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new muse: Spencer Allen Day

Meet Spencer. He’s a family man of three younger sisters and a mother he looks after. Aspiring cook, wanting to one day own his own restaurant, but during the summer you’ll find him working at the local water park. Everyone knows him, knows his name, or has heard stories about him. He doesn’t feel like he has tons of friends, but people like to think so. He’s your everyday Feris Bueller. But no matter what you say or think about him, he’s never going to change the way he is.

theme song: Porks and Beans - Weezer

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about muse.

name:  Spencer Cho
 Nacho, Spence, Sori, Brat, Daddy long legs.
age:  20
species:  Human ( half of the devil’s soul. )

p e r s o n a l .

morality. lawful / neutral / chaotic / good / grey / evil  
sins. lust / greed / gluttony / sloth / pride / envy / wrath
virtues.  chastity / charity / diligence / humility / kindness / patience / justice
primary goals in life.  to have no regrets.
languages known.  English (fluent), Korean (Advanced)
secrets.  she was in love with her best friend and she has a tattoo on the back of her neck of his name it’s very small and simple.  ( 남 기 ) 
quirks. she plays with her hair too much always running her hands though it, she cusses a lot when shes embarrassed or stressed. she bites her lip and she licks them too often.
savvies.  she’s good at rapping, writing, video games and hacking.

p h y s i c a l .

build.  slender / skinny / scrawny / bony / fit / athletic / curvy / herculean / babyfat / pudgy / obese / other
height.  5′5″, or 168 cm
weight. secret. 
scars/birthmarks.  she has a birthmark on her right forearm. she has a small scar above her lip where she was cut by a knife by her first boyfriend back in LA. 
abilities/powers.  She’s an average human, though she is very flexible and is more tougher then most girls. She is very good with computers and technology in general.
restrictions.  thunder; every since she was a kid she has been afraid of thunder even know it will cause her to shake or freeze stiff.  alcohol; makes her a very aggressive but cry baby drunk, she slur her words and gets more impulsive then normal.

f a v o r i t e s .

favorite food.  nachos.
favorite drink.  strawberry milk or soda.
favorite pizza topping.  sausage.
favorite color.  red.
favorite music genre.  hip hop.
favorite book genre.  adventure, fantasy and romance.
favorite movie genre.  action, adventure, superheroes and romance.
favorite season.  spring.
favorite curse word.  fuck and shit.
favorite scent.  the ocean. salt water. 

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“UGH” (from spencer oh my gOD)

    The push against the wall was aggressive. Not unlike Spencer’s actions in general, but this was the kind of action that spurred the fight or flight senses in Christine’s body. And she never ran from a good fight. As her back hit the wall, and she felt her teeth sink into the flesh of her cheek inside her mouth, she let out a slightly sardonic laugh. Her expression was less amused, however, as her tongue darted over the new bite mark and she tasted blood. Tut, tut. Her gaze flickered to Spencer, and she adjusted her footing, ready to push away from the wall and also stop any fist that flew at her. 

     “oooooh, this is going to be fun.”

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oriturlux for positivity if you have time ?

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This Muse && Mun are just the most gorgeous things on the face of the Earth okay.
Not only does Spencer indulge my pretty much constant need for smut, she hurts me with feels and makes me warm with fluff and ugh— she’s just so perfect, and her Muse is, too.
So you all need to follow; you’re actually missing out on so much if you don’t. ]