Such A Sap ~Freaky February~ (S.R)

prompt: Hi, do you think you could write a Spencer Reid smut? Like, he gets jealous of Morgan flirting with the reader cause they’ve been dating for a year or so and has to claim her? You’re an awesome writer, I live for your smut <3

Pairing: Spencer x Reader

Word Count: 1.27k

Warning: None(a little long before you reach the smut)

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Spencer would never admit it out loud, mainly because you terrified him in ways that he couldn’t explain but he could never seem to keep focus when he heard your voice. He could be four pages from the end of one of his books and would have to reread the same page twelve times if you were near. He especially couldn’t keep his train of thought when you would laugh because it was the most beautiful sound he had ever heard. 


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Imagine dancing with Spencer Reid

“I believe I owe you a dance.” Spencer said softly. You were standing in the middle of the library, a needle and a gramophone record producing the perfect music for your dance.

He gently took your hands and assumed the position for a slow waltz. It didn’t matter that neither of you danced ragularly. This was a private dance for you and him. The most important part being close to Spencer. Feeling his hand resting on your back as you moved to the music. 

You held each other increasingly closer until Spencer was hugging you tightly, resting his head against your shoulder. Tears welled up as you hugged him back. “Please don’t ever leave me Y/N.” Spencer murmured against your shoulder.

“I won’t.” You closed your eyes. “I can’t lose you Spencer. Ever.”

Homage to Imagine dancing with the smartest people in this universe


Happy Birthday to this literal Goob!! He is the purest angel baby I know. He is a beautiful talented dork who never ceases to make me smile. I love everything about him from his various hairstyles to his mix matched socks. Matthew Gray Gubler is the reason I have high expectations. I love him with all my heart and I’m grateful that this lovely Las Vegas native was born. @gublernation