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My final guesses for A.D.

Spencer’s Twin: A.D. = Avery Drake. I won’t get into this one too much because there are so many clues but I just wanted to mention how it was only Hanna and Emily who saw Avery’s friends, they never saw Spencer.

Melissa: There are a lot of clues pointing to Melissa since the beginning of the show. I’ve seen spoilers saying that A.D. is two people, a male and a female. Maybe it’s her and Wren is helping her.

Ezra: He stalked the girls and had a lair so he could write a book? That would also explain why A.D. wanted to protect Aria from going to jail.

Lucas: He could of easily build the game board and he was friends with Charlotte since they were kids so he would want to know who killed her.

Final guesses for A.D.

~ Spencer’s twin (it seems the most plausible)

~ Lucas (a love scorned boy?)

~ Melissa (in a Spencer’s mask)

~ Ezra (I would love to be him, there are clues and evidences since 4ever! But I don’t think they will go that way, unfortunately)

Plus, I adored the EzrA reveal in season 4 : I was so excited and shocked!
And I wanna be shocked again! I think he will be revealed as Emison’s baby daddy. Maybe that’s why Aria is so upset and doesn’t want to marry him.

Anyway, whoever will be A.D. nothing can change the fact that I’m so sad the show is ending.

I suppose I’m pretty much convinced that Spencer has a twin. They could probably come up with something better than twin theory but at least it’s not Alison this time. Besides, it’s probably the only way they can explain all those impossible things - how A.D. has always been there but nobody never saw them ( they did, but everyone always assumed it was Spencer), how A.D. knows so many things about girls (I bet there were times when she switched places with real Spencer without anyone realizing it). It explains Spencer’s memory loss, being an A Team member and her episode at Radley. It’s the reason for her weird behavior during The Night and how she sometimes seems so off “like it’s her evil twin who comes down the stairs some mornings”. It’s the explanation behind Hanna’s dream when she was held captive by A.D. ( remember Hanna had “dreams” about Alison too and we found out Ali was alive, so by using Hanna they were totally giving us a clue). It’s the reason why Melissa always protected her and was involved in all of this from the start. Also, Spencer is a genius so it’s only fitting her twin is a mastermind behind all of this. And wasn’t Troian the first one from the cast to find out the identity of A.D.? It’s the only way it all makes sense now.

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What if Wren is sorta like Mary who helped AD for her own gain but then they went too far and she left the AD club. Wren shoots AD/Ezra whom he pretended not to know before, to protect Spencer. It'd explain why he's emotional about it.

I think this is a very strong possibility!


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You’re Dealing with an Addict

This is something that Mona says in 7.15 and I strongly believe it is a clue to A.D’s identity. 

‘You’re not dealing with a healthy person,’ she says about AD - ‘You’re dealing with an addict.’

So, we know she was talking about the fact that the game is addicting, but I think this was a little easter egg about A.D’s identity! An addict.

And who do we know that has had problems with addiction in the past? Jason, and Spencer.

Therefore, A.D = Jason or Twincer!

Sooo...If you actually wanted to get into the BAU like the real one...umm what ya gotta do is

Step one: Graduate from high school (4 years) 

Step two: Get a bachelors in, Forensics, criminal justice, psychology, or any other related discipline (4 years)

Step three: Attend law enforcement academy (3-5 months)

Step 4: Garner experience in the field (SEVERAL years worth)

Step five: Engage in on going training (varies on time)

Step six: Optional: Attend the FBI academy (4 months) 

Step seven: Optional: get an advanced degree (2-4 years) so masters or PH.D

Oh also the FBI BAU you have to have at least a bachelors degree before even applying to the FBI academy. 

So taking that Spencer has 3 PH.D’s and 3 BA’s 
dude was in school from 14-24 when he got recruited from the FBI academy which he probs didn’t really have a lot of time in considering in season one he still couldn’t pass his gun re-qualifications, and Hotch said every 2 years he had to help him, so from 24 to when we see Reid at 28 in the first season, dude failed twice…but he spent 10 years, getting his degrees, and I just….


this came from me actually wondering what the qualifications were for the real FBI BAU….also those bitches be making 118,970 bucks a year, like okay shit. 

But like…I just..my brain hurts just thinking about this much fucking school. 


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Melissa has been protecting Spencer since “before it started.” She knows almost everything. She even killed Bethany thinking she was protecting Spencer.

This has made me wonder if Melissa killed Jessica. Peter asked Jessica in 4x24 about the “agreement”, something she was probably willing to break now that her daughter is alive. Peter probably told Melissa that Jessica would go to the police to try and say that Spencer hurt Bethany Young, and of course Melissa couldn’t let that happen as not only Spencer would “go down” but she herself would too.