spencer hastings 2


It’s been very nice not being Spencer Hastings.
Even if for only a couple of hours.


requested by stalkyou4ever


So, because I am absolute trash, I made mini Liars using the “Lady Popular” online fashion game (stone me)

Marlene King Every Season
  • Marlene: Time to think of more plots.
  • Writer: How about we explore the complexity of the main characters and not focus so much on relationships.
  • Marlene: 4 more love interests, what a great idea, anymore?
  • Writer: We could explore how Emily has dealt with her Father's death and also explore what her struggles are.
  • Marlene: Or give her 2 more girlfriends, anything else
  • Writer: We could explain the intricate family tree that is the Dilaurentis' and help the viewers understand the family.
  • Marlene: Or we could add another mysterious family member
  • alison in season 1: i like boys
  • alison in season 2: i like boys
  • alison in season 3: i like boys
  • alison in season 4: i like boys
  • alison in season 5: shit