hotch met us at the door with a grave expression. 

“It’s bad in there,” he warned. “I want you all to be prepared before we go in.” We all took in his warning, but I don’t think we really had any idea. I know I didn’t. 

When I first walked in and saw the scene, which I can’t even describe, I felt my stomach twist into knots. 

Babies. Who kills babies?

(Spencer’s POV)

I saw (Y/N) hesitate, her steps slowing to a stop. I could hear her draw in a sharp breath, and I stopped behind her. 

“Spence,” she whispered. 

“I’m right behind you,” I said. “Are you okay?” She shook her head rapidly back and forth. 

“Spence. I-I can’t breathe. I can’t-I need to get out of here. Please get me out of here.” She sounded panicky, and I glanced at Hotch, who nodded at me. 

“Take her home,” he told me. I nodded gratefully and reached for (Y/N), taking her hand. 

“Come on,” I murmured. She turned her eyes away from the gory sight and broke away from me, bolting toward the door. I followed quickly, and when I stepped outside, I found her doubled over, being violently sick. I ran my hand along her back and spoke softly to her. When she was finished, I hugged her gently. 

“Let’s go home,” I said. 

“But the crime scene-the case,” she stammered. 

“They can handle it. Hotch told me to take you home,” I said. This time, she nodded. 

When we got home, I led her to the couch and sat beside her, running my hand over her shoulders. 

“Spencer, all those babies,” she said. “Their families were probably missing them. Their mothers…” she trailed off, unable to speak. I pulled her into my arms as she started to cry, and rocked her gently back and forth. 

(Your POV)

I curled into my husband’s chest, wishing I could erase the image of the crime scene from my brain. I couldn’t help but think about these poor children and their parents, whose whole life had been ripped away from them. I had never been affected by a scene that way before. I have a very strong stomach, but that…that was just too much. 

Especially considering recent events. 

“Spence?” I said. 


“There’s something I want to tell you that may help explain what happened to me at the crime scene.” 

“(Y/N), you don’t have to explain anything to me,” he said. I smiled slightly. 

“I know,” I replied, taking his hand, “but this is still something you need to know.” 


“Spence, I’m pregnant,” I said. He stared at me. I waited with bated breath, and then watched as a smile spread slowly over his features. 

“You’re pregnant?” he asked, and I nodded. He pulled me into his arms, hugging me tight and I laughed. 

“Are you happy?” I asked. 

“So happy,” he mumbled. I smiled. 

Despite the events of the morning, I was happy, too. 

First Time for Everything // Spencer Reid x Reader

Prompt: Spencer x Reader’s first time in bed and Reid is a virgin

Requested by: Anonymous

Warnings: Smut(awkward virgin smut at least)

Spencer was completely, irrevocably head over heels in love with you. There was nothing else he was so sure of. There was nothing that would ever change that either.

He had fallen in love with you the moment he set eyes on you, with the way you had walked into the office as their newest member, so young and full of life. Your immediate greeting had been to hug everyone, hugging JJ and Morgan as if you were greeting old friends.

“He has a no touching thing,” Morgan had quickly warned as you had turned towards him. You had simply smiled with no judgement in your eyes and nodded in understanding.

“Very nice to meet you Dr. Reid,” you had greeted, sending a small soldier salute towards him in an effort to break the ice. Spencer had chuckled and nodded, repeating that it was a pleasure.

Every day after you came into the office, hugging everyone before stopping at him.

“Today?” You asked as you held your arms open. He’d smile politely and shake his head no, afraid that your feelings would get hurt. Instead you had always nodded and saluted him in the same cute way from before.

“Good to see you too, Dr,” you’d greet, the same unwavering smile on your face. You never held the fact he wasn’t physical against him and it came as a relief. He wanted you to like him.

With each passing month he found himself in a surprisingly joyful mood whenever you entered the room. You grew on everyone, especially JJ as the two of you seemed to share that same sense of kindness. Every day you asked for a hug and every day he would refuse, although he had to admit that as the days passed by he ultimately regretted not hugging you on that first day.

“Today?” You asked again with that same bright smile after nearly six months had passed. This time Spencer rose from his seat and wrapped his arms around you as you let out a joyful squeal. The team smiled as they watched the exchange from their desks.

“The wait was totally worth it,” you commented with a smile as the two of you pulled apart. Spencer blushed, nodding in agreement.

“If I knew your hugs were that great I might have said yes sooner,” he joked as he looked down at your pretty face. His heart was still beating rapidly against his chest as your lips pulled back even further, revealing the beautiful smile he had thought of the entire night before when he couldn’t fall asleep.

Everything had happened in a blink of an eye afterwards. You and Spencer found yourself wrapped up in each other at Hotch’s birthday party. The team noticed how the two of you seemed to ignore everyone else in the room and left the two of you to your privacy. Your lips had met in the tension of the moment followed by Spencer asking you to be his girlfriend.

“Only if you’ll be my boyfriend,” you replied with a cheeky smile. He grinned as he pulled you back into him and pressed his lips against yours again.

That had been nearly a year before. Spencer had been living in pure bliss the entire time. He had a good job, great friends, and a beautiful girlfriend. For once in his life everything was absolutely perfect.

Except for one fact. He still remained a virgin.

It went without saying that Spencer had never quite been popular with girls at a young age. While everyone was having sex in college, he stayed locked in the library at the mere age of 15. His lack of social skills hindered his relationships with women as he grew. He couldn’t even shake hands with them, much less touch them in such an intimate way.

Spencer wanted to tell you. No one on the team knew he was a virgin. They all knew how awkward he was with women but they had all figured he would have had sex at least once by now. They usually just left the subject alone. He was nervous about telling you because he had heard you talking to Penelope about old boyfriends before so you were surely more experienced in that field. You had never forced anything on him, allowing him to go only as far as he wanted to. The most Spencer had ever gone were heated make-out sessions. You suspected he was nervous about sex so you’d always kept your mouth quiet when he’d pull away and simply cuddle with you instead of attempting to go further. 

Much to his relief you had been completely understanding.

“Is that what you were so worried about?” You asked with a small smile as you sat on Spencer’s bed after he had just revealed that he was still a virgin.

“Yes,” he admitted. “I just…I want it to be good and well I’m not experienced at all and I know you are and I’m probably going to be horrible compare-”

You shushed him as you placed a hand over his mouth.

“Spencer, I would never compare you to anyone. I love you. You’re the one I want,” you assured as you gently cupped his cheek. He smiled softly at your kind reassurance.

He hesitantly leaned forward, capturing your lips in a sweet kiss. You in return locked your arms behind his neck, pulling him down on top of you as you continued to kiss him. The kiss grew more intense as Spencer’s tongue dominated your mouth, his hands slowly trailing along your body. He froze as your hands moved down and pulled your shirt off, throwing the thin fabric aside. He stared at you, momentarily stunned by your beauty before you reached for his hand and gently placed it on your breast, giving him an encouraging smile.

“Are you sure?” He asked hesitantly as he understood what you were asking for.


He nodded before kissing you deeply, his hands fumbling with your jeans as he tried to get them off. After a bit of clumsiness he finally succeeded, pulling them off with your underwear as well. He took a moment to look at you in utter disbelief that you were his.

You smiled that same smile he adored that let him know that you truly loved him. It made him even more nervous as he recalled all the books that claimed a healthy sex drive was key to a lasting relationship. He gulped as your fingers undid the buttons on his shirt, sliding the fabric off of his shoulders before moving to undo the button to his pants. He quickly slipped out of them, a feeling of embarrassment filling him as his erection popped out of its confines.

“Impressive,” you replied with a wide grin. You comment effectively calmed his nerves for a moment as he was often self conscious about his own body.

“I’ve read a lot of books on this lately and I’m pretty sure I can figure out how to make you climax and hopeful-”

“Spencer,” you interrupted his nervous rambling with an amused smile.

“I don’t know what I’m doing,” Spencer admitted with a small frown. You smiled encouragingly.

“You’ll do fine.”

You giggled as he clumsily positioned himself against you, shifting around nervously unsure of how to approach the task. Your legs wrapped around him, pressing the tip of his dick to your entrance. He gave a soft moan at the sudden wet contact, looking at you with a look of adoration.

“There we go,” you said softly as you pulled him in closer, his dick sliding into you slowly as you eased him into it. He felt short of breath as an overwhelming sense of pleasure consumed him. He’d never felt something so good before and it didn’t surprise him that you would be the one to bring it to him. He groaned in pleasure as he fit his entirety inside of your warm walls, feeling the slick warmth of you against his most sensitive part.

You hummed in pleasure as Spencer slowly began to move inside of you. His body fell on top of yours, his elbows giving out at the amount of sensations going through him. You didn’t complain as his weight dug into you. Instead you turned his head towards yours and kissed him passionately as he rocked his hips into yours.

Your small moans filled his ears as his cock moved against your wet walls, only working to increase his arousal. He had waited so long for this moment and it was more than he could have ever anticipated. His soft grunts continued as he found a pace he enjoyed, moving in and out of you slowly. The look on your face was one of adoring serenity as you looked at him, a slight sheen of sweat on both of your foreheads.

Spencer had read that a man’s first time was usually his quickest from the excitement of the new sensations, and he was proof of that. In moments he was overwhelmed by the warm wet feeling of you and let out deeps gasps as he felt himself pulsate, spilling himself into your insides. His body slumped heavily into yours as he took deep breaths, his dick twitching as he slowly pulled himself out of you.

“I’m sorry,” he apologized as he rolled onto the bed next to you, covering his  face in shame.

“There’s nothing to be sorry about,” you reassured with a smile. He looked at you with uncertainty. “You did great Spence.”

He sighed but nodded, wrapping an arm around you as you laid your head on his chest. He stayed silent for a moment before a wolfish grin spread on his face.

“You know, I also read that the good thing about sex beginners is that although they finish fast, they’re basically ready for round two in no time.”

You laughed as you looked up to see his wolfish grin smug on his face.

“I’m ready when you are.”