spencer goldade

13 Brief Tips For Better Figure Drawing

Not a full list or anything that will make you a genius with a pencil, just a few pointers.

  1. Stare at the model, not me or the window.
  2. If you’re done a pose early then do it again, slower, or choose a body part in general to practice. 
  3. Compare every line to it’s brothers and sisters and the negative space before you put it down.
  4. Think about every line even more, before you put it down.  Mean it, every time.
  5. If you can’t make out the area you’re trying to draw then why draw it at all?
  6. Lay down a quick frame work with the correct proportions first, lightly, then draw on top of that.
  7. If you aren’t achieving what you’d like, maybe you’re going too fast.
  8. Try different papers and materials.
  9. If you don’t think you’re good at drawing hands, feet, or anything else in your regular work, then guess what you should be drawing from the model before anything else!
  10. If you’re having trouble getting the posture right, or if your figures look like they’re falling over, find the S curve in the spine and plot it out along with a quick line skeleton to find the right proportions, weights, etc.
  11. Make sure your music is down low enough it isn’t disturbing everyone else
  12. If you finish the last pose early, show some respect for the model and your peers and wait a few minutes for everyone else to finish before packing up, whether you think you can be quiet about it or not.
  13. Clean up after yourself.