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Okay tbh this whole Spencer centric storyline that’s happening right now is just making me miss Derek more because I keep wondering how he would react

Does Marlene actually think we are this shallow? That all we want is for them to what? Fuck and be together? And not give a rats ass about their character and how unbelievable vulnerable they both are right now or how long it’s been since Yvonne’s death or since Spencer basically told 2 different guys she loved them? Do you really think we’d overlook the characters these 2 people had developed over 7 season just so you could tie the show up in a pretty bow and make all the shippers happy?


GHOST STORIES by Michael Rose
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Ralvez week day 4 fic 🏳️‍🌈

Short and sweet, just over 900 words. For @reidbyers ‘s prompt “domestic life”

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Roxy’s blanket

Luke didn’t think folding laundry was much of a date, but Spencer didn’t seem to mind. They sat on the floor of Luke’s living room and folded basket after basket, laughing at whatever struck them as funny in the moment. When Spencer pulled a large Captain America blanket out of the bottom of one basket, he began giggling uncontrollably, an exaggerated reaction to his amusement.

“What can I say?” Luke grinned. “I’m a big fan of the comics.”

Spencer tried to control himself and shut down the laughter, but it erupted out of him again when Luke threw a balled-up t-shirt at his chest.

“That’s Roxy’s blanket anyway. It goes in her dog bed,” Luke amended. As if on cue, Roxy bounded in from the kitchen and crawled onto Spencer’s lap to nose at the blanket, trapping it between her body and his legs and making it impossible for Spencer to fold it without removing her. Spencer gave Luke a helpless look, and Luke smiled. “I guess we’re done with laundry for the day.”

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101 Reasons To Ship Spoby Video Project

As of late, things in the spoby fandom have been kind of bleak, so I wanted to do something to lift our spirits a bit. I want to make a video showcasing 101 reasons to ship spoby! If you are unfamiliar with these types of videos, here are some done with other ships that other people have made: 

From what I have seen, no one has made a complete 101 reasons video for spoby yet and I want to change that! However, I need your help! I want this video to represent the entire spoby fandom, and maybe even get some of the cast/crew to see the final result (yeah, wishful thinking, I know, but a girl can dream!). 


  • Send in some reasons of why you ship spoby (such as: favorite moments, quotes, how their relationship developed over time, etc.) to my ask box 
  • You can send reasons on anon, but if you want your url mentioned at the end of the video, then don’t send your reasons on anon. Like I said, I want this video to be a representation of all of us, not just my opinions.
  • You can send in as many reasons as you would like, and I will try to include as many as possible! 
  • If you would like to see my other videos, to get an idea of how this video might look, you can visit my youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/user/ParcyLove01 

Lastly…if you could please help spread the word about this project, I would greatly appreciate it! Spread it to other websites or just on tumblr! Even if you don’t ship spoby, it would be awesome if you could please help spread this to others who do! I want this to involve as many of you as possible and I plan for this to be the longest, most detailed video I have ever made. Thank you so much in advance, and I really hope you will consider helping me out with this project! -Sarah <3