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Some time ago, our brother Branwell became involved with a married woman. Somehow that two-bit hussy Jane Austen found out about it.



Remember when Mona revealed to the Liars in 4x01 (“A is for A-L-I-V-E”) that Melissa was one of the Queen of Hearts, along with Wilden?

Well, no. She wasn’t.

When they were watching the tape, Emily questioned who the second Queen of Hearts was. Mona, eyeing at Spencer, responded, “Your sister.”

The video was shut down by Big A (Charlotte) before it could be proven it was her sister, aka Melissa, which is what everyone was thinking as she is Spencer’s only known sibling.

I don’t understand why they couldn’t have shown that Melissa was the Queen of Hearts to the audience if she was. That’s because she wasn’t, and it was Spencer’s twin!

Melissa and Mona, as well as Charlotte, all knew of the existence of Spencer’s twin, who is now A.D. When Spencer was questioning Melissa about her being the Queen of Hearts, Melissa abruptly kept stopping her at sentences, or not replying to some of her questions. Melissa claimed that she has been protecting Spencer since the beginning, but I think not. Not Spencer, but her twin.

Veronica (Melissa’s mother and Spencer’s supposed mother) has had cancer twice (as we know of). What if after she had Melissa, she developed cancer, and this stopped her from having children? She could’ve wanted a second child after she had beat cancer, so Mary Drake became the surrogate mother of her child. However, she fell pregnant with twins, but Veronica only wanted one.

When Spencer and Aria went to see Dr. Cochran in 7x08 (”Exes and OMGs”), the man who delivered Mary’s babies, he said he dealt with two of them. Now, if he had delivered Charlotte too, who is the eldest child, why couldn’t he have said, “I delivered two separate babies.”

Mary wasn’t allowed to keep the second baby after a while due to the strict rules at Radley, and also because she was a mental patient who had history of “killing a baby” (when that was actually Jessica). The twin was probably raised in Radley too somewhere.

Charlotte knew of the twin’s existence and the twin was the TRUE Black Widow! Sara Harvey claimed herself to be the identity of the BW to protect Spencer’s twin, whom she was good friends with herself and knew that’s what Charlotte wanted her to do.

The Black Widow had brunette hair, and her body was identical to Spencer’s structure:

Her twin’s motive would be that Spencer got to live a normal life—while she was raised in a mental institution. She was jealous and sick of Spencer. Initially, she wanted to meet her twin for the first time, but something must’ve happened that stopped her.

On the night of Jenna’s blinding, I believe her twin might’ve been watching Spencer, and/or possibly wanted to meet her. When the stink bomb set off, it burned the twin, and she was scarred for the rest of her life with them. This made her HATE the Liars and Spencer. She has despised them since then.

The BW ending scene in 4x01 (where she had a burnt mask) could’ve hinted towards this:

Of course, she didn’t have that mask when she was there the night Jenna was blinded, but the mask was burnt at the night of the lodge fire. Spencer’s twin was working in two different divisions—the “A” Team and Melissa’s alliance (with Jenna and Shana). They could possibly know the existence of Spencer’s twin too. The twin could’ve set fire to the lodge originally to get revenge on them burning her, partnering with Jenna too as they blinded her in the same accident.

In 4x23 (”Unbridled”), Veronica said to Spencer: “It was as if there were two of you living in this house—the Spencer we recognized and your evil twin. We never knew which one was coming down for breakfast.” Foreshadowing much?

Spencer was drove to madness in Season 3 after Toby supposedly died, and she was admitted into Radley. This could foreshadow her twin especially, and her twin could’ve planned this whole thing to make her end up crazy. 

Sometimes I think some scenes we’ve seen Spencer in isn’t really Spencer. For example, in the ending scene of 7x08 (”Exes and OMGs”) we see Spencer flicking through a family photo album, as if she’s searching for answers. I believe this was her twin in this scene.

I believe that it wasn’t Spencer who Toby kissed in 7x10 (”The DArkest Knight”), it was her twin! She was wearing the same sweater in this scene as she was wearing in 7x08.

“Spencer” was acting quite odd in this scene. May I also note that Spencer wasn’t wearing that sweater later on, because we later see her in a plain white sweater (the one she got shot in).

How could I forget the heart-warming scene between Hanna and Spencer in 7x01 (”Tick-Tock, Bitches”)?

This was NOT a dream! The Liars have always had dreams, such as the many that included Alison, and they always turn out to be reality. Spencer mentioned Uber A’s alias (A.D.) in the dream, yet how could Hanna have dreamt that when they were sent the first text that was signed off saying “- A.D.” after Hanna was kidnapped?

Most importantly, Spencer did not have her bangs in this scene. She has had them since the five-year time jump that started in 6B. People say that she didn’t have her bangs in this scene because Hanna wanted to remember the “clever” Spencer. She’s still as intelligent as ever, so I don’t see why it was necessary for her to not have her bangs in this scene. That’s because it was her twin!

As Jessica always said, “You can never turn your back on a Hastings.” Spencer turned her back and she was SHOT by A.D. 

Jessica knows how dangerous they can be, like Spencer’s twin. What if it was Spencer’s twin who hit Ali that night, and it was Mary who buried her alive? Charlotte could’ve easily covered for her beloved sister.

Melissa is definitely part of Uber A’s game, and so is Mona. I believe Mona is only doing so because she wants to protect the girls (by stopping A.D. doing anything extreme). However, I think she probably left the gAme after Hanna’s kidnapping. She was so distraught over Hanna seemingly being dead.

She knows she can’t tell the Liars everything though—it’ll cost her their friendship, her redeeming, their forgiveness over her being Original A, and quite possibly her life as we all know A.D. is dangerous and doesn’t like to mess around.

As for Melissa, well… bitch doesn’t care. Everything mostly points towards her and she’s one of the most, if not the, shadiest character(s) in the show. She’s always despised Spencer, and she always blames her for her unhappiness. Melissa wants to partner with Spencer’s twin because she knows how much it’ll destroy Spencer.

Melissa likes to lie, and she likes to trick others. Maybe she was protecting Spencer’s twin when she buried Bethany? She knew Spencer would find out about this sooner or later, so she told her she was protecting her and not anybody else. Really, Melissa?

If I recall, Spencer was talking to Toby in 1x20 (“Someone to Watch Over Me”) about running away, and she mentioned that when she was a child, she had a fight with her sister and her parents took her side. Yes, I believe that was Melissa, but Spencer said she ran away after that. What if her twin took her place while she was gone? She said that when she returned, her parents hadn’t even noticed she had gone. Strange much?

When Spencer first “met” Mary in 7x01, they were discussing about twins almost. Mary mentioned how much Spencer and Melissa look a little like twins. Hinting much? Could Mary possibly be Melissa’s surrogate mother too? Perhaps Veronica couldn’t have children at all. This would explain the resemblance between Melissa and Spencer. They look too much alike to not be biological sisters.

In the 7B trailer, we see A.D. slightly taking their hood aback. We can see that their hair color is BROWN/BRUNETTE.

A.D. IS Spencer’s twin. There is so much more to this, and I will most definitely expand on it soon!

Thank you for reading. ^_^

Dark Flame

The team are investigating deaths of underground drivers. The reader goes back to her driving times to get the Unsub.

Word Count – 1366

Characters – Reader x BAU team

‘It’s the fifth from the underground racing, we need to do something.’ Hotch said
‘We’re only coming up with dead ends.’ He continued as everyone looked at the files.
‘Maybe if someone goes undercover?’ Reid started to say but then he realized something.
‘But no one has experience with the underground driving.’ He pointed out.
‘I do.’ You said, and all the heads in the room turned to you.
‘What?’ They all chorused.
‘He’s killing first place winners, you think you can bet him.’ Morgan asked you.
‘Are you undermining me Morgan?’ You asked and raised an eyebrow.
‘No.’ He said
‘I don’t have a worry that Y/N can do it.’ Reid said.
‘Thank-‘  You started saying but he continued.
‘It’s all about the physics and the drag of the wind.’ He said but you cut him off.
‘Nope it’s about reading the driver and knowing which moves he’s going to make.’ You said and smiled as the team sat down and described what would be happening.
‘There are rules under here. No guns.’ You said and told them to place them in the jeeps.
‘No police. All you have to do is be interested in cars, Spencer use your facts to your benefit. You like cars and know cars they will accept you.’ You said and they nodded.
‘I’ll meet you in there.’ You said and started walking away.
‘Getting my display car.’ You said and smiled.

You see the team standing at the entrance and you drove past them, in your Lamborghini Veneno and their draws dropped. You chuckled and through the guard your pass. He looked up from what he was doing.
‘Nice to see you back.’ He said and you nodded.
‘Thought I’d come back for one last final time to show them how it’s done.’ You said smugly. He smiled.
‘Good luck there’s a new champ.’ He said and you nodded.
‘Not for long.’ You replied. He nodded and pressed the buzzer and opened the door for you.

You drove in revving your engine so the bystanders would move out the way, you drove until you found where you used to park, next to your old friend. As you got out your car you stood and placed sunglasses on. You smirked when you see everyone stare at you and you see the team walk in looking at all the cars making their way towards you
‘You always liked making an entrance.’ You heard from behind you and you placed the glasses on your head.
‘Of course.’ You said and smiled when you saw C standing there.
‘Long time since I’ve seen you.’ He said and you embraced in the hug.
‘I know C, been busy with work.’ You said as he looked behind you.
‘Who are they?’ He questioned wearily.
‘Work colleagues who don’t believe I can win.’ You said and turned to face them.
‘Well you see Y/N ‘ere she had the highest number of wins before she ‘retired.’ He said and bumped your shoulder.
‘You still got the dodger? You questioned and he nodded walking two cars over.
‘She hasn’t changed a bit.’ You said as you ran your hands over the paint work and popped the hood.
‘What you racing in?’ C asked.
‘I thought you were racing in that?’ Prentiss asked pointing back to the Lamborghini.
‘No, that’s a display that people can buy if they offer the correct type of money.’ You said. You turned back to C.
‘I was hoping I could borrow one?’ You asked. He sighed and nodded. You smiled wide.
‘Any preferences?’ He asked.
‘Maybe the Chevrolet Camaro SS.’ You asked waiting for his answer.
‘Damn gurl your coming back strong. Follow me.’ He said and lead you away. You turned back to the team.
‘Stay here, I’ll see you at the end of the race.’ You told them, hoping they got the hint to spread out and look. They nodded and said their good lucks.

You pulled the Chevrolet up to the start line and revved it, looking into the car next to you and saluted to the driver. You heard over the cars the announcer.
‘For the once and a life time race. We have the current leader with 32 wins, The Dr. next to him we have the previous winner of 28 wins, Dark Flame.’ He said and you revved and the crowd screamed knowing who you were. You looked at the men standing with the flag and watched as he waved it and then you were off. You let the driver get a head start until it came to the first corner where he went wide, bad mistake, you went in the inside and took him over. You looked in your wing mirror and saw him closing in on you. You focused on the road, there was a sharp corner, you placed the hand brake on and blocked him from over taking you as your back end went to the left.

The team listened to the way the crowd cheered when they heard you were back and were even more amazed when they saw you cut off the driver at the first corner but then you were out of sight. They looked around talking to people as they waited for two cars to be seen at the finish line. It wasn’t long until there was an announcement over the intercom.
‘Ladies and gentlemen, if you’d make your way to the finish line the winner will soon be over.’ It finished saying and the team walked over getting a good sight of the cars revving and changing gears faster than they could count.

You saw the finish line and you were slightly behind but when he changed gears he slowed down and allowed you to take over. You pressed the throttle down to full and were over the finish line before he had managed to changed gear. You braked and put the hand brake on again and skidded so you turned to face the finish line. You smiled you still had it in you. You got out the car and raised your hands all you heard was screams and cheers.

After your celebration, you excused yourself so the plan could go into action. The team would watch as you left and the tall man followed you out into the open. As you were outside you stopped against the wall getting some fresh air.
‘Good race back there.’ A man said.
‘Yeah.’ You nodded.
‘What made you come back?’ He asked.
‘I heard about the murders and I wanted to pay my tribute.’ You said and he tensed but nodded.
‘You drive?’ You asked.
‘No, I had a bad accident and couldn’t drive again.’ He said. You laced a sad smile on your face and leaned up off the wall.
‘Well it was nice talking to you but I have to go, I have my actual job tomorrow.’ You said smiling and walked away from the building, you heard footsteps but you didn’t say anything. Going down a dark alley you turned and something came and hit your head. You held it and looked up to see the man you were talking to.
‘What are you doing?’ You asked in pretend distress.
‘You shouldn’t be back here. You left for good you shouldn’t be back.’ He exclaimed.
‘Well maybe if you didn’t kill the drivers I wouldn’t have been.’ You retorted back.
‘I killed them because they were cheating.’ He told you.
‘How were they cheating, because they could drive and you can’t?’ You asked and stepped back seeing the team’s lights on the wall behind him.
‘Yes!’ He screamed. As he said Hotch walked around the corner with Reid, he turned around. Hotch told him to get on his knees and drop the weapon, when it loosened in his hand you stepped forward and grabbed it before flinging it behind you and placed hand cuffs that you were handed.
‘Let’s go.’ You said.
‘What about your car?’ Emily asked. You turned around.
‘Can you tell C, keep it but I might be back.’ You said and she nodded her head before her and Reid went back into the building.


It started as an accident. You didn’t know what you were doing. It started out like a normal day. You went to school, and hung out with your friends. Little did you know that that day would change your life.

That day you got into a fight with you mother. You both screamed and yelled at each other until you stormed out. As you were walking down the drive way of your house, you felt it. This warmth and power surged through your body, you started shaking. That’s when you heard it. A rumbling and cracking sound, almost deafening in volume. You heard your mother scream and you turned to look back you saw you house cave in with an explosion that blew you backwards. Then everything went black.

You woke up with your head throbbing and as you took in your surroundings you realized you were on a bus surrounded by three men in suits and one oddly dressed woman.

“Who are you? Where am I? Where are you taking me?” you asked frantically looking around your vision spinning.

“Oh darling. You’re here to join us, my dear you’re a witch” the oddly dressed woman said stroking your face. Then you blacked out, again.


When you woke up the second time you thought it was all a dream. But the white room you were laying in reminded you that it wasn’t.

“Oh you’re awake good” you notice a woman with blond hair and kind eyes sitting in the corner of the room.

“Who are you?” you ask suspiciously sitting up and curling your feet closer to you on the bed.

“My name is Cordelia.  I’m the headmistress here.” she responded smiling.

“Where is that?”

“Miss Robichaux’s Academy for Extraordinarily Gifted Young Women” Cordelia said “You’re here because you’ve shown that you have extraordinary gifts.”

“I’m a witch.” you said bluntly “That’s what the lady on the bus said.”

“Yes” she said nodding “You’re a witch.”


Over time you met other the witches academy, and learned that you had the power of combustion. Which explained how you crushed your house. The weight over knowing that you killed your family was too much sometimes, but you found a confidant of some sorts at the academy, someone who you really trusted; Kyle.

You had met him when you were wandering around the academy and found him in the green house staring very intently at the butterflies in there.

He didn’t say much, and when he did it seemed to take almost all of his focus. You didn’t ask. You held him when he cried, wishing that you understood why. And in return he listened to you rant about the frustrations of being a witch, focusing when you spoke getting this little crinkle between his eyebrows.

He loved it when you practiced spells around him. He would always make this look of utter amazement when you would make a candle glow or a book levitate.

You had truly come to care for Kyle and you wished to help him. So one day you dragged him into your room sitting him down on the bed before you sat down facing him.

“Kyle, I want to try something.” you said looking him in the eye, “I’m going to ask you a question and I want you to focus on the answer. Can you do that?” he nodded.

You scooted closer to him and place your hands on his head. “Kyle, why don’t you talk?”

Suddenly as if you were in a haze you saw a party, the lights were flashing and the music was loud. As quickly as the scene appeared it shifted showing a bus full of frat boys with Kyle unconscious on the ground. Suddenly the bus flipped and the scene shifted again. This time you were in a morgue and you saw Kyle laying there bloody stitches holding him together.

As soon as you saw it, it was over and you were back in front of Kyle staring into his eyes. Tears streamed down your face as you reached for him. You pulled back his collar revealing the scars from the stitches.

He pulled away sharply and stared down at the ground, “Monster.” was all he said.

“No, no, no” you said scooting closer cupping his head in your hands lifting it so you looked him in the eye. “Beautiful.” you practically whispered.

You stood up to go find Cordelia to tell her what you saw but as you turned to go you felt a hand on your wrist. “Don’t…leave [Y/N]…please” Kyle said eyes pleading.

You sat back down beside him. “Of course. I’m never going to leave you“ you said placing a small kiss on his nose. He helped you lay down on the bed and as he curled into you side with his arm around your waist you knew what you said was true. You would never leave him.


Hello lovelies! I know this one was long but I just started writing and couldn’t stop! I hope you all liked it! I’m planning on writing a lot this weekend so I’ll hopefully be able to get a few more up soon!!



Mini Me

Imagine being Spencer’s younger sister and him bringing you in to help on a case and everyone is shocked because 1) the team didn’t even know he had a sister until now, 2) she is just as smart as Reid, and 3) she ends up solving the case. Thank you!

Warnings:? None.


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