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Okay tbh this whole Spencer centric storyline that’s happening right now is just making me miss Derek more because I keep wondering how he would react


GHOST STORIES by Michael Rose
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I’m with Anna.  Valentin, if he found out that the Chimera is in Port Charles, in the hands of a child (Jake), and may be used tomorrow at the Nurses Ball, would take action.  If it was used, Valentin would be horrified that his actions (stealing it and selling to Helena) caused injury and perhaps death.  However, his guilt and attempts to rectify the situation in no way absolves him of his other crimes (killing Nikolas, hostage-taking, attempted kidnapping of Spencer, whatever he did to Claudette, behavior concerning Charlotte and Lulu).

Becoming Real: What The Future Holds

In this installment of Becoming Real, Diana has a book report project due. Spencer’s already read the book (obviously), but Luke hasn’t and is very excited for his baby girl and husband to tell him all about it. Also, the family has a conversation about how Diana wants to go about her education from here on out. @coveofmemories @the-slytherin-ice-queen @cosmicjennifer


“So,” Spencer said as Diana walked in the house after a long day at school, “Did you decide what book you want to do for your project and did you make sure the one you picked was okay with your teacher?” The deadline for what book they were going to use and how they were going to go about doing this project was the next day. 

Diana had been thinking about it all week long and had finally settled on a book. “All The Light We Cannot See,” she said happily. “And I already checked. She said that book is above fifth grade, but that I can do that one if I want because I don’t want to do any of the fifth grade books. I asked if I could make a ten-page scrapbook with items from the story that are important to the main characters and to the storyline. She said that sounded like a really good idea, so can we go to the store and buy some stuff soon?”

Luke had just texted that he was on his way home. “As soon as Dad gets home,” he said. “And then we can go pick up paper and stickers and stuff.” 

While Diana unpacked and started on her math homework, eighth grade geometry, Spencer wondered how much longer his little girl was going to be in grade school. Technically, she could leave next year - start high school at 10.5, but she was so young still, and high school was hard enough even for kids of that age, so he wasn’t sure what was right for her. The three of them would have to discuss it when Luke got home. “Hey, babe,” Luke said, walking straight into the kitchen to kiss his husband hello before turning toward Diana. “Hey, sweets. Did you figure out what you want to do for your book report?”

“Yes!” she said excitedly. She proceeded to tell him all about what she wanted to do. “Daddy said we could go to the store to pick out some things when you got home.”

Minutes later, after Luke dropped his bag on the ground and switched into some more comfortable jeans, the happy family piled into the car and drove to the craft store. “What are you gonna do for the first couple of pages?” Luke asked, watching both his daughter and his husband’s faces as they walked through the aisles grabbing stickers and paper. 

“I’m going to get blue, red and white paper for the French characters, Marie-Laure LeBlanc and her father, Daniel,” she started in a slight French accent that she was starting to perfect after becoming fluent in Spanish. “And then when I describe the German boy, Werner Pfennig, I’ll use black, red and yellow paper. So I’ll use flags for the backgrounds of those pages. Then I want to find puzzle piece stickers to put on Marie’s page because her father makes her intricate puzzles so she can learn things through touch, because she was blind by the age of 6 because of her deteriorating eyesight.” Luke listened in enraptured by his daughter’s big brain, that so reminded him of his husband and how he still was to this day - always learning. “Oh, and can I get this radio sticker for Werner’s page?” It was an expensive sticker, but she was so excited about this project, they couldn’t bear to tell her no.

After nodding, he asked, “Then what are you going to do for the next couple of pages?” He knew the book by heart, but had only read it because Diana had picked it up the year before and loved it so much that he decided to read it too. 

“Then,” she said happily, spinning around and walking backwards as she spoke, “then I’m going to talk about the WWII, and the fighting that went on between the French and the Germans. That will be the next couple of pages. And then I’ll talk all about the blue stones. There were four of them, Dad. Except one was real and worth a lot of money, but the others were fakes. Four people were entrusted to take care of them, so that they didn’t fall into the hands of the Germans, but none of the four knew which one was the real one. Marie’s dad, Daniel, was one of the four.” 

She kept talking, randomly grabbing stickers and paper as Luke listened intently, at one point, turning to his husband and saying, “I haven’t read this book, but it sounds really good.”

“You should read it,” he said, reaching up toward a set of stickers that Diana still couldn’t reach. “It’s actually great.”

“After that, I’ll talk all about how Marie’s father was taken away and why, and all about the Nazi gemologist, Sergeant Major Reinhold von Rumpel, and what his role in the whole story was. I don’t actually want to tell you, Dad, because you need to read it. I love it.” As Spencer and Luke looked into the basket, they could tell that this was going to be an expensive little project, but whatever, she was happy and they could afford it.

With Diana’s description, Luke actually did find himself wanting to read it. She spoke about the characters and the setting in such vivid detail, painting a picture before his eyes. She finished up grabbing what she needed and they started to go check out their items. “Should we start talking with her about what she wants to do school-wise?” Luke whispered to his husband and Diana unloaded the items on the checkout counter. 

“Probably,” he said. “I know what I think, but I want to see if she feels the same way.” They were on the same page; Luke already knew it. Spencer had gone to high school and college at such a young age that he lost out on a lot of being a kid. They didn’t want that for her. They agreed with Kailanni’s husband, Terrance. She would probably do best getting special work in her grade school and middle school until she naturally advanced into the first year of high school. After one year there, if she wanted, she could go to college.

A whopping $125 dollars later, the family walked out and back into the car to head home. “Hey babygirl,” Luke said as Diana rifled through her stash of stickers. “Daddy and I want to talk to you about school. High school and college and stuff.”

“Okay,” she said. “What about it?”

They explained the situation to her. Spencer told her everything - and he meant everything - that had happened to him going to high school and college at a young age. Of course they told her that it might not be the same for her, but it could be, and she could lose out on certain aspects of childhood by jumping ahead so soon. “So what do you think?”

“Hmmm…well I can get my teachers up until 8th grade to give me different work, right?” she asked. She didn’t want to be bored and if she had to do work from her grade she’d lose her mind. “And I could go to college after the first year of high school? That way I could make some friends first?”

“Yup,” Luke said.

“Then I think I want to do that,” she said with a contented sigh. “I don’t want to grow up too fast.”

“Smart choice, baby,” Spencer said, an immediate weight lifted off his shoulders. With that out of the way, thy turned the radio on, only for this horrible new tween band, Soundboard City, pop on. 

Diana gasped, her ears perking up and listening intently. She watched as her Dad went to turn the station to something else. “No! Can you keep this on? I love this song.”

Oh no. Both men glanced at each other in silence. They were at the boy band stage.


101 Reasons To Ship Spoby Video Project

As of late, things in the spoby fandom have been kind of bleak, so I wanted to do something to lift our spirits a bit. I want to make a video showcasing 101 reasons to ship spoby! If you are unfamiliar with these types of videos, here are some done with other ships that other people have made: 

From what I have seen, no one has made a complete 101 reasons video for spoby yet and I want to change that! However, I need your help! I want this video to represent the entire spoby fandom, and maybe even get some of the cast/crew to see the final result (yeah, wishful thinking, I know, but a girl can dream!). 


  • Send in some reasons of why you ship spoby (such as: favorite moments, quotes, how their relationship developed over time, etc.) to my ask box 
  • You can send reasons on anon, but if you want your url mentioned at the end of the video, then don’t send your reasons on anon. Like I said, I want this video to be a representation of all of us, not just my opinions.
  • You can send in as many reasons as you would like, and I will try to include as many as possible! 
  • If you would like to see my other videos, to get an idea of how this video might look, you can visit my youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/user/ParcyLove01 

Lastly…if you could please help spread the word about this project, I would greatly appreciate it! Spread it to other websites or just on tumblr! Even if you don’t ship spoby, it would be awesome if you could please help spread this to others who do! I want this to involve as many of you as possible and I plan for this to be the longest, most detailed video I have ever made. Thank you so much in advance, and I really hope you will consider helping me out with this project! -Sarah <3     



One hundred women posed nude for an art installation near the site of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio. 

The women carried large mirrors that they shone in the direction of the convention, as a way to reflect “the knowledge and wisdom of progressive women”. 

The artist behind the project, Spencer Tunick, said the installation was also a way for women and minorities to positively channel “their anger through art against the hateful repressive rhetoric of many in the Republican party”.