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• Waking up to the strong smell of coffee every morning
• Coming home to a sea of papers flooding the living room
• And finding Spencer somewhere amongst the mess
• And practically having to drag him from his work to bed
• Spencer constantly speaking during TV shows, pointing out all the scientific flaws
• Him constantly spewing facts
• Doing fixer up projects whenever he’s home
• He’s really absent minded so he’d probably be in the middle of something and then just walk away and you’re left to clean up his messes a lot
• But even though it’s annoying, it’s kinda cute so you don’t always mind
• Dealing with his crazy schedule and being woken up in the middle of the night with a quick good bye kiss
• Cuddles all the time
• Fluffy haired, pajama Spencer
• Comfoting him whenever he has nightmares
• Indulging in bizarre midnight snacks
• Teaching him how to bake and cook
• And the smoke detectors going off every time he attempts to make dinner
• Him inviting the team over a lot for get togethers
• Random sloppy kisses as you pass by in the hall
• And lots of “I love you”’s