spencer tunic

Spencer Tunick

I am watching Nat Geo’s Human Body series, specifically, a show about skin. Everything from skin’s origins, to body art. One segment that really caught my interest was a bit about an artist/photogtapher named Spencer Tunick. Those of you unfamiliar with his work, google him; his work is brilliant.

Anyway, on one hand, I would love to be one of his subjects from both an artistic standpoint and to challenge my own personal fears, dysphoria and the status quo.

In a nutshell, Spencer Tunick enlists hundreds of volunteers of all ages, genders and races to strip down to their bare skin and to lie together in a sea of humanity, letting them rest, un-posed, touching and simply being. It is neither sexual nor shameful, but surprisingly serene and undeniably beautiful.

I would love to be involved in such a project, only I can’t stand my skin. No, I am not ashamed of my complexion, weight or anything like that, I just hate this body I was born into. Yet somehow, I believe that if I would, if only for that instant, be at one with myself because I would be among complete strangers, each simply being. And, that’s a beautiful thing.