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BURNING questions after 7x11

So Friends,

Kate here <3

Gavin and I re-watched the first episode of 7B last night, hit the theories boards and discussed our findings out at dinner (to, I’m sure, the delight of our surrounding patrons… part of me hopes they think we were talking about real people and therefore lead very mysterious and exciting lives!)

Intriguing other diners aside, here are my burning questions:

-  If Mary Drake was locked away in Radley for all those years, how and why was she casually chillin in a restaurant (presumably alone) when Peter Hastings walked in, assumed she was Jessica and had his way with her? I mean, she HAD to be in there alone, right? If she was with a nurse from Radley they would have been all “No no, Peter, put your dick away, this here is Jessica’s crazy twin”. Was she vintage Radley’s Mona - skilled at sneaking out and then back in? OR is this another lie and Ron-Ron (my name for Veronica Hastings) stupidly believed that Mary Drake and Peter bumped into each other in a restaurant and, again presumably, had a quickie in the bathroom? Oh, well they were both married (since he thought she was Jessica and Jessica was married to Kenny D) so I guess the bathroom quickie part makes sense… Still - this seems suspicious to me to say the least! HOW AND WHY WAS SHE IN THERE ALONE!?

- WHERE IS MELISSA!? What does she know!? How has this NEVER come up between her and Spencer?! I know she would have been young but I was 4 when my brother was born and I remember the whole lead-up to a new baby joining the family… Melissa is smart and she’s old enough to get married and knocked up when Spencer is a junior in High School (season 1)… I’m not sure they ever give an exact age difference, but if I’m not mistaken she’s out of college when she bring Wren home in season 1… so she’s around 5 years older than Spencer. She would remember a rando baby showing up one day, wouldn’t she?! How did the Hastings explain this to her?! “Ohh heyyy Melissa, this is your new baby sister, Spencer. Yeah, we KNOW Mommy didn’t look pregnant but one day a baby just fell out!” Now I want to re-watch all of Spencer and Melissa’s interactions and see if there are any hints or clues that Melissa knows Spencer isn’t Ron-Ron’s kid…

- This is not a question I have following 7x11 but its a question I have after searching for theories post 7x11 re-watch: WHY IN HANNA’S DREAM WHILE BEING HELD CAPTIVE BY AD DOES “DREAM SPENCER” NOT HAVE BANGS!?!? There is a LOT of “Spencer has a twin” theories floating around and I seriously called bullshit on each and every facet…. until this whole bangs business came up. High School Spencer had no bangs. Post-time-jump Spencer has bangs. These are facts. While I wrote this off as a hair-and-makeup decision (since all the PLLs have come out of the time-jump looking different – especially Ali and her air of soccer-mom) (oh wait, Emily is still dressed in as much sporting wear as possible to remind us she’s Rosewood’s #1 lesbian), a theory I read on the wiki-board yesterday uses Spencer’s lack of forehead warmers as evidence suggesting she may indeed have a twin. Let’s fondly remember the scene… My fav chica Hanna got poached by AD when the whole Scooby Gang tried to outsmart him/her, offering up Hanna as “Charlotte’s killer”. AD fakes them all out by leading them to the bell tower where that freakily realistic Hanna-dummy is hanging (they realize its a mask, if you remember). Then we see Hanna held in a shack, practically naked, being tortured with water and cattle prods (BREAK MY LITTLE HEART!) While being tortured, Hanna has (what we believe is) a dream or hallucination of Spencer being in the shack with her. This Spencer is, let’s face it, rather weird… which did lead me to believe it was a dream anyway. Spencer also gives Hanna that little mental boost that helps her escape and later on, Hanna relays this to Spencer. What I failed to see (cause apparently my observation powers aren’t as keen as I would like!) is that this “dream” Spencer DOES NOT HAVE BANGS. Nothing on this show is accidental… and its not like Troian woke up one day and was all “Oops, my bangs grew out” and the hair people were all “Well, its cool, let your forehead be free!” This is clearly deliberate. Yes, yes I KNOW this could just symbolize Hanna recalling the Spencer that taught her all she knows - High School, bangs-less Spencer - BUT IF THAT IS THE CASE HOW DID DREAM SPENCER AND HANNA DISCUSS AD WHEN THOSE INITIALS WERE ONLY FIRST USED AFTER HANNA WAS POACHED!?!? This is making me crazy…

- Who can we completely and totally rule out?! Wellllll, let’s think. Yes, AD could be a main character and have minions but I believe whoever poached Jenna at the end of the last episode and dragged her into a van and threw off their mask is the actual and total AD so if THAT is the case, who can we rule out? (That’s a better place to start, in my opinion, than ruling people in). We can rule out the main PLLs as they were all there and accounted for and  then all at the hospital immediately following the Spencer shooting. We can rule out Mary Drake as she was rocking Spencer and revealing the shock that she is Spencer’s mother (a revelation that, I want to point out, caused Gavin to jump off the couch, scream, whip off his shirt and go running and screaming around my house…) Jenna was dragged off while this was happening so we know its not any of them. Its not Noel (heh) since that’s a death you can’t recover from. We know its not Ostinato (how I refer to Ezra) since we saw him on tv in the jungle hugging his presumed-dead-girlfriend. We know its not Jenna. Its unlikely to be Caleb or Mona as they were at the Radley, being duped by irrelevant-until-one-needs-a-Jenna-lookalike (or seeing-eye-dog) Sydney. There is always the possibility that was not as simultaneous as we are lead to believe, so I’m not putting them in the DEFINITELY NOT column but its unlikely. Chime in if I’m forgetting to rule someone definitely out…. (I’m only ruling out peeps who are officially dead and for whose whereabouts we can confirm at the time Jenna was carted off and shoved in a van by someone in a mask…)

-What was, in fact, Noel and Jenna’s issue? What did the PLL’s “know”?  None of us know too much…. They aren’t AD so what was their issue or motive? They know ABOUT AD since at the end of the last episode Jenna blindly feels around at that rubber mask and says “You’re AD”. And now, its over a week later and Jenna is still being held captive (anyone else get MAJOR doll house vibes from the way she drank her tea in a panic? In a pretty china cup, no less?) But she had that SHIT EATING GRIN on her fucking face when reading the Braille and whispering “endgame”… after someone in scrubs and medical gloves took her tea and handed her that binder… WHY would someone want to keep Jenna captive for over a week? And then share secrets with her? I mean, clearly she hates the PLLs and we now know she was friends with Charlotte and knew about Archer Dunhill/Rollins… who is ALSO a British “doctor” (Wren! Wren! Wrennnnnnn!) Could Noel and Jenna have been minion-ing for AD without knowing who they are? Like a nouveau Red Coat situation?

- WHO IS THIS MONSTER!?!!!?!?!?!!

Someone other than the millions of PLL voices in my head please chime in and throw some addition perspectives our way!