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In which she just can’t sleep. 

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You were fed up with tossing and turning in bed fearing that you’d wake your boyfriend, so with a soft huff you took your pillow and went to the living room.

You plopped down on the couch, searching briefly for the remote before finding it and turning on the tv. Friends was on, so you settled on the program and sunk into the sofa. Despite being on the comfortable furniture you knew it wouldn’t lull you to sleep like it used to be able to do. Insomnia was a bitch.

Meanwhile, Spencer had reached out over the sheets for you and when he didn’t feel your skin, he immediately shot out of bed. After looking in the bathroom for you but not seeing you there, he followed the noise of the television and found you sat on the couch with a cup of tea in your hands.

“Babe?” he said, his voice was slightly raspy from sleep and his hair was messy but this was your favorite look of his. You smiled at his sleepy state, the poor boy should’ve stayed in bed but in true Spencer fashion he’d decided he had to come check on you.

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That’s all so far! Please feel free to request! 

Sleeping In

Anonymous requested a day off with Spencer :)

“Spencer,” I whispered, shaking his shoulder gently. He’d fallen asleep in the car on the way home and, while he looked incredibly peaceful and I hated to wake him, we’d arrived and I had no choice. He blinked owlishly up at me and I smiled slightly. 

“Come on, sleepyhead, let’s get upstairs and go to bed,” I said softly. He nodded slowly and followed me, tangling his fingers up with mine as we went inside. In the elevator on the way upstairs, he yawned and leaned his head on my shoulder, even though he had to slump down against the wall to be low enough. I chuckled lightly and kissed his head. 

“Why am I so sleepy?” he groaned. 

“It’s been a rough week, Spence,” I replied softly as I unlocked our door. “You and I both need this day off tomorrow.” 

“Mmhmm,” he agreed, and I smiled as he shed his shirt and pants and shoes, not even bothering to put on pajamas before he crawled into our bed in just his mismatched socks and underwear. 

By the time I had changed and made sure everything was in order in the house, Spencer was sound asleep. He barely stirred when I crawled into bed beside him, curling close to his chest. 

As sunlight streamed through the curtains in our bedroom, I turned to look at my husband, sleeping soundly, his skin warm and his curls a mess. I gently leaned in and kissed his forehead and he stirred slightly, blinking his eyes as he awoke and smiled at me sleepily. 

“Morning,” he said, his voice warm and scratchy with sleep. 

“Good morning,” I murmured. I was moving to get out of the bed, but Spencer reached out and wrapped his long fingers imploringly around my wrist. I glanced back and found pleading eyes. 

“Don’t,” he begged. “We don’t have to go anywhere today, (Y/N), just stay with me.” 

“Aren’t you hungry?” I laughed. He shook his head. 

“No. I just want to snuggle with you,” he replied and I smiled. The man who once had refused to even shake my hand, and now all he wanted to do was cuddle with me. I couldn’t refuse those puppy-dog eyes, though, and I settled back into the warm sheets as Spencer pulled me close to him, his body a comforting weight in the mattress. 

“You good?” he asked, his breath brushing the skin on my cheek as it washed over my ear. I nodded contentedly as he held me close. 

“You?” I asked. 

“Perfect,” he sighed. 

We didn’t get out of bed until almost noon, when we went into the kitchen and made waffles. We moved around our kitchen with a practiced ease that came from the comfort and familiarity we had with each other. We sat down across from each other to eat, laughing and talking about nothing important. 

“Hey, you want to do something fun?” he asked. I looked at him, feigning suspicion. 

“Depends on your definition of ‘fun’, Dr.Reid,” I teased. 

“Want to build a fort?” he asked. I laughed and nodded my head. 

“Yes,” I replied. “That is my kind of fun.” 

An hour later, with Spencer’s equations and my creativity, we had build a blanket fort worthy of awards, which stretched out over all the living room furniture, which had been rearranged in such a way that would allow for maximum space and comfort. The blankets we hadn’t used to build the fort were piled inside, along with a battery-operated lamp and all of our spare pillows. We’d laid down our sleeping bags as well, and the result of it all was a relatively large and comfortable, cozy space big enough for the two of us to curl up together. Eager and excited, we crawled into the fort on our knees. When we got inside, I noticed Spencer rubbing his knee and shot him a concerned look. I replaced his hand with mine when he pulled away, putting light pressure on the joint. 

“You okay?” I asked. He nodded and gave me a small smile. 

“Still hurts sometimes,” he explained. “I’m good, though.” 

“Maybe you’re just getting old,” I teased, and he stared at me for a moment, a mischievous look in his hazel eyes. 

“You’re going to pay for that one, Mrs.Reid,” he warned, and picked up a pillow, which he used to hit me. I laughed and picked up a pillow of my own, returning the blow. Soon, we were both laughing and shrieking as we hit one another with the pillows we’d stocked our fort with. After a while, I flopped breathlessly onto his chest and he laughed. 

As I rolled off of him, my foot caught one of the blankets and it fell down on top of us. 

“You tore down our roof!” he said, his voice muffled by the blanket. I giggled and burrowed under it until I was face to face with my husband. I smiled slightly and leaned in to press my lips to his, watching his lashes flutter closed, tasting the sweetness of the cream he’d used on his waffles that lingered on his lips. 

“Then I guess we’ll have to rebuild,” I murmured. 

“Mmm, maybe later,” he replied, and I laughed as he flipped me over so that he was lying on top of me and kissed me again.

I decided he was right- the fort could wait. 

Doctors Hug(Spencer Reid/Reader)

Originally posted by toyboxboy

Pairing: Spencer Reid/Reader
Words: 570+
Warning(s): Murder mention
A/N: yey my first fic for my tol son spence ^-^
Request: i saw youre watching CM and i was wondering if you could do a spencer reid oneshot where the reader goes through a rough case and he comforts her?

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Dating Spencer Reid:

○ When you can’t sleep you always ask him to list random facts because his smoothing voice and the randomization usually helps you drift off. You also always listen to his rants when none of the team will
○ If you’re on the BAU jet Spencer usually brings a book and if the two of you read it together, he always slows down his internal reading so you can keep up
○ He was nervous to introduce you to his mom but she ended up loving you and said you were quiet the catch
○ He really tried to engage in some of the things you love, even if they’re out of his comfort zone and you try to share some of his loves eg Halloween
○ Playing card games, making sure he doesn’t cheat and him also being flabbergasted when you sometimes beat him
○ Him performing magic tricks for you and never revealing how he did it
○  You’re the person he can open up to, about anything 
○ He leaves you riddles or puzzles around the house/office to solve, they’re little games you play and he’ll give you hints if you’re stuck

Sleep Cycles

A very short Spencer Reid x Reader drabble loosely based on the “waking up together” prompt!

It was normal to wake up to an empty bed and coffee in the pot. It wasn’t normal for you to be awake before 10 am. You had tried on numerous occasions to catch Spencer before he left for work; during the times you had woken up you were only half-awake and managed to croak out an “I love you, take care” before falling back asleep. You settled on the idea to set an alarm at least half an hour before Spencer usually woke up, wanting to cook and eat breakfast together. And if he didn’t have time, at least drink a cup of coffee together. 

When Spencer woke up, he was surprised to see your side of the bed empty. Attempting to rub the sleep out of his eyes, he walked towards the kitchen, where he was greeted by the smell of bacon and the all-too-familiar aroma of his beloved coffee. “What’s all th-”

“Shush,” you cut him off a bit too harshly. You placed the plate of bacon on the island between the two of you. “I’m sorry. I wanted to have breakfast together, but I accidentally burned the first pan. And I almost dropped your mug. And I’m just feeling a bit…”



He smiled at you. “You most likely disrupted your sleep cycle.“  

“Sleep cycle?” 

“The average person gets 5 sleep cycles per night, with each cycle being 90 minutes. You should count backwards from 6:30. It takes the average human about 14 minutes to fall asleep, so going to bed at, let’s say 12:15, is your safest bet. You could set an alarm for 6:30 and you’d wake up in higher spirits.” And that’s exactly what you did the next night. You willed yourself to bed before 12:15, earning a chuckle from Spencer and him saying, “Trust me on this.“ 

At the first sound of your alarm, you quickly slapped your phone, furiously tapped for the snooze button, and arose with a strange calmness. Spencer stirred slightly next to you, awaking soon after and asked, “Still feeling groggy?”

“Refreshed, actually. C’mon, get up. Let’s eat breakfast together.”




Prompt: the reader, who is pregnant with Spencer’s child, is restless because their baby is always kicking, so she fall asleep in the middle of a meeting with the team.



You were sitting on the couch, reading an old Spencer’s book. One hand was holding the book, while the other was resting on your 6 months pregnant belly. 
It was almost 2 in the morning and your daughter, like the three days before, didn’t want you to fall asleep. To keep her calm from kicking, you had to caress her, but that meant to deprive yourself of sleep.
She liked to feel your or Spencer’s hand on her and you liked it too, but everything has a limit.

Your mind were so concentrated in then words of the book that you could barely hear your husband’s voice.

“(y/n), what are you doing here? You should be in the bed, asleep.” he said sitting next to you, placing a hand over your belly. Of course, your baby kicked him.

“You can’t even imagine how much I’d love to sleep, but your daughter is kicking me all time. It is annoying.”

Spencer laughed softly, enjoying that kick from the love of his life. But then he stood up silently, heading the bedroom. You followed him, asking why he woke up in the middle of the night.

“Garcia sent us a message. There is a case, didn’t you know?”

You were shocked.

“No, my telephone is off. But killers should have a break in my opinion. Are never they tired?”

Apparently, they were not.
When you arrived at the Bureau, everyone were already there.
Seeing your obvious tiredness, Aaron asked you if you were able to work.
Since the day you told the team you were going to be a mom, he was always worried about you.
But you wanted to work, so you told him you were able to.

Sitting in the conference room, you were looking at the screen, seeing all the murder pics while Garcia was talking, when your eyes begun to close. You tried to fight it, but at the end your weakness won.
Derek, who was sitting next to you, tried to wake you up, but Hotch stopped him.

“Let her sleep.” he said for then looking at your husband “Spencer, take her home and be sure of her getting rest. You can help us from home.”

He smiled, thanked your chief and, before to wake you up with a kiss, he waited for Penelope to be done with the presentation of the case.

A soft kiss on your lips woke you.

“Umh, I am awake!” You almost shouted, full of embarrassment.

He laughed at your sleepy voice.

“Now you are. Chicago is not waiting for us.”

“What do you mean?”

“Now we’ll go home and sleep. We’ll work on the case from here. Hotch said it.”

“But I can work, I still have time to be on the field.”

“No love, you have time to be on the bed, getting some rest. Now go, we can cuddle under the warm sheets. Then, I’ll caress our little lady to let you sleep.”

Deal: Part Two (Spencer Reid x Reader)

A/N: Hey guys! Thank you for the requests that I am receiving! I am excited to start writing again!
Warnings: smuttttt, slightly dominant reader
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader
Prompt: smutty part two of ‘Deal’
Request: ✅
Upcoming Imagine: reader gets lonely and calls Spencer…
Six months ago was the night you and Spencer kissed.
The next day you both went on a date and soon after, you became boyfriend and girlfriend.
You sat on the couch, tapping your foot and waiting for him to walk into the door.
He said 6:30 and its 6:47.
You just thought to yourself that he was caught in traffic.
But it was odd he was late…
Breaking you from your thoughts, a knock sounded from the front of your room.
You bolted to the door, opening it to see Spencer with tired eyes.
“Hey sweetheart.” He said tiredly as you hugged him.
“Hi how was work?” You asked pulling away and examining his exhausted face.
“Boring. All we did was go through files but I guess it needed to happen sometime soon.” He said with a sleepy smile.
“Okay what else?” You asked.
“That’s pretty much it.” He said studying your face.
“No that’s not it. Your not just tired; your stressed.” You said stroking his face.
His eyes dropped as if he’s been defeated.
“I… I’m having nightmares. About prison.” He said looking back up at you.
Spencer has been going to therapy and keeping a journal but he claims the only thing that helps him is you, and he was gone for about a week and a half.
“Spencer I’m sorry. Your with me now.” You said sitting him on the couch. “Do you want to relieve some stress?” You asked with a hint of seduction in your voice.
He looked at your face studying it once again and his pupils dilated as he picked up your message.
“Umm… what do you have in mind?” He asked as his eyes traveled to your lips.
“A massage… maybe a few kisses. The rest is up to you.” You said rubbing his shoulders lightly.
You and Spencer have had intimate moments, such as makeout sessions on the couch, but there was always a minimal amount of clothing.
Long story short, you haven’t seen each other naked or had sex.
Spencer has been a little insecure of his body and you have taken that into consideration and concluded that he needs time to open up more.
You stood up and held out your hand and he took it willingly as you led him to your bedroom.
He sat on your bed and you sat leaning your back against the headboard.
He looked rather confused until you motioned that he come and sit between your legs.
He sat where you instructed and you started to massage his shoulders.
His head bobbed and relaxed as you kneaded his shoulders.
You felt his tense muscles between your fingers as you continued down his back and his body went limp from relaxation.
You inched your hands up and down his back but when you massaged the back of his neck, a small moan escaped his lips.
You froze for a moment as countless dirty thoughts fled through your mind.
Once you snapped back to reality, you massaged softer.
“Harder please.” He said softly.
Again, more dirty thoughts drowned your brain.
You started to massage his neck harder and he groaned and grunted, turning you on more and more.
He would occasionally move away and you would have to instruct that he moved back but the last time he did it, you solved the problem by wrapping your legs around his waist.
You felt the bulge of his pants on the inside of your calf and it nearly drove you over the edge.
You started to kiss his neck as you held him from behind.
He moaned as your lips locked with his sweet skin.
You looked up at him and shifted so you were straddling his hips.
His mouth was parted as he breathed heavily.
You took his face in your hands and kissed him deeply.
You felt his hands on your hips which only drove you further down the road of pleasure.
You started rocking your hips against him, making a loud moan to erupt from his throat.
“Shh.” You said unbuttoning his shirt after looking in his eyes for assurance.
Once you threw it on the ground, you saw his face flush.
“Hey hey, don’t worry. Your so… sexy.” You said kissing his chest and trailing up his neck.
His fingers played with the hem of your shirt and you felt his cold fingers graze your skin.
You pulled away from his neck and he pulled the shirt off of your head but little did he know, you weren’t wearing a bra.
“Your so perfect.” He said cupping your breasts softly.
“And so are you.” You said lifting his chin up to look at you.
“I want you.” You added confidently.
He paused and looked at the ceiling before meeting your eyes again.
“I-I want this too. I want you. I want you so much.” He said kissing you again.
You laid him down flat on his back as you dragged his pants down his legs, leaving a small kiss on the inside of his thigh.
You made your way back up his body, kicking off your shorts in the process.
Once you actually looked at his body, you noticed the scars all over his torso.
“Spencer…” you said as you dragged your fingers over a large scar on his shoulder.
He remained silent as you examined his beautiful body that was half covered in bruises and scars.
You looked him in the eyes and all you saw was worry.
You looked back at his body and started kissing every single scar he had.
In some spots, he would giggle because it tickled.
You smiled against his skin but you were no longer kissing his scars.
Your lips traveled lower down his stomach until his hands buried in your hair.
“Someone’s excited.” You said smiling and kissing his lips before palming his hard erection in your hand.
“Oh god… th-that feels so good.” He said breaking the kiss.
You loved seeing the effect you had on him and you wanted more.
You hooked your fingers in the waistband of his boxers and looked up at him.
He nodded. “I want to be inside of you please.” He begged.
You slowly pulled down his boxers admiring his length.
You slowly licked a stripe up to the tip, making him inhale sharply and shudder.
You started to sit up to grab a condom but Spencer pushed your head back to his crotch.
“More please.” He said, instantly regretting the aggressiveness he presented.
“I’m sorry. I-I got carried away.” He said taking his hands away from your head but instead of resuming what you were about to do, you took as much of his length in your mouth as you could making him gasp.
“Y-Y/N that… ooohh.” He moaned as you bobbed your head up and down.
“I'm… I’m going to…” he stuttered and you quickly pulled the tip out of your mouth.
He breathed heavily as sweat glistened over his body.
You then reached to the side table and grabbed the condom.
You unwrapped it and slid it onto his arousal before pulling off your panties and positioning yourself as he ran his hands through your hair.
“I love you.” He said as you slowly lowered yourself onto him.
You slowly filled yourself with him and his mouth parted as the room flooded with your moans.
He started to slowly buck his hips up, thrusting in and out of you.
You went with his pace and you both progressed over time, going faster and harder.
Eventually he flipped you both over so he was the one thrusting.
His fingers circled in your bundle of nerves as you felt yourself clench around him.
You both eventually rode out your climaxes and he collapsed on top of you.
“That was amazing.” He said into your shoulder.
“I couldn’t agree more.” You said running your fingers through his hair.
He grabbed the blanket and pulled it over you both before you fell into a peaceful sleep.

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Can’t Sleep|Spencer Reid

Hey look I did something today! I don’t own any characters and pictures/gifs are NOT MINE I found them on Google or something. Hope I fulfilled your Spencer Reid needs for the day ❤🐙

Imagine: you can’t sleep because of flashbacks from your past and the fact you’re worried about Spencer on a dangerous assignment.

Warnings: mentions of kidnapping,

Smut or fluff: FLUFF FOR SURE ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

You roll over in bed. This is ridiculous. You try to sleep but every time you do, without Spencer, you get flashbacks of your kidnapping. I let out a heavy sigh and turn on family guy. You don’t care if you get tired at this point. Its better then being all paranoid at work. The bed feels so empty without Spencer, so big, so cold. “it seems today that all ya see is violence in movies and sex on TV” you softly sing. The distraction isn’t working. you talked to Spence a few hours ago and he said the case involved a bunch of kids which scares you the most. You just want to know he’s okay.


A few episodes go by and you look over at the clock radio. ‘12:30?!’ you think to yourself. 'Are you kidding me?’ About 5 minutes go by and you were too distracted to hear your apartment and bedroom doors open. “Y'know” a voice says. Sounds like Spencer. You look up and there’s a dark silhouette in the open door frame. “Watching TV before bed makes you think its day because of the bright light emitting from the screen itself. Plus it stimulates your brain making you not want to sleep and you’ll completely regret it the next day”. You laugh and say “it helps me sleep. I don’t know why. It just does”. Spencer emerges from the shadows and says “I thought that was my job”. You scoot over and he climbs into bed with you. He wraps his arms around you and kisses your forehead. There’s a small silence until you fill it with the question on your mind for what seems like an eternity “Are the kids okay, Spence?” He laughs and says “Yeah, love. They turned out okay. Now sleep. No need to worry, I’m here now”

Alone- Spencer Reid

Originally posted by toyboxboy

You reach out, wrapping your fingers Spencer’s thin wrist. He pauses, turning around to stare at you through furrowed brows.

“Are you okay?” He asks. He doesn’t meet your eyes, scanning your body for any sign of injury. You don’t respond, blushing as you look down at the blankets surrounding the lower half of your body.

Everyone around you was dying, all because of you. You don’t know what you did, or why the stalker chose you, but he did and now he’s killing everyone you’re close to.

You’re afraid. More than you ever have been.

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Warning: None

Words: 724

Relationship: Spencer Reid x Reader

Notes: You know when you are just about to fall asleep, then you get an idea that you just have to write before you can sleep? Yeah. Please enjoy “Names”.

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No Sleep// Spencer Reid x Reader drabble

The coffee shop was excruciatingly slow that morning. It was the morning after New Years and most people were asleep in their comfortable beds, just waiting to wake up and face the unavoidable hangover that would no doubt accompany them throughout the day.

And yet here you were, sober as hell, working the morning shift. You had stayed in the night before and opted to simply watch the New Years celebrations on television instead of going out. Working with a hangover wasn’t something you wanted to do.

The door opened and a chime let you know a customer had just walked through the door. You turned and smiled at the man.

“Hey Spencer. I thought government agents had the day off today,” you commented as you prepared his drink. You already knew it by heart after he had been coming in for years now. Black coffee with five sugars.

“Hey Y/N. We did but evil never takes a day off,” he replied with a sigh. You handed him the coffee. “On me. Because you’re out saving the world when you should be sleeping.”

He took the coffee gratefully and flashed you a smile. You grinned and went back to cleaning the latte machine as he made his way to the door.

“Hey Y/N,” he called out as he grabbed the door handle. You turned back around to see him looking anxious. “Would you like to grab a cup of coffee when I get back?”

You raised an eyebrow at his question, briefly gesturing to your surroundings with an amused smile. He grinned, embarrassed as his cheeks turned a light shade of pink.

“Right. You work at a coffee place. How about dinner then?” He asked hopeful. You nodded your head with a smile.

“Dinner sounds good.”

anonymous asked:

Can you write something where the reader tries to sleep in her/spencer's bed but she can't because shes all stressed out and thinks it moves too much. So she lays on the floor behind the couch cuz its cold and still but she ends up falling asleep. And spencer comes home thinking shes hurt or dead?

Alright, I have a couple of sleeping requests back to back, so I am going to attempt to fuse them.  To the Mr. Anonymous that requested the story where reader gets out of bed late at night to think and Spencer finds her and comforts her, this is your story as well!

Here is your one-shot, comin’ ‘atcha!

Tossing and turning, trying to settle down from your thoughts, you throw the covers off of you and swing your feet over the side of the bed.  You struggled whenever Spencer wasn’t there, but you never did have the heart to tell him.  This was his job, and you were just a girlfriend, so…in your mind…you didn’t have the right to burden him with something as minute as this.

Wandering out to the couch, you plop down onto the soft cushions, your body slowly sinking in as the couch accepts your body as a sacrifice.  You found yourself worrying about Spencer, and you worried about his safety, but most of all?

You worried about yours.

Spencer’s paranoia about some cases was astounding, and this time was no different.  Even though they were in a completely different state, he couldn’t help but call you that evening just to make sure you were alright.

Which meant that whatever bad guy they were chasing was chasing people…and probably even just women…that looked like you.

Which spiraled your nightmares.

Which kept you up when he was gone.

You didn’t have the heart to tell him that his wanting to call and check for your safety was the one cause of your sleeplessness when he was gone.

Sighing, you go and sift through your sock drawer, digging towards the back as you find the prescription pill bottle.  You knew Spencer would ask questions if he found your sleeping pills, so you took to hiding them whenever he was home.

And you threw one into the back of your throat, lobbing your head back as you feel it slide down your throat.

You walked back out to the main room, your pillow and the bed comforter in hand, and settle down between the couch and the wall, feeling protected in the small, confined space.

After all, if someone did come into the house, they wouldn’t see you, but you could see them.


“Y/N?  I’m home!” Spencer says as he comes through the door early that morning.

Tossing his stuff onto the kitchen table, he walks around, heading to the room to see if you are still asleep.

“Y/N?” he calls, peeking his head into the room.

Furrowing his brow, he checks the bathroom before walking back out to the living room, wandering out back to see if you were sitting on the patio.

“Y/N!” he calls out, his hands cupping his mouth as he yells into the backyard.

Groaning, you stretch out, jutting your leg out from behind the couch as you quickly drift back off to sleep.

“Oh, god,” Spencer panics, running back inside and looking frantically around the room.

Spotting your foot, he runs over and puts his body weight on the couch, pushing it off to the side to reveal your contorted body.

“Y/N!” he screams, bending down and putting his fingers to your neck as he snakes his other hand around, supporting your head within his palm.

Groaning at his cold touch, you wince, your eyes lightly fluttering open.

“Y/N, oh my god, hold on!” he yelps, running over to get his cell phone.

“Spence…?” you groan, throwing the blanket over your head as he whips the lights on.

“Y/N, are you hurt!?” he breathes as he comes running back over to you, his eyes filled with tears as he sinks down next to you.

Shaking your head “no,” he peels the comforter back from your face, revealing bloodshot, puffy red eyes.

“What’s going on?  Why’re you behind the couch!?” he yelps, helping you to your feet.

Stumbling, you gaze over at the clock, realizing that you had only fallen asleep 3 hours ago.

No wonder you felt woozy.

“Sleep, Spence…” you voice trails off as your head falls onto his shoulder, tears cascade down his cheeks.

You feel him bring his hand to your hair, light kisses piling onto your neck as he helps you into the room and back onto the bed.

“Y/N, why were you behind the couch?” he asks sternly, his soft hands brushing your hair out of your face.

“No sleep…” you trail off, your eyes fluttering closed as you nuzzle your cheek into the pillow..

Furrowing his brow, he climbs into bed next to you, holding you close as he takes in your scent.

“Could you not sleep last night?” he asks.

“No sleep…when…gone…” you sigh, a yawn escaping your lips.

As Spencer cringes and holds back more tears, he buries his face into your neck as he realizes his phone calls are probably spooking you.

“I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to scare you,” he mutters, his hands slowly running down your torso, stopping at your hip.

“That’s ok…got…stuff…” you trail off, your eyes finally lobbing themselves shut as your breath evens out.

And as Spencer peeks over your shoulder, his eyes fall upon the orange pill bottle standing tall on the dresser, looming over the both of you as he realizes that you have been taking sleeping pills to sleep when he isn’t around.

“Oh, god…what have I done?” he mutters, holding you close as he watches your shoulders rise and fall with your chest.

“You were asleep behind the couch so no one could see you…” he trails off, talking to himself.

And out of nowhere, he feels you nod, springing to life new tears as he quickly wipes them away, burying his face into your neck as he mutters “I’m sorry,” over and over and over again.