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Pairing: Chris x Ellie, Rating: NC-17, prompt: You're cat is evil!

Not sure where this one is going… so let’s do this! It got smutty so it’s under a keep reading!

This stars Chris Evans and my OFC Ellie Spencer-Evans from The Chris and Ellie Series.

Title: First Aid
Pairing: Chris Evans x Ellie Spencer-Evans
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: semi-graphic sex

Ellie was in the kitchen of their LA house when she heard Chris swearing downstairs. Curious, she dried her hands on a towel and then made her way to the basement.

“What’s going on -” her voice trailed off when she saw their kitten, Mickey, sitting on the back of the couch, using a shredded Patriots jersey as a blanket. The kitten hissed at Chris when he tried to grab the jersey and took a swipe at his hands, his claws connecting with the skin of Chris’s hand.

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Do you know any good non-au stories? Preferably oneshots but anything is fine :) thanks!


When I Kiss Your Mouth I Want To Taste It is a hot fic but it’s not exclusively Brallon, it’s Spencer, Ian, and Dallon having their way with Brendon’s mouth. (That’s it, that’s the fic.) NC-17 obvs.

Lay Your Hands On My Soul Tonight is also hot and also not exclusively Brallon. In this one, Brendon gets some soap from Pete which gives off this scent that makes all of Brendon’s bandmates want to fuck him like an animal.. so that’s what happens. Brendon/Dallon, Brendon/Ian, Brendon/Spencer, Brendon/Dallon/Ian/Spencer. NC-17 ofc.

You And Me Against The Wall is a hot little oneshot where Dallon fucks Brendon up against a wall and it’s gR88888. NC-17. (I’m sorry if you didn’t want smut but almost all the non-au/real life ones are smutty.)

Dallon’s First Orgy is…. I don’t even know what to say about this lol. Dallon/Brendon/Ian/Spencer with voyeur Zack, set on the night Brendon stripped down to his underwear at Summerfest 11′. The four of them have an orgy (foursome?) in Dallon’s hotel room and Zack takes pictures. It’s… yeah. It’s weird… yet hot the way it’s written? I don’t even know. NC-17.

You Do This All The Time is honestly one of my favorite Brallon fics, it’s so hot haha. Brendon pops a boner on stage and he’s still hard and horny afterwards on the bus and basically annoys Dallon into fucking him lol. He’s being so obnoxious and Spencer’s like ‘please just fuck him.’ You’ll see what I mean if you read it. NC-17

Pinecones is hot, BDSM (Brendon as the Dom in this case), sounding fun. If you don’t know what sounding is.. you probably don’t want to. Then again, it’s really hot in this fic. NC-17

Flash, Flash, Flash Photography is Brallon and Brencer and a little Breezy/Sarah and it’s hot hot hot. NC-17

ohhh my god, this is a total smut-fest, I’m so sorry and also no I’m not. But I’m going to stop there cuz I could keep going for awhile probably lol. Enjoy!

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I have a hankering for some classic (ie old, before the 2000s) fic, some lengthy (at least 10k? or at least 5k?) first time space husbands fic. can you help me out?

- The Power of Suggestion by Dana Austin Marsh [10.8k] [NC-17]

After rejecting the advances of a stranger, Kirk returns to his and Spock’s hotel room and during the night somehow is made to erroneously believe that he and Spock are lovers. Originally published in 1997 in the print fanzine First Time #46.

- Turning Point by Killa [30.9k] [NC-17]

At the end of the five year mission, Kirk and Spock go to New Orleans and explore the true meaning of decadence.

- Rumour Has It by Dana Austin Marsh [12.6k] [NC-17]

Kirk and Spock decide to use the rumor that they are lovers to discourage crewmembers from making a play for either of them. Originally published in 1994 in the print fanzine Matter/Antimatter # 11.

- Sharing the Risk by Killa [7.4k] [M]

While on leave, Spock has taken his courage in his hands and has made the first move…but Kirk’s initial response isn’t quite what he’d hoped for.

- Private Moments by Charlotte Frost [13.3k] [NC-17]

McCoy orders Kirk and a still disturbed Spock on medical leave after they are rescued from the Klingons who beat and tortured them.

- A Matter of Seduction by Sharon Pillsbury [13.4k] [NC-17]

Kirk is ordered to do whatever it takes when a ruler’s heir is interested in him.

- This Deadly Innocence, a.k.a., The End of the Hurt/Comfort Syndrome by Leslie Fish [37.3k] [M]

Doctor McCoy has detected a dangerous syndrome in two of his patients. He prescribes a novel treatment.

- A Shot in the Dark by Carolyn Spencer [4.9k] [NC-17]

Sometimes there are things you can say in the dark that you never can say in the light.


Also, check out the 1990s, 1980s, 1970s, get together, and first time tags. <3