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Three is Enough

A/N: An anon request for a Spencer x Reader where a sonogram was misread and the child they have (their third) turns out to be a girl instead of a boy. They had a boy’s name in mind that the reader didn’t like, but relented to anyway, because she chose the names of their twins. When the boy’s name doesn’t have to be used, she is secretly happy and ends up telling Spencer. @coveofmemories


“Push!” your OBGYN said. “One more time and you’ll get to meet your baby boy!”

“Fuck!” you screamed, bearing down as your lower half burned with pain. With one final push, you felt him leave your body and immediately you started to cry. This is exactly what happened with the boys, Alexander and Oliver, too. As soon as Alexander came out, you’d started sobbing, well - like a baby - and could barely contain yourself to get Oliver out of you too, but thankfully, you’d done enough to get him out and then dissolved into a puddle of wet, happy tears.

“Well, Dr. and Mrs. Reid,” the OB said, “I am excited to say you have a happy, healthy baby girl. Something must’ve been obstructing the sonogram.”

“Oh my god,” you cried. “Hi…Harper?” You looked toward Spencer; it was the name you’d settled on when you weren’t sure of the sex of your new bundle of joy. You wanted to make sure that name was still okay with him; you loved it.

“Harper,” he said, kissing the top of her tiny, little head. “I still love it. Hi baby.” As he grazed the peach fuzz on her forehead, she started to calm, sinking into your arms. Spencer leaned over, pressing a firm kiss to your pursued lips. “She’s beautiful. And now we have a girl too. Do you want me to go get the boys?”

“Not yet,” you sighed, finally feeling the crash from the adrenaline high you’d just experienced. “I think I need to sleep for a little bit.”

Spencer stared in awe at you - bringing your third child into the world. “Okay, hold on, let me go outside and tell everyone and that you need a little while to rest. Then I’m going to come back and hold our beautiful, little baby girl for a while.”

Minutes later, Spencer returned, covered in the happy tears of your families and friends. He’d asked JJ to watch the boys for a little while longer and once you woke up, he’d go get them. “I’m back, beautiful,” he said, walking into the room and reaching for Harper. 

“You talking to her or me?” you yawned. 



About an hour later, you woke up and asked to see all of the babies together. “Can our friends and family come in?” you asked the nurse. “I’d really like to see everyone, but I really don’t wanna get up. Everything hurts.”

“That’s fine,” she said. “I’ll go get little Harper and your husband can go get everyone else.” 

Within five minutes, Harper was in your arms and the boys were running into the room excited to see their little sister. “Harper!” Oliver screamed as he ran to your side. Spencer shushed him, lifting both boys onto your bed so they could look at her. 

“She’s pink,” Alexander said, his little two-and-a-half-year-old voice squeaking out of him.

You laughed, combing back the fluffy brown hair of the older twin’s head. “Yes, she is. That’s how you both looked when you came out of my tummy too.”

Oliver was the more quiet one, but he leaned into your arm as he gazed at his little sister. “I thought you said we were having a brother. You said his name was  Carl.”

“Carl?” Morgan said incredulously as he bent down to kiss your forehead. “You look stunning.” He looked at you and then over to Spencer. “You look like hell though.”

“Thanks, Morgan,” he laughed. “And yes, Oliver, his name was going to be Carl, but the doctors saw the picture wrong, so they didn’t know it was a girl.”

That seemed to satisfy Oliver and it didn’t look like Alexander cared. They both just sat at your side and stared at the baby sleeping soundly in your arms. “Yes,” you said to everyone, “When it was a boy it was going to be Carl.” The distaste for the name must’ve oozed out of you because Spencer looked surprised.

“What, you didn’t like the name?” he asked.

You shrugged, scrunching your face up. “No,” you admitted. “I picked the boys’ names and you loved that name so much, so I figured I’d let you have it, but secretly, it was definitely not what I would’ve named him. That’s the kind of name that gets you stuffed in a locker babe.”

Spencer laughed under his breath. “Yea, I guess it is.”

“Where the h…” Morgan started before realizing there were still kids in the room.  Where did Carl even come from?”

“Sagan,” you both said in unison. “Carl Sagan. Famous astrophysicist.”

“Kid, really?” Morgan said, slapping Spencer on the back of the shoulder. “Thank god it was a girl. Speaking of…” He walked over to you, not-so-silently asking if he could hold her. Carefully, you handed her over to him, while Spencer sat at your side.

“You really hated the name Carl?” he whispered, as Morgan brought Harper into the middle of the room into a sea of loving aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins. Oliver had fallen asleep on your shoulder and Alexander wasn’t too far behind. 

“Loathed it, love,” you chuckled, doing your best to not wake the boys. “Couldn’t stand it.”

“You were going to let me name him Carl even though you hated it?” he asked sweetly. He looked like he was about to cry again. The sentiment really touched him.

You were. It’s not like a name was going to make you not like your child - and it meant a lot to Spence, so you’d relented. “Of course I was. I love you,” you said, pursing your lips for yet another kiss. “But now we don’t need the name. We have Harper. And I think we’re done now right?”

“With kids?” he asked quickly. “God yes. Three is more than enough.”

Dr. Spencer Reid x Reader - Doctor and Nurse

“Thanks for taking me out to coffee Spence.” You smiled up at your sweet boyfriend. “Anytime. I love spending time with you even it is just standing in line for an over priced Pumpkin Spice Latte.” He winked down at you making you blush. “Never in a million years would I have thought that the shy awkward guy I met 6 months ago would be boldly teasing me like this… Where did this confidence come from??” You laughed as he wrapped his arm around your shoulder. “I don’t feel shy around you anymore… The minute I saw you trip on a flat surface and then laugh about it I knew you like me for me.” Spence shrugged before taking a sip of his own Pumpkin Spice Latte. “I kinda miss the blushing flustered Spencer…” You fake pouted as he held the door to the sanitarium. As you clocked into the front desk and then put your stuff away in your locker Spencer checked his phone for any messages from the BAU. He was back in Vegas to visit both his mom (a patient a the sanitarium) and his girlfriend (a nurse at the sanitarium). Once you walked back out into the lobby you and Spencer headed over to see his mom… She was always your first patient of the day. “Spencer… What a nice surprise.” Diana smiled as she looked up to see her son. “Hey mom.” He took a seat beside her. “How you feeling this morning Mrs. Reid??” You asked noticing Diana wasn’t smiling even though her son was there today. “Quite frankly I am feeling rather upset.” “Why is that??” Spencer asked worried. “I still don’t see a ring on Y/N’s finger.” Diana gave Spencer a halfhearted glare making Spencer blush. “There he is…” You mumbled just loud enough for Spencer to hear and answer back with a glare that mirrored his mother’s.

Spencer’s POV:

After Spencer spent what felt like just one day in Vegas he had to fly back out to Quantico for a case. Spencer was only in Quantico for a day before he was flying back out to Vegas. Not to see his two favorite women but for the case. There had been as string of kidnappings in a town right outside of Vegas and the BAU was quick to jump on it since the police believed that it was a man they had put away before. The man was Joe Hood. He had the record of physical assault and kidnapping in the upper part of Nevada. The BAU had caught him close to ten years ago and he was sent to sanitarium after sanitarium because of conflicts with the staff. During his transfer to the last sanitarium brave enough to take him on he escaped. Now he was kidnapping women and his usual pattern was just different enough to stump the BAU. Before he had just kept all the women in his house but now that he didn’t have a residence he was kidnapping the women and then leaving them for dead on the sides of roads. At first the victims seemed to be based on opportunity but then they slowly started to all look the same. Once the unit was at the police station Spencer excused himself to go and make a phone call. A phone call to Y/N. Spencer’s heart speed up with each ring that went unanswered. Walking back into the conference room of the police station Spencer’s speeding heart sank down to his stomach when he saw the pictures of the latest victims. Each of them looked more and more like Y/N. Their hair their eyes their skin tones. “Pretty boy you okay?? You look like a ghost.” Derek called out as Spencer froze at the door. “He is after Y/N. I know… Call me crazy but I just know it…” “Who??” Hotch asked looking around at the rest of the unit. “My girlfriend… I know. Ha. Ha. Ha. Spencer has a girlfriend you can tease me later about it. But she works at the sanitarium where my mom is at and I bet if we call over and get Y/N/s records that Joe Hood is one of her past patients. She is exactly the type of a girl someone like the Joe would be obsessed with. She doesn’t just sift through her patients she gets to know them and they get attached to her.” Spencer sped out of his mouth before sucking in a deep breath. “JJ get a hold of those records…” Hotch nodded over to JJ before asking Derek and Rossi to go out and check your house. “Oh and Reid… Congrats.” Hotch gave Spencer as big of a smile that was appropriate for the situation at hand. 

Turns out that Joe had been a patient of yours and as Spencer suspected you were if not the only person Joe ever got along with. When other members of the staff complained about Joe’s aggression he was moved to another location. Joe seethed in even more anger over the fact that you didn’t move with him so obviously he grew an obsession with you. Before in his first string of crimes he didn’t have a type but now he did. Lucky for you Joe had kidnapped you outside of your work place. Right behind the bookstore a block away from where you usually parked. In the video that the BAU watched it was evident that you were scared to see Joe and when you tried to run he tazered you right there in day light. However no one was around so it was easy for him to throw you in the backseat of the car he had stolen. Unlucky for Joe was that he was so up tight about finally getting you in his grasp that he let the camera get a glimpse of the car’s plate and boom. Garcia was able to put out the word for the car and within an hour… They had the hideout found out. And old apartment complex about ten miles out of the center of Vegas. The BAU sped off as quickly as they could to the hideout. Spencer clung to the handle of the car door so tight that the blood from his hands were about gone. Spencer was scared to death that they would get there too late. Moments with you flashed before his eyes and they got closer to the hideout. When he first asked you after his mother begged him to. Your first date where you held his hand the whole time you two explored the museum. The first time he kissed you when he dropped you off at your house. The was you always ask him to explain his jokes so you can laugh with him. Deep down Spencer didn’t know what he would do without you. Once at the hideout Spencer sped out of the car only to be caught by the arm by Hotch. “Reid don’t let this be the one time you don’t use that head of yours… Don’t do anything stupid okay??” Hotch warned as Spencer let out a deep breath. “Okay.” Moving in to the hideout everyone was on high alert. On about the third floor the found you and Joe. Joe was laying face down on the floor a bottle of poison in his hands. You were sitting up beside him barely conscious. “Over here… Please…” You croaked out. “Hes been out for half an hour… I don’t think hes breathing…” You coughed harshly at the end of your sentence. Derek moved to check on Joe shaking his head after he checked his cold neck for a pulse. Spencer pulled you into his arms as he helped you take off your restraints. “What happened??” “He… he tried wanted us to die together… He shoved those pills in my mouth and took a handful himself… I think I only swallowed five…I spit the rest out after he passed out.” Your eyes were getting heavy again. “Come on we need to get you to the hospital.” With ease Spencer picked you up and carried you out. 

The team stuck around the waiting room of the hospital until you were cleared to go home. Hotch insisted that Spencer take some time off to make sure you were okay. “Thanks… “ Spencer shook Hotch’s hand. “You know you’ve got a special girl right there… I think you need to keep her around.” Hotch winked at Spencer who turned red. “Gotta do something quick or my mom is going to kill me.” Spencer smiled.

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING… thanks to @cutester for the request… please let me know what you think… any and all feed back is welcome… THANKS AGAIN FOR READING

Jensen in Resident Evil : The Final Chapter?

This is on the IMDB trivia page :

The film will see Jensen Ackles who reportedly will portray the character of Steve Burnside of video games Code Veronica, who will explain the story of Claire Redfield (Ali Larter), Chris Redfield (Wentworth Miller) and K-Mart (Spencer Locker) were not present during the events of Resident Evil Retribution .


Take with heavy pinch of salt but Jensen has been rumored to be connected with the franchise before, he was up for Leon Kennedy until Johann Urb got the role but he couldn’t do it because of Supernatural.

Maybe they’ve kept Jensen in mind? It makes more sense that the rumors got mixed up and he’s actually up for Leon again since Johann Urb is not reprising the role and the actors are nearly the same age 37/38 and as I’m sure many will point out the Steve Burnside character is in his teens. (see below)

Why CeCe Is A, just from 3x11 alone

In this episode Spencer is helping CeCe with her boutique. While they are standing outside the school CeCe spots Emily walking with Pig Skin a.k.a Paige. She makes a big deal about how if Alison was alive she’d be disgusted to see Emily snuggling up to Pig Skin which triggered a flashback for Spencer.

Then Spencer shares her theory that Paige is A with the other girls, minus Emily of course, which is exactly what A wanted. Divide and conquer.

Then Emily and Spencer have an interesting conversation about Paige being A. Emily doesn’t want to hear it but Spencer is adamant that she is right.


So CeCe has made Paige into another red herring to deflect attention from herself. But it didn’t stop there. While Paige and Emily had this conversation someone was watching from the inside of the lockers. Spencer refers to Paige as a snake.

And then this happens…

The only two people who were in the boutique at that point were Spencer & CeCe. Definitely not a coincidence.
Then CeCe decides to ‘up’ her game a bit by not only making the girls suspect but believe that she was the one who killed Maya so she could have Emily all to herself.

Emily invites Paige to the boutique with her and it’s obvious CeCe isn’t thrilled to see her. Nor is Spencer.

The girls proceed to help CeCe set up her boutique. Paige puts her bag down and helps Spencer with the rings and bracelets while Hanna is busy with Caleb in the changing room and Emily is changing herself. But we don’t actually know what CeCe was doing while Emily was getting dressed since she was helping her pick some dresses out.

Then Hanna & Spencer spot an opportunity to look through Paige’s bag and they find the earring that Aria put in Alison’s grave which only Alison and Aria knew about (Aria didn’t confess to the girls what her & Ali did until after this episode).

So let’s rule out the suspects who could have put the earring in Paige’s bag.

Aria wasn’t even at the boutique at this point.

Spencer and Hanna were looking for clues so why would they plant the earring just to be surprised when they found it again?

Paige? Why would Paige risk her own relationship with Emily by planting evidence on herself that would incriminate her for killing her current girlfriend’s ex-girlfriend who she was madly in love with? Not Paige.

Emily would have absolutely no reason to plant that earring in Paige’s bag and was the only person on Paige’s side when everyone else disliked her. Plus something like that would be major to Emily.

So the one person we’re left with is CeCe. She hated Paige (might I add, for no reason at all. Ali was the bad person, Paige was the victim) and she wasn’t shy about showing it. Which leads me to my next point…

CeCe was the person who had the black hoodie dig up the grave while she was there in the red coat.

So Ali & CeCe were Red Coat, and there’s supposedly a third one which I don’t believe. I think CeCe always was and always will be the original Red Coat and she had Ali help her. She was the one who stole the game from Mona because she was the only person who knew everything about Alison, especially things that the Liars didn’t even know. Plus with the help of Ali’s journals that Mona had to get info on the girls, she could play from all sides because now she knows things about the girls that only Ali would know.