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“Mom, this is Y/N. Y/N, my mom” Reid said nervously as he introduced you. “It’s nice to meet you Mrs. Reid” you chimed. “Please, call me Diana. I’m not old enough to be Mrs, not without grandchildren” she winked playfully as she shook your hand. You chuckled lightly as you nodded in reply. Behind you Reid let a sigh of relief pass his lips as he began to smile happily. 

Bend and Snap

A/N: I was handed a challenge so here it is… if you’re not familiar with the Bend and Snap (what?) then I direct you to the musical!

“Nope. I don’t believe it for a second,” Emily mused.

“Me either,” JJ stifled a laugh.

“Seriously guys, I tried it on two occasions and it worked on BOTH,” Y/N protested as her colleagues laughed.

“Look, we know you have a background in law but that doesn’t make you Elle Woods,” chuckled Emily.

“The bend and snap works, I’m telling you,” she continued. “It’s basic psychology. You’re just giving them a little peek of what they want and they do the rest in their heads. They wanna touch this but they can’t” The smirk that spread on her face showed her cockiness but she had experienced its power before.

“I don’t know, it just seems a little too basic and obvious,” countered JJ.

“Alright, alright, let’s settle it,” suggested Emily. “You think it works so well, prove it.”

“Fine,” exclaimed Y/N

“Right now,”

“Sure, who?”

“Umm… how about Spencer?” asked JJ. “You like him anyway, right?”

“Wait, what? I can’t do that,” she objected.

“Well, if it works as well as you say it does, what’s to lose?” asked Emily, teasingly.

Y/N looked over to Spencer, sitting at his desk in the middle of the bullpen with absolutely no idea what was going on around him. The focus on his face as he stared into his paperwork accentuated the perfect lines of his jaw and made his cheekbones seem even more prominent. The girls were right, though. She really did like him and if it worked then perhaps she’d win the argument and have a shot with him at the sim time. Win-win situation.

Taking a deep breath, Y/N built up her confidence before setting off across the floor, her hips swinging from side to side with each step. With her eyes searching for a way to initiate this, the most powerful maneuver in her seduction arsenal, she zoned in on the file that teetered on the edge of his desk. Once she was close enough, she let her hand brush the file so that it fell to the floor.

“Oh, I’m so sorry,” said Y/N, acting out her apology so that Spencer would turn to see the file on the floor.

“No, no it’s…” he started but Y/N had bent low, letting Spencer catch a glimpse down the front of her blouse. As soon as she saw his eyes snap to her chest, she gripped the file in her fingers, snapping upright and arching her back to exaggerate her assets. “I… ummm…. yeah… er…” Spencer’s stuttering let her know that she had him, and now for the finale.

Without warning, Y/N turned heel and walked back toward Emily and JJ, letting her hips shake from side to side as she mouthed to them “Now, watch me while I walk away.” Which he did, much to the girls’ amusement, leaning out from the side of his desk to watch her behind.

“Oh, Spencer,” said Y/N, turning back for a moment. “I was thinking about grabbing a coffee on my lunch, did you wanna come?”

“I… er… I… yeah, I’d like that,” he managed to say.

“Awesome,” she said turning and continuing to walk toward the other girls. “How was that? Believe me that the bend and snap is infallible, now?”

“Ok, you win,” said Emily, leaning to watch Spencer awkwardly fumble around the items on his desk.

Things Past

Title: Things Past
Author: delusionsofnostalgia
Rating: T ( so far it’s pretty T rated, just quite angsty. I’m not sure if further chapters will contain NSFW material but will be sure to update the rating if so)
Prompt: based on this imagine/drabble request: Could you possibly do a one shot of Reid/reader where they used to date (the team never knew about the two of you) and you had a bad breakup.   Then a couple of years later the reader is called in to consult on a case the BAU has and it’s clear Reid still has feelings for her.  
Main Character(s): Spencer Reid, Reader
Trigger Warning: none
Multishot: Chapter 1 [All chapters in this story will have the tag “things past.”]
Author’s Notes: just a lot of angst,  I hope you guys enjoy, and feedback is always more than welcome!! :) 

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Spencer Reid | Stay The Night

A/N: for a spencer reid request it is smut so yeah. It’s also kind of bad.

You and the team had just finished a case. It was quite a rough one and you had lost your home keys while chasing the unsub. Spencer had offered for you to stay at his house and you accepted as long he didn’t mind.

In the morning you’d see your landlord and get a new key. Morgan had winked at you before he let you and Reid out in front of his apartment and you had rolled your eyes.

“Thanks again, Spence.” you smiled, as he carried your bag and put it into his bedroom. “Oh, no. I’ll take the couch.” you said, when he laid your bag on his bed.

“You’re my guest, (y/n). I don’t mind sleeping on the couch.” he said, shrugging his shoulders a bit.

“Neither do I.” you laughed, and he smiled softly before walking over to his closet; grabbing a pair of pajama trousers and a grey shirt. “Thanks.” you said, when he handed them to you and you made your way to his bathroom.

You changed quickly and folded your jeans and blouse – laying them with the rest of your stuff.

“You know,” Spencer started, entering his room again and looking down at you. “It’s a large bed, we could f-fit together.” he suggested, his cheeks turning a crimson colour in the dark litted room.

You nodded smiling shyly as the two of you climbed in his king sized bed. He turned off the light on his bedside table while you tried to get comfortable. You two were lying very close to each other in the large bed, but neither seemed to mind.

You weren’t facing him but he was slightly spooning you; your heart rate picked up fast.

“This was a horrible case.” he whispered, making you turn around and face him. You had a sad smile on your face and nodded.

“We did the best we could, Spence.” you sighed. “We still saved those other kids. They have a chance of living their lives happily.”

You reached up and touched his cheek swiftly, making his eyes a bit wider. You furrowed your eyebrows and glanced at lips, noticing he was doing the same. Leaning in your lips touched his gently and you felt him stiffen, so you pulled away.

“Spence, I’m sorry-“ you began, but he cut you off.

“N-no don’t be. It’s j-just I’ve never really – kissed someone before.” he stuttered, and you raised your eyebrows slightly.

“Why not?” you asked, as a sad look crossed his face.

“No one likes me like that.” he sighed. “I’m a nerd, remember?”

“I like you like that.” you said, again his eyes widened a bit. “You’re not a nerd, your smart and that’s an amazing thing, Spence.”

“R-really? You’re not just saying this to make me feel better?” he whispered, looking you in the eye. You smiled and shook your head, leaning in again and kissing him – soon he kissed back.

“I really like you, have for a while now.” you said, and he beamed at you, before wrapping his arms around you and burying his face in your neck – leaving soft kisses on your skin.

A soft moan escaped your lips and Spencer stopped, looking down at you as he rested on his elbows.

“I really like you too, (y/n).” he said, causing a smile to appear on your features. You grabbed the back of his neck and brought your lips to yours once again.

You pushed him back and straddled his hips; not once detaching your lips from his. You felt his erection starting to grow bigger and he gulped.

“If you don’t want to do anything that’s okay.” you said, looking into his brown orbs. “I won’t force you if you’re not ready.”

“N-no, I uh.. want to.” he said, you nodded and grabbed the hem of your shirt and pulled it over your head. His eyes widened a bit when he saw your naked upper half and you grabbed his hand – leading it to your breast.

“Touch me.” you breathed, and he did, grabbing both your breasts and caressing them. Your head fell back as you grounded your hips into his.

You heard him moan and a smile spread on your features. You looked down again and rolled off of him as he hovered over your body. Quickly all your clothes came off and so did his.

“You want to?” you asked again, and he nodded his head swiftly while pressing his lips to your collarbone as he carefully entered you. He let out a grunt and a hiss, not used to the feeling while you moaned and arched your back.

“Am I doing it alright?” he asked, an anxious look on his face.

You let out a soft laugh and pulled him closer while nodding. “Move, please.” you said, and he did and started up a rhythm. You arched your back even further and moaned at the amazing feeling he was giving you.

The way you moaned and moved beneath Spencer gave him a happy feeling; and knowing he was doing it right. He’d never felt it like this before and you was grunting in pleasure.

“Oh, yes Spence.” you mumbled, incoherent words following after. Your orgasm built up and the two of you came at the same time. Moans and grunt heard throughout the bedroom.

Spencer collapsed onto of you and breathed heavily. “You’re amazing.” you breathed, running your hands through his hair lovingly.

“You’re perfect.”

Bad Dreams

Request: Can I please have a spencer imagine where you work with him at the BAU. You guys have been crushing on eachother for a while and you guys fall asleep cuddle up on the plane after a hard case. The team wakes you up and you both get flustered but admit your feelings to one another. Thnx

You glanced at your watch again. It was late. You sighed and put your book down on the table; you could barely keep your eyes open anymore. You glanced at Reid and he caught your gaze, giving you a quick, shy smile. 

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Frames...Part 9

part 9 of frames whenever you can lovely 💗

I can most certainly do this one!  Here is the last part of Frames.  If you feel an epilogue is necessary, let me know…otherwise, here it is, comin’ ‘atcha!

(Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8)

45 minutes later you had pulled up to your home, heaving a heavy sigh as you sniffle hard, wiping the last of your tears from your eyes as you shut your car down.

Turning off the lights and sitting in your driveway, you lean your head back as you think back on all of the things that had traversed the past few weeks.

Your divorce.

Your failures.

Your comforts.


You had to call Spencer.

Grabbing your go-bag and heaving yourself out of the driver’s side door, you start up the walkway to your home as a looming figure stands up from the porch swing in front of your house.

Stopping in your tracks as your heart speeds up, the man steps out into the moonlight, his worried-stricken features draping themselves in the glow of the nighttime as your lips part, your brow furrowed heavily as your hand lets go of your bag, dropping it on the pavement at your side.

“Uh…hey there, Y/N,” Spencer says.

As you feel your eyes widen, your jaw begins to tremble as you sprint towards him, throwing your arms around his neck as he braces his body for your impact, throwing his arms around your waist as you dig your face into the crook of his neck.

“Oh, my god…” you sob.

“Sssshhh…” he coos, rubbing your back reassuringly as he fights back tears of his own, “Ssssshhhhh…”

“Spencer…I’m so…I’m sor-”

“It’s alright, Y/N,” he breathes, a hand removing itself from your back and coming up to your hair, smoothing it back as your chest heaves and hoes, your sobs soaking his shoulder as he holds you close.

“Please forgi-”

But your sentiment was cut off by your body-wracking sobs, your legs trembling underneath you as Spencer grips on to you tightly, moving the both of you towards the porch swing as he sits you down, dropping his messenger bag off to the side as he sits down close to you, his legs slowly rocking the swing back and forth as you curl into him, your head in his lap with your knees at your stomach.

“Ssshhh…” he coos, running his fingers through your hair as you swing slowly on your porch.

“Spencer..w-wh…what I-I-I did wa-”

“It’s in the past, Y/N,” Spencer reassures.

Gulping back more sobs as you feel Spencer’s left hand trail down your arm, he finds your hand as he interlocks his fingers with yours, his touch warm and comforting as you bring his fingers to your chapped lips, kissing them lightly as you sniffle hard, your salty residue making its way onto his knuckles.

“Calm down…everything is alright,” he coos, his voice steady and unwavering, despite the worry ebbing and flowing throughout his system.

He knew that he loved you.

He knew that he always would.

And as he sits there on the porch swing, swaying back and forth in the nighttime breeze as you sob in his lap, he closes his eyes as silent tears run down his cheeks, his heart aching for your smile as you soak his lap in your sorrows.


“I feel like such an idiot,” you breathe as you chuckle, bringing the lo mein noodles to your mouth as you take a gargantuan bite.

“Please don’t feel that way,” Spencer says as he takes a bite of his chicken.

“It’s just embarrassing.  I’ve never broken down that way in front of anyone,” you admit.

“Well, I’m sure you did with your ex,” he says, trying to brush off the statement.

But as your eyes hesitantly flicker up to his from the kitchen table, his breath hitches in his throat as he furrows his brow.

“You mean…never?” he asks incredulously.

“Nope,” you say, shaking your head as you take another bite.

“W-why…why not?” Spencer stammers.

“It just never felt…comfortable.  Or right, I guess,” you breathe.

Spencer couldn’t help but inwardly smile.

“Well, I’m glad you felt comfortable enough with me to let go like that.  Everyone needs someone they can do that with.”

“Exactly,” you say, taking a sip of your beer, “I mean, you’re supposed to be able to do these things with a spouse, and I just never…could…with him.”

“I’m sorry,” Spencer offers, taking another bite of his chicken.

“Don’t be.  That chapter is behind me…” you trail off.

Spencer could sense that there was something more.

“What’s up?” he asks, his eyes dancing over your face as he reaches for his drink.

“I just-” you start.

“Yes…?” Spencer urges.

“I just can’t help but get the feeling that maybe…I was cheating on him,” you say lowly.

As Spencer furrows his brow, you shake your head and backtrack.

“I mean, not physically.  But…I think maybe I ended up finding someone in this move that, I don’t know…connected with me better than he and I did.  And I can’t help but think that maybe I started to compare how he made me feel to how this…this other guy…made me feel.”

Spencer could feel his heart stopping inside of his chest.

“W-w-…what guy?  I-I-I mean…does the team know him?” he stammers.

“Yeah.  Yeah the team knows him.  It’s why I tried so hard to keep it under wraps.  I didn’t want anyone calling me out on it.  I wasn’t at a point where I had sorted out my issues with my ex, and the last thing I wanted was for the team’s “advice” to be flying around my head,” you say.

“Understandable,” Spencer says as he clears his throat, reaching for another long pull of his drink.

“Well…do you uh, think you might tell him?  I mean, if you still feel that way?” Spencer asks.

“Well…honestly?  I was hoping he already knew.”

As your gaze flutters up to his, your eyes locking onto each other for the first time that evening, you watch as Spencer’s gaze dances from your lips to your eyes, his chest moving slightly quicker as he tries to regulate his breathing.

“Spencer…?” you ask hesitantly.

“Yeah?” he breathes.

“You do know…don’t you?” you ask sheepishly, your eyes flooded with worry and hesitancy as a breathless smile crosses his face.

“Yes,” he says as he reaches out and takes your hand, squeezing it reassuringly, “I do know that you’re in love with Morgan.”

“Spencer!” you squeal, swatting at him playfully as he laughs and reaches to take another bite of his food.

“Dick,” you mutter, shooting him a sly grin as you swirl your noodles around your fork.

“I love you, Y/N,” Spencer says.

As your stare shoots up to his, it was your turn for your breath to hitch in your throat.

“I have since you started working here.  That second case we worked with the missing children, you were the only one that didn’t protest when I took off my FBI vest.”

“That’s because I had my sights trained on that sonofabitch,” you mutter.

“And when I hunkered down into the puzzles in the 7th case we worked, all you did was bring me food and drinks, not once trying to break my trance like everyone else,” he states.

“You were engrossed.  I get that,” you retort.

“You understand me in a way the team never has, and probably never will.  But you were married, and I felt guilty, so I tried to suppress it the best that I could.  But you’re just…”

“…magnetic?” you finish his statement.

“Yeah,” he breathes, nodding, “yeah…magnetic.”

“Spencer?” you ask.

“Mhm?” he murmurs, a mouthful of rice as you smirk at his full cheeks.

“I’m not ready to hop back into a relationship,” you state.

Watching him swallow hard, you study his face as he wipes his mouth off on a napkin.

“I know,” he states.

“I just.  My ex and I took it so fast.  I mean, from the time we met until the time we married was only a 9 month span, and there were so many things we never got to do while we were dating, and I just don’t want to make the same mistakes.”

“I…know…” Spencer enunciates, reaching out and taking your hand again, this time interlocking your fingers as he smiles at you.

“All I’m asking is to help you recuperate.  It’s a process, and as long as you understand the page I’m sitting on with you, I’ll help in any way I can.”

Feeling the tears well in your eyes again, you freely allow them to fall as Spencer’s hand moves from yours to your face, his fingertips gliding across your skin as he wipes them away.

“All I ask is that if there ever comes a moment where you realize that you can’t love me, for whatever reason, that you’ll tell me,” he says.

“Spencer, that’ll never happen,” you say, shaking your head.

“I’m serious,” he says, dropping his hand and hooking onto your gaze, “I love you.  Deeply and desperately.  And I’ll never push you into anything you don’t want.  But if you find that you don’t want me in that regard, you have to tell me.  So I can heal and move on.”

“I promise,” you whisper, your voice trembling and your heart aching at the mere idea of not ever loving Spencer.

Bringing your hand to your heart as your chest begins to heave, you find yourself short of breath as your mouth gapes open, your eyes filling to the brim with gumdrop tears as you push out from the table, Spencer’s arms flying to you as he bends down into your view.

“I don’t…I don’t…”

Shaking your head furiously as Spencer rises the both of you to your feet, he wraps you up tight and holds you close, your hands and legs trembling furiously as your sobs squelch the English language from your throat.

“Oh, god…” you moan, feeling Spencer pull you back as he dips down into view.

“Talk to me,” he urges.

“I don’t…oh, god, Spencer, I don’t ever want to live my life without you.”

And as you wrap your hands into his shirt, pulling him towards you as his lips melt into yours, you feel his arms wrap tightly around your back as your legs give out underneath you, your back arching as you tilt your head, your hands flying to his hair as you hang on for dear life, your teeth clattering together as your tongues attempt to taste every ounce of one another through that one orifice.

“You never will,” he breathes into your mouth, your moan being swallowed up by him as he pulls you up, his hands grasping your ass as your weakened legs loosely lock around his waist.

“You never will,” he whispers, his lips murmuring against yours as your eyes flutter open, the sight of his hazel ones causing you to smile as he dips his head into the crook of your neck, breathing a sigh of relief as you wrap your arms welcomingly around his neck.

You lived for this man.

You breathed this man.

And you were going to spend the rest of your life doing what it took to keep him.

FanFic Friday Week 8

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White Rabbit - Part Twelve

Author: Cherrywhisp

“So what happened then. What made you ask to go?” Rossi leant forward, leaning on his hands.

Alice shrugged. “I liked Charlie and Becca liked Eric. They kept coming back to talk to us and the way they talked about their home made us curious. It was approaching the end of the summer and neither of us wanted to go home.” She hesitated, knowing Ellen was listening and then continued. “I didn’t want to go back to somewhere I felt unwanted and Becca didn’t want to go back to her Moms. Her stepdad was a bit…. shall we say touchy feely with her, but she didn’t want to stay with Ben and Rachel because Rachel was pregnant. If I look back now, it’s clear that we both were craving a family and the way Charlie talked about Wonderland was that it was one big happy family. They all looked out for each other, they all pitched in and there were always so many jobs to do that it was never boring. So we asked if we could go.”

“And you had no clue it was a cult?” Rossi asked her.

“Sir, does anyone that joins a cult, ever think that they’re actually joining a cult? No. They don’t. To us, we were running away to join a family, one where we’d be welcomed and appreciated. They had to check with the elders first, but they came back to us three days after we told them we wanted in and they told us if we wanted to go, it had to be that night and that they’d pick us up at midnight. So we packed up our things, emptied our savings and snuck out when Beccas parents had gone to bed.”

“How did you get there?” Spencer asked her.

“They gave us a meeting point and they picked us up. We couldn’t see where we were going, we were blindfold until we got to the compound. They said that newcomers weren’t allowed to know the way in and out for the first few months. Until they were sure.”

“Until who was sure, exactly. And of what?”

Alice looked down at the table for a moment before looking Spencer directly in the eyes. “At first I thought they meant it was until we were sure we wanted to stay. Now I realise it was until they were sure that they wanted to keep us. Once they decided you were useful or that you had some sort of purpose to them, to the cause. No one ever left of their own accord, at least not alive. I didn’t understand that until later on in my stay there.”

“I still don’t… I don’t understand. You said that the compound had a curfew, so you could leave freely as long as you came back by a certain time.” Spencer recalled the conversation from the previous evening.

“You could leave, but not freely. You had to be accompanied by at least two other people, and you had to have a reason for leaving, like going on a stores run, or to the lakes to fish. Only certain people had a key to the gates and to the few cars they had.”

“Im sorry.. Gates. In the middle of the Bluedove National Park?” Rossi was now looking even more confused.

“I know right… Bear in mind this place has been there since the mid eighties and they’d been paying off the rangers. The compound was walled in. But the walls were well hidden by trees and bushes that they’d replanted around them. Even the roof tops of the buildings were camouflaged with gardens planted on top of them. Lewis was a mastermind, he’d literally thought of everything. If you didn’t know where it was, you wouldn’t find it.”

“And if people DID stumble upon it accidentally? Surely they’d be confused as there’s no record of any dwellings in that area that we can find.” Rossi commented.

“Then I guess that would account for some of the bodies found without marks on their necks.” Alice replied.

“Alright, so tell us what happened when you first got there.” Spencer asked softly, watching Alice close her eyes and start talking.

Their first few days had been strange. When Ally and Becca has arrived in the middle of the night, having spent over an hour with musty burlap sacks over their heads, they’d been greeted by relative quietness. The camp, if you could call it that, was asleep, aside from a few people on some sort of security watch. Ally had looked around in awe, unable to believe that this place with in the middle of a National Park. It seemed more like a tiny village that it did a camp in the woods. Low brick and wooden buildings were scattered everywhere, all placed near to groupings of trees. There were quite a few larger buildings set around, perhaps meeting places, a school maybe given the amount of children Charlie had said there would be. She could hear horses winnying nearby in a barn, hear grass hoppers and crickets chirping their midnight song. It all seemed very surreal. Like she stepped into another world.

Charlie and Eric led the two girls into a house, showing them to a room with three sets on bunk beds in. Charlie lit a few candles that were sat on a night stand, leaving the box of matches next to them.

“You’ll sleep in here for a few days, until the elders figure out where to put you both. This is the main house, our Mom and Dad sleep in the rooms either side of you. You’ll meet them in the morning.” Eric hauled their things into the room with them and then the boys left the two girls alone.

“What do you think?” Ally turned to Becca, seeing her older friend looking nervous.

“I’m not sure yet. I’m not sure what I was expecting.”

“Me neither.”

The girls shed their day clothes and changed into their pajama, both climbing into the bottom bunks that were made up already, soft white sheets and army regulation blankets for covers.

The first night Alice barely slept. She could hear creaking in the house, the noise of talking in the room next door. She’d found it odd that Eric had seemed to imply that his parents slept separately. Maybe that was just the way they did things here. She was excited and nervous, hoping they’d be accepted into the fold and hardly giving any thought to the life and family she’d left behind. Ellen wouldn’t care, she’d be too caught up in her job and new boyfriend. She’d be pleased that she didn’t have to deal with her whiny younger sister.

When the girls woke up the next morning, it was to a soft knocking on the bedroom door. They looked at each other, bleary eyed until Becca cleared her throat, coughing and then timidly saying “Come in.”

The door opened to reveal a woman who appeared to be in her mid forties, with long blonde hair that was loose. She wore shorts and a t-shirt, the same leather bracelets that Charlie and Eric wore on her wrist, except she wore them on both arms. Her shorts revealed strong legs, stuffed into sturdy boots and her arms looked well toned. She smiled at the two newcomers kindly.

“I hope you both slept well. I know how scary it can be coming to a new place. I’m Marnie. Would you like to come through and have some breakfast. The boys and Lewis are out on morning activity, they’ll be back later. We’re so looking forward to welcoming you to our home and teaching you our ways. We’re all one big family here, we look after each other.”

Alice and Becca looked at each other and then back to Marnie. One big family was what they both wanted. That was why they’d come here. One by one, they slid out of their beds and followed Marnie out into the hall, wondering what today would bring.

Song of Spencer - Part 3

Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~3,200

Summary: The reader is a writer local to D.C., and she and Spencer have been meeting up for a year, discussing their favorite pieces of literature. What happens when she gets fed up with waiting and takes matters into her own hands?

Home | Message | Reid Masterlist

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You’d think this was fanmade but no, it’s officially made by CBS.

Sunrise Through the Hourglass. (Part Four)

Rosie smirked at the man whom was looking at her as if she was an alien. “What, you never seen a girl kiss her friend before?”

“Uh, well, I mean…” The stranger ran his fingers through his hair; evidentially he was slightly intimidated by Rosie’s flirtatious drunken antics. “To be honest, I actually haven’t.” The man was certainly flustered, likely embarrassed as well.

“Well now you can brag to your friends that you have!” The brunette haired beauty giggled, almost resembling a schoolgirl’s laugh. “However, to gain your bragging rights: I have one condition.”

The man in his early twenties looked at her with a curious expression on his face. “It’s not going to be something weird, will it?”

Whilst Spencer watched the girl of his dreams edge her face closer to the young man, his stomach dropped. When their lips were pressed together: Spencer could feel his stomach churning; that should be him. He hated watching her kiss another man, but he couldn’t turn away; he was captivated by how enthralled she was in their passionate kiss. If it was him she was kissing, he certainly would have his arms around her body: rather than hanging limply at his sides, like the fortunate stranger was doing. He could list the things he would do better the outsider all day, but he knew his chances of actually getting to kiss her were dwindling. Spencer was immensely jealous of the man, whom Rosie just stepped away from – finally! How long had this kiss been, a minute? Maybe two or three? She was only dared for a kiss – not a make out session; but it seemed that it had turned into the latter.

Instantly as she sat down, Rosie was greeted by wolf-whistles and cheers from all of the team: except Spencer, who was looking rather sullen. He couldn’t possibly be jealous: he had the opportunity to kiss her like that for over two years; yet he never did! Rosie had purposely turned the kiss into something more, purely for the reason of seeing Spencer jealous: and evidentially she had succeeded.

As the clock struck 2am, the only two team members still at the club were Spencer and Rosie. The pair was one half sober. Spencer had barely consumed any alcohol whenever the team was there, and after the majority left he had stuck to lemonade. Although Rosie had switched from some sort of strawberry cocktail to coke, the alcohol had not quite yet made its way out of her system.  For the past twenty minutes they had been heatedly discussing how in most action movies the characters are often portrayed as the typical ‘playboy’.

“Take James Bond for example! In each movie he has at least one girl, who he seems to happily discard for another one. I know I grew up watching 007 movies, what type of role model is that to show to a seven year old boy?” Rosie emitted a frustrated sigh. “Sorry for rambling, Spence. I get so passionate about these topics, it’s a wonder you’ve stuck with me for all this time.” She let out a mirthless laugh. “How do you stick with me?”

Spencer intertwined his fingers with Rosie’s. “How could I not stay with you? It only takes four minutes to decide whether you like someone or not, but I’m convinced it took me less time than that with you. From the moment I saw you: I knew you were special. It was as if I had been trekking through the desert, and you were the pool of water I was in desperate need of. You’re my rock, Rosie.” Spencer placed his free hand on her glowing cheek, caressing it softly.

Edging closer to him, Rosie bit her lip. “I’m pretty sure it took me less than four minutes to decide with you. I had gathered my opinion on you from the second you introduced yourself.”

He tenderly lifted Rosie’s chin, so their noses were close to touching. Their faces were so close; their breathing had morphed into one. Although Rosie had always been captivated by Spencer’s hazel eyes: seeing them from such a close range was breathtaking. His eyes were the colour of milk chocolate, and edged with a deep forest green. When Rosie looked into his eyes, she felt at home; it was a feeling unlike any feeling she had ever felt before.

Every time she blinked, she received a flashback of all the times she had dreamt about this moment. Not wanting to waste another second, she pulled his jumper lightly: closing the gap between the pair. Their lips finally touched, sending a jolt of electricity through her. As his lips touched hers, she blossomed like a flower. Spencer’s hand untangled itself from her fingers, and wrapped itself around her waist; pulling her even closer than she had previously been. Rosie found herself tilting her head to the side as to let the kiss deepen; Spencer reciprocated her action willingly. Biting on her lip gently, Spencer realised how lucky he was. The girl, whom he loved, was kissing him. Her lips tasted of the sweetest strawberries he had ever had the pleasure to taste. He would never be able to view strawberries in the same way again; to him, they would always remind him of this moment.

From the moment they edged away from each other: Rosie felt ethereal. Had she been dreaming? She must have been. Running her fingers along her lips she smiled; realising that the event which had been on her mind for the past two years had finally happened. “Spencer…”

The man with his dishevelled hair felt ablaze. He was tangled in a web of his thoughts, when he heard his name being spoken from Rosie’s mouth. “I’m sorry Rosie, I really should have asked for your permission before kissing you. I don’t usually make the first move: the one time I do I forget to ask for consent! If you regretted that and never want it to happen again, that’s totally fine with me…”

His ramble was cut short by the feeling of Rosie’s lips on his.

“Spence, I wouldn’t take back that kiss for all the money in the world.” She smiled softly at Spencer. “I’ve actually wanted that to happen for the last two years.” She admitted embarrassedly.

“Rosie, I’ve wanted the exact same thing.”

Rosie’s smile shone brighter than all of the stars in the night sky. “How did it take us so long to make a move?” Her mind was led astray by the thought of what the past two years could have been if only they had both been upfront! They could have done so many things: put the Christmas decorations up: possibly in a house they shared, watched the sunrise together, made each other breakfast in bed; and lazed around in bed all day, just whispering sweet nothings to each other. Oh, the sweet thoughts of what could have been.

Spencer’s mind was racing. How different could the past two years have been? He could have had seven hundred and thirty extra days with his beloved Rosie. Their kiss had made him realise he truly did love her, it wasn’t just puppy love, or a high school-esque crush: it was more than that. The girl of his dreams was sitting in front of him, her mind somewhere far away.

Once again, the pair was thinking very similar thoughts: yet didn’t utter them to each other.

“Hey Spence, I’m away to pay the tab…” Her speech was cut short by the handsome doctor.

“Possibly after you pay, would you like to come over to my place? I have a bottle of our favourite wine, and if you’re comfortable: I’d like to discuss, um, the possibility of our future. Only if that doesn’t make you uncomfortable, Rosie!” Spencer licked his lips, he had acquired the habit of speaking so fast, his lips had become dry and he almost forgot to breathe.

“Spence: I’d love nothing more.”

And with that, Spencer watched the striking brunette walk up to the bar, complete with a skip in her step. His eyes left Rosie for the space of two minutes, to reply to drunken messages from Garcia. She had said Rosie and him were her ‘OTP’, whatever that was. By the time Spencer subconsciously checked on Rosie: she was gone.

Waking up in her bed, Rosie realised her head was pounding. Ugh, how much had she to drink last night? Evidentially too much. Her bed was so comfortable and warm, she couldn’t bear to move. As her mind led her to the breathtaking kiss with Spencer, she relished the memory; still in shock the magnificent moment had actually occurred. Whilst thinking about Spencer, Rosie realised something which made her blood run cold. The last thing she remembered about last night wasn’t going round to Spencer’s house as planned: it was a sharp blow to her head, and then darkness. Her heart began to race. Sitting up in the bed, which she realised wasn’t her own: she felt the tug of something on her leg. A chain, which resembled a shackle, was secured around her ankle; with the chain leading to a bolt on the floor. Just as she thought the situation couldn’t get any worse: she saw him.

“Well, you’re definitely not in Kansas anymore, Rosie Cooper.”