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Friend: Hey are you reading fanfics tonight?
Me: Nah, I’m taking a break from reading.
Friend: Great so you can come out with us!
Me: Actually I’m binge watching South of Nowhere…
Friend: Why!!? Why??! You’ve seen the entire series atleast 10 times already!
Me:  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Dr. Spencer Reid

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Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: Spencer gets handsy. A swear or two

Summary: You’ve had the biggest crush on the shy doctor since you first laid eyes on him, but you never imagined that he could feel the same way. Everything comes to light when you two have to stay behind one night and finish some files.- Heather @livingthefand0mlife

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Reader’s POV

Two times, it’s been twice that he has licked those deliciously pink lips of his. Twice in the past five minutes that I have stared longingly at the lips, I so wished to taste. I think that they probably taste like coffee, more sugar than coffee if we are being honest. It’s so easy to get lost when staring at him, he’s almost too handsome to be real. 

“Y/N? Y/N, do you need something?” His voice startled me and pulled me back to reality. The reality where I didn’t get to kiss him and he didn’t know about my strong feelings for him. “You were staring like you had something to say.”  If I didn’t know any better I’d say that there was a faint blush dusting his cheeks. 

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Something More

A Spencer Reid x Reader one shot based on Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran bc I’m a slut for fluff with hints of angst, Spencer Reid, and Ed Sheeran. 

Warnings: Just a whole lotta fluff with a little bit of angst and stuff, mentions of alcohol and sadness, and I don’t think anything else :’) 

Settle down with me
Cover me up
Cuddle me in

It’d been a long week for Spencer Reid. He’d been out of town on a case and that truly bothered him… And it wasn’t even the travelling part that he disliked, it was being away from you, his ‘best friend’. To add up to it, this unsub was targeting women that had an eerie resemblance to you and that made him feel overall just awful. The thought of losing you was one of his biggest fears so seeing the crime scenes and the dead bodies of the victims simply added more to his fear. 

That’s why the first thing he did when he got home was go to your apartment. Upon opening the door, you were pleasantly surprised to find yourself enveloped in his arms. Obviously you returned his hug, but you couldn’t help but be worried. Spencer wasn’t one for being touched and while he’d gotten used to your presence in your time together as ‘friends’, it was still unlike him to just hug you out of the blue. 

Your relationship with Spencer was… Hard to describe. The two of you were most definitely close and called each other best friends, but if someone was outside looking in on you two alone together, they’d think you’re a couple. You guys share a bed anytime there’s an option to, cuddle, slow dance, steal glances when the other one isn’t looking… Hell the two of you have even kissed a few of times and have had sex once… But those were moments that were secret.. Moments that you hadn’t talked about in fear of losing what you have. You guys weren’t friends with benefits or anything like that, you guys were just… Closer than most friends. 

“Rough case?” You asked in a quiet voice, pulling away lightly to look at him with a gentle stare. 

Spencer simply nods and you sigh quietly, leading him to your room. It was late and he needed rest, “Get ready for bed, I’ll come back in a minute..” With those words, you left the room to go to your kitchen to fix him a cup of tea. 

Lie down with me
And hold me in your arms

When you finished with the tea, you went back to your room to see Spencer already in bed. You set the tea on the bedside table beside him before moving to exit the room. You still had some work to do and were working on it when Spencer had originally arrive at your apartment. 

Obviously, you weren’t able to leave because Spencer had gently caught your wrist, preventing you from doing so, “Y/N?”

You turned back to look at him, offering a gentle smile as you spoke, “Yeah, Spencer?”

He tugged you closer and you immediately knew what he was going to ask of you, “Lay down with me? Till I fall asleep at least?”

How could you deny his puppy dog hazel eyes? You simply nodded lightly before getting into the bed. Spencer was quick to move closer to you and you did what you knew he loved the most, you held him close to you. Your head was resting on his chest and he had both of his arms wrapped around you, tangling his legs with yours. You simply let one your hands rest amidst his collection of tangled curls, your other hand taking one of his. 

And your heart’s against my chest, your lips pressed to my neck
I’m falling for your eyes, but they don’t know me yet
And with a feeling I’ll forget, I’m in love now

You looked up at Spencer to see him looking down at you with a small smile on his face. You simply blushed lightly before pressing a couple of kisses to his neck, a spot you knew he reacted the most to. He simply holds you a little tighter, shifting lightly at the feeling. You press a couple of more kisses before pulling away, looking at him again. 

You don’t know how long the two of you spent in that position, but it didn’t matter because the two of you were purely content with the feeling. While Spencer still had the fear of losing you in the back of his mind, it wasn’t something he was thinking about right now because he had you with him, there in his arms. 

Kiss me like you wanna be loved
You wanna be loved
This feels like falling in love
We’re falling in love

Out of the blue, Spencer leaned down lightly, pressing his lips against yours. Obviously, you immediately reciprocated, pressing him closer with the hand you had in his hair. 

As mentioned earlier, the two of you had kissed plenty of times. A couple of times it was out a drunken mess, a couple of times it happened because you couldn’t stop crying or worrying about something that seems silly now, and a couple of times it happened because Spencer just really needed it. But now was different.. Something had changed in all of this. It had something more and it was something different. 


He held you in the kiss for a little bit longer before pulling away. You could feel your cheeks redden as you returned to your original position, but you weren’t looking at him now. Mostly because if he saw the effect he had on you, he would never stop talking about it and being cheeky. 

Settle down with me
And I’ll be your safety
You’ll be my lady

It’d been a couple of weeks since that late night at your house and you hadn’t seen Spencer in a while. In all honesty, you thought he was avoiding you. 

There were a few text conversations between the two of you. They were nothing like the ones you would normally have. 

Y/N: Dinner today?

Spencer: Sorry, it’s going to be a late night at the office, today

Y/N: Okay :/

Hell, he wasn’t even telling you whether or not if he was going out on a case or if he was okay.. You were getting worried. Eventually, you’d had enough and grabbed your purse and sweater before exiting your house and moving through the cold, night air to his apartment. It was in walking distance and you loved the cold therefore you weren’t truly bothered. If Spencer chooses to answer the door, then he probably would be, but that was the last thing on your mind as of now. 

You knocked a couple of times on the door of his apartment, waiting patiently before straightening your posture as a tired looking Spencer answered the door, “Y/N?”

You didn’t bother with any “hi”s or “hello”s, pushing your way into his apartment before turning on your heels to look back at him. He was still standing at the door and looked mildly confused at your actions. You took a deep breath before speaking up, “Why the hell have you been avoiding me?” Your voice was filled with hurt as you spoke, your eyes watching him closely for his reaction. 

He froze for a moment and you could easily tell that he was trying to formulate a lie in his head. After a few moments, he spoke, “I have been busy with work.. We had this case the other day that I was out for..” His voice was quiet and he was looking everywhere except for in your eyes. 

“Don’t you lie to me, Spencer Reid.” Your voice rang out, interrupting him as he was about to continue. It was filled with pure sadness and betrayal as you looked at him, “You promised me that you wouldn’t lie to me ever..” You ran your tongue over you bottom lip to remoisten it as you continued, “Is it because of the kiss? Because us kissing has never stopped us before and you know that.” 

He didn’t respond for a moment before he cleared his throat lightly, trying to speak, “It isn’t that, Y/N, it’s you..” 

You didn’t give him a chance to finish his sentence, shoving past him and out the still open door as you made your way down the stairs. You could hear Spencer call after you but you didn’t wait for him. You kept going, moving quicker than you normally would. 

You’d finally reached outside, hot tears trickling down your face. Turning, you were about to move away but someone had grabbed your wrist, stopping you from moving. You knew who that someone was, “Spencer let me go, I’ll stop being a problem just..” You couldn’t finish your sentence, your voice getting choked up. 

Spencer gently turned you around, tilting your face up by the chin, “You didn’t let me finish, Y/N.. My words came out wrong..” He clears his throat lightly, holding your wrist to his chest as he began speaking, “I think I’ve fallen in love with you, that’s why I’ve been avoiding you.” 

You froze in your spot, still sniffling as you looked up at him. There were tears still leaking from your eyes, but they’d calmed down now. “Wh-what?”

He offers a small smile as he continues speaking, though you can tell he’s scared because his hand was shaking… Well he was either scared or freezing because the man had ran out after you without his jacket in a tshirt and night shorts. “I’ve fallen in love with you, Y/N Y/L/N, and that kiss made me realize it.. I was avoiding you because I didn’t want what we have to be ruined.. Yes, I know it’s deeper than friendship.. But I didn’t know if you loved me back.. Hell, I still don’t know that. I started avoiding you because I don’t want to lose you and I’m sorry for that. I’m sorry for the pain I’ve caused you..” 

Spencer lets go of your wrist as he speaks, looking to see for your reaction and you simply let your wrist hang limp at your side for a moment, trying to wrap your head around what the man had just said. 

I was made to keep your body warm
But I’m cold as the wind blows so hold me in your arms

He shivers lightly as he waits for what has felt like an eternity and you don’t say anything. He begins backing away from you but then you act, moving quickly as you wrap your arms around his neck, pulling him down to your level as you hugs him tightly. He returns your hug and you press a gentle kiss to his neck, the same spot you’d kissed oh so many times before, “I love you too, Spencer Reid.”

Anything Can Happen In The Next Half Hour - One

Spencer Reid x Reader

Spencer was exhausted, but he couldn’t sleep. He’d been lying in bed for an hour trying to convince his body to give in to the darkness but he just couldn’t shut off.

Sighing, he pulled out his cell. It was a long shot, it was 2am after all. But he wondered whether she’d be online still. The mysterious woman he’d started talking to five weeks ago on chatzone. Reid had made a profile on the site after overhearing Penelope telling JJ that she’d met her latest beau on there. Garcia was Pink-oracle, Reid had accidentally come across her online one night, and had quickly exited that chat room. He hadn’t uploaded any photos but he wasn’t taking any chances on Penny working out who Drblackjack21 was.

One evening he’d taken the plunge and private messaged a woman he’d been speaking with casually in a literary lovers chat room. Trancedancequeen was her screen name and she’d made a few casual remarks about one of his favourite authors and they’d struck up a banter. She was 28 and lived in the D.C area, which was intriguing for Spencer to know. Not that he’d ever end up meeting anyone from the internet…. Although, it had worked for Garcia, so who knew.

Trancedancequeen and Dr blackjack21 had fallen into easy conversation with each other, and most nights when Spencer logged in, she was there. A few times he’d beat her to it, and there were occasions that they missed each other, just leaving the odd offline message for each other which they’d respond to when they logged in. It was…. nice. Spencer found himself being bolder and feeling more confident speaking to this woman from behind a computer or cell phone screen, depending on what he was using. They shared similar interests in TV, films and literature and this woman didn’t seem bothered when he told her that he worked away a lot. She was apparently out of town a lot too, on business trips, although neither of them had shared what they did with each other.

The past few chats he’d had found himself engaging in what one could construe as risqué conversation. Not anything too bad, but Trancedancequeen had made a comment about finding a certain celebrity attractive, and then the conversation had turned from there into what their types were physically. TDQ had told Spencer she had long brown hair and green eyes, she was slim but curvy at the same time according to her description, and she liked tall guys with nice hair and nice lips. Not that her physicality mattered to Spencer too much, but she DID sound attractive. When Reid had described himself to her, she’d responded with, “You sound like just my type,” and then had proceeded to throw some flirty comments his way. At first he wasn’t sure how to respond to them but he just decided to throw caution to the wind, and go with it. He’d been talking to her earlier but had logged off to try and get some sleep, he didn’t have to go to work tomorrow but he’d felt exhausted after the week he’d had. But his brain was unable to rest. Logging back into the app, he was surprised to see the little light by her icon, a cartoon of a grinning kitten, flashing; signalling she was still online. He clicked the private message option.

Drblackjack21: Hi. Can’t sleep. Guess you couldn’t either.

TranceDancequeen: Nope… Can’t get my brain to stop thinking about work. Long week. Won’t bore you.

Dr: I don’t think you could ever bore me.

TDQ: Oh hush now. Smooth lines like that combined with the bottle of wine I’ve drank, and I’ll think you’re flirting with me.

Spencer grinned to himself and shifted on the bed.

Dr: What if I am?

TDQ: Then by all means, flirt some more. Wuu2?

Reid had initially had to Google the shorthand text speak that she’d used sometimes, not being used to it.

Dr: I’m lying in bed. I’m not really that good at flirting though.

TDQ: I’m in bed too. And I’m sure you are, you perhaps just don’t realise it.

Dr: Really, I’m not. Trust me.

TDQ: We’ll see. If you think you’re bad at flirting, how are you at sexting?

Spencer’s jaw dropped a little and he paused, not quite knowing how to respond.

TDQ; Shit, I’m sorry. I blame the wine. Unless… Of course, you want to?

Dr: Erm, I’ve never actually done it before…. But, I’m willing to try?

Spencer couldn’t believe he’d wrote that, he’d be terrible at this and she’d probably never end up speaking to him again. But….

TDQ: Alright…. So I’m lying in bed in my pink panties and a camisole. If you were lying with me, what would you do.

TDQ: PS - it’s that simple, but if you don’t want to then we can talk about something else.

Okay. Reid could do this.

Dr: If I was lying next to you (in nothing but my blue boxers), I’d start running my hand up and down your arm before moving your hair to one side and kissing your neck softly.

TDQ: I’d shiver at your touch and move my body closer to yours, my nipples hardening through my top at the feeling of your lips on me.

Fuck. She wasn’t wasting any time here. Spencer typed out a reply, thinking quickly. If he was with her, what would he actually do, that was all he had to write.

Dr: My hand drifts drift over to your chest, my fingers gently catching on your nipples, my lips moving lower.

The conversation went on in a similar vein for a while, Spencer feeling his dick growing hard and swapping his cell so the he could type with one hand, lightly palming himself with the other.

TDQ: I stroke up and down your length slowly, gripping you as your hands explore between my legs, feeling how wet I am.

Another message flashed up: click to view attachment.

Spender clicked it.

Jesus fucking christ.

The camera was at such an angle so that it showed the neck down only. She was holding her arm out and the photo showed her lying on her bed, the covers thrown off. The camisole she’d described was pulled down, exposing a pair of full, pale breasts with hardened pink peaks to the camera. The hand that wasn’t taking the photo, was between her legs, inside her underwear. Spencer groaned, licking his lips at the image. That was sexy as hell.

TDQ: You like?

Dr: Fuck…. I love.

TDQ: What about this one?

Another attachment appear and Spencer clicked it. It was a close up photo of her underwear, her legs spread. Spencer could see the discoloration of the fabric and his dick twitched when he realised why.

TDQ: See what you’re doing to me, doctor?

Dr: Oh fuck, I see. God, if I was there with you, I’d have to taste that.

TDQ: The question is…. What am I doing to you…

Could he? Fuck it. Spencer pushed his boxers down and took his cock into his hands, switching to camera mode and snapping a photo of his erection.

It didn’t look too bad…not that he really knew how a dick pic should look. Was there a certain etiquette to it?

Here’s to nothing. Spencer sent it.

TDQ: Oh my! Well…. I think I’d quite like to get my lips around that. Imagine them gliding up and down your shaft.

Spencer moaned as he imagined a brunette head of hair bobbing up and down on his dick as he slid his hand up and down it, feeling pre cum gathering at the tip. Typing was becoming a problem now, but he managed it anyway.

Dr: It would feel so good. I’d want to feel those wet lips on mine so I could make you feel the same way.

TDQ: Fuck, that sounds amazing. Grinding on your face as I suck you off. I’m so nearly there.

So was Reid. He was pumping faster now, going back to looking at the images she’d sent him.

Dr: I’d suck your clit in between my lips, rolling it with my tongue, feeling how wet you are for me.

There was a pause in her reply this time, but Reid could see that she was still online. He used that pause to his advantage, stroking himself harder, his hips bucking off the bed slightly as he felt the pressure begin to build up. Making sure his cover was clear of himself, he let the pressure release, feeling hot liquid spilling out onto his tummy just as another message flashed up.

TDQ: Fuck me….I just came so hard thinking of your head between my legs.

Reaching into his bedside drawer, Reid pulled out some baby wipes and quickly cleaned himself up, before typing back.

Dr: God, me too. That was… Wow.

TDQ: Yep… I suddenly feel ready to sleep. I don’t… Erm. I don’t normally do that by the way. Not on here. Thank you. It certainly released some tension. I’m logging off now. Speak tomorrow?

Dr: I’m glad I could help. And same. I’ve never done anything like that. Definitely speak tomorrow.

TDQ: Night night doctor.

He saw her light flash off to signal she’d logged off, and he did the same, settling down now feeling somewhat relaxed.

When Spencer awoke the next morning he logged straight back into chatzone. She normally wasn’t online so early at the weekends but he thought he’d give it ago.

She wasn’t online, but he could see she’d left him a message an hour ago.

TDQ: Hey. I’m probably overstepping a line here but, we both live in the same area and…. Well, I think that maybe we’d get on in real life. Would you maybe… Want to meet? I’m not a serial killer, I promise :)

Spencer hesitated before replying. He did get on with her, and last night was hella hot. And… Well it had worked out for Penelope. But it was completely out of the ordinary for him. But then again, so was last night. Maybe he did need to start taking some chances.

Dr: Okay. We can do that. I’m free this weekend, just name a time and place.

Spencer set his phone down, checking or every half an hour or so as he went about his morning errands. Finally at around 11am, he logged on to see she’d replied.

TDQ: Excellent. There’s a book cafe on second? Mutal ground. I can be there for 2pm. I’m feeling a daytime meet, just to make sure. :)

Spencer knew the place, and could see that she was still logged in. The message had only been sent three minutes ago.

Dr: Sounds like a plan. How will I known its you?

TDQ: I’ll try to get the booth in the corner and I’ll wear a dark purple sweater with silver stars on it. If we get on as well as I think we will, I’ll tell you my real name and give you my number.

Dr: Alright, I’ll be wearing a green duffel coat with a purple scarf. I’ll see you soon.

Spencer was nervous, so extremely nervous. He couldn’t believe he was doing this. He pushed open the door of the cafe, inhaling the mixture of caffeine and books, and looked around.

She’d said she’d try for the corner booth so he made his way to the back, scanning the room for someone with brown hair and a purple sweater.

He could see a young woman sitting in the booth, chocolate brown hair loose over her shoulders and as he approached, he could see silver stars glittering on a purple jumper. She looked up from her phone which she’d been studying, tapping away, and then locked eyes with Spencer just as he reached the table.

It was only then he realised that he knew this girl.

Extremely well in fact. They’d worked together for the past eighteen months.

Her eyes raked over him, taking in his green duffel coat and purple scarf and Spencer saw her mouth form into an ‘o’ as she came to the same realisation just as he did, blushes forming on both of their cheeks.

“Shit!” were the first words Y/N said to him.

Melissa has been protecting Spencer since “before it started.” She knows almost everything. She even killed Bethany thinking she was protecting Spencer.

This has made me wonder if Melissa killed Jessica. Peter asked Jessica in 4x24 about the “agreement”, something she was probably willing to break now that her daughter is alive. Peter probably told Melissa that Jessica would go to the police to try and say that Spencer hurt Bethany Young, and of course Melissa couldn’t let that happen as not only Spencer would “go down” but she herself would too.