The Incredibles (2004)

Plot: Bob Parr (Craig T. Nelson) and his wife Helen (Holly Hunter) are former superheroes, whose profession has been banned due to the collateral damage they are causing. But years later, Bob gets the opportunity to test out his skills, and their entire family may have to suit up to save the day.

Review: Coming from the team of Disney and Pixar, The Incredibles was the studios first foray into the superhero game, four years before the Disney-owned Marvel studios kicked off with Iron Man.

It’s highly successful, not only in terms of box office but it was also a critical success. And that was richly deserved; it tells the story well, and actually makes you care what happens to these cartoon heroes in a way that some movies just can’t. There are a nice selection of jokes throughout as well, and some are aimed squarely at adults, including the evil henchmen partaking in a drinking game. It’s a nice touch, and although ‘fun for all the family’ has become a bit of a sarcastic or ironic comment, this actually is; it’s possible for people of any age to enjoy, and even relate to these heroes.

There are numerous moments which lovingly mock superheroes, including Edna Modes ‘no capes’ speech. Speaking of which, she is just one of a number of cult supporting characters the film creates around the family, including a Samuel L. Jackson voiced Frozone. With ever element of the film working well, it’s not wonder it picked up the Best Animated Film Oscar. What’s most remarkable though is that following on from that success, it’s going to be next year before we get a sequel. The original audience will have grown up and probably graduated to the MCU, but the smart money would have to be on it being just as big a hit.

The Incredibles doesn’t feel like a lecture either, heavy-handedly beating you over the head with a lesson you have to learn. It’s simply a lot of fun, and what else are family movies meant to be?