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Ian Brady & Myra Hindley

Very Friendly by Throbbing Gristle Part I & II 

Richard Ramirez

Richard Ramirez Died Today of Natural Causes by Sun Kil Moon

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Dahmer and the Limbs by Nicole Dollanganger

Jeffrey Dahmer by Soulfly

John Wayne Gacy

John Wayne Gacy Jr by Sufjan Stevens 

Mass Murderer(s)

Brenda Spencer

I don’t like Mondays by Boomtown Rats

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Time For A Good-Bye

Pairing: Spencer Reid x Y/N
Reader Gender: Female
Word Count: 1,759
Requested: No
A/N: I promise I’m working on requests. I’ve just been dealing with some personal stuff. 

I could tell something was different with Spencer, since he came home from this latest case he’s been distant and cold; nothing like himself. Instead of the sweet morning kisses I got mumbled ‘good mornings’ if he chose to speak to me at all, instead of a goodbye before he left for work there was nothing, not a word; and I was starting to think I’d done something to change his mood so drastically.

Standing in the doorway to the kitchen I could see a glimpse at the old Spencer, the guy that would wake up and attempt to make breakfast without burning the apartment down, the guy that would call at two in the morning when he was across the country because he wanted to make sure I was doing ok, the guy I fell in love with. I stood there and watched him make his coffee, knowing that when he saw me he’d distance himself again. 

“Good morning Spence.” I said, trying to sound like I wasn’t too upset. I tried to hold back my tears and remarks when he didn’t say anything and walked passed me and out the door. I guess that was it for me, it was obvious that he’s lost interest, that he’d stopped caring; so it’s likely time for our relationship to end. 

Walking to our…. his room and passing the framed pictures on the walls was like looking at different couple. The people in the pictures were clearly in love and didn’t ever see an end to the happiness. But now that I’m standing in the middle of the room, a full suitcase sitting on the bed and contemplating wither or not I should take the photo album he’d given me for my birthday; deciding against it I zipped up my suitcase and with one final look around the apartment I left. Maybe he’d have a chance to be happy again, meet someone who could make him happy for longer than a couple years. Spencer deserved to be happy, he sees too much evil in the world he deserves to have someone to make him happy. 

—Spencer’s pov—

Staring at the paperwork in front of me I couldn’t seem to concentrate. All that was running through my mind was Y/N, and how brokenhearted she looked lately. I knew it was my fault, I was the one making her feel that way; but I wanted to protect her and after what happened with Kate and her niece the only way I knew to protect her was to push her away. 

The sound of Penelope’s shoes coming towards my desk made me look up from the file, only to see a highly pissed off Penelope Garcia. “Do you care to explain why my best friend just called me and asked if I had a place she could stay?” When she asked me, with that I froze, it finally happened, Y/N was gone and it was all my fault. I knew I had to lie about why I did it; I couldn’t put Y/N in danger even if it wasn’t immediate. 

“It’s nothing Garcia, it’s nothing you need to worry about.” I lied looking back at the file on my desk. 

“Well you better figure out a way to make it right.” with that she walked away and I walked out. Maybe I’ve made a mistake; no, I was doing this to protect her. 

Walking into the apartment it felt strangely empty. When I looked around I could see why; half of the stuff was gone, most of Y/N’s stuff was gone. Her favorite book was no longer on the shelf, her half of the closet was empty, her toothbrush, shampoo and conditioner were gone. Like she’s never been here; the only thing that showed she was part of my life was the pictures on the wall, the photo album sitting on the bed, and a letter sitting on her nightstand. Grabbing the letter I realized this was the last form of communication I’d have from her. 

Dear, Spencer
I don’t know what exactly happened between us, but I know that this Spencer isn’t the one I fell in love with. You haven’t been the same in a while and I guess I was finally pushed too far away. I love you Spencer, I don’t think I’ll ever stop loving you but I hope you can find someone your'e able to be truely happy with. I love you Spencer but we both know it’s time to say good-bye.

After reading and rereading her letter I realized that pushing her away wasn’t how I could’ve protected her. 

—y/n’s pov—

It’s been four months since that day, four months since I walked out of that apartment, four months of trying to get over a certain genius, four months since I’ve last talked to him, and oddly enough I’ve finally gotten over it. 

“Are you ready Y/N?” Penelope asked finishing the last touches of her make-up. After a particularly hellish week Penelope and I were rewording ourselves with a well deserved girls night out. 

“Hell yeah. We deserve this, no cases, no papers to grade, no boyfriends, just us, some dancing and a lot of alcohol.” I exclaimed putting on my heels before grabbing my purse. It felt good to go out, and after many recent failed attempts at putting myself back out there I have a feeling that this night was going to go my way. “Now lets go Ms. Garcia." 

The bass was pounding through the club, the alcohol was giving me an extra confidence boost, and I don’t think anything could bring me down. This night was perfect and I intended to take advantage of it. 

"I’m gonna go get another drink.” I yelled to Penelope holding up my empty glass. Standing at the bar, waiting for the bartender to get my drink I took the chance to survey the people in the club. It held the regular inhabitants, but in the back corner of the place sat a guy nursing a bottle of water; the longer I looked the more familiar he became. First I started recognizing the small things; like his watch and his mismatched socks, then the jacket he was wearing and then the line of his jaw. I would recognize him anywhere; Dr. Spencer Reid. And as if he could feel my gaze on him, he turned catching my eye for a second before I turned away.  

Grabbing my drink as soon as it was set in front of me, I run back to were I had left Garcia. “Penelope, did you – were you –” taking a breath of the some and sweat surrounding me I regained my ability to talk. “Did you know that Spencer would be here tonight?” By the shocked look she sent my way it was obvious that she had no idea that he was here. 

“I had no idea Y/N, I swear." 

"Well, can we go? There’s this other bar that seems great.” I pleaded, looking back to the corner were I had seen him. OK, maybe I’d lied to myself, maybe I wasn’t completely over him; but when you lose the person you think is 'the one’ it’s hard to get over that. 

“Sure, we can go check it out." 

We started walking to the door, when a hand grabbed my bicep stopping me from walking further away. I turned to face the last person I wanted to see tonight or any other time in the near future. I tried to pull my arm away but he quickly let go looking crestfallen when he did. 

"Hi.” it was a weak attempt to start a conversation, but it was coming from Spencer so unless it allowed him to ramble off facts and statistics it wasn’t going to be much. 

“Four months and all I get is a hi?” I was being hash but I guess I was getting all my pent up anger, and hurt. But in the middle of a bar wasn’t the place to do it; so I grabbed his wrist, told Penelope to wait for me to come back, and I walked out of the packed place to a less crowded sidewalk  so I could hear what we were saying. 

“Hi.” Again, he was starting with a hi. 

“Hi Spencer, what are you doing here?” I asked, there was no reason to beat around the bush. 

“Morgan took me out because I’ve been sulking." 

He’s the one whose been sulking? That’s just hilarious, he probably wasn’t the one who thought they’d done something to lose the one they thought loved them unconditionally, he wasn’t the one who had to hide how he was breaking down so family, friends, and coworkers wouldn’t suspect anything. 

"Why were you sulking Spencer? I didn’t push you away, I didn’t make you feel like I didn’t love you, I tried to fix our relationship while you sat back and watched.” I was close to crying in the middle of the sidewalk, and I refused to let him comfort me if I did. “You kept changing, and soon you weren’t the same guy I’d fallen in love with." 

"I was trying to protect you.” He had whispered it, but he could’ve shouted it and I still would’ve frozen on the spot. 

“Protect me? That’s the most bull shit excuse I’ve ever heard Spencer. I heard about what happened with Kate and I didn’t need you to protect me, I needed you to come home and tell me that you loved me, that you were gonna be there when things got scary. But I didn’t get that; I barely got a word from you when you got back god forbid an 'I love you’.” I couldn’t say anymore, I couldn’t yell and cry over him anymore. 

“I’m sorry Y/N. I’m so sorry. I realized I made a mistake, I shouldn’t have pushed you away.” His voice cracked and his eyes looked like they would spill tears any second. “I love you, I’ll always love you. And maybe it’s too late to try and get you back but I’ve got to try right.”

He was right, it was too late to get back together. While I did still love him I couldn’t risk going through that again. 

“You’re right Spencer it is too late. I don’t want to risk going through that again. I love you Spencer and I hope that you can find someone who makes you happy.” I smiled softly at him and walked back inside the bar.

sammy-and-crew  asked:

hey, seeing as exotic reptiles are illegal in australia, can you show me some cool native species?

I sure can! Australia’s critters are wonderful and wild and there’s so many truly amazing little guys! Three of the four orders of reptile live in Australia (the tuataras, of course, being absent), so here’s two Cool Pals from each order. 

We hear a lot about Australia’s lizzers and sneks, but we don’t hear as much about their turtles, which is a shame because look at this face.

This is the eastern (or common) side-necked turtle (Chelodina longicollis) and it, uh, it has a really long neck. Hence the name.

These turtles are wonderful creatures. If they get annoyed, they can spray a powerful musk over a meter or so. They also can hybridize quite easily; there’s a natural hybrid zone where its range overlaps with Chelodina canni, Cann’s side-necked turtle. This occurs around the Styx River drainage- which… Oz. Ozzie baby. A lot of people outside of your sphere of influence think that you’re some kind of hell between all the dangerous critters and the heat. Naming a river Styx? Not helping your image

Another cool Australian testudine is the Fly River Turtle, or pig-nosed turtle (Carettochelys insculpta). Looking at this critter, the name should be obvious.

This species is the only living member of its genus and aside from its porky schnoz, this friend has a lot going on. For starters, it really looks like a sea turtle. Look at those flippers! They do haul out sometimes, so they’re not completely aquatic. They also have a leathery cover over their carapace, much like a sea turtle. They can be kept in captivity, but the adults are extremely territorial and will brawl. Constantly. Even during mating season. Potentially during mating. 

Moving along to Crocodilia, we see that there’s actually multiple crocodile species kicking it down under! One of them is much larger and more notorious than the other. However, the freshwater crocodile, the smaller of the two, does have some notoriety of its own. Its scientific name is Crocodylus johnsoni, but it’s named after a fella by the name of Robert Arthur Johnstone. That’s J-o-h-n-s-t-o-n-e. When the guy who described it, Gerard Krefft, was filling out the paperwork, he forgot how to spell the guy’s name and so this critter is officially johnsoni. Johnstoni, the spelling it was supposed to have, is widely accepted as a synonym, though. 

This is a very streamlined crocodile, with a graceful, elegant snout. Though not as slim as the Indian gharial, it’s much narrower than the saltwater version. This species has no real predators, but it is regularly brought low by a rather insidious little creature- the cane toad

The saltwater crocodile, has no such problems. While the squat little invader is toxic to the freshwater crocs, the salties can eat them like potato chips. In fact… there’s not much these crocodiles can’t eat. Crocodylus porosus is the largest reptile on the planet; while some snakes can get longer, nothing gets heavier. These guys can eat sharks.

And yet, like most crocodilians, they’re wonderful parents. Gentle with their babies, mama saltwater crocodiles carry them around in their mouths and on their backs until they’re too big.

I could rattle on about size records, but I think the best way to express the size of these beautiful, primeval creatures is just to show you a comparison of one with some humans. 

They’re longer head-to-tail than giraffes are tall; truly a relic from a distant past.

And now we get to Squamata, and boy was it hard to pick just a couple. I love every Australian lizard and snake so much, so I’m going to feature a couple that I’ve never really talked about. First up is Moloch horridus, aka the thorny devil. This lizard is absolutely amazing. It’s beautifully adapted for its harsh environment; the ridged scales mean that it can drink from any part of its body, as capillary action brings water to its mouth. 

It does not drink through its foot, but rather the water is drawn to the mouth over the skin. Pretty special! They have a “false head” on the back of their neck to deter predators and they’re really quite shy and unaggressive; when in danger, they tuck their heads under and hope you bite the false head, which isn’t a head at all. And yet these gentle creatures got the specific name of “horrible” and the generic name of “Moloch,” who at the time was popularly depicted as a prince of Hell. It can fire up and down to better camouflage itself (or so the theory goes) and it mostly eats ants. Pretty tame for a horrible demon prince, no?

And then finally, it wouldn’t be right to talk about Australian animals without talking about Joanna and Frank. You know. These two.

Frank, the excitable Chlamydosaurus kingii, is a frilled lizard. In reality, frilled lizards don’t really do the “walking around on two legs” thing- they’re not basilisks. They’re primarily arboreal (so his climbing abilities are no joke), and their favorite food is termites. While they will eat other stuff, they can often be seen hanging out around termite mounds, waiting for them to emerge. Here’s one hanging out on a termite mound, hoping we can’t see him.

So we know what Frank is, but what is Joanna? It’s obvious she’s some kind of goanna, but that actually refers to one of several species. The internet says she’s a Spencer’s goanna (Varanus spenceri), but I don’t really think that’s the best match. Simplified color patterns aside, the Spencer’s goanna has something extremely distinctive that makes it an unlikely candidate for Joanna’s identity.

Its tongue is extremely blue. An argument for Joanna’s identity as a Spencer’s goanna could be made from its sort of pot-bellied form; Joanna’s built like a jelly bean around the middle and haunches- however, she’s also a little big to be a Spencer’s goanna. They only hit about four feet, and when compared to say, the height of the average door…

Four feet seems like a really small estimate. Based on size alone, I would suggest she’s actually a highly stylized perentie (Varanus giganteus) or a lace monitor (Varanus varius). Her overall build is very lithe, suggesting that she’s not a crocodile monitor or something like that, and her relative comfort on two legs as well as four is shared with real perenties, who not only tripod but will often run on two legs. They will also eat anything, including eggs (but then again, so will all monitors).

Adult perenties do have that nice long snakey neck…

But lace monitors have that middle bulk Joanna has.

Another factor we can put to the highly scientific* test is measuring how unbelievably smug these different monitors are.

Joanna, for comparison:

Spencer’s goanna:

N-no, I said smug.

Are you even trying?

Oh for pete’s sake, this animal doesn’t know the difference between smug and doe-eyed adorable. This isn’t the face of an antagonist!


Ok yeah that’s a smug animal.

Lace monitor:

…oh my. Look at that smug- and, interestingly enough, look at how the eye ridges are prominent and rise above the skull, unlike the perentie and the Spencer’s goanna… and a lot like Joanna’s. While the perentie’s size is a bit more appropriate, I’m willing to say that maybe the lace monitor is our best bet for positively identifying this fictional, highly stylized conglomeration of monitor, snake, dog, and diva traits.

So there we go, a nice little ride through some facts, some fiction, and some wild speculation! Tune in next time when I pour through more children’s cartoons trying to put a species to Franklin the Turtle and Mr. Dupette from Rocko’s Modern Life!

*not scientific at all, all of this is conjecture based on different lizard shapes

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