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We All Fall Down - Four

When you awoke the next morning it was to sunlight streaming through the windows. You’d neglected to close them last night and as you lay there, you could see dust particles floating in the sunbeams. The bed was soft and comfortable and for the first time in what felt like an age, you actually felt momentarily rested.

Until you remembered where you were and what today was.

You were alone in the room as expected and you couldn’t even see any evidence that Spencer had entered it last night. This was his childhood home though so he would know the whereabouts of the other bedrooms and had likely stayed in one of them or downstairs. If he had even returned to the house at all.

A grumble within your tummy reminded you that you hadn’t eaten since the flight yesterday and reluctantly, you hauled yourself out of bed, pulling back on the clothes you’d discarded yesterday. You slowly made your way back downstairs, searching for the kitchen in the unfamiliar house. That was where you found your husband.

He was sat at a circular kitchen table, black coffee which you knew would have at least four sugars in it in front of him and the local paper clasped in his hands.

“Morning,” you greeted him, resolving with yourself that today, you wouldn’t fall out. He didn’t need that on the day of his father’s funeral and you didn’t need that when you were going to be surrounded by his family. You were still his wife, you had to at least put on a front and make a show that you were supporting him. Although, you genuinely did want to support him if you could. You remembered when your own father had died, how low and lost you’d become.

Spencer didn’t respond, barely glancing up from his paper. Spying a toaster and a bread bin you set about making some toast for yourself, trying to ignore the question that been niggling at you since last night. After spreading your toast, you sat opposite him at the table, making a mental note to attempt to locate cleaning supplies and to mop the floor at some point over the next few days. It felt slightly tacky underfoot. Munching on your breakfast, the niggle grew larger and larger until you couldn’t not ask.

“Spencer, why didn’t you tell me your father was ill?”

You almost didn’t expect him to even respond.

“Isn’t that what we do now? Not tell each other things.” His voice was quiet and calm, which was why you pushed him when you shouldn’t have.

“But this was important.”

He folded the paper and set it down, staring at you coldly. “So was you deciding to have an abortion but you didn’t tell me until after you’d done it.”

Ouch. The was as cutting as he’d intended it to be. Still, you tried to look past it. His father had just died after all.

“This is completely different Spencer….”

“Is it?” he interrupted you. “I don’t tell you my father is dying until after he’s already dead and you don’t tell me until after you’ve already killed our child.”

You couldn’t help it, blurting out,“It wasn’t OUR child.”

Spencer’s eyes narrowed and he shoved his chair backwards, standing upright. Then he seemed to explode, shocking you completely. “So I’m constantly reminded. It was HIS. Everything about you was always HIS. Even when I thought you were mine, that you loved me, you were HIS. I was wrong about you, so fucking wrong. You’re just a spoilt little girl who took what she could get, smashing peoples hearts along the way. I was blinded by you for so long but I see you now Y/N. I see you for what you truly are. It’s no wonder he didn’t want you, it’s no wonder he didn’t want the baby he’d put inside of you. It’s no wonder…. ”

“SHUT UP!” you shrieked, your hands flying to cover your ears as you begged yourself not to cry. He hadn’t even reacted like this when he’d found about the abortion, simply turning cold towards you which you almost thought was worse. He stalked over to you and angrily pulled your hands down, his fingers gripping your wrists tightly. He lowered his face so that it was level with yours.

“I knew I’d always be second best to him but I thought that maybe, after everything he’d done to you, you’d see that he was the bad guy and I was the good. But no. Even after all I had done for you, everything we’d been through with Lara, with the cancer, after everything I gave you, you still went back. I could even forgive the affair, you know. But not that. You killed the one thing I wanted more than anything. The one thing I could no longer have naturally. And I hate you for that.”

His face was closer to yours now, the coffee on his breath filling your nose. His grip on your wrists was so tight you were sure you were going to bruise.

“I didn’t tell you about my father because I didn’t want you to pity me. I didn’t want anything from you anymore. I didn’t want my family thinking you were the perfectly lovely little wifey.”

“So why did you even bring me here then? You could have left me in New York. You could have divorced me,” you finally managed to respond to him.

“Because for some unknown reason, my mother likes you. And she’s been through enough without dealing with this too. That is the only reason you are still my wife on paper and in name. The ONLY reason. Now go and get dressed, and make a fucking effort. You’ve looked disgusting recently.”

He released your wrists and stalked out of the room leaving you wondering how this morning had turned so wrong so quickly.

Words Written on Your Wrist | Part 3 | Soulmates! Spencer Reid x Reader

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Pairing: Soulmates! Spencer Reid x reader

Requested: Nope, I just figured I’d jump on the soulmate band wagon

Requests: OPEN

Part 3/?

        Part 1 Part 2

Words: 2982

Warnings: none

Summary: Everyone’s wrist has three words on it, the first three words you’ll hear your soulmate say. You think the idea of soulmates is just a bunch of junk, but you’re in for a rude awakening when you meet your soulmate at your new job at the BAU. Because you worry you will lose your new dream job, you keep the fact that he’s your soulmate hidden, pretending as if those three words didn’t exist.

A/N: I may have shed a few tears writing this. I don’t know how many chapters I am going to do after this, but for sure there will be a 4th part. Thank you all for your kind words! Feedback is greatly appreciated!! I hope you all like this!!!

As the words left Spencer’s mouth you knew you had a split second to decide whether to act shocked and hide the fact that you knew, furthering the lie, or to resign to the fact that he was your soulmate. Luckily you were in the van with Rossi and Derek, so you didn’t have to face the astonished or judgmental eyes of the entire team.

             Morgan’s eyes widened before turning to look at you and you heard two gasps over the com, you assumed one belonged to Prentiss and the other belonged to Garcia. You set your jaw and pinched the bridge of your nose, squeezing your eyes tight. Barely a day on your first case and everything is already going to hell in a handbasket. You’re sure to to be kicked off or lose all of their trust, only to be treated like a pariah. You think you’d rather be kicked off.

             “Focus.” You heard Hotch growl into your ear piece and you reminded yourself that if you managed to get out of this with good graces to do whatever it takes to never hear him speak like that to you again.

             “Welcome!” You heard over the line again as Spencer and JJ were welcomed into the support group’s meeting. “We will begin the night as we always do, with an affirmation that everyone here is valid in their identity of being a Glitch. There is nothing wrong with it and by no means does it decide our future as successful human beings and no way does it restrict us from finding out own love.” The organizer spoke in a soft and comforting tone. At the last part, you thought you heard a very quiet, mocking, exhale.

             “Someone just scoffed, try and see who that was.” Emily said quickly, hearing it as well.

             “Now we are going to open the floor for whoever that wants to share.” The organizer said after a moment. Someone began talking about how he met his soulmate by a friend of a friend, but that once they were introduced it was apparent that he wasn’t her soulmate. He had kept it from her and they were now good friends, her having no idea what she was to him. The man went on and on about how tortured he felt every time he was with her, that he knew that she was perfect for him but it would never be reciprocated. Your felt a pang of guilt in your stomach, wondering if that’s how Spencer was feeling.

             A few more people went before the head of the group spoke up again. “Maybe one of our new comers can share their experiences?”

             “I ca–“ You heard JJ start but be interrupted by Reid.

             “I will.” He said firmly and he surprised himself with how his voice didn’t waver. This wasn’t about Y/N, he told himself, this was about finding the killer. He’d make something up and then say that him and JJ were seeing each other to try and get a rise out of the man who had scoffed earlier. As he walked up to the podium his legs felt like jelly and his heart rammed against his ribcage. Spencer took a deep breath before he started. “I met her a while ago,” He lied easily to the crowd.

             Meanwhile, in the van, you tried your best to not hyperventilate, your chest feeling tight and your head feeling far too light. You wondered what he was going to say. Was he going to make something up? Was he going to talk about you? You had just met him, that wasn’t a while ago, maybe that meant he was going to continue with a charade for the entire meeting.

             “She was new to the department where JJ and I work at,” Spencer gestured to the blonde woman he came in with, and your stomach dropped. “We work at a psychology practice together and I knew she was my soulmate when she was being introduced to us by our boss.” You knew they couldn’t go in there and say their real occupation, but that seemed to be the only thing that he was changing. You ignored the stares you were receiving from Derek. “She was about to say something when another one of our coworkers interrupted and asked her if she could help her with anything or get her coffee, and then asked her if she liked coffee, meanwhile this coworker was too excited to let her speak between this questions. The first thing she replied to was the last question and that’s what was on my wrist,” Spencer’s voice sounded strained, stuttering every once and a while. “I- I knew then. I didn’t know if she had heard me speak yet, but based on how she was acting, I didn’t think so. You see uh, since we’re psychologists we’re really good at noticing how people react, so after carefully formulating what I was going to say to her, of course I just blurted out the first thing that came to mind after she shared about a friend’s death was that I was sorry for her loss. I carefully watched the way she reacted. The words held no deep significance to her. And based on that and how she’s continued to act around me, I concluded I am a Glitch. Since then I decided I was going to take fate into my own hands.”

Damn, was this ironic. That’s exactly what you were doing, taking your own fate and deciding what you wanted, which was to be your own person. Meanwhile these women were being murdered for taking their lives into their own hands and choosing to be someone’s partner. The universe had a sick way of making thing play out, you thought before you turned your attention back to Spencer’s speech.

“JJ and I have been dating for a few months now, and I’m happy, even though I know I have to see my soulmate every day.” You noted his voice inflections changed. That strain was there and gone between the truth and the lies, and it was definitely there for that last half of the sentence. You were hurting him. You were going to make him go through his every day with the thought that his soulmate, the person made for him, would never be more than a work colleague. The thought of it felt like a knife in your gut, but the thought of losing everything that you had worked for going down the drain felt like a thousand. Veronica’s face flashed before your eyes, your childhood best friend lost at the hands of a serial killer. You had to do this for her.

‘But does it matter?’ You reasoned in your head. ‘What if they don’t let you stay because it could affect Spencer’s work? He is far more brilliant and a bigger asset to the team than you were, you would be the first to go if it affected the work environment.’ The thoughts in your head went a thousand miles an hour, knowing you had to come to a conclusion as to what you were going to do, and quick.

Spencer then thanked the group before stepping off the podium, quickly excusing himself to the bathroom to tell the team that there was someone who appeared extraordinarily distraught when he said that him and JJ were together, saying that his name tag read James but there was no last name listed. Hotch responded to tell him to try and talk to the man afterward to get a last name and if they couldn’t, to ask around. After that Reid dismissed himself to get back to the support group. You absentmindedly scratched at your wrist, and glancing down you saw the edge of the script, and your breath hitched in your throat when you realized it was now turning grey, not the normal inky black it had always been. It was fading. You didn’t even know that that could happen. Marks normally only faded after your soulmate had died.

The rest of the meeting went quickly, either that or you were in a daze, staring at the little bit of writing that peeked out from under your sleeve and bracelet. JJ had gotten a name for the suspect, and Garcia did a quick search to find that a one James Quinn’s best friend, and presumably soulmate, died from cancer the previous month.

“That’s the stressor.” Rossi said definitively, “Get him.”

“I think this is the fastest we have ever closed a case.” Prentiss said with a laugh as they hauled the man into the back of a squad car.

“Thank god Y/L/N figured out what the victims had in common so fast.” Morgan clapped you on the back and you had to plant your feet to make sure you didn’t go flying forward from the force.

             You noticed Reid’s sleeved were rolled up, and there, neatly on the inside of his right wrist, was your elegant handwriting. In a fading grey. You cursed to yourself, not knowing what to do. Soon Hotch caught your eye and he nodded in a way obviously saying ‘we need to talk.’ When you got back to the station, he asked to speak to you.

             “You and Reid need to talk.” His tone left no room for argument. “I need to know both of you can stay on the team. You are both assets I intend on keeping but we have to be sure the emotional strain doesn’t effect anyone’s work.”

             You opened your mouth to speak but before you could there was a knock on the door of the conference room you were currently occupying. Rossi entered moments after. “I assume you are talking about what just happened and the implications?” He asked and you and Hotch both nodded. “Are you still set on not telling him?”

             “Telling him what?” Hotch frowned, glancing between the two of you. Your eyes widened, you figured if Rossi knew that meant Hotch would as well.

             “That they’re soulmates,” Rossi said, frowning as well, also figuring Hotch knew as well.


             This time you spoke up, pinching the bridge of your nose again. “We’re soulmates. But I don’t want a soulmate. I didn’t tell him that we are and that its reciprocated.”

             “So, he only thinks he’s a Glitch?” Your boss asked, still confused, and you nod. “You really need to talk to him.”

             You only nod again, letting out a sigh of resignation. You figured that once your boss knew you were keeping such a large secret from another teammate it wouldn’t go well.

             “I’ll send him in.” Rossi said as him and Hotch walked out of the conference room. You assumed that meant that no matter what, if you and Reid couldn’t handle working alongside each other.

             Pacing around the room you cursed aloud, debating as to how to go about telling Spencer that he was your soulmate as well. Soon the door opened and he stepped in the room.

             “Listen, Y/N I’m sorry about saying that in the meeting, I wanted to make it seem believable and-“ You didn’t let him get any farther.

             “Did you know.” You stated, hands clasped together tightly.

             He shook his head, frowning in bewilderment. “Did I know what?”

             “Did you know.” You rolled up your sleeve and unclasped the bracelet, tossing it on the table. “Did you know that if you were to add up the costs of all of the items listed in the 12 Days of Christmas it would be around $1.3 million.” Your voice was solemn, resigned. You watched as realization washed over his face and his jaw slightly dropped.

             “I’m your soulmate. And, and you knew?” His voice was quiet, and when his voice cracked in the second sentence you swore something in your chest did too.

             “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you. I didn’t want a soulmate. I don’t want a soulmate. I don’t want my identity tied to someone, I’m my own person, not someone’s other half.”

             Spencer took a deep breath, trying to clear his thoughts. This was not how he imagined this would go. He imagined that his soulmate would be ecstatic to meet him, like something out of a fairy tale. Just his luck, he thought bitterly, he would wait all this time to find her, first think he was a Glitch, and then she wouldn’t even want him. Thinking over what he had to say, he played with his fingers for a while before lightly touching the tattoo on his wrist that was getting darker by the second, returning to the ink black it once was. “But the thing is, Y/N, I don’t think we’re two halves of a whole. I don’t expect us to be two halves of a whole. I think that we’re two separate people that just happen to work together perfectly. That’s what life it though, individuals coming together to form something that is bigger than ones’ self. That’s why you joined a team, wasn’t it, to be a part of something bigger? It’s the same concept with soulmates, in my opinion. We obviously aren’t codependent on one another, we’re already doing very well without each other. Imagine how it would be with us together, as soulmates, as a team.” His eyes glistened as tears threatened to fall and you looked away. Here it comes. You didn’t know how to say it, the true reason you didn’t want to be someone’s soulmate.

             “Did you know ants can carry over 20 times their body weight?” You ask, looking up and away as your own eyes filled with tears.

             “Wha- What does that have to do with anything?” He was obviously getting annoyed but knew that there was going to be a reason for what you had said so he resisted snapping.

             “That’s what by best friend said to me on the playground when I was 8. I was crouching down watching an ant hill when Veronica walked up next to me and told me that. I said ‘I did not’, and her face lit up as she shoved her wrist in my face. We were inseparable after that. We thought we were soulmates. We did everything together. That was, up until she was murdered when we were 16.” You paused, trying to control a sob that was building in your chest. “But when the words on my wrist didn’t fade, I knew that something was wrong. Either I had two soulmates or she wasn’t mine and she was a Glitch. But after I watched her casket get lowered into the ground I vowed two things. One, I would help stop the kind of people that did this so no one else would have to feel this way, and two, if I ever found someone else, I wouldn’t let them know that they were my soulmate, I couldn’t do that to her. So, when I thought that us being soulmates could ruin my chances at keeping this job, I panicked, my two vows threatening to be broken in one fowl swoop.” You managed out before the sob that had been building tore its way from your chest and shook your shoulders.

             Spencer stared at you in shock as you talked, watched as you fidgeted and avoided eye contact, as you wrung your hands and bit your lip when you paused. He found himself crossing the floor and closing the distance between you, quietly asking if he could touch you, and when you nodded, he enveloped you in his arms. “I’m so sorry.” You said quietly after you had calmed down.

             “It’s okay, I understand. I forgive you.” He whispered.

             “Can we start over?” You ask, wiping your eyes and looking up at him, you had pulled away slightly to see his face but his arms still rested on your waist.

             A grin spread across his cheeks as he nodded, “Did you know that if you were to add up the costs of all of the items listed in the 12 Days of Christmas it would be around $1.3 million? What is your favorite morning beverage?”

             “I love coffee.” You laughed tearily.

             The two of you stood there for a while, just staring at each other, as if not wanting the moment to end. Spencer’s eyes danced between yours and your lips, “Can I kiss you?” He asked softly, putting a hand on your cheek. You don’t respond, only standing on your tip toes and close the distance between your lips, kissing him softly.

             Spencer grabbed your bracelet off the table without you noticing before you two walked out of the conference room. And when you did, all eyes were on you. You froze, feeling very aware that you were under a microscope, and nervous since these people knew Spencer very well.

             “So?” Morgan asked after a moment, eyebrow raised.

             Spencer grabbed your hand and smiled, “We’re soulmates.”

             “Why did you keep it a secret?” JJ asked you, trying to hide the harshness in her voice, and you didn’t blame her for being upset.

             You glanced up at Spencer before telling the team the same thing you told him, about losing your best friend and who you believed to be your soulmate and how it had affected you. As you talked their gazes soften in understanding.

             “I trust you can work together on the same team?” Hotch asked after a moment to which you and Spencer affirmed.

             “Great.” He said with a stern nod, then turning his attention to the rest of the team. “Great job today everyone, lets head back home.”

             Soon you were back on the plane and sitting next to Spencer, who had fallen asleep. You watched his sleeping form, hands intertwined. ‘Maybe a soulmate isn’t going to be that bad after all.’ You thought to yourself.

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“So.. Dollface.. How’s it goin’?”

You blink in confusion, trying not to laugh.

Derek does not show Spencer the same courtesy.

“It’s going well, I guess.. Are you feeling okay, Spencer?”

“Yeah, why wouldn’t I be, Y/-  Hot Stuff..”


“This is a promise that I’ll come back home– come back to you– after every case.”

wc: 1034 // just a lil short and quick something to get me back into the writing business

Originally posted by mentallydatingspencerreid

You’re not so much surprised as you are confused to see Spencer sitting on the coffee table pouring over some files when you walk through the door of the apartment. Spencer, who seven hours ago, called you from his hotel room in a sleepy Utah town in the middle of a case. He had told you that he wouldn’t be home for another four days, and yet here he was: messy hair and soft smile and the beginnings of a black eye and bandages on his arms. He looks like he hasn’t shut his eyes once in the past three days he’s been gone.

“Hi,” he says. He sounds as exhausted as he looks.

It’s not like you haven’t seen him roughed up before– you’re almost used to it by now, actually. And it’s not like he hasn’t been gone for longer than this either. But tonight, you’re extra eager to see him, slamming the door shut and dropping your bag on the floor as you rush over to him. You wrap your arms around his neck and he hums quietly in contentment as he rests his head against yours.

“I missed you, Spence.”

You feel him nod against you. “I missed you too.”

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Waiting for Change [Soulmate!AU] (Spencer Reid x Reader)

A/N: Something I wrote on the plane, but changed as I typed it out on my laptop. I don’t know if I’m gonna continue this, technically a Spencer Reid x Reader fic but there’s a good bit on Morgan/Reid and JJ/Reid friendships. I’m leaving it open ended, I just didn’t want to write any more in fear it’d get too long and I didn’t want to rush a meeting. Hope you guys like it regardless!

Word Count: 1,148 words

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Sick Day (Reid x Reader)

<b>First one! Hope you enjoy x

Title: Sick Day

Rating: Y

Word Count: 442

Summary: After waking up in the middle of the night with an obvious ailment, Spencer helps you back to sleep. <b>


2:42 a.m.

That’s the time this all started. You woke up with severe chills, unable to stop shaking as you pulled the covers tighter around you body. Your boyfriend, Spencer Reid, lazily threw his arm around you in his sleep, which added a little warmth to your body. You couldn’t resist rolling over and burying your face into his chest.

He began to mumble inaudibly as he started to come to, looking down at you through squinted eyes. “Y/N?” he mumbled, feeling you shake against him. “Hey, what’s wrong?” he asked, propping up on his elbows to look at you. “I’m s-so cold,” you said quietly, hearing a rasp in your voice. He placed the back of his hand on your forehead, trying to gauge your temperature.

“Baby, you’re burning up,” he said with a concerned tone. “I feel like I’m freezing,” you countered, pressing yourself as close to him as possible. “Let me go get the thermometer,” he said, beginning to arise from the bed. You whimpered, shuddering at the loss of contact. “I’ll be right back,” he whispered reassuringly, kissing your forehead.

He came back as promised, thermometer in hand. Standing next to your side of the bed, he carefully placed the object’s tip in your ear. Upon hearing it beep, he pulled it out, clicking his tongue sadly. “102.2,” he frowned, giving you a gentle hug. “It hurts so bad,” you mumbled weakly. “What does?” he asked quickly. “My throat. And I feel nauseous.”

“Poor thing,” he whispered sweetly, pressing gentle kisses all over your face. “I’m going to go get some medicine, it’ll help your temperature.” You nodded, hugging yourself to stay warm. He came back again, two Tylenol and a cup of water in his hands.

He helped the capsules past your quivering lips, immediately with water at the ready. You coughed loudly, feeling the pain in your throat increase. “It’ll be ok,” he said, pulling you into his lap. “I’m taking you to the doctor tomorrow,” he said, idly massaging your hand.

You only hummed, feeling a scratch in your throat as you did so. “I love you, princess,” he smiled, pulling your hand up to his lips. “I love you, baby,” you replied weakly. Knowing you both needed rest, you curled up as close to Spencer as humanly possible, which he aided by wrapping his arms around your waist.

Although you still shivered, Spencer’s body heat combined with an abundance of blankets provided you enough solace to drift into an uncomfortable sleep. However, the steady of beating of his heart lulled you into peace, even if it was just for a few hours. Somehow the pain seemed more tolerable with him by your side.

The First Date

Anonymous said: PLEASE DO A PART 2 FOR CHECK UP please… where like he calls the reader and they go out and stuff and they find out how much they have in common?

A/N: Check Up was such a sweet one to write, and I’m so happy to do a part two for it. Hope you enjoy!

I was definitely not checking my phone obsessively. 

After all, it had only been a day, and I knew for a fact Spencer had been busy the day before- he’d told me himself, he was taking Henry to the zoo. It wasn’t like I had expected him to call yet, anyway. 

Except that I was pretty sure that the button that turned my phone’s screen on and off was going to cease to work if I didn’t stop pressing it. 

By the time I ended my day and kicked off my shoes at home, I was losing my mind. Despite how many times I told myself that I had just met this guy the day before, and I didn’t even really know him, I couldn’t shake the feeling that had settled in my chest the moment I laid eyes on Spencer Reid. 

My phone startled me when it rang. My fingers fumbled in their effort to answer the phone, and when I finally got it, I was breathless in my greeting. 

“Hi, is this (Y/N)?” 

I may have met him only once, but I had no doubt the man on the other line was Spencer. 

“Spencer? Hi, yeah, it’s (Y/N),” I replied, a smile spreading across my features. 

“Hi,” he said. “I…well, I called you.” 

“Yeah, you did,” I laughed. “Um…how are you?”

“I’m doing well,” he said. “How are you?” 

“Wonderful,” I heard myself say. Cursing myself for my awkwardness, I pressed on. “Do you want to go out or come over or do something today?” I asked. “Or tomorrow? Or sometime soon?”

“Today?” Spencer echoed. 

“Or whenever,” I said quickly, not wanting to seem too eager. 

“Today’s good,” he said, just as quickly. My heart skipped a beat. 

“Really?” I asked. “Okay, I know a coffee shop that we could meet at, it’s just down the street from my office.” 

“Okay, I would love that,” he said, and the obvious sincerity in his voice made me smile. 

“I’ll see you at six?” I replied. 

We hung up, and I leaned against the wall, a smile on my face. 

I had a date with Spencer Reid. 

When I walked into the coffee shop after having changed clothes at least four times, I glanced around to find that Spencer was already there. He looked up and smiled at me, his bright eyes and beautiful smile making my heartbeat speed up. I walked over to the little table he was sitting at, and he stood up, smiling nervously at me. 

“(Y/N),” he said. 


We looked at each other for a moment, the air between us alight. 

“Oh,” he laughed. “Sorry, here.” He pulled out my chair for me, and I smiled at him as I sat down, shrugging my coat off. 

“Thank you for calling,” I said. 

“Thank you for answering,” Spencer replied immediately. “And for meeting me tonight. I know it’s short notice, but my work schedule is crazy and I didn’t want to miss the chance to see you.”

“I wouldn’t have wanted to miss it, either,” I said softly. 

From there, we carried on an endless stream on conversation that lasted through several coffees each, and right up until the girl behind the bar told us that the shop was closing and we would have to leave. 

Spencer and I, surprised by the hour, hastily stood and filed out of the shop. Out on the sidewalk, Spencer offered me a smile. 

“This was really great,” he said. “Can we do it again sometime?”

“Soon,” I replied. “Really soon.” 

We turned in opposite directions, but I couldn’t help glancing back, only to find him doing the same. 

A Deafening Case // Part One

wow another series when you arent consistent with the first one? listen i just got a good idea and wanted to make a series out of it. thanks for reading my stuff guys, it means a lot. 

prompt: basically the team is going on the case that needs an ASL translator so, that translator is you.

(im not an expert at ASL or anything, so if i get anything wrong i do apologize, just message me and i will correct it) 

His desk was covered in multiple neat paper stacks . Several framed photos of a young boy were perched on his desk. At least ten certificates, plaques, and credentials lined his wall.

The name plate on his desk read ’Aaron Hotchner’. He was a very sophisticated man, probably the most sophisticated man you’ve ever met.

“You’ve been a translator for eleven years, but only began working for the FBI four years ago.” He read, mostly to himself.

“You were working for an Irish mobster as a translator, until we arrested him.” He continued. 

“You can translate American, French, and Japanese Sign Language.” He added.

A couple more moments of silence, and then he closed your file, placing it in a drawer of his desk.

“Agent (Y/L/N), you will be joining me and my team on this case.” He explained, slipping a case file your way.

“No need to read over it. My team is waiting for us in the briefing room.” He explained. You both stood from your seats and walked out of his office.

Once another door opened, you were met by six pairs of unfamiliar eyes.

“This is agent (Y/L/N), she will be our translator for this case.” Hotch explained, and then he escorted you towards an empty chair.

“You will make acquaintance on the plane, but for now this case take priority.” Aaron added, taking a seat beside you.

“Alright my confused amigos, hold onto your breakfast or late night snack because this one is a doozie.” A woman explained, her bubbly personality prevalent in her voice.

“Meet Wallace Wilson and Gilbert Wise both aged 37.” She explained, pressing a button and two pictures appearing on the screen. Both showed a smiling men, both had similar features and body types.

“Wilson worked as an emergency dispatcher and Wise was a photographer.” She added, clicking a button once more and a few more pictures appeared.

The photos were gruesome, violent, and brutal. A dead man, mangled limbs, and blood splatter everywhere.

You felt your stomach churn and you looked away quickly, covering your mouth with your hand.

“Don’t worry, girl. I’ve been doing this for over ten years and I still can’t stomach it sometimes.” The bubbly woman reassured me.

“Are you alright?” Another woman asked, the one sitting on the opposite side of you.

She was very beautiful, she had blonde hair, a similar shade to the woman explaining the case.

“My name is Jennifer Jareau, but you can call me JJ. It’s very nice to me you.” He whispered, shooting me a quick smile.

You took her term of endearment and you smiled towards her weakly. You took a few moments to collect yourself, not wanting to distract from the case.

“Wilson’s body hasn’t been found, but Wise was found unconscious in Central Park.” The woman further explained.

“That’s not all, my perfect pretties.” She said through her teeth, her eyes avoiding the screen.

More photos flashed on screen and you could feel the late night snack rising into your throat.

“Our unsub sewed someone else’s ears onto Gilbert.” Someone said, he had shorter hair, but with curly ends. He looked quite too young to be here, but you had no right to say that. You were considered too young to be here as well. But here you both sat, sitting at a round table looking at gruesome crime photos.

“That ‘someone else’s’ ears are Wallace Wilson’s ears.” She corrected, flashing pictures that were closer up than before.

You heard JJ suck in a quick breath, and look down for a few moments.

“But sadly my pretty people, We have another Folie à deux,” She said, another pair of pictures flashing on the screen. This time though, there was no sugar coding, and straight to the real gory stuff.

“Shelley Simon and Tanya Terry.” You assumed those were the two women on the screen.

“So, this unsub, crosses gender and socio-economic lines.” Hotch said.

“He started with two middle aged men, low-risk victims, and higher economic statuses.” The same short haired man said.

“Then followed by two females in their early to mid-twenties, who were high-risk college students.” The man beside him said, he was an older gentleman, very familiar, but you couldn’t tell where he was from.

“Simon’s was found by a lamppost on 143rd Street.” The woman in front of the screen said, before taking a seat.

“So, this unsub abducts two people simultaneously, kills one proceeds to cut off their ears, and then reattaches them to the other person.” A black haired woman summed up.

“Speak no evil, hear no evil, and see no evil fascination?” An intimidating man said, leaning back in his chair.

“But only with the 'hear no evil’?” JJ asked, placing a pen between her teeth.

“The hear no evil, speak no evil, and see no evil phenomenon began in a Japanese folk tale called, Koshin.” The younger man said, not missing a beat.

“It’s not likely, but don’t rule it out.” Hotchner said.

He was about to add something to the conversation, but was cut off by the buzzing of his phone.

“Excuse me.” He apologized, quickly removing himself from the room.

Once the door shut, everyone looked your way. You could feel your nerves buzzing inside you.

They were profiling you, probably determining that you ate last night, how many partners you’d previously had, hell, maybe they were trying to figure out if your cycle has started.

“While we have a couple minutes, I will take this time to introduce you to everyone.” The colorful woman said.

“My name is Penelope Garcia, the oracle of Quantico, but to others I’m known as the Technical Analysts.” She smiled, the nickname made you happy.

You honestly expected everyone here to be like Hotchner.

“Beside you is our one and only Jennifer Jareau. She’s our beautiful communications liaison, who’s also obsessed with cheetos.” She gushed, gesturing to the other blonde woman.

“Next to her is our lovely, Emily Prentiss. Not only a badass, but also a super sweetheart.” Penelope explained.

“Beside her is my Chocolate Thunder, Derek Morgan.” She winked, and he returned it soon after.

“You know it, babygirl.” He chuckled, sipping his coffee.

“Then we have the infamous David Rossi. He’s a writer, chef, and possibly a former mobster.” She joked. He simply shrugged it off and gave you a small wave.

You had heard of him, well almost everyone in his building had, and for obvious reasons.

“Last but not least, our one and only personal library, Dr Spencer Reid.” Once she said that, you finally took a few moments to study him.

A doctor, and in the BAU? Talk about an overachiever. 

“It’s nice to meet you guys. I’ve heard a lot about you guys.” You admitted.

“Yeah, we get that a lot.” Derek shrugged. That made you feel a little uneasy, like you shouldn’t have said that. 

The door was ripped open before anyone could say another word.

“We have two more bodies. Wheels up in five.” Hotchner said, hanging up his phone quickly.

Broken Souls Mend Together (Part 3)

Part 1 Part 2 

Author’s Note: i apologize for any grammar mistakes! 

Days turned into weeks as Y/N would find herself in Spencer’s  apartment as she avoided her own home. Time passed as she accepted Emily’s death, but it still hurt to see the ghost of her former roommate in the corners of her home. After the cases, she would find herself in his apartment, cuddling with him and watching tv.

Some days it would be Spencer’s choice to watch Doctor Who or documentaries while Y/N’s choice would be The Avengers or Friends. Others days it would be Spencer reading books while she read comics on the couch, both taking in the comfort silence with relaxed hearts. Some days they would spend the entire night talking about their past, their beliefs, their hopes for future. There are days after horrible cases where they just crave for physical affection, and they would find comfort in

It wasn’t like that they didn’t have any thoughts about sex, but they just weren’t ready for it.

Y/N had already stored some clothes and personal items around the apartment, and one morning before they left for work, Spencer spoke his thoughts out loud. “Why don’t you move in with me?”

“What?” Y/N was confused.

“You are spending a lot of time here and it just seems a hassle for you to go to your apartment and then come here. I don’t mind you staying here,” Spencer explained, keeping his eyes on his coffee. He knew it was stupid, but a part of him was scared that she would say no.


He looked up to see her biting her lips to keep from smiling widely. She squealed as he twirled her in happiness, their giggles filling their apartment.

Sometimes there are days when you would believe that nothing you do can make your life better. There are days when you feel like it isn’t worth it. But there will be moment, a laugh, a joke, or a smile that will make up every low moment that you survived worth it.

Y/N and Spencer had learned that in each other.  


So Emily came back. Apparently she wasn’t dead. After the rush of finding Doyle and everything after, Y/N had the time to really evaluate what had gone on.

And that left her furious and disappointment.

Y/N was in the bedroom while Spencer was in the living room, both in their private space as they went over what had happened during their suspensions. They needed some space to realize how they really felt about this whole debacle, and the sudden clash of noise snapped Y/N out of her trance. She got off the bed and walked into to the living room to see Spencer standing with some books thrown across the room. His body was rigid as he took deep breaths to calm himself.

“I went to JJ’s home crying for 5 weeks, and not once did she say anything,” Spencer’s voice trembled a bit at the end.

“I know.”

“Dammit!” Spencer yelled out loud, running his fingers through his hair as he paced. Y/N hesitated a bit but she stood beside the man, placing her hand on his arm to calm him. “I am mad too. At Hotch more than JJ, but I keep feeling that they could have done something else,” Y/N said, her voice holding the anger that her eyes showed.

Spencer sighed, pulling her down on the couch and instinctively brought her back close to his chest. She snuggled into him, drawing comfort through his body. “Logically I know that what they were doing was for the best,” Spencer said, his voice now neutral. “It was the best way to make sure Emily was safe, and Hotch and JJ didn’t say anything to keep us and Emily safe.”

“It doesn’t make it easier to accept it though,” Y/N softly replied, her eyes now distant.

Yes, it really didn’t.

Things are awkward, to say the least, in the BAU team.

It was clear that Spencer was ignoring Emily and JJ, and he probably would have ignored Hotch if it weren’t for the fact that the older man was their boss.

Y/N, however, kept quiet most of the time. She didn’t make any snide remarks like Spencer did, but she kept her silence over it. She was mad, but she was the type of person who would suppress her anger until it exploded. She didn’t strike a conversation to anyone except Spencer, and the two would keep to each other in the offices.

This made things extremely awkward as JJ tried to always start a conversation with Spencer who strike her down with a remark. Emily would try to overcompensate by bringing coffee to Y/N, who handed it back stating that she had given up on coffee before running away to Spencer.

“Spencer where were you? I thought we could do brunch this weekend?” JJ asked, Emily along with her when they saw Y/N and Spencer get off the elevator. “I had stuff to deal with my mom. Have you seen Garcia?” Spencer told her, never taking his eyes off the files.

“Uh she’s with Rossi,” JJ answered, her face falling when he walks by them. She and Emily look at Y/N, who just shrugs and tries to walks past by. “Y/N! I wanted to ask you something,” Emily calls out. The two older women notice the tense posture as Y/N stops and turns to them with a blank face.

“What is it Emily?” Her voice was detached, and Emily’s heart fell at that.

“I was wondering where some of my stuff is.“ Emily was hopeful that she could reconnect with her former roommate, but the way Y/N became more tensed seemed to crush her hope.

"Rossi has most of the stuff after I moved in with Spencer,” Y/N answered plainly before turning her back to them. Emily walked beside her with JJ trailing behind, hoping to continue the conversation.

“So how’s it like living with Reid?”

“Better than living with a ghost.” A small part of Y/N felt guilty over the hurt expression on Emily’s face, but she ignored the guilt as she swiftly walked past them.

Emily knew that things would change after she came back. But she didn’t expect this drastic changes in Y/N and Reid.