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Three’s Company

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Rating: M

It was nice of Luke to invite you both over, especially since you and Spencer had only just revealed to the team that you’d been secretly dating. At first, he was jokingly protective of Reid but when you’d admitted that secret dating had been made harder by the fact that neither of you could cook, he jumped to beat Rossi to the offer. Then suddenly, you were sitting at a small table eating the most amazing home cooked meal since your mom’s with your boyfriend and one of your best friends. Admittedly, the German Shepherd sitting watching was a little off-putting, but she was the sweetest you’d ever met.

“So, how was the food?” asked Luke before tipping his wine glass toward his lips.

“Mmmm…” started Spencer as he swallowed down the final bite. “That was amazing. How come you never mentioned that you cook?”

“Well, after the house party I figured it was David’s thing, so I let him have it. But there was no way I was letting you guys get away without trying my food.”

“Ugh, I’d forgotten about that party,” said Spencer, grimacing at the memory.

“Why?” you asked, having clearly not been with the team at the time. “What happened at Rossi’s party?”

“You hadn’t told her?” chuckled Luke as he turned to Spencer.

“Told me what?” you questioned, looking at an increasingly embarrassed Spencer.

“I… well… You see…” stuttered Spencer, trying to think of how to word it. “We’d all had a lot to drink… some of us more than other, and… Luke thought it’d be funny to play spin the bottle.”

“Oh no,” you chuckled.

“Rossi opted straight out, and so did JJ but…” Spencer hovered on a detail.


“It landed on me and Luke, and I might have gotten a little carried away,” Spencer answered quickly. Your wide eyes and broad, open-mouth smile showed your shock and amusement.

“A little carried away?” asked Luke. “Reid, you were on my lap before I could say I was game. And you brought your A-game.”

“That’s hot,” you exclaimed with a dirty smirk. “Why are you only now telling me this?”

“Because he can’t remember it… he’s just seen the video,” explained Luke.

“There was a video!?”

“Emphasis on was,” interjected Spencer. “I asked if they would kindly delete it and they did.”

“Well, I wanna see it for myself,” you commanded, voice full of confidence.

“Excuse me?” asked Luke while Spencer nearly spat his wine across the table. “I er… I mean, you guys…”

“What? It’s a turn on,” you added, sitting back in your seat with a look of utter deviance.

“I’m game,” said Luke unexpectedly.

“What? Why?” asked Reid, looking across the table, perplexed. Luke was grinning too now and Spencer seemed o be the only person against it.

“You heard the lady,” answered Luke. “It’s a turn-on, and that’s the mood she wants to be in. So it’s our duty.”

Spencer looked at you then back at Luke, trying to work out what had just happened; but for some reason, he wasn’t ruling it out. It was almost like things started happening while Reid was still processing it, trying to decide. But suddenly he was on his feet and Luke was right there in front of him with you sat right there watching with anticipation.

You looked on, feeling a small rush of adrenaline as you watched their lips move toward each other; your hand sliding down to grip lightly at your own thigh. The moment their lips met, it was like a switch had been flipped. Suddenly, hands began searching bodies before your eyes and the two men became entwined in each other.

Luke’s strong frame seemed to command Spencer’s, which made you think that he might be more into it than he’d originally let on. Either way, you couldn’t pull your eyes away from it, watching as their hips pressed together, their bodies yearning for one another. It wasn’t till your breathing laboured slightly that you even realised that you’d begun to touch yourself.

That was it, you wanted in. Pushing back your chair, you got to your feet, moving around the table toward the heavily distracted Luke and Spencer. When your hand pulled Spencer away, Luke looked confused, almost disappointed; but he didn’t complain. Your lips locked onto your boyfriend’s, drawing him into you as he had been drawn into Luke. The only difference being the hand that lingered away from Spencer, moving instead over to Luke’s waist before stroking across to the bulge in his jeans.

When the idea crossed your mind, you had to go for it, dragging Spencer down as if you were going to let him have you on the floor in front of Luke but you stopped at your knees. Pulling away from Spencer you looked into his eyes with want and lust but it was Luke that you pulled forward.

Spencer looked confused, trying to work out what you were doing as you tugged Luke forward by his jeans. Taking Spencer’s hand in yours, you guided it to the button of Luke’s jeans. All thought and logic had gone out of the window and instinct ruled as Spencer complied, undoing the button of Luke’s jeans without a word.

You both shared a similar grin as Luke’s semi-excited length finally escaped his pants, hanging in the air between you and Spencer. Fingers ran down its length, taking in each detail of its feel and teasing the throbbing heartbeat to bring it to full attention.

Pursing your lips, you delicately kissed the side of Luke’s enlarged end closest to you, winking to Spencer as you did. He didn’t need much explaining as he joined in on the other side a few kisses later. Luke was showing his full potential very quickly, your hands cupping and caressing as both of you worked up and down each side of him; but it wasn’t till you took Luke into your mouth between two wet lips that he let out the first sign that he was enjoying it. Spencer moved down, letting his tongue cup and caress as your hands had been doing, his hands stroking down Luke’s inner thigh.

You couldn’t help yourself, the pure eroticism of the situation made your hands journey back down so that you could pull up your skirt and pleasure yourself in time with your head movements. A quick glance showed you that Spencer had also let his free hand travel south, releasing his pants to expose himself. Spencer looked back at you, a connection of glances seemingly able to convey what words in that moment never would have.

Reid shifted away, standing so that he could pull his pants completely down before he moved around behind Luke; whose head had rolled back and whose hands were now both in your hair. A hand on each ankle told Luke to move his feet apart so that Spencer could move into position.

Spencer was now sat on the floor between Luke’s feet, naked from the waist down and fully erect with a perfectly sculpted ass right in front of him. You moved forward on your knees so you could straddle Spencer while still using your mouth to pleasure Luke.

After a little shuffling, you could feel Spencer pressed against your hot, wet pleasure and all you wanted was for both of the BAU agents to penetrate you. Sitting slowly, you accepted Spencer’s entire length at once, holding onto Luke’s hips for stability but letting your guard down for a moment.

Luke rolled his hips into your mouth, the head of his cock momentarily hitting the back of your throat. The combination of the oral violation and Spencer beginning to slowly thrust into you from below caused an almighty wave of pleasure through your body.

Meanwhile, Spencer had also taken hold of Luke’s hips, using his thumbs to part his cheeks and let him in. As soon as Spencer’s tongue flicked at Luke’s ass, he let out a deep groan, arching his back and letting Spencer eat deeper.

The arching of his back had made your job harder, but it had let you let go with one hand. Leaning a little, you were able to start to bounce on Spencer, feeling every inch of his girth push deeper inside.

The longer the whole arrangement went on, the more it became harder to maintain. Luke’s legs were shaking as his pleasure began to build. Moving your head and your hips with this much alcohol in your system was difficult but the shuddering ecstasy that you could feel heading toward you would be worth it. Spencer felt it too, like an animal need to fuck you while plunging his tongue deeper into Luke.

Eventually, you had to take Luke out of your mouth and use your had while you caught your breath. Whimpering and panting, you worked him hard and fast in your grip as Spencer pounded into you yet again.

“Fuck… don’t stop…” was all you could get out between growing moans but before the wave of pleasure could crash through you and force you to cry out, Luke pushed himself forward, slipping his tip back between your lips so that he could work himself till his pleasure could spill into your mouth.

The cry, therefore, was muffled by your attempt to swallow hard. As Luke stepped away, your entire body shuddered and you sat forward onto Spencer, gripping the remainder of his clothes to keep him inside you. You felt it before the groan was able to leave Spencer’s lips, an explosion of hot fluid deep inside you that seemed to grind all of Spencer’s movements to a halt.

The buzz of ecstasy was still pounding around your body with each heartbeat as you lifted yourself from Spencer’s lap. Sitting in the middle of the floor of Luke’s apartment, you tried to recover your breath as you looked up to see Luke standing and doing the same.

Luke looked from you to Spencer, who looked just as flustered and worn out; and all three of you looked a little pleased with yourselves. There was a long moment of the three of you just looking back and forth at each other, panting and regaining what composure you could while being half naked in this company.

Spencer snorted and began to laugh, causing you and Luke to look at him for a moment before joining in. None of you knew just what had happened or how it came about, but one thing was certain. It happened.

Visiting Hours

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Spencer Reid x Reader

Summary: Emotions run high as Spencer recives his first visitor in prison. Loosely inspired by 12x16.

Word count: 1,564

A/N: So, this is my first time writing in an extremely long time, my first time ever writing Spencer Reid, and my very first post on this blog!  It feels like it took me forever to write this, and even though I am kinda nervous to post this, I am also very excited. So here goes nothing! GIF is not mine, all credit goes to the original owner. Feeback is also greatly appreciated!

The steady hum of an air conditioning unit is the only sound filling the stagnant silence of the prison’s visiting room where you sat. Pulling the sleeves of your sweater down further over your hands in an attempt to subdue the chilled air biting at your skin, you allowed your eyes to scan over the rows of half window tables that filled the dingy yellow-walled room.

Despite working for the BAU for nearly seven years and having visited a multitude of prisons during that span of time, this occasion brought a pit of anxiety growing in your stomach. Most likely due to the fact that this visit was not to interrogate or book a suspect, but rather see your own boyfriend of five years.

The last time you had seen Spencer was after his bail was denied three days ago. The look of dread and apprehension etched onto his face as he was lead out of the courtroom was likely to be burned into your memory for the rest of your life.

The sound of a metal door scraping against concrete flooring stole your attention away from the illegible slips of paper hanging on the back window just to the left where the sound had been emitted. A prison guard appeared in your eyesight, a group of inmates following him into the threshold of the visitor’s room; and within seconds, there he was trailing slowly behind those who preceded him— your Spencer.

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The Forgotten Dinner

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SMUT ALERT - Also this is what I imagine Spencer’s reaction is when you strip for him.

Request for my literal favorite person @matthewgraygublerisalilbean

Spencer and I had been going out for little over six months, however since our jobs were so demanding we never got to celebrate our anniversary. Spence had been begging me to cook a meal instead of going out for dinner so I caved. I honestly loved cooking and baking but when there was a deadline, like by 8 pm, I became frazzled. It was almost 7 o'clock when I had realized that I didn’t have any heavy cream in my apartment for the whipped cream that was supposed to be served with dessert. I quickly got ready and left for the store after texting Spencer to let him know that I might not be there so he should just use his key.

Okay! I have a headache can I borrow some ibuprofen when I get there?

Sure babe, it should be in the bathroom mirror, if not check the drawers!

Thanks! I’ll see you when you get back!

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Tale as Old As Time: Chapter 2 The Deal

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((I'v been working on this since 3 pm this afternoon, it’s now 12:38. aahhhHHHHH))

Contains: Angst.

Part 1


As the night approached and chased out the sunset, Diana started to lose her way through the forest. She was too resilient to ever admit that she couldn’t remember the correct path, or that she had trouble focusing lately.

“We should be there by now.  Maybe we missed a turn. I guess I should have taken a…wait a minute.” She rubbed her temples, trying to think straight, Philippe still trotting until he was blocked.

“What’s this…?” She wondered out loud, lifting her lantern to see signs pointing to Anaheim and Valencia. “Valencia connects to Geneva right? Geneva goes to…to Paris right? Let’s go this way…” She pulled Philippe’s reigns over to the right, heading down the path. Her confidence started to gain back until out of nowhere, snow littered the forest floor.

“This can’t be right.  Where have you taken us, Phillippe?  We’d better turn around…and…whoa…” Diana looked up to see a castle in the distance. It was her last resort. She had no idea where she was truthfully, and maybe in the morning, after a good nights rest, she would be able to get back on track.

As she led Phillippe up to the castle, lighting tuck a tree right by her, and she was off, holding on to her horse who galloped through the wood, frightened. When she finally reached the monumental building, she was able to calm the horse down, finding somehow, a perfectly set up stable although deserted…

Diana shivered in the cold, the ground covered with thick flakes of snow. It coated the millions of steps she would have to take to reach the castle. She pulled her shawl around her, not thinking in a million years that in July it would come in handy, but taking it with her nonetheless.

Diana groaned, legs aching painfully after such a trek, only to have to push the heavy doors open. How unusual for a castle…when did the small town have something like this? Had it always been here?

The door opened with a giant clunk and a cloud of dust hit the woman in the face, making her cough loudly and deeply. “Hello!  Is someone there?’ She was met with silence. "Hello? Hello?” She was so busy looking for another human that she didn’t notice the candlestick and the clock by the hearth that was also lit.

“Poor woman must have lost his way in the woods.” The candlestick whispered, unnoticed by the new intruder. Upon closer inspection the candlestick seemed to have human-like traits. So did the clock….

“Keep quiet Derek!  Maybe she’ll go away.” The clock peeked one eye open, hissing at his companion. At the harsh sound Diana turned around from her position by the stairs. “Is someone there?”

“Not a word,Derek Morgan. Not one word!” The machine whispered in a harsher tone, doing his best to look inanimate.

“I don’t mean to intrude, but I need a place to stay for the night. Please, it’s cold and I’m lost…” Diana looked ragged, truly roughed up by the forest and its horrors.

“Oh Aaron, have a heart.” Derek turned to face his friend whos eyes popped open as he sternly tried to shush the annoying stick, unfortunately his attempts were futile. “Of course, mademoiselle , you are welcome here.” He called out, and she spun trying to find the voice.

“Who said that?” She called out, the candlestick finally coming into view. “Wow… what craftsmanship..” She fiddled with the clock, before noticing a light in the other room before Derek could out another word.

“Hello?” She called out once more, noticing that she stumbled into the dining room which had a plateful of food already lain out. “If you don’t mind….please…” Her pleas had gotten softer as she approached the table, sitting down  and taking a moment before digging into the food.

As she ate, a teacup was slid across the table, no one in sight. Maybe it was just another hallucination of hers, she had been having some of those lately. She decided to take a sip when she distinctly heard the teacup…laugh. She set the cup down, inspecting it.

“Sorry… Momma said I wasn’t allowed to do that…” The cup apologized in a hushed tone. Diana nodded, before bolting out of the dining room and running past the candlestick and clock.

“I’m sorry but I must be going!” She cried, fear overtaking her. This couldn’t be a hallucination could it? it was too real! “Thank you for your hospitality but goodbye!” She ran down the steps, almost tripping.

“Phillippe!” She ran back to where she had safely left her horse, pulling him by the reigns until they could leave the palace grounds. Something red caught her eye in the white blanket surrounding them and she sighed in relief.

A beautiful red rose, petals full and somehow still growing in the winter snow. It was surrounded by other red roses, but that one was perfect. Perfect for Spencer.

She ignored Phillippe’s whinnies, startled by the dark looming shadow that seemed to be getting closer to the pair as she approached the flower. The shadow seemed to watch her for a moment, tension thick as Diana’s fingers cupped the bud. As soon as the snap resounded as the flower was plucked, a thunderous roar went off and a large animal slammed on the stone fixtures in front of her.

(Your POV)

“Who are you!  What are you doing here?” You screeched, furious that a stranger would enter into your property and steal anything. Even if it was a stupid rose, but roses were evil. A rose is what put you under this curse.

Every year you tried to cut the roses, remove them in some way, but they would never leave. Probably part of the spell. And now this stranger could just come in and pick a rose?

The woman trembled beneath your gaze, intimidated by your size. “I was lost in the woods and…” She tried to whimper but you cut her off, your temper growing.

“You are not welcome here! Do you often invite yourself into others homes and take what isn’t yours?”

“I-I’m sor-” you notice her falter as she looked at you and embarrassment only spiked your anger even more.

“W-What are you staring at?” You knew with your large over-sized teeth, horns, fur, cape, blouse and skirt you were just atrocious to look at. “Why were you taking my rose?” You asked harshly, folding your arms and eyes narrowing.

“Noth-noth-nothing! Please, I meant no harm! I only took the rose because my son asks for one every year. I just needed a place to stay but, I realized no one was home so I decided to leave!” he begged and you grunted, your warmth breath fogging in the harsh weather.

“A place to stay hm? A place to stay? Well, I’ll give you a place to stay!’ You chuckled dryly. "I hope your son will enjoy being an orphan!” You cackled, grabbing her off of her horse, growling loudly to scare it off, taking your newfound prisoner to her room.
(3rd Person POV)

Spencer trusted that Phillippe knew where he was going. His mother could be in trouble, or dead for all he knew. Spencer prayed that she wasn’t dead. She was all he had left.

Focused in his thoughts, he didn’t realize until he shivered that he had entered a part of the wood where it was….snowing? His eyes widened, rubbing his arm. He had not dressed for this type of weather, but then again, it was July.

He looked up to the sky, noticing the dark clouds, and… castle in the distance? Spencer squinted, not having his spectacles on. Nevertheless, he made a choice to go up there. Even if the castle was abandoned, which it probably was because no one ever mentioned it, the height would be a good place to try and find his mother if she was lost.

The castle looked grand, although the dark clouds covered the sky, making it seem intimidating and daunting. Spencer swallowed thickly, reminding himself to be brave as he approached the doors. It made his nerves jitter as he saw that they were open.

“Hello?” He entered the castle, leaves scattered on the floor, his heels clicking on the elegant marble. He rolled his shoulders back and looked around, choosing a hallway and walking down it, finding stairs leading even further into the palace.

“It’s a man!” Derek cried softly, his arms banging into Aaron’s side repeatedly. The clock rolled his eyes, or tried to anyway, sighing. “I know it’s a man.”

“Not just any old man Don’t you see?  He’s the one. The one we have been waiting for. He has to have come to break the spell!” He hopped off the table by the hearth, chasing after the boy.

“Wait a minute, wait a minute!” Aaron whispered after Derek, rolling his eyes again and following the flightly candle. “Why is he always breaking the rules?” He sighed.

“Mama? Mama?’ Spencer called out for Diana, hearing something behind him and turning only to find nothing. "Hello? Is someone here?  Wait!  I’m looking for my mother!’ He was met with silence. "That’s funny, I’m sure there was someone… I-I-Is there anyone here?” He noticed empty cells and his heart almost stopped with worry.

“Spencer?” His mother perked when she heard his voice echo through the dungeons. She heard hurried footsteps as she an her son called out for each other.

“Oh, Momma!” He reached his arms out through the bars, smoothing down her matted hair and shaking the bars with his other hand, trying to figure out a way to free her.

“Oh Spence, how did you find me?” She looked around anxiously. Spencer ignored her question, fretting over her appearance.

“Oh, your hands are like ice.  We have to get you out of here. Let me… let me find something to break the bars with.” He stood, looking around frantically for something, anything. “Who’s done this to you?”

“Spencer, I want you to leave this place. There’s no time to explain. You must go…now!” She jolted at the sound of thumps from above. Spencer shook his head, kneeling by her once more.

“I won’t leave you Momma!” He whispered, gasping when he felt nails digging into his shoulder. He turned but the grip was immediately lost, something running into the shadow.

“What are you doing here?” A deep, dark, female voice echoing throughout the dungeon. “Run Spencer!” His mother urged, face full with fear.

“Who’s there? Who are you?” Spencer tried to peer at the shadow, tone trying to sound authoritive when in reality, he was practically shaking.

“The mistress of this castle.” The voice chuckled, as if the fact was obvious.

“I’ve come for my mother.  Please let her out!  Can’t you see she’s
not well?” He gestured to his mother’s feeble state. “She could die! Please!”

“There’s nothing you can do. She trespassed on my property and stole what was mine.”

“I’ll do anything!” He pleaded.

(Your POV)

“There’s nothing you can do.  He’s my prisoner.” you told the man, watching him with his mother. Why did he care so much? Most people would have fleed by this point already.

“Will you let me say goodbye? Surely forever could wait one moment.” He asked and you paused at his wording, coughing and, letting out an affirmative sound when you realized you had gone silent. You opened the door, watching as they both reached for each other.

“Make it quick, the doors will close in one minute.” You growled. They whispered softly, the mother trying to assure the man that she would be okay and ‘I love you’s ’ being exchanged rapidly. You were just about to shut the door when the man pushed her out of the cage’s way so that he was trapped.

“You! You would take his place?” You asked, slightly shocked at the act of grace. The mother, beside you was currently sobbing and her son’s misfortune. “No’s” and “Spencer why?” falling from her lips.

“She’s my mother…” He explained. “Wouldn’t you do anything for your mother?”  The ma-Spencer asked, staring into your cold eyes. You scoffed, staring to the side.

“My mother’s dead. I hope you enjoy these walls for the rest of your life.” You grabbed the woman by shoulders, starting to lead her out when Spencer stopped you.

“Let me see who is entrapping me until my death.” He ordered and you rolled your eyes, shaking your head before turning and slamming your arms on the bars. Spencer gasped and you narrowed your eyes.

“Regret your decision yet?” You laughed, no humor in your tone. You grabbed the man’s mother once more and dragged her outside until you found the steed she rode on. You placed her on it and was about to send the horse off until you decided to warn her.

“If you ever come back, you’ll both suffer a fate worse then death.”


You’re Home. (SR)

Inspired by Supermarket Flowers by Ed Sheeran. 

Warnings: Get ready for a sad rollercoaster. BRING OUT THE TISSUES!!!!!!

your pov:

His heart shattered and his mind grew blank. The one who loved him the most besides me had passed. His wonderful life had now been sucked into a black hole. He now only felt sorrow and guilt. His mind felt like it was going to explode, feeling the pain of his mom leaving. Of course she hadn’t gotten any better but she was still there. On her good days she remembered him. She loved him. On other days, she didn’t even know she had a kid, she didn’t even remember that he got married. She didn’t remember that she had grandchildren. He sat in the small hospital room by her side her last hours, minutes, seconds. When she finally left the world he was broken. The light in his eyes now gone. 

She had her problems but who doesn’t? He had raised him, nurtured him, hell birthed him. How could she be gone? He sat looking out the window as they wheeled her out of the room. I came up behind him placing a hand on his shoulder softly. “I’m sorry.” I whispered trying not to tear up myself. I became to love the crazy nut of a woman. He shrugged off my touch wanting to be alone. I could tell his chest started to tighten and his tears ran down more frequently. “Take the children to my dad. Meet me in the bathroom.” He said as best as he could squeaking out. I nodded and took a hold of our son and daughter’s hands letting a tear slip as well. “Can you watch them for a second?” I asked his dad as he sat there blankly. He slowly nodded his head and took their hands. “I’ll take them to the food court.” He said walking off with them. I smiled through my tears and nodded my head. 

I walked to the family bathroom knocking on the door. “Spencer it’s me.” I said softly through the door. I heard the door unlock. I cracked it open pushing my head inside. He was crouched down in the corner. My heart dropped into my stomach. “Oh sweetie.” I said placing my hand over my chest. His sobs grew louder. “I’m not ready for her to leave.” He said screaming though the tears. I sat on my knees in front of him. “I know baby, it’s going to be okay.” He shook his head looking at me with his blood shot eyes. “It’s not going to be okay.” He said choking on his own sobs. I pulled him to my chest running my hands through his hair tucking it behind his ears. “Baby calm down you’re going to be sick.” I told him rocking him back and forth. His tears kept coming and my shirt grew wetter. “Come on love stand up.” I told him trying to pull him up. He took my help and stumbled on his feet. I guided him to the sink making him put his face down into the sink so I could run cool water over his facial structure. I didn’t want to cry in front of him, he didn’t need that. I couldn’t help but let a few tears out. Seeing him hurting like this killed me. I sniffed quietly as possible, “Spence, I’m going to see if your dad will look after the kids, I need to get you home. You need a night alone.” I commented. He coughed harder and nodded his head following me out of the bathroom. I handed him the keys, “Why don’t you go and get in the car, I don’t want them to see you upset.” I said sadly knowing they’ll ask what’s wrong. He nodded his head shielding his eyes from everything. 

I bit on the bottom of my lip chewing at the skin as I walked into the food court searching for Mr. Reid and the kids. “Mommy!” I heard our eldest say running up to me. I smiled at him and took him into a huge hug. “Is he okay?” Mr. Reid said from beside me. I shook my head sadly. “He’s really upset. Can you watch these rascals just for tonight? I don’t want them seeing him like that. It’s too heartbreaking.” I said drooping my eyebrows. “Yeah I will, it’ll be a nice distraction.” He said taking them. “I’ll see you tomorrow buddy, and I’ll see you tomorrow princess. Be good for your granddad. I love you both.” I said giving both of them a hug. “Are you okay mommy?” I smiled sadly and nodded my head, “Of course princess. Go have fun now, I’ll pick you up tomorrow.” They nodded their head furiously. 

I walked to the car seeing Spencer in the passenger seat. I got in hearing the sad songs flow from the speakers. I bit my quivering lip and placed a hand on his knee. I started up the car and drove off towards the house. Trying to keep away my tears. “It’ll be okay Spence.” I said trying to make him feel better when in reality it didn’t. He took in a jagged breath coughing through the heavy mucus that he built up. “They uhm, they gave me this.” He said breathing in heavily. He pulled out a ton of letters and pictures bound together. “She kept all of them. Even the ones I wrote to her when I was eighteen. She kept them all these years. She kept the wedding photos and the maternity pictures and the pictures of the kids when they were born. She kept them all and I didn’t even have the decency to visit her once in a damn fucking year. I hate myself.” My head snapped to him. “Don’t say that. Don’t ever say that. She knew you loved her. She knew you had your work and that you loved her enough to get her help.” I said shocked to what I had heard. He slammed his hand on the dash and hit is head on the back of the car seat. “Stop Spence. Don’t do that.” I said letting the tears flow freely. I parked quickly in the driveway getting out to go around the passenger side. He was silent with a blank face full of tears. I opened the door and placed a hand on his bicep. He fell out of the car onto the pavement sitting against the car. I sighed and closed the door sitting beside him. He looked at me with his sorrowful eyes, “She didn’t even know who I was when she left.” He said sobbing into his hands. I pushed myself into his lap and held him tight to me. The breakage in our hearts weren’t going to get better anytime soon. I sat crying with him letting both of our tears mix together. 

The crack of thunder came and the lightening struck the sky. “Let’s go inside Spence.” I said wiping my under eyes. As I started to get up, he just pushed me closer to him burring his face in my neck. “No, I need this.” He said holding onto my body as if I were going to leave him. I laid my head on top of his running my hands through his hair. The sprinkle of rain started to come down showering us in the storm that was about to come. The rain fell heavier leaving us drenched in the warm sticky air. “Goodbye mom, you’re home.” 


If you’re ever sad just remember this video exists.

Frenemies//Part 5

A/N: Reposting this on the new account, I’ll be uploading the other parts later. 

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Spencer sat on the small couch unable to take his eyes off of you. Just last night you we’re sleeping in his arms, your head resting on his chest. Remembering the small details was the only thing was keeping him sane at the moment.

After the shock of finding you on the floor in a puddle of your own blood. After the breakdown, in the hospital in front of everyone in the team came the guilt of not being there to protect you. But the only thing he could feel was regret, regret for not admitting his feelings for you sooner.

How many more nights like the one before could there have been? Would he even get the chance to have another? The doctor explained to everyone just how lucky you we’re, how the three bullets could made far more damage than they had done.

Now was the tough part; waiting for you to wake up. Spencer closed his eyes for just a couple of seconds, finding some kind peace in the darkness of his own thoughts. It wasn’t long before he heard you scream, “NO, STOP!”

Spencer rushed to your side, “Y/N! Hey it’s okay, it’s Spencer.”

You slowly opened your eyes, blinking quickly trying to make sense of the blurry figure in front of you, “Hey you” Spencer said as tears filled his eyes.

“Spence” your voice was barely a whisper, “Spencer what happened?”

“Stephen Meyers was in the kitchen, he shot you, twice in your leg. Morgan, Morgan got there before me and Hotch”

“I’m sorry, I should’ve seen him, I should’ve been more careful”

“No, no don’t please don’t blame your self, Y/N. You’re going to be okay and that’s all that matters”

Spencer leaned down to kiss your forehead, “Woah, take it easy love birds!”, Morgan said as he walked in holding two styrofoam boxes.

“You know it’s gonna be while before y'all can even get it on that cast is going to make it difficult”

“Well I’m going to take a wild guess and say Morgan knows more than he should” you said slightly embarrassed.

“Oh it is not just Morgan honey”,you heard JJ say, “Or just me it’s everyone including Garcia, she’s expecting some answers”

“Either way I won the bet” Emily said playfully punching Morgan.

“What bet?” you said confused.

“We all bet on how long it would take for you guys to finally make up, well more like make out. It was just a matter of time” Morgan couldn’t help with laugh.

“Or a matter of an ‘accidental’ hotel reservation with one bed” Emily said winking at you and Spencer.

Secret Relations (part 4)

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“You son of a bitch” You nearly screamed “Y/N its not what you think.” “Its not what I think? You hit my mother no wonder she left you just don’t know when to quit” By now you’re walking around the table “what else did you do? rape her?” He chuckled coldly “Trust me darling, it wouldn’t be rape.” Your blood boiled you gripped his shirt tightly, pulling him closer to your face “Listen to me you son of a bitch, if you killed my mother or put her in danger I swear on my life I will drag you to your cell personally and I will make sure your life is a living hell, do I make myself clear?” He smirked and looked you in the eyes “Crystal.” You stared back at him but you couldn’t ignore the feeling of Rossi’s eyes on you. He cleared his throat and nodded towards the door you sighed in defeat and walked out of the room, Rossi following behind “Y/N I know you’re upset, I know you want answers, and I know you want to find your mom. But this isn’t the way to go, you go join the team I’ll handle this. You know your mom you’ll be able to find her.“ You sighed but nodded and walked towards Garcia’s office, you barged in causing her to jump and turn to face you “I like knocking.” You giggled and sat down beside her “I don’t want to join the team but it looks like I have to call, Hotch and tell him I’m on my way.” She nodded and dialed his number “Also Y/N, Reid wants to talk to you.” You sighed and walked out of her office dialing Spencer’s number “Uh hello?” “Spencer, Garcia said you wanted to talk to me?” He paused for a second “Spence?” “I want to talk to you in person, is that okay?” “Uh, yeah thats fine, I’ll see you in 10 minutes.” You quickly hung up getting the the black SUV parked outside. You couldn’t help but wonder what Spencer had to talk to you about every worse possible things “does he want to break up? is there someone else?” No, no Spencer wasn’t like that… was he? You shook your head pulling into the parking lot of a coffee shop to get the team some coffee when a man walks up to your car shooting you twice, once in your leg and again in your chest. You held your breath as he stood above you hoping he wouldn’t actually finish you off. Your eyes started to get heavy as you dialed 911 “Help… Help” is all you could get out before everything went dark

-time skip-

Spencer and the rest of your team were at your mother’s apartment waiting on you to show up when Hotch got a call “Hello?” “Hello, Is this Aaron Hotchner?” He furrowed his eyebrows when he didn’t recognize the voice “Uh, yes this is Aaron Hotchner. Who is this?” “This is Dr. Goldsberry from Mary Washington Hospital, we have a Y/N Y/L/N in our care and you were the first listed as her emergency contact is there any possible way you could get over here so we can go over what happened?” He sighed quietly and nodded “Yes I’ll be right there.” He looked at the team debating in his head if he should tell them or not. “Morgan, we’re needed somewhere lets go, the rest of you keep digging through this apartment lets find Y/N’s mother.” Spencer looked at Aaron trying to profile his face but he couldn’t tell what was going on so he shrugged it off and continued working. Derek and Hotch got into the SUV. Hotch’s face leaving it’s stern state and turning into nothing but worry. “Derek, I didn’t want to say anything in front of Reid but something’s happened to Y/N and we have to head to the hospital to figure out whats going on.” Derek nodded and put his seatbelt on. They were both silent on their way to the hospital Derek kept his thoughts to himself but also was trying to think of who did it, if someone else did it. They pulled up to the hospital rushing in to find the doctor Hotch flashes his badge “Im SSA Aaron Hotchner I’m looking for Dr. Goldsberry” The nurse at the front desk pointed them in her direction, they calmly walked up to her flashing his badge once again “I’m Aaron, what happened to Y/N?” She opened up your chart scanning the text “She was shot twice once in her chest and another in her leg, right now she is in surgery but there were some complications they were worried she wouldn’t make because she was bleeding internally also. Thats all I know at the moment, theres a waiting room down the hall if you’d like to sit in there and wait and I will be at the desk” Hotch and Derek couldn’t grasp everything so they went into the waiting room, Hotch couldn’t keep his leg still and Derek punched the wall. “We can’t tell Reid yet” Hotch spoke up catching Derek’s attention “You’re right, but what do we say when we don’t return for a while?” “One of us will go back or at least catch up and help out. I’m gonna call Rossi and let him know.” Before Hotch could dial his number the nurse came up to you “She’s out of surgery and awake, but shes weak so go easy.” They nodded and followed the nurse to your room Derek sat down beside your bed holding your hand gently “Y/N, how are you feeling?” You chuckled weakly wincing slightly “I just got shot, how do you think im feeling.” Derek smiled and looked at Hotch “Even after being shot she’s still sassy.” They both looked at you Hotch’s eyes filling with tears, to him you were like his daughter, he cared deeply for you and always has. “Y/N, are you up for any questions?” You looked between Hotch and Derek. “No need, I know who shot me.”



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