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Good//Rick Grimes

Info: Aspen and Spencer do some flirting which Rick notices and gets nervous about. When Spencer tries to take Aspen home after one too many drinks, Rick goes after her.

Warnings: jealous Rick, smut, swearing

Rick watched as Aspen talked to Spencer. She had a huge smile on her face, laughing so hard she could barely breathe and resting her hand on his arm. This was just a normal day with them.

Rick feared losing Aspen. He lost Lori and he couldn’t lose the best thing that’s happened to him since, Aspen. He’d understand why Aspen would like Spencer more. He’s younger, he’s home more, he’s got his hair done up all nice and he’s cleaner cut. Rick was older now, greying even. Always out doing work, the towns constable, Rick pushed his hair back in the mornings and left and he wears what he’s given, not being picky. Maybe Aspen settled for Rick because that was he best option but now a newer better one has come around.

That night as Rick and Aspen got ready in their room for a party, Aspen acted as if everything were okay. Was she really this good at faking her interest in him?

Aspen noticed how quiet Rick was. He was keeping his distance from her and it made her nervous. What did she do wrong? She tried to brush it off with moving to a new area with people who didn’t know shit, but she couldn’t help but worry.

“Rick, you’re quiet, you okay?” Aspen asked Rick as she put on her shoes.

“Yeah” he said shortly.

Aspen stood up and walked up behind him. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and kissed behind his ear.

“Are you nervous? Because, it’ll all be fine, Rick. We go, have a few drinks, talk, fake laugh and then at the end we get to go home and do whatever you want” she told him trying to calm him.

Little did she know, that wasn’t what he was nervous about. He was nervous Spencer would fill her up with drinks and try to slip her home. Rick couldn’t babysit his girlfriend and Judith, could he? On top of that, everyone would want to talk to the man who helped them survive this while time all night.

“I’ll get Judith and Carl, we’ll be waiting at the door” she told him before placing a kiss on his cheek.

“Okay” he nodded blankly.

Aspen left and went to Judith’s room. As she dressed her she wondered what was up with Rick. He never got this nervous before and he’s been in worse positions. All this is is a little house party to welcome us after we’ve been here for a few weeks, it took some time to plan. She lifted Judith, now clad in a dress and little baby Mary Janes, and Judith cooed happily. She made her way downstairs and greeted Carl before standing by the door with the two.

“Keep an eye on our dad for me, will ya?” She asked Carl “He seems a little nervous, but don’t stress about it you know? Still make friends”

“Yeah, you got it” Carl told her with a smile as Rick descended the steps.

He looked great. He had a dress shirt on, tucked into black slacks. He was clean shaven and his hair pushed back and curly.

In fact, they all looked great, as they walked down the street. Aspen wore a blue form fitting dress that ended right above her knees, she wore black heels with it. Her white blonde hair was side parted. Carl had a pale blue dress shirt tucked into his slacks, he even gave up the hat for the night. Judith wore a pink dress that someone had given them. Rick walked close to Aspen as she held Judith and Carl walked alongside them, all side by side.

When they entered the housed, it was loud. Rosita greeted them with a smile and they returned it. Aspen passed Judith off to Carl and joined the crowd as Rick stood back hesitantly. Carl stuck to his fathers side. Aspen fit in with this crowd, she was more of a people person.

Aspen made conversation with many, Maggie and her shared this trait, and talked it up. She cracked jokes, more and more as she drank. She paced herself but they start to add up one way or another. Rick kept an eye on her but soon noticed how Carl had been by him all night.

“Go, have fun. I’ll take Judith” Rick almost demanded Carl.

Carl nodded and handed Judith to Rick immediately going to talk to Ron and Enid. It was as if on queue as Rick was given Judith, people felt more inclined to talk to him, mostly women. They crowded around trying to flirt but Rick couldn’t be bothered. Conversations were trying to be started but he answers them lazily. He looked above the women’s heads and he lost sight of Aspen.

Aspen was on the balcony with Spencer. She swore off drinks for the night as she felt a little more different. She hasn’t drank in so long that everything hit her harder. Her eye sight was a little blurry, words started to slur and she was delayed in reactions, she was losing her morals. The cool air felt nice compared to that stuffy room.

“You look like a movie star” Spencer whispered to her.

“Oh, stop” Aspen said almost slurred.

“I mean it” Spencer said with a grin and a glass of whiskey in his hand.

“I’m sleepy” she said “I gotta find Rick”

“I’ll help you” Spencer said and wrapped an arm around her.

He led her through the crowd. His eyes were set on the door, he wanted Aspen. Aspens eyes searched many faces but Spencer moved to quick for her to find Rick.

“Slow down” she said but he didn’t “Slow down!” She shouted.

No one heard except Rick. He found Maggie and handed Judith to her. He told her he needed to go. He looked for the pale blonde to pass him and she never did. He filled with fear. This was more than Spencer taking her, but now Spencer could hurt her. Rick rushed out of the house and saw Spencer with his arm around Aspen.

Aspen was feeling better as Spencer had assured her they’d find Rick and they’d be okay. She was starting to laugh at anything he said. Rick almost didn’t want to get her with all the jealously he was feeling but his protectiveness took over.

“Hey!” Rick shouted.

Spencer halted and turned around. Aspen saw his face and stood up straight knowing she had been looking for him.

“We were looking for you” she said.

“Yeah, I thought you had went home” Spencer added onto his lie.

“Bullshit, you are trying to get her to your house so you can have her way. Don’t try me with that pretty boy shit, Spencer” Rick said and punched him in the face.

Aspen had a wave of sober hit her. She fell to the ground with Spencer thought. She was scared.

“Rick, what’d you do?” She cried.

“Let’s go” Rick spoke with his fist balled up.

He picked Aspen up from the ground and stood her up straight. She could walk fine, after the punch of reality. Rick wasn’t interested in talking right now.

When they got inside, Rick pinned Aspen to the wall. His breathing was heavy and he looked angry. Aspen was sobering up by the minute as things kept happening. He kissed her, filled with anger and lust and love. He had too many emotions stirring that he acted without thinking. Aspen kissed back, her hands went to his hair but he pinned them to the wall with his.

“Rick” she breathed.

“Shut up and hop on” he said roughly.

Aspen was turned on and didn’t care if she could tell he was off. She wrapped her arms around his waist as he carried the both of them upstairs. She could finally tangle her hands in his hair. She kissed him hungrily.

Rick pushed open the door clumsily and threw her on the bed. He didn’t mess around and worked on taking off their clothes. He didn’t do much talking and he didn’t have to. He unbuttoned his shirt quickly and threw it to the side before moving to his pants. As he took them off, Aspen could see the bulge in his pants and filled with excitement. He helped her take off her dress and shoes before placing himself over her. He hovered and laid sloppy kisses on her. He made sure to leave a good hickey on her neck so next time she saw Spencer he’d know that she was his. If that punch he gave him didn’t scare him enough.

“Rick” she moaned and raised her hips to meet his letting him know she wanted more.

Rick took off his boxers, picking up on her signals. He held himself to her and slid the tip up and down her wet slit. She writhed beneath him for more, moaning and whimpering. He then thrusted inside her hard. She cried out in pleasure as he moved fast.

He came close and he felt her coming close too. Her walls were closing down on his cock.

“I’m close” she moaned.

“I know, baby. I can feel it” he groaned and moved his fingers to her clit and rubbed on her hard. He leaned down to her ear.

“Come for me, Aspen. All over me, let go, baby” he panted and she felt herself come undone underneath him.

Her cries pushed Rick over the edge as he came inside her. He held himself buried deep in her for a moment before pulling out and laying next to her.

“Bet Spencer couldn’t fuck you like that” he spoke huskily.

“What?” Aspen asked confused.

“Don’t joke around” Rick said.

Thinking about Spencer with her made the mood change. Rick was realizing that tomorrow they’d probably go right back.

“No, Rick. What do you mean?” Aspen asked still confused and lost, she didn’t like it.

“You and Spencer. Always laughing, talking, hanging out, touch arms and crap. He was gonna take you home and do what I did. Then there’d be a problem, a huge one”

“Rick, that what friends do. Well, at least on my end we’re friends. I don’t like him, Rick. Why do you think I’m so worried about you all the time. Your kids. Why do I come home every night? Because I love you Rick” she said kissing him.

“Good because I love you”

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Mini Me

Imagine being Spencer’s younger sister and him bringing you in to help on a case and everyone is shocked because 1) the team didn’t even know he had a sister until now, 2) she is just as smart as Reid, and 3) she ends up solving the case. Thank you!

Warnings:? None.


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Title: Mistaken

Pairing: Spencer x sister!reader

Based on this request from @speckof-rarity:

Okay so it’s like 1:30 am and I had this idea for a request thing: your Spencer’s younger sister by a good few years, maybe adopted idk, and overall, you’re kind of rambunctious and a bit spontaneous, a bit of a trouble maker. but then you’re a prime suspect for a murder or something, but Spencer refuses to believe it.

I hope you like it! Thanks for requesting! XOXOXO

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So, there’s a new character in town for season 7B, and she reminds me of a much younger Spencer, or perhaps an even younger Mary Drake. What made me suspicious of the importance of her character was actually the fact that she posted a photo, a few weeks earlier to those she posted on the actual PLL set, of her face being made into a mask. Of course, it may have nothing to do with Pretty Little Liars, or everything to do with Pretty Little Liars. Its too much of a coincidence that she’s being introduced as a new character during the last few episodes of PLL AND had a mask made our of her face a few weeks before, thus pushing me to make the deduction that she may be a very important character) (She might also be a younger Melissa, seeing as Melissa has a mask of her face anyway)


Emma Dumont just posted this picture:

Here, her hair is blonde, so maybe there is quite a significant possibility that she may actually play Bethany after all. Especially since her caption is this:

This is literally my favorite photo of Panic! at the Disco. Or what used to be Panic! at the Disco. Look at Ryan’s touching Brendon’s bra with his hand and he’s grinning like an idiot. And look, Brent’s cheeks are pink because Brendon’s hand is touching his hand and omg look at Spencer. SPENCER LOOKS YOUNGER THAN ME and I’m a kid.

Spencers dream 6x05 “She’s No Angel”

I’m thinking about Spencers dream and I’m a little confused why they brought it up 5 episodes before the finale?!

A small summary of Spencers Dream:


Spencer walked through a basement, where she met a little dark-haired girl and followed her. The girl is doing a creepy “the ring meets the grudge” choreography inspired by the music video “Chandelier” by Sia -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=thgKGR14QYo

Then there are appearing lightning memories from the dollhouse, how helpless Spencer was in there and she is comparing them to the young girl.

After that, the girl was silent screaming -and so creepy- and seemed to be scared, then she disappeared. Spencer was about to leave the room and found sandals with C. DiLaurentis on them. A shadow in the basement… then Spencer awakes of her dream!!

An interpretation of Spencers Dream:

Later in 6x05 we found out this basement belongs to Radley, and that girl symbolized younger Spencer. We have already known that Spencer had some issues when she was younger especially with taking “medication”. Remember when she took pills for studying all night and her parents found out? They have planned sending Spencer away again! This was the first time they have mentioned Spencers past. Peter even thought Spencer could have hurt Ali “that night”. So she might have done something in her past as a younger girl what made them think Spencer might be capable of something like that…

So after Spencers dream, we finally came closer to her past. She was a Radley patient before the “wrong Toby in the woods incident”.

And according to her dream, Spencer must have known Charles DiLaurentis from Radley!

All the time I was thinking Mrs D. pushed Marion from the rooftop into death.. But now something came up to me: Remember the scene between Mrs D. and Mr. H when Toby wanted to know what happened to his mother? They offered him a lot of money for not asking about this. Mrs. D and Mr. H had an understanding in this case. They know/knew exactly what happened to Marion! I thought a loooong time Mrs. D was responsible for Marions death, but what if Spencer was the fragile patient back then??????????????? What if Peter wanted to protect  Spencer or even Spoby???

Why else would they come up with this dream 5 epi’s before showdown, if there is no deep connection?


I need agreement or even disagreement on this!! Marion is going to be a topic in 6x10 “Game over Charles”. What are you guys thinking? I appreciate your opinions, please give me a response. ishouldreallydosomethingabout-a, a-teamofficial, spencerslakehouse, prettyliarsrosewood, prettylittleliarsbiga, radleydolls, rosewoodsecret, rosewoodzs, mackenzieloveschachie, buttahhhbenzo, prettymysticfalls, prettylittlethe0ry, radley-bitches, tokillamockingliar, miss-epic-love, missariathekiller, bitch-chipped-us, escapingradley, escapingrosewood, wrenischarles, wrxnkingston, hashtagpll, hastingscentral, spencersbarn, pretty-little-benzo

Please give credit to me if you use my thoughts for another theory.

Kisses, radleypatientX

A family affair.

Playing housewife was probably Amy’s most favourite thing. Although the brunette was still getting used to having so much more family around – having grown accustomed to both herself and Spencer having seemingly small families – the sudden influx of family members startled Amy at first. She was handling it better now than initially, having met both of Spencer’s parents and her younger sister – but now the girl was dealing with an aunt and grandmother. Both seemed nice, just like the rest of the family, and both sparked an amazing resemblance to her girlfriend – something that always made her do double checks before she spoke to them. Having snuck off with the rest of the group backstage, stopping for a few pictures here and there with some nice fans, they finally made it past security and into the green room. A small breath left her and Amy smiled when her eyes landed on Spencer, padding over to the brunette and wrapping her arms around her waist. “You almost ready to go?” She hoped her nerves weren’t completely evident, although Amy was sure her sudden neediness was more than a solid indication for the other girl that she needed her presence to calm down.