“Charlie”/ Glacier National Park, MT/ 2012

Charlie, his trail name, had just finished the Pacific Crest Trail, a 2,800 mile trail from Mexico to Canada along the spine of the west coast. He was heading home to Wisconsin on a train and decided to take a break and do some hiking for a few days. We figured out that while on his PCT hike we had missed meeting each other by about a half an hour as I was hiking the southbound on the John Muir Trail.  Furthermore, the day before I had run into our mutual thru-hiking friend; Lint.  Incidentally Charlie had made reservation at the same backcountry site as Lint, who was hiking the Continental Divide Trail, for the following evening.  The coincidence of this whole encounter kind of shook me.

Patrick & Avenue/ Flathead Lake, MT/ 2012

First off, Patrick had met Rex Hazard last summer and had donated him an awesome Hawaiian fruit.  He was riding from Salt Lake City north to Canada then hooking down along the pacific coast to Argentina.  His amazing dog Avenue was trained to get out and help pull up hills. I met them a few weeks late after the had climbed the Going to the Sun Road in Glacier, a twelve mile 3,600 ft climb!

Beth/ Glacier National Park, MT/ 2012

Beth was walking down Peigan Pass with me and we got to chatting, she lived in nearby Missoula running a public radio show on herbology. She was very giddy when we got back to her car as she had many texts from her new girlfriend, she was getting accustomed to this, for her, new means of communication. She kindly gave me a ride back to my campground, but not before a quick stop to go run through a roadside waterfall.  I left my favorite roadside find, a camo hat, on top of her car never to be seen again.