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Dialogue Prompts

So, I really want to start writing on this blog, too. So I made a prompt list.
Not all prompts are mine, some are stolen from another blog. 

I will be writing for the following fandoms:

  • Harry Potter
  • Criminal Minds
  • Supernatural
  • Shadowhunters/ The moral instruments
  • The hunger games
  • Divergent
  • The maze runner
  • Grey’s anatomy

Okay, that isn’t too much. I’m still catching up on other shows. Once I’m finished, I’ll add them. You can ask for any character x reader, or character x character. If you want a platonic one-shot, you should note that. You can ask for as many prompts as you want. 

Dialogue prompts:

  1. “I have always loved cacti.” 
  2. “You didn’t just say that.” 
  3. “Whoa-dude. Look at that!”
  4. “Just because I died doesn’t mean I’m really dead.” 
  5. “Just because I drove into that river doesn’t mean I’m a bad driver.”
  6. “You walked into a knife?”
  7. “How did you manage this level of stupidity?” 
  8. “You locked me outside!” 
  9. “I’ve always been there for you. And I will continue to be.”
  10. “Do you trust me?”
    “Not even a little bit.” 
  11. “Uhh, is something wrong?”
    “What? Hehe! Of course not, why would you think that?” 
    “Because I can smell something burning and you’re hiding behind a door. Now, let me in.”
  12. “Here’s a newspaper filled with all the love I can’t feel.”
  13. “You know, people may like you more if you didn’t smell like a dead body.”
  14. “Aww, sweetie. Where are your parents?”
    “I’m older than you.” 
  15. “Don’t yell at me like I’m a child.”
    “Don’t throw the scissors!”
  16. “Here, take my jacket/blanket.”
    “I told you, I’m not cold.” *shivers*
  17. “Why are you still awake?”
  18. “Come over here and make me.” 
  19. “The salad here is really nice.” 
    “Do I look like a fucking rabbit?”
  20. “Please don’t leave me.”
    “I don’t want to.”
  21. “You can’t ride a bike?” 
    “Why are you whispering?”
  22. “We’re going downtown.”
    “There’s a strip club downtown.” 
  23. “You broke what?!” 
    “Don’t worry, I’m okay.”
  24. “Come Inside. I’m sorry.”
    “Not until an apology.”
    “I just said i’m freaking sorry.” 
  25. “Are you jealous?”
    “You are changing your outfit right now.”
  26. “Why did I marry you?” 
    “It took a whole lot of convincing.”
  27. “Luck? Nope. Skills.”
    “If it’s skills then do it again.”
  28. “You said forever!”
  29. “Seven fucking years and that’s all you have to say?” 
  30. “I love you, but I have to go.” 
  31. “I hate you so much.” 
  32. “You were and still are my everything.”
  33. “I can’t love you the way you want.” 
  34. “Hey jerk.”
    “I mean… Babe?”
  35. “Admit it. That was the best kiss of your life.”
    “You always have to be the best at everything, don’t you?”
  36. “S/he just tripped and won’t stop laughing.”
  37. “Nice dancing you did there, how about you dance your way to my bedroom?” 
  38. “No, no. It’s okay. I’ll be your bridge. You can walk all over me.”
  39. “I’ve looked after coma patients more interesting than you.” 
  40. “Would you mind not setting my stuff on fire every time you get mad?”
  41. “This really didn’t go as planned.”
    “Is it the fact that everything is on fire that made you come to this conclusion?”
  42. “I can’t believe that worked.”
    “It was part of your plan.”
    “I know! My plans never work!”
  43. “You need to go! I’ll distract them!”
    “Do you think you can outrun them?”
    “If by outrun them you mean not getting caught… Probably not.” 
  44. “If you asked me to stay, I would’ve.”
  45. “You’re too good for this world.”
  46. “I can hardly stand myself.” 
  47. “Don’t come near me or I swear I’ll kill you.” 
  48. “Don’t you dare look him in the eye.” 
  49. “You may be an idiot, but you’re my idiot.”
  50. “I tried my best to not feel anything for you. Guess what? I failed.” 
  51. “Who did this to you?”
  52. “If you kill them, you better kill me too. Because if you don’t, I will kill you.”
  53. “Don’t underestimate what a person can do to protect those they care about.”
  54. “Do you ever follow directions?”
  55. “What happened?”
    “I got hit by a taxi. And it hurt.” 
  56. “She’s cute. But I’m pretty sure she can’t count to ten.”
  57. “I can fit a whole row of crackers in my mouth. Want to see?”
  58. “You said that if I went to bed early I’d feel better. You’re a fucking liar.” 
  59. “You’re late.” 
    “I’m glad you noticed.”
  60. “You made me cookies?”
  61. “You stole what?”
  62. “You aren’t pathetic.”
  63. “you looked at me different.”
  64. “I am not pregnant!”
  65. “You ever seen something as cool as this?”
  66. “I thought you were dead!”
  67. “I know you love me and all, but could you stop threatening the doctor?”
  68. “How. The fuck. Are you- so motherfucking tall?”
  69. “You? You know how to shoot a gun?”
  70. “You threw a tampon at him?”
  71. “You just kissed me.”
  72. “Hold up-just-just stop. just-what are you exactly doing? It’s two AM!”
  73. “I’m tired of being your secret.”
  74. “I didn’t realize I needed your permission.” 
  75. “You don’t need to protect me.”
  76. “Sorry I ruined your life. Maybe you shouldn’t have married me.”
  77. “If I would’ve known he was going to die, do you think I would’ve done it?”
  78. “I know you love me, but I’m tired of lying when I say it back.”
  79. “When I look at you, I see my world. And that scares the living crap out of me.”
  80. “Tell me what they did to you, please.”
  81. “I’ll go home. But it isn’t home when you’re not there.”
  82. “I’m pathetic because I go to you for everything but you’d pick someone over me any day.”
  83. “I wish I could hate you.”
  84. “I’ll let you down. I’ll always let you down. I’m not enough to keep you satisfied.”
  85. “I’m trying! Can’t you see? Isn’t that enough for you?”
  86. “I’m useless to you now.”
    “You’re a person. Not a toaster. You don’t have to have a use.”
  87. “i’m useless to you now.”
    “Oh please. You were always bloody useless. I love you anyways.”
  88. “I saw you roll skating, and I thought ‘that person is really cool’ and then you fell crashed and Jesus, are you okay?”
  89. “You had this big ass ice cream and you were so exited you dropped it and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a sadder person. Just please let me buy you a new one.”
  90. “We keep awkwardly running into each other and people have to ship us and I kind of like you. Hahaha, oh god, I need to stop blushing.”
  91. “This was a terrible idea.”
    “What are you talking about? There’s free nacho’s!”
  92. “Don’t do the thing!”
    “You already did the thing, didn’t you?”
  93. “Paint me like one of your French girls.”
    “… I paint fruit.”
  94. “Let’s pretend that didn’t happen.”
  95. “Did you seriously run face first into a light pole because you saw a pretty girl?”
    “I’m gay.”
  96. “How dare you talk to me, peasant. I am your queen.”
    “You are wearing a blanket over your shoulders.”
    “Silence! Now, fetch me some substances.”
    “Pizza bites or mini quiche?”
    “Pizza bites, obviously.”
  97. “Quit your whining! I bet it’s barely even a scratch.”
  98. “That-that’s your blood?! Why the hell didn’t you say anything?”
  99. “This is going to hurt but you have to stay quiet, okay?””
  100. “Don’t pass out, we’re almost there.”
  101. “That’s it. If you throw up one more time, we’re going to the hospital.”
  102. “You didn’t feel that? This is bad, you should’ve felt that.”
  103. “I’m scared to move you. Just wait here and I swear I’ll come back with help.”
  104. “That’s a lot nastier than it seemed at first glance.”
  105. “Please don’t die. Don’t die in my lap, I’m begging you.”
  106. “Stop being overdramatic-OH!”
  107. “Just how I want to spend the night. Removing glass from my best friends head and strapping it up.”
  108. “She has internal damage. Sh’s couching up blood.”
  109. “Would it be cliché if we matched clothes a little?”
  110. “Could you hold my hand?”
  111. “Shh, shh. I’m here now. Now give me your hands, we need to clean the blood off. Don’t cry. -I don’t blame you. Don’t worry, Ill always be there for you.”
  112. “If you want to leave then-”
    “I don’t want to leave! I want you, you idiot.”
  113. “Are you a thief? Because you stole my heart.”
    “I swear to god, if I didn’t love you.”
  114. “Oh my god! Go to sleep! It’s three AM!”
    “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.”
  115. “There’s a surprise waiting for you back home.”
  116. “The first time I met her, she was hiding behind the sofa.”
  117. “But this is our thing. Eating cereal and bitching about people.”
  118. “Just don’t let go.”
  119. “Come on, just one date.”
    “Why not?”
    “Because I really like (character) and she asked me first.” 
  120. “Gosh! Why are you so cold! get off me, you icicle!”
  121. “Are you…. crying? You? Miss/mister ‘I don’t cry, I’m tough as hell”?”
    “Oh shut up, we all have our weaknesses.”
  122. “You did all this for me?” 
    “No, I did this for Jeffery from across the street. Yes I did all of this for you!”
  123. “Okay, so don’t freak out, but I got flour everywhere.” 
  124. “Well, this is a nice change of scenery.”
    “Y/n, we’re in a prison cell.”
    “I was being sarcastic.”
  125. “I thought you said you knew where we were going.”
    “Yeah, I lied.”
  126. “Shit, you’re freezing. Let’s get you warmed up, alright?”
  127. “Shut up.”
    “I didn’t say anything.”
    “I don’t care. Shut up.”
  128. “Where are we going?”
    “I have no idea. You coming?”
  129. “Did you just try to banish me?”
  130. “I swear to you, this is how I found him.”
  131. “No thanks. I don’t want to get arrested for the second time today.”
  132. “You handled that real professional.”
    “I know right? I’m so proud of myself.”
  133. “That was the worst night ever.”
    “Same time next week?”
    “Of course.”
  134. “I got to admit, you’re really sexy with that gun. Terrifying, but sexy.”
  135. “Just-just go away.”
    “I would! If we weren’t handcuffed together.! Oh, and whose fault was that again? Yours!”
  136. “And I thought we were going to have a last kiss.”
  137. “I don’t want you to leave.”
    “I don’t want to stay.”
  138. “When did you stop?”
    “Stop with what, darling?”
    “Loving me.”
  139. “Please don’t say you love me because I might not say it back.”
  140. “I wasn’t there for you when you needed me, and I’m sorry.”
    “No you’re not. You don’t care about anyone apart from yourself.”
  141. “Don’t hurt me, please.”
  142. “I love you so much. If anything happened to you, I don’t know what I’d do.”
  143. “You only like me for my body!”
  144. “You wanted to talk? Well, here I am!”
  145. “I tried. I tried so hard, why couldn’t you?”
  146. “I bled for you. From every pore of my body, I bled. What more do you want?”
  147. “Nobody can tell me what to do.”
    “Well, actually they can.”
    “Doesn’t mean I’ll listen to them.”
  148. “Knock knock, I’m here. What’s for dinner fucker?”
  149. “You’ve bitten off more than you can chew.”
    “I can chew a lot.”
  150. “You have blood on your hands!”
    “Oh really? Wow! Thank you so much for pointing that out! Really helpful to our current situation. Seriously, thank you so much for brining this to my attention!  I don’t know what I’d do without you.”
  151. “I love your perfume. What scent is that? The scent of death?”
  152. “I always carry a knife in my purse in case we’re eating cake.”
  153. “You guys got a plan, though. Right?”
    “Yeah. Run.”
  154. “Maybe he’s afraid of me because I know how to use a knife.”
    “Well, I mean that’s why I’m afraid of you, so…”
  155. “Is violence always your answer?”
  156. “Remember how I said I already took care of that? Well, I lied and need your help right now.”
  157. “Please, help me. Just this one time.”
  158. “Did you break that glass on purpose?”
    “It offended me.”
  159. “I can explain!”
    “Alright then. Tell me.”
    “… I lied, there’s literally no explanation for this.”
  160. “Fight like hell.”
  161. “Do you realize how let it is?”
  162. “Can you please come and get me?”
  163. “Is there a reason why you’re naked in my bed?”
  164. “This is the stupidest plan you’ve ever had. Of course I’m in!”
  165. “If we die, I am going to kill you.”
  166. “I love her.”
    “Her? As in a woman?”
    “No, as in a robot. Of course as in a woman you ding-bat!”
  167. “Are you drunk?”
    “No, you’re just blurry.”
  168. “I think we should run away now.”
    “Funny, I was just about to say that.”
  169. “I will not let you make me feel small. Back off.”
  170. “You’re great at dancing.”
    “I’m great at everything.”
  171. “You didn’t do the dishes, so I’m not doing you.”
  172. “Don’t give me that look.”
  173. “The way you flirt is just shameful.”
  174. “I love you, you asshole.”
  175. “What the hell kind of noise was that?”
    “I sneezed.”
    “That was not a sneeze.”
  176. “How is she?”
    “She’s fine. She has some ice cream. I wish I had ice cream.”
  177. “This is an apology pizza.Please take it or I’ll start crying right now.”
  178. “You’re stronger than you look.”
  179. “If you push me on the swings, I’ll buy you dinner. Don’t push to high, though. I don’t like heights.”
  180. “Wait, you’re gay?”
    “What gave it away? Constant flirting?”
  181. “You came back.”
  182. “Mom? I need help… I’ve made a mistake.”
  183. “So, this is haw it’s going to end. You’re staying with them?”
    “I have to.”
    “You don’t have to betray me. You don’t have to do anything.”
  184. “I’m trying to be less bitter, but your happiness isn’t rubbing off on me.”
  185. “Take of your shirt.”
  186. “You’re sweet.”
  187. “I’ve never felt this sensation before.”
    “Being loved.”
  188. “Do you not realize how much I care about you?”
  189. “I know I’m allergic to peanuts, but I could’t day no when you walked into the office with freshly baked cookies and that damned smile on your face.”
  190. “I like it when you smile.”
  191. “This isn’t what I had in mind, but it’s better.”
  192. “Nothing is wrong. I just really like the smell of your lotion.”
  193. “You’re never this quiet. What’s wrong?”
  194. “How long has it been since you’ve slept?”
  195. “You make a good pillow.”
  196. “I had a nightmare about you and I wanted to make sure you’re alright.”
  197. “I hate you. I hate you so much for making me love you. Why did you make me love you if you never intended on loving me back?”
  198. “When you think of me, if you think of me, remember how much I loved you.”
  199. “I almost lost you.”
  200. “Please, just please make the pain stop.”
  201. “Stop telling me you’re okay.”
  202. “I don’t even know who I am without you.”
  203. “You make me feel like I’m not good enough.”
  204. “You know, it hurt when I realized you weren’t in love with me. But nothing can compare to the pain I felt when I saw you fall in love with her.”
  205. “You left without saying goodbye. I hate you for that.”
  206. “Don’t you dare die on me!”
  207. “What I wanted? I wanted you to fight for me. I wanted you to say that there’s no one else you could ever be with, and that you’d rather be alone than without me.”
  208. “You’re beautiful/handsome, and I’m not the only one who can see that.”
  209. “Twins?… We’re having twins?”
  210. “You are so tiny compared to me.”
  211. “Bring your pretty little butt over here.”
  212. “I want you body. I want your mouth. I want your laugh and your funny faces. I want your friendship and your inspirational thoughts. And I want you to come with me when I go.”
  213. “There’s a leaf in your hair.”
  214. “May I have this dance.”
  215. “This bath is too damn hot.”
    “This is why we can’t do cute stuff. You complain to much.”
  216. “One day you’ll learn.”
    “Learn what?”
    “That someone like me doesn’t get a happy ending. Those are reserved for people like you.”
  217. “That’s disgusting. You’re lucky you’re cute.”
  218. “If you don’t rest, you wont heal.”
  219. “ Why don’t they just kiss already?”
  220. “Is that a challenge?”
  221. “Here, let me see.”
  222. “How could anyone love me?” 
    “Don’t look at me. I married you for your cooking.”
  223. “So… Err, I noticed you’re kind of naked. Is that intentional, or…”
  224. “You forgot me.”
    “It was an accident.”
  225. “Drag your chair here, I can’t translate dead languages.”
  226. “Open this.”
    “Can you say please?”
  227. “Don’t say you love me unless you mean, it because I might so something crazy like believe it.”
  228. “Don’t you ever do that again.”
  229. “I was wrong. I thought I wanted him to look twice at me… Bit I don’t need him to look twice at me when you never stopped looking.”
  230. “I’m fine.”
    “You don’t look fine.”
    “Then stop looking.”
  231. “Things didn’t have to end like this.”
    “But we always knew they would, didn’t we?”
  232. “She’s dead! And it is your fault!”
  233. “Are you going to lecture me about how wonderful life is?”
  234. “They’d be better off without me.”
    “Do you really believe that?”
  235. “It’s okay to cry.”
  236. “I shouldn’t be in love with you.”
  237. “The axe is a bit unsetting, but honestly, you look great.” 
  238. “You asked me if I had any ideas. Not if I had any good ideas.”
  239. “Remove your hand or I’ll rip your arm off and beat you to death with it.”
  240. “So, I just realized… I’ve been shot.”
  241. “Delete it. Now.”
  242. “Could you guys do me a favor?”
    “Could at least one of you look like you are ever going to see me again?”
  243. “Don’t make me smack you in front of these people.”
  244. “I’m not a bitch. Okay, I’m lying, obviously.”
  245. “Can you get the gun out of my face, please?”
  246. “I don’t scare easily, you evil bitch.”
  247. “She’s been in there for hours and I haven’t heard a sound since.”
    “That’s because she left through the window.”
  248. “Don’t you have to be stupid somewhere else?” 
    “Not until four.”
  249. “Your existence gives me a headache. Go stand over there.”
  250. “We have five people trying to kill us right now, what are we supposed to do?”
    “Actually, it’s more like eight.”
    “Oh, sorry I wasn’t specific enough!”
  251. “You passed out for like an hour.”
  252. “This is my ‘I don’t care’ face.”
  253. A: “When I’m not here, do you braid each others hair and debate who the coolest Jonas brother is?”
    *B and C glance at each other*
    B: “No… But it’s totally Nick.”
    C: “Definitively Nick. But Kevin is the talented one.”
    B: “Yes, but Nick is the cute one.”
    C: “What about Joe?”
  254. “Do you know how to braid hair?”
  255. “Babe, I’m sorry.”
    “Suck my ass.”
  256. “What’s your favorite lipstick?”
    *Rambles about lipstick*”What’s yours?”
    “The one you’ll be adding to my lips.”
  257. “You could at least pretend to be interested in what I have to say.”
  258. “I always blame others for my mistakes. Just kidding, I don’t make mistakes.”
  259. “I may not be perfect, but at least I’m not you.”
  260. “Go to your room!”
    “First off, we share a room. Secondly, I am the older one. Bitch.”
  261. “I promised I’d safe you.”
    “I promised I’d kill you if you did.”
  262. “You did what?!”
  263. “I thought you were going to steal a boat?”
    “What do you mean, This is a boat.” 
    “No, no. This isn’t a boat, this is a motherfucking yacht!”
  264. “I wont die for you. I’d kill for you.”
  265. ^^^add your own! ;)

These are a lot! I hope you find one or maybe a few you’d like to request! 



















Roof Jumping

Requested by Anon - Ciao 🙂 could you do 24 10 3 with Spencer Reid or Luke Alvez?
Prompt – 3 – ‘I saved your life.’ ‘You pushed me off a building.’
               10 – ‘Hear my heartbeat? Just focus on that.’
               24 – ‘Don’t. Move.’

Word Count – 938

Characters – Reid x Reader

You and Reid had been camping in an abandoned apartment across from the suspects house. It was coming up on the third day when you finally seen movement across from you. You nudged Spencer and he informed the team that he had finally came back to the apartment. You kept an eye on the building at all times.

It was the fourth day when you felt something off. You didn’t make a comment about it until, it was closer to 10 that night.
‘Spencer?’ You spoke up.
‘Mmh.’ He replied.
‘How many times does an average man go to the toilet?’ You asked him, he turned to looked at you.
‘Six or seven times depending on their health.’ He told you, you nodded your head humming.
‘Why?’ He asked as he moved over to your side. The bathroom of his apartment was on the side you were watching and as far as you knew, he didn’t have another one.
‘He hasn’t been at all.’ You told Spencer.
‘Maybe he’s been peeing somewhere else?’
‘But there hasn’t been any movement at all, except from a few curtain movements.’ You told him. You sat up.
‘What are you suggesting?’ Spencer asked with a raised eyebrow.
‘You can easily make something that will move curtains, randomly.’ You said and Spencer nodded. He was going to open his mouth when the door swung open.
Don’t. Move.’ He said from behind you. You and Spencer froze. Both, Spencer and you turned around with your hands in the air.
‘Stand up.’ He said, waving the gun about. Spencer and you both stood up, he waved the gun, silently telling you to turn around to show if you had any weapons.
‘Come here.’ He said and both of you walked forward. Keeping your eyes on him, watching his every movement.
‘Follow me.’ He said abruptly.

You were now standing on the roof of the abandoned building. If you weren’t at guns point, it would have been a lovely scene. You and Spencer stood next to each other, still watching him. regretting that you didn’t bring any guns with you to a stake out, but you know it wouldn’t be long till the other caught on.
‘Hear my heartbeat? Just focus on that.’ Spencer said as held tightly and your ear was to his chest. You nodded against it as the unsub forced you both to walker closer to the edge.
‘You guys end here. No more agents, just bodies.’ He snarled. You pulled your head away from Spencer’s chest.
‘How are you going to kill us?’ You said, making his head snap in your direction.
‘Gun leaves bullets and you would end up in prison.’ You said to him, his face contorted into something before it went to anger.
‘Y/N, what are you doing?’ Spencer asked. You looked up at him, pulling away from his body.
‘You want us to kill each other? Is that it? Suicide?’ You asked him. He looked shocked but finally shook his head.
‘No.’ He replied sharply.
‘Then what?’ You questioned, stepping forward.
‘Y/N!’ Spencer said.
‘Spencer, trust me please.’ You said to him, he was taken back but nodded. The unsub, watched with a small smirk. You turned back to him.
‘Why are smirking?’ you asked him. he stood up taller. He shook his head.
‘You know, ive been watching you. I’ve picked up a few things about you.’ You said as you walked over.
‘You like a woman who demands you, who’s rough.’ You said seductively. His eyes flickered close as you scrapped your nails up his arm, going to the base off his neck.
‘You like it when they take control, you don’t like weak girls.’ You whispered into his ear. He nodded, stiffly.
‘Good, cause I’m not a good girl.’ You said to him. You pulled back and he looked down at you.
‘Give me the gun.’ You said to him. He hesitated for a second, but handed it to you. You turned around to Spencer. He raised an eyebrow.
‘Enough.’ You snarled. Spencer did, not having seen you like this. You stalked forward to him, his eyes went wide as you raised the gun to his head.
‘Trust me?’ You whispered. His eyes went back to normal and he gave a small nod.
‘I’m sorry.’ You said loud enough for the unsub to hear you. You pulled the trigger and pushed him off, the edge.

Spencer closed his eyes, waiting for the pain, but it wasn’t what he expected when he landed in a dumpster. He sighed in slight pain but mostly relief. He climbed out the dumpster and looked for you, you weren’t near him. he heard footsteps coming from his right when he turned and saw Emily.
‘Is she safe?’ Emily asked. He looked at her then back up. He opened his mouth but they heard Y/N up above them.
‘I’m sorry.’ She said, before a gun was fired and then her body came flying of the edge.

‘Y/N!’ Both Emily and Spencer shouted as you crashed into the dumpster. They ran forward and jumped in. when you raised your arms.
‘Whooo!’ You said as you opened your eyes to see them sighing.
‘That was fun.’ You said and Emily smiled.
‘Why aren’t you talking to me, Spencer?’ You asked him, as he sat across form you in the ambulance. He only looked up.
‘I saved your life.’ You reminded him. That got his attention.
‘You pushed me off a building.’ He said in disbelief. You chuckled.
‘Of you didn’t realize I just came down after you.’ You said sarcastically to him.

Originally posted by toyboxboy

temperance brennan. spencer reid. gregory house. christina yang. just a couple of insanely smart, talented and beautiful people who I head-canon as autistic.


Requested by Anon - Sorry to bother you, but could you please do a one shot where BAU gets new european/american agent that is 15 years younger than Spencer and he wants to know her better because he remembers what it’s like being the youngest on the team but she starts to have a crush on him etc. Thank you.

Word Count – 499

Characters – Reid x Reader

You opened the glass doors, to your new home away from home. You were taking in everything when you heard a voice beside.
‘First day?’ A tall, skinny man asked.
‘Yeah.’ You replied.
‘Don’t worry you’ll fit in fine.’ He said as he stood beside you.
‘Thanks, I hope so.’ You told him honestly.
‘Who are you working under?’ He asked, curiously.
‘Ehhh, Agent Hotchner.’ You said as you looked up at him, he smiled which caused you to return one.
‘Were working together.’ He told you.
‘Oh really?’ You asked surprised.
‘Yeah, come on I’ll show you around and meet the team.’ He said.
‘Oh that’d be great…’ You started but couldn’t finish as you didn’t know his name.
‘Oh, it’s Spencer. Sorry.’ He said and chuckled slightly as he reached his hand out shaking yours.
‘No problem. I’m Y/N.’ You told him and he nodded opening the doors for you.

That was three month ago, and Spencer couldn’t help watch you as you took on all the jobs that were handed your way.
‘Pretty boy, what you watching?’ Morgan asked and Spencer looked up but he wasn’t fast enough as Morgan caught him looking at you.
‘Ohh Y/N. You should go and talk to her.’ He teased Spencer.
‘I do talk to her, Morgan.’ Spencer stated.
‘I know but you haven’t ‘talked’ to her.’ Morgan said and Spencer just looked back at his paperwork and shrugged his shoulders.

‘Hey Spencer.’ You shouted as you saw him leaving.
‘Hi.’ He greeted as you came up beside him.
‘What’s up?’ Spencer asked but you didn’t respond as you were making your way through the crowd of agents.
‘What?’ you asked. As you were to busy dodging the agents in front of you.
‘How have you been?’ He asked again, as the crowd had died down.
‘Great.’ You responded.
‘Really?’ He asked taken aback.
‘Yeah, why?’ You asked confused by what he meant.
‘Nothing, it’s I just remember being the youngest and newest agent.’ He said and you smiled.
‘Yeah, it’s a little tough but I don’t mind. I’m trying my best and I hope I get along with everyone.’ You said as you got into the elevator with him.
‘Well you get along with the team I know that.’ Spencer said and you chuckled.
‘I know.’ You said smiling as you looked through your bag checking that you had everything.
‘You good?’ He asked as he watched you.
‘Yep.’ You replied back. As the door closed you both became quiet and you watched as you went down the floors. As you were at the second floor Spencer spoke up.
‘Would you like to go get coffee?’ He asked and you turned to see him watching you intently.
‘Sure.’ You responded, smiling. You weren’t going to deny a coffee with your crush. The doors pinged open and you both walked out, Spencer leading you to the coffee shop since you hadn’t been here that long to know the good ones.

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The Panel

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Character Ship: Spencer Reid x Reader

Word Count: 692

Request:  “Imagine being the romantic couple of Spencer and is married to Matthew announcing that you are pregnant with the cast and the fans are excited because you are very cute 😆 pleeasee” from anon

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Requested by Anon - #8 with spencer Reid please? Where he’s trying to plan out a nice date at home with a home cooked meal and wine
Prompts – 8 –‘You’re not supposed to be here yet.’

Word Count – 409

Characters – Reid x Reader

You sighed as you stepped out your car. You had phone Spencer half an hour ago, saying you would be home in an hour or so as you were just finishing up the final touches to your work. You had managed to get everything done successfully and finished earlier than you had hoped, you were glad, you got to spend more time with Spencer since he had just gotten back from a case. It was rare that you and Spencer were off close or at them same time. If he wasn’t on a case he was in the office doing paperwork and you were almost working every night as you had recently a lot more clients.

You opened the door to your apartment, turned and closed it. You heard someone running quickly. You turned around and saw a wide-eyed Spencer.
You’re not supposed to be here yet.’ He said, you raised an eyebrow ad stepped forward. Spencer stepped in front of you again.
‘What are you doing Spencer?’ You asked because of his peculiar behaviour.
‘Nothing.’ He said, placing a quick kiss before turning and heading back towards the direction of the kitchen. You were about to take a step forward when you heard him shout.
‘Don’t move.’ You sighed, you made most of the time by kicking off your heels, and taking off you suit jacket.

You heard a bang stuff hitting the ground with Spencer swearing.
‘Spencer?’ You asked. When he didn’t answer, you stepped forward, walking towards the kitchen. You opened the door and gasped as you took in the mess.
‘I told you to stay out there.’ Spencer whined, only then you looked up and saw the candle light kitchen. Your hands went to your mouth and you couldn’t help the smile forming.
‘Why did you do this?’ You asked him, as you walked over to the table and saw your favourite meal and wine sitting out.
‘You sounded stressed on the phone and I thought you needed to relax when you came back so I decided to cook.’ He explained as he finished picking up the pots and pans that he dropped.
‘Oh Spencer.’ You said as you turned around and wrapped your arms around him. Placing your lips onto his and bringing your hands up to his cheeks. You pulled back and looked at him.
‘Thank you.’ You told him. he smiled.
‘Anything for you.’ He replied, before going in for another kiss.

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