spencer locker

Remember when the writers told us this scene was significant? I never got it, not even after the CeCe reveal. Most of us concentrated on the two identical blond dolls… But look at the brunette on the right. Doesn’t she resemble Spencer with bangs? Or is it just me?
Also, remember when Troian wore a wig? What if Spencer really does have a twin who used to dye her hair blond? It would explain why the blond doll resembles the brunette so much. And the reason the person in the mask comes up from behind the blond is because she’s Spencer’s twin…the one with dyed hair only she dyed it back to brown for the prom (remember the color chart in Spencer’s locker?)
I still believe that the reason they used Spencer’s stunt double for the person in the mask is because this is Spencer’s twin. That’s why Spencer felt the connection.
For all we know the real Spencer never even got out… It would have been easy to switch.. And since everyone was traumatized no one would have thought anything weird if Spencer suddenly behaved a little strange post dollhouse.
I would like to remind everyone that out of all the girls. Spencer had the biggest connection with “the bad seed.”

I’m writing all this from my phone so don’t have time to go into detail. Maybe I’ll give it another try once I’m back home…

Jensen in Resident Evil : The Final Chapter?

This is on the IMDB trivia page :

The film will see Jensen Ackles who reportedly will portray the character of Steve Burnside of video games Code Veronica, who will explain the story of Claire Redfield (Ali Larter), Chris Redfield (Wentworth Miller) and K-Mart (Spencer Locker) were not present during the events of Resident Evil Retribution .


Take with heavy pinch of salt but Jensen has been rumored to be connected with the franchise before, he was up for Leon Kennedy until Johann Urb got the role but he couldn’t do it because of Supernatural.

Maybe they’ve kept Jensen in mind? It makes more sense that the rumors got mixed up and he’s actually up for Leon again since Johann Urb is not reprising the role and the actors are nearly the same age 37/38 and as I’m sure many will point out the Steve Burnside character is in his teens. (see below)