The Rick and Morty Mini-Episode! This is great!


Top 25 ships (cancelled shows) ↦ 22. Cappie&Casey (Greek)


Casey: Cappie, if you’re planning on jumping out and scaring me, I’m really not in the mood.
Cappie: Welcome to Cappieland! Where even the most frazzled of house mothers can be a kid for a night. What’ll it be? You wanna test your limits on the Puke-a-tron? Or fly to the moon on the Astrorider?
Casey: Cap, before all that, Rusty told me…
Cappie: Not another word, young lady, or you won’t get a piece of pie later. Now, pick your ride.
Casey: I pick the Astrorider. ‘Cause it sounds naughty.
Cappie: Good choice. Come on. Take a seat. Coming around back. Here we go. (he pushes her) Ok, let’s get some height here.
Casey: Oh, yeah, I think this is high enough.
Cappie: The truth is, I did resent you, Case. You kept pushing me to think about the future, when I just wanted to live in the present. But then you pushed me so high, I finally saw it.
Casey: Saw what?
Cappie: What my future could look like. A job I actually like, friends that I love and the girl of my dreams on my arm.
Casey: Cap, this moment could be so much better if I was on the ground.
Cappie: Not yet. Right now, just let go and enjoy this. I got you. (one of her shoe falls off)
Casey: My shoe!
Cappie: Oh, I got it.
Casey: No, it’s OK, I got it.
Cappie: It’s fine, it’s right here.
Casey: Oh, God, Cappie! Oh, my God! Cappie! Are you OK? Are you all right? Gosh. Sorry.